Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium FULL VERSION [DVD] [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Windows Vista Home Premium is the preferred edition for delivering productivity and entertainment at home or on the go. It has a complete home entertainment system, with Windows Media Center, Photo Gallery, and Movie Maker. Connect and sync all your information, videos, photos and music from devices. Enjoy a stunning new visual experience with Windows Aero & Windows Flip 3-D. Find what you need quickly with Windows Instant Search, and use Windows Defender and Parental Controls to keep out unwanted or dangerous content. The new built-in Tablet PC technologies let you handwrite notes, sketch, or navigate on the run. Accomplishing more doesn't get much easier. Optimize PC performance and block pop-up ads with Windows Defender Instant searching -- find anything, anywhere on your computer, with a single click Windows Media Center - Share photos, music, TV and movies on devices across your home -- including your Xbox 360 Special safeguards help protect against hardware failure, user error and other causes of lost data Easier photo and video sharing with family & friends Updated Windows Defender, Parental Controls and self-diagnostics tools New Windows Aero user interface makes it easy to see & work with your information Integrated DVD burning and authoring allows users to seamlessly burn personal videos photos and files to video or data DVDs, and easily create professional-looking DVDs from home movies that can be shared with family and friends

Windows Vista Home Premium (DVD-ROM) makes finding information, staying connected, and interacting with your PC easier and more secure. Whether you use your PC for organizing and sharing photos, watching videos and TV programs, balancing your checkbook, doing homework, or listening to music, Windows Vista Home Premium makes it easy to enjoy your computing time. An ideal operating system for homes with advanced computer needs, Windows Vista Home Premium combines the features of Windows Vista Home Basic with even more impressive and user-friendly capabilities.

Windows Sidebar gives you quick access to gadgets like picture slide shows, Windows Media Player controls, or news headlines. You pick the gadgets you want to see in Windows Sidebar. View larger.

Use Flip 3D to navigate through open windows using the scroll wheel on your mouse. View larger.

Compare Windows Vista editions.

Use Instant Search to quickly find the information you need. View larger.

Windows Vista Aero provides spectacular visual effects such as glass-like interface elements that you can see through.

The redesigned Windows Media Center in Windows Vista lets you enjoy your media throughout your home, even on your Xbox 360. View larger.
It will help you use your laptop or desktop PC more effectively as well as enable you to take advantage of cutting-edge digital entertainment experiences--all with the benefit of added security and reliability.

Breakthrough Windows Vista Experience
Designed to help you feel confident in your ability to view, find, and organize information and to control your computing experience, all editions of Windows Vista introduce a breakthrough user experience. The visual sophistication of Windows Vista helps streamline your computing experience by refining common window elements so you can better focus on the content on the screen rather than on how to access it. The desktop experience is more informative, intuitive, and helpful. And new tools bring better clarity to the information on your computer, so you can see what your files contain without opening them, find applications and files instantly, navigate efficiently among open windows, and use wizards and dialog boxes more confidently.

Innovative User Interface
Windows Vista Home Premium has a new user interface named Windows Aero, which is both efficient and visually stunning. This new interface makes it easier than ever before to find your way around the operating system; it even makes it a snap to accomplish multiple tasks at once by providing a three-dimensional, real-time, animated view of all of your open applications and documents. Additionally, Windows Vista Home Premium helps you quickly find and organize large collections of documents, pictures, movies, videos, and music. By integrating search throughout the operating system, this software helps you quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Improved Mobility
Windows Vista Home Premium makes it easy to take your home computing experience with you wherever you go. For example, the system includes Windows Tablet and Touch Technology that enables you to interact with your Tablet PC-compatible computer with a digital pen or your fingertip instead of having to use a keyboard. Computers that include Windows Vista Home Premium and an auxiliary Windows SideShow display will also allow you to access key data even when your computer is off. You'll even be able to share files between other PCs in your household and to manage your laptop computer settings to more securely connect to your favorite Wi-Fi hotspot.

More Entertainment Options
Windows Vista Home Premium has the power to improve every aspect of your digital entertainment experiences, including viewing and sharing photos, video, TV, movies, music, games, and more. For example, you can create your own DVDs and edit your own high-definition movies. The most exciting news, however, is that Windows Vista Home Premium includes all of the Windows Media Center capabilities for turning your PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center so you can enjoy your music, photos, and DVD movies. You can also use Windows Media Center to record and watch your favorite TV shows (even HDTV) and to access new kinds of online entertainment content. You will also be able to connect Windows Vista Home Premium to your Microsoft Xbox 360 to extend your Media Center experience to multiple rooms in your home.

  • User-friendly software combines the features of Windows Vista Home Basic with even more impressive and user-friendly capabilities
  • Features Windows Aero, an efficient and visually stunning interface that makes it easier to accomplish multiple tasks at once by providing a three-dimensional, real-time, animated view of all of your open applications, and documents
  • By integrating search throughout the operating system, helps you quickly find and organize large collections of documents, pictures, movies, videos, and music
  • Includes Windows Tablet and Touch Technology that enables you to interact with your Tablet PC-compatible computer with a digital pen or your fingertip instead of having to use a keyboard
  • Includes all of the Windows Media Center capabilities for turning your PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center; enjoy music, photos, and DVD movies

Customer Reviews:

  • This is a interesting OS.
    You will hear a lot of things in the many reviews of Windows Vista. People will compare Vista to OS X. People will call it a failure. People will say anything.

    But let me tell you Vista is not the worst thing around, nor is it the greatest of all things. I will in this review compare this OS to Windows XP, the to Mac OS X, and then bring it all together. Forgive me if I leave a few loose ends, I am under a time limit so this review is somewhat rushed.

    XP vs Vista

    Windows XP started out being a pretty, new OS that everyone loved. I remember my friend telling me, "XP is awesome." He loved it. I remember when I first used it on my own Dell, it was amazing! And it worked. But all Vista ever was is just that, an OS. It was simple, with some search (but slow) capabilities. It was, at the time, better then OS X (from what I found, never used earlier versions of OS X...), and it worked. Sort of. Many people started reporting problems. Viruses still plagued the OS.

    Although many people came to enjoy the XP, many more didn't. One could say that we who didn't enjoy it just didn't know how to use it, but then again, an OS should be able to be turned on and use it without hassle. So far no OS does this 100% well, but one thing I can tell you is XP doesn't do it at all.

    Vista on the other hand makes strives for this. Lets start with search. Windows Search, built into you trusty Start....button....makes it easier then ever to search your files. What, XP had search, what makes Vista different? The speed. You can search anything -- and I mean anything -- with Windows Search and it will pop up in seconds. No more navigating through Explorer just trying to find that pesky for it and in seconds you will find what you need.

    Lets move on to a new nifty, but possibly horrible addition to Windows: Windows Defender! This is a built-in scanner that will scan for malware. This is a good addition and can be a safe and workable addition assuming Microsoft does what they should....but I doubt they will.

    You see, virus designers can target Windows Defender so it can't detect their threats. They wont start doing so unless a certain virus scanner becomes a threat....but, um, how does that happen? If a lot of people have a scanner, then it becomes a threat. And since it's built into Home Premium, many, many people will have it. The only way I can think of to stop this is at a regular basis change the basic code so the virus makers will have a hard time keeping up with Microsoft. But, considering they caution you to trust only in Windows Defender, and the slow pace at getting a SP 1 out...I somehow doubt this will happen.

    Does that make Windows Defender a bad addition to their OS? By no mean, in fact as I write this I am testing the scanner to see if it gets what my normal scanner does (I use Avast 4/AVG), but it seems for this review I wont be able to give you those results.

    Next, I will talk about the most notable change: the Start Menu! First off, it no longer says "Start". Why? Because it looks cooler this way! Lol, I really don't know; but I am not complaining. It looks good with the over-all OS Theme, so it should stay. But when you hit that little see something you have seen for a while, with a few additions. You see a search bar, which I have all ready covered. And you see your All Applications button, and a lot of Windows _______ applications. What you don't notice yet is something that is so smart, it has to be good. When you click the All App.'s button, it will get rid of all your Windows ______ App's and then list All App's. Why is this good? It gets ride of the clutter of going left everytime you go to a new folder that holds more apps. And, it works faster.

    Really, that was a nice addition. But whats next? Lets FLIP!!!! Ok, Flip 3d is about the most useless addition to the Vista experience. I can't go into detail on why I personally don't like it, but let me just give you a brief explanation now: it's not usable. And for now, thats all I am going to say (In the comparison to the Mac, I will go in-depth with that response).

    Next...I know you been waiting for this...lets talk performance. This OS is very nice. It works pretty well. Considering your not doing a lot. I can not be entirely sure on how the performance works, considering I do not have any application currently that will need a great deal of RAM, like Photoshop. Sure, I could download a free trail -- as I am right now -- but honestly, I can not install it. Why? Because this is my room mates computer (she lets my g/f and myself use her computer since we live together), and I am on my account which is not an admin. Normally, that wouldn't mean anything -- I could install whatever the heck I want without that password if I had an account, but here...thats not the case. I need HER password to do anything like that, and she is at work.

    This brings me to how Microsoft tries to make the OS secure. What they do is be annoying. You download something, it will ask you if want to download it. You try to install it, it will ask you if you want to allow such a thing. And no, thats not if your a kid with a limited account...thats if your an admin. If your not an admin, good luck installing something without that password. Need something? Need something now? Its ok, just wait until your friend/parent/whoever has an admin comes and let you install it. This is annoying. A parent will have to come to the computer, type their password, and then you can install it. Oh, by the way, while you wait for your admin, you can't do anything else. Why? Because Windows Vista wont allow you. And no, its not because your computer can't do more then one thing at a time. In fact, I have no excuse for this. I can't even think of a good reason for this. It's just stupid.

    Ok. Lets move on with the GUI, aka graphical user interface. The GUI -- what you see when you use Windows or any OS -- is beautiful. Does it improve your performance and computing experience? Yes and no. Yes, because the ability to snapshot a window that is minimized is an nice feature. The new look for Alt+Tab allows you to see a thumbnail of the window, instead of just seeing just an application. These things are somewhat nice, but not exactly eye-poppers.

    In fact, the second biggest thing you notice besides the over-all theme change are these weird applications called gadgets. They are all right. Do they have some nice functions? Yes, they do. Do they add to the over-all experience of the OS? Does it make it faster to do you day-to-day tasks? I really don't think so.

    Mac VS Vista

    Now here is the thing. A lot of the features in Vista are in Mac OS X. Which is not an entirely bad thing. Apple set a new standard for an OS, and Windows had to match it. An OS couldn't be simple anymore, it had to have all these little nice features that makes your life easier and faster when dealing with computers. Features like Expose and Spotlight. These features make life so much easier.

    Um, what are they exactly? Well Spotlight is the search engine for Apple. It does the exact same thing as Windows search. (the Spotlight in Mac OS X Tiger, that is..that has been out for 2-3 years). And Expose, also is OS X Tiger, is much like 3d Flip. And boys and girls, where 3d Flip fails Expose picks up the slack.

    You see, 3d Flip forces you to flip through your windows. Not that bad of a problem, unless of course you have lots of windows open. If you do....well, oh well. Just flip like a deck of cards!! What makes this unusable is this: Expose makes it easier to go from one application to another, something I do a lot while doing school work, while making web sites (well, I use to), even while doing research. It's easier because to go from Firefox, to Pagers (apple's version of word), to iTunes, to AIM/MSN.... and possibly 2-5 other windows, it makes things a little easier then 3d flip. First of all, I do not like to use my keyboard unless I have to. I generally have my eyes at my screen and my hands on my mouse. When I do you use my keyboard for either keyboard short cut I want to be able to just push one or use something thats easy to use. I learned keyboard shortcuts first on a Mac, and they shortcuts are different and in some cases harder for me. For example, to copy a sentence on a mac, I would push at the same time Apple Key+C (on a windows keyboard, thats Alt+C). Windows, Ctrl+C. Thats not to much of a stretch, but when I try to paste it...I have to Ctrl+V. Thats a stretch for my hands. I have gotten use to it over my two years of using a Windows PC after getting use to a Mac, and I haven't enjoyed the process.

    Back to 3dFlip vs Expose. So, if I wanted to use the shortcut it would be Windows key+tab. I you push tab while holding the windows key until you navigate to the window you want. Thats easy, right? Eh, not really. Expose all you do is push F9 and it will show you all you windows that are currently open on screen, move your mouse to which ever one you need, and pick it! Well, thats the hard way to do it. Another way is to set up a hot-spot (in one of the four corners of the screen), and just move your mouse to that spot. When you do that, all of your windows will appear and then you move your mouse to the screen you want, and viola. You did it. That takes seconds with no hard steps. You can do it the Windows way, or the Mac way -- it doesn't matter.
    (it is worth noting that there is a button to push to enter 3d flip, but it's not as easy as expose because you still would have to flip through any pages if you have a lot of them open -- which I usually do.)


    Is Vista an upgrade from XP? Yes. Is it worth upgrading too? I think so, but maybe not right this minute. Is it better then a Mac? I think not. Others will think so. But let me add some closing comments: My friends computer is pretty much the same as my Mac. Her computer is actually newer, with mine being two years old and six months, hers two years olf and three months. My mac still turns on faster then Vista, even though we did a clean install on this machine. My mac has it's slow moments, sure. The more I add to it, the slower it gets. Any computer is like that. But this is a brand new OS, with a clean install -- barely anything programs but the basics added. And a two year old Mac with tons of app's that I should delete because I don't use, with a virus scanner that turns on from the start (which is actually what slows my mac down), still beating Vista? I hate to see how slow it gets after a couple of months of use and adding programs....and a year? Two? Who knows. I don't....more info
  • Good and stable but not fully compatible
    I got this with my dell. I love it. I have read alot of reviews about how it is a bloated programme and how so many others are better but i honestly love this OS. I need not go into how nice the interface looks for i am sure alot of persons have done that for me. With Service Pack 1 and my regular updates i have not noticed any problems stability-wise. I have even read reviews that show that with SP1 its performance is now comparable to the hugely successfull predecessor XP with SP2.

    I was very disappointed with the fact that i could not use certain programmes with it...noteably ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS 9.0 . All other compatable issues i had were eventually solved by driver updates from the device or software manufacturers.

    I love it....more info
  • New Media Center especially nice
    I upgraded my Windows XP Media Center Edition computer to Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. By upgrade, of course, I mean I ended up taking out the drive and DVD burner and putting it inside a whole new system. LOL. I had no install issues. No device driver issues. I have encounted a couple programs which will not install or run on Vista 64 bit. I was expecting that, and have two other computers I can use.
    I used only new, top-tier branded components. Now I'm running an Intel Core 2 Quad with 8 GB RAM. 8 GB RAM. Nice, very nice. That is overkill for this system's main purpose (HTPC), but I do use it for other stuff, and it is nice to let it record a show while I'm doing something else and not worry about it not being able to keep up with the recording.
    Vista does take some getting used to, and I'm still not so happy with the overall look. I wish I could change the start bar from the dark. I run Vista on my MacBook Pro at work, too. All the little "security" pop-ups are annoying.
    What has really improved is the Media Center. That is the main reason I went with Vista. It is a big improvement over XP MCE.
    One annoying thing with Vista is of course the many versions.
    So, take all the negative reviews with a grain of salt. It is worth checking out....more info
  • I don't know....
    I think it would be better buying XP....Vista did not recognize some of my hardwares and some programs. Every program needs to be "original" I am not an expert, it is dificult to find solutions.
    I think I "lost" my old scanner and my web cam, as they don't have driver for VISTA. My old original NERO don't has the old original Capture one don't has the driver, you decide....more info
  • Stick with Window XP
    I recently purchased a computer that came with Windows Vista. This is the worst Microsoft O/S release to date. The amount of resources Vista used practicly destroyed a new computer. This week I wiped my computer and installed Windows XP instead of Vista. The result: The computer has to be running at least 10 times faster using XP. DO NOT UPGRADE TO VISTA, it will render your computer useless. Vista slowed down the computer to a point where I was using my old computer since it was faster....more info
  • Windows Vista - a giant step backwards
    Windows Vista truly is a step backwards. After running it on three different high-end systems, and switching back to Windows XP on two of them and Ubuntu linux on the third, I can confirm what everyone else is saying: Stay with Windows XP as long as possible.

    And I'm an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), so I should be towing the company line, but simply cannot:

    Here are the primary issues I experienced:

    - Lack of stability - Vista running Media Center remains operational for a few days, then slows down to a crawl. Rebooting may or may not solve the problem. Windows Defender also crashes at startup, and the computer will periodically blue screen. No rollbacks, driver updates, BIOS updates or anything else help.
    - Speed - Vista is significantly slower than Windows XP at everything - games, Internet connectivity, file operations, everything.
    - Drivers - Per IDG, there are simply no Vista drivers for 72% of peripherals released in the last year, and only 4% of peripherals released within the last three years has a Vista driver.
    - Security - Windows XP with a good security suite like Trend Micro or Kaspersky is easily as secure as Vista, without the constant popup messages about program actions. And do you really want Microsoft providing security software to cover the holes that they have left in the operating system software that they are providing?!?
    - Cost - It is becoming increasingly clear that other options, like Macintosh, are starting to provide the flexibility to over come the usual complaints about them - they can now run Windows XP natively alongside MacOS, and get all of your productivity intact. It's best to seriously consider going over to Mac land and seeing what they have to offer you!
    - Lastly, DRM. Microsoft has written draconian DRM into every part of the operating system. No more ripping DVDs for you! No more trying yo copy
    the music you bought and have it automatically loaded and converted to MP3! NOOOO...Now you only have protected WMA tracks, which only YOU can listen to. Or even better - try to play an HDDVD or BLURay on your system, experience the joys of downleveling. Behind the scenes, Microsoft will intentionally degrade your video quality, unless you spend much more to buy "secure" versions of your motherboard, DVD-Drive, Monitor, and cabling that make piracy harder, and your life much harder.

    Stick with XP as long as you can, and investigate the alternatives like LinuxMCE and MacOS; Microsoft has seriously dropped the ball, and service pack 1 is not going to address the issues. It's time to look at other options for operating systems....more info
    Unless you want to buy a whole knew bunch of peripherials don't buy Windows Vista. My wife recently needed to buy a new computer so we bought a new Dell with Windows Vista. The salesman said that Vista was the way to go.

    I get the thing home and my printer does not work (a recent HP laserjet) and my digital camera is also NOT SUPPORTED!!!

    If you are going to have anything to do with Windows Vista you should make sure that any devices you own (or may possibly will own) are supported...not likely. WINDOWS VISTA SUCKS!!!...more info
  • Windows ME all over again!
    Fist, I'm no beginner and my system is an HP with a fast Duo Athlon processor, 3gb of ram and Vista preinstalled by the factory.

    If you were unfortunate enough to remember WindowsME then you know why Vista is only getting 1 star, they are equally as bug-ridden. I have been using Windows since 3.0 and have used every flavor with mixed success. I know how to tweak settings and manually steamline a Windows OS. Vista is not cooperative. It's top heavy with pretty blingy glitz that hogs system recourses and slows even the best behaved applications to a crawl. Then there's the issue that not all software is compatible or works properly in the new OS. Worse, even after turning off most every feature I could including indexing, Vista still engaged in computer-freezing disk writes that lasted for 10's of minutes at a time for no apparent reason; Microsoft help is at a loss to explain. Vista is bloatware of the worst kind and is no more safe than XP. Avoid it if at all possible!
    ...more info
  • A huge step backwards
    Microsoft has really missed the mark and has taken a huge step backwards with this latest operating system. I have had a retail version of Windows Vista sitting on my desk, uninstalled, for almost 6 months now. Meanwhile, my computer is stilling running Windows XP and it's going to stay that way for some time to come! Windows Vista is slower, buggier and less productive than Windows XP regardless the hardware you use on it.
    ...more info
    A bitter, eye-opening experience. Vista reqires more than 15 gig of harddrive space for the basic load. Many areas in the system were restricted as I discovered when I tried to see what was using so much drive space. A better choice would have been to stay with XP....more info
  • Caveat Emptor..Wait for SP1 Release
    I would strongly recommend waiting at least until Service Pack 1 (SP1) is released before using Vista. This is supposed to be in April 2008.

    I like Vista and many of its features...that being said it doesn't yet seem to work properly/reliably. I have spent about 40 hours with Tech Assistance on Vista operability issues since I got my new Dell laptop two weeks ago. If you want an operating system that will function properly out-of-the-box Vista is not yet it.

    I think if you are just using Vista to interact with MS Office you will "generally" be okay, but it has a lot of issues in interacting with third-party software. There are also issues with the use of the sleep and hibernate programs, which often seem to cause the computer to freeze and require a hard re-boot (especially on laptops). Apperently these issues are well known but not yet fixed -- and no one mentioned this to me so when it happened repeatedly I thought there must be something wrong with my computer. Apparently, computer freezing in coming out of sleep mode is just one of Vista's several unresolved flaws.

    ...more info
  • Vista
    Windows Vista is a great OS if you can run it. If you have an up to date computer with hardware that is compatible with Vista, then it will not let you down. It is nicer, smoother, and faster than XP and has a lot of neat features. So far it has let me run any software that I've thrown at it, some of it even faster than my PC did when it had XP installed.
    Most people complain about Vista because they can't run it well, in truth it's because they have the wrong hardware, and if you don't want to spend money upgrading then, by all means, stick with XP!...more info
  • Please Please Do Not Buy This Horrible Horrible Product
    Call me naive, but I thought all the complaints on Vista were do to user error or people just not having the patience to learn a new system. Man-was I wrong. Vista is an absolute nightmare. I just got a new laptop, a Sony Vaio. The Vaio is beautiful, but I don't think I can keep it. There is a restocking fee for returning it, but I don't think I have any other choice. Nothing works properly on this system. From installing a basic printer, to getting Outlook to work (don't ask-a complete nightmare), to getting Plaxo to sync, to getting my MotoQ to sync. Nothing. I repeat, nothing works properly or without a headache.

    I cannot truly think of one good reason you would want to get Windows Vista. Stick with XP or look elsewhere....more info
  • I Love It!
    I'm a long time PC user and have always hated Windows. I bought a new Gateway Laptop 'M' series with Vista preinstalled. I absolutely love it. I prefer it over Mac (which I'm quite familiar with).

    It's designed for new computers with all the necessary power to run it. I wouldn't recomend upgrading an older computer (2 years plus) to Vista. But if you're buying a new machine then get Vista. It is noticably better then XP for home use. ...more info
  • What's with all the hubbub, Bub?
    People, people, people: The older I get the more confused I am as to why it's become so hard for computer users to understand computer software and what makes it work. My comments on Vista Home premium follow:

    1) If you have plans to upgrade from XP on your 3 year old computer, don't. You'll be putting a fuel-injected high output power producing super-charged engine in a Ford Escort. This engine requires a drive-train that includes a very capable front-side-bus,a minimum of two gigs of speedy RAM, and a processor that is built for tommorrow's needs- not yesterdays. In other words, you need a new computer.
    2) If you think you can get by with a printer you bought for your Win98 operation using Vista stop right there. This new softare wants to push your computing experience to new heights with speed and agility you couldn't imagine just a few years ago. To do that it needs the tools that can take the heat and perform. Grandma's favorite printer won't cut it.
    3) If you've become enamoured toward a certain piece of productive software and you're told Vista won't work with it, stop the grumbling. Chances are the software you like is out there reformulated to work with Vista at twice the speed and capacity of it's XP self. Think 'new and improved' Vista ready software. Not 'the old stuff should work and if it doesn't Microsoft is conspiring to get me to buy new software!' Sheesh!
    4) Think that old CRT monitor you've had since Win95 days is good enough for Vista? Think again. If you want to view web pages, PhotoShop creations, slide-shows, etc. at the speed and clarity Vista has been created to give you it's time to upgrade your monitor to something wide and new. In other words, think crisp, sharp, fast images that can only truly be seen with a new LCD panal.

    I could go on, but the bottom line is this: Vista works but it's an operation that is designed for the newest computer upgrades. Upgrades that can't be done on an old framework designed around outmoded technology. If the need is there, hand down your old XP operation to your kids, check-out a new Dell or HP or any number of new computer designs. Make sure it's as powerful a set-up as you can afford ( potent processor, large, fast HD, ultra fast 'Front-Side-Bus' ( this moves the info through your computer ) and at least two gigs of hot RAM ( three is better ).

    With a computer like this, Vista will be 'chomping at the bit' doing its' best to show you what real computing power can do to improve your productivity. If you take the plunge as I've outlined above, the first thing you're going to do when you plug that new machine in and watch it hop to life, is forget all you've read or heard about the negatives pertaining to Vista. Then you'll wonder how so many people can get it so wrong. ...more info
  • Vista under-rated
    I have been using vista on my office machine and at home and I find it to be a worthwhile upgrade from XP. Granted it has some issues which need to be ironed out, however its stable (more than XP) have not had a single crash, and the new user interface though eye candy makes navigating the system and finding stuff a breeze....more info
  • The worst thing Microsoft has ever put out in the history of their company!
    Anyone who is getting a new computer may be surprised to have this new version of Windows. It is awful. Awful only scrapes the surfaces of how absolutely wretched this software is. It has no usability value whatsoever. It's like a hiddent treasure adventure game just find a damn file-save. It is so far eemoved from the last windows that you almost have to relearn the whole damn thing! I can't believe they put this out, I can't fathom why they did this? Whoever came up with this software should be fired immediately. Whoever said yes to this software should be fired immediately. If I have more common sense than none of these people deserve their jobs....more info
  • Worse than Windows 98
    I have had such a miserable experience with this product that, for the first time ever, I felt compelled to write a review. I have been happy using Windows since windows 3.x and this is by far the worst software they have ever let out the door. I'm seriously considering abandoning windows altogether. I always thought those people you hear bad mouthing Microsoft were nut I'm not so sure. ...more info
  • Vista: A Five-letter Word for "Crap"
    All right, my parents bought a laptop with this horrible OS on it. I thought that their complaints simply came from a lack of familiarity ... until I sat down with Vista. Oh, for the love of whatever God you pray to, it is horrible. Even with a dual-core processor it takes forever to load, and it is constantly asking you if you're sure you want the computer to perform whatever basic function you have clicked on! It looks very pretty, however they have re-named essential functions (such as the "Add/Remove Programs" icon in the Control Panel) thus making simple actions frustrating beyond all belief. I cannot begin to list the compatibility issues with this OS (if you have purchased a new computer with Vista, downgrading becomes nie unto impossible due to the lack of drivers for the "new" components). It is a soul-sucking experience which I shall never forget, and never wish to relive.
    I have never encountered such a useless OS, unless you count Mac. XP was perfection, and if you are looking to upgrade, do not do it! Just stick with XP until Microsoft remedies this mistake. I rated it a "One" because I cannot rate it a "ZERO."
    Now, since my dad does not have an amazon account and wishes to warn the public at large against purchasing this OS, I will now let him take the reins and give you his opinion of Windows Vista Home Premium...

    The only thing premium about this operating system is the screwing you'll take from Bill Gates. I can't even downgrade it because Toshiba doesn't even have the drivers available to do so. Only a person with a more profound sense of profanity could reveal the true nature of my displeasure with this system. If you are considering purchasing this system please don't,....unless you enjoy being tortured on a daily basis.
    ...more info
  • Window Vista Home Premuin Software
    Seller shipped in a reasonable length of time. Packaging was as advertised, sealed as stated and was new Old Version. Unfortunately was not able to load on my pc because to many upgrades needed to be made for everything to work. Otherwise I have no problem, would buy from this seller again....more info
  • Total disappointment
    Wow, I really hate Vista. Slow as can be. I just bought a brand new Gateway PC with the most powerful dual core processor available. I have huge amounts of memory and an excellent graphics card. My computer is so slow, even though I closed Aero and all the other fancy stuff that makes it look cool. It seems like the computer is trying to run 100 programs at once, even though only 2 or 3 are open. Programs keep crashing. And what in the world is the Windows Desktop Manager? It keeps messing up and closing my programs while I'm working. My husband and I really want to downgrade to XP, which ran our programs much more smoothly, but we are reluctant to pay the money to buy the full version after spending so much on a computer with Vista. If you have XP, don't waste your money upgrading until you've done some research and are sure you want to take the chance. ...more info
  • Put a fork in me, I'm done
    If there were a zero star choice it would not be low enough for this product. I bought a Compaq Preserio with Vista Home Premium. The first couple of days it was nice, looks good, a little slow but fun. I elected to control my computer updates, its software--big mistake. First off, this is Vista with a couple of tons of HP bloatware, so i don't control anything. Windows disciplined me with the infamous blues screen, or BSOD. After we worked out that Vista will upgrade itself at will, my life keeps getting worse. The latest unannounced update claims that every page with a certificate is bogus. I need to fight with Vista to check my email or vist my bank. I am an online student and Vista and my school's pages don't play well together. I am corresponding with HP.

    Business versions of Vista that are OEM come downgrade capable, but HP will not fix my 6 week old computer. Below is my last reply and their re-reply.

    Subject: Re: Compaq Presario F730US Notebook PC e-mail supp

    Why can't you give me a copy of the XP recovery disk?

    I have a copy of XP Pro, but why should I have to track down drivers,
    spend my time dicking around, because you sold me an inferior product.
    In fact, this is the last product you will sell me. I have been reading
    and talking to many people that are pulling their hair out about Vista.
    I don't think that my problem is isolated or unique. The last Windows
    update, which I can't stop, or it's BSOD for me, really made a mess of
    things. Every page with a certificate is denied, even HP's page.

    If I spend $159 upgrading to Vista Ultimate will you downgrade me?

    I am not going to play email tag, while you patronize me, and convince
    me that I caused this mess. But even if Vista worked,I don't want this
    bloated piece or resource grabbing junk, not to mention all the HP
    bloatware, that I can't get rid of.

    Are you going to take responsibility for this mess, and send me an XP
    recovery disk, or not?

    If not, reply, so I can take you out of my favorites.

    Hello Pat,

    Thank you for writing back.

    I understand that you would like to have shipped a copy of Windows XP as you are not satified with the Vista Operating System.

    I regret to inform you that, HP does not support downgrading of the Operating System and will not provide any downgradable Discs to install the XP Operating System on your Notebook. As you wish to downgrade the Operating System to XP, the only option is to go for a retail version of the XP Operating System. Regarding the drivers for XP, I will provide the list of drivers that will work on your Notebook with the XP Operating System. If you would like to continue using vista and to avoid the issues that you are currently experiencing, I request you to perform F11 Recovery to recover the Notebook to factory settings. It is recommended to take the backup of the data before performing F11 Recovery as this will erase all the user information. Please follow the steps given below to perform F11 Recovery:...more info
  • witness the mistake of the centry
    its pretty easy to tell these posers just want to copy apple. i can't think of a worse virus to put on your computer than vista....more info
  • Sick Microsoft Experiment
    Vista is absolute junk. Don't waste your money. If you are running XP, keep it. Don't let mad Doctor FrankenGates of Microjunk Corp mess with your mind. Vista is slow, full of bugs, unstable and has imposible customer service. Do yourself a favor.
    Stick with XP or buy a Mac. End of story.

    ...more info
  • Amazingly slow
    I have been using Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit version patiently for several months now. The "performance indicator" says my Windows Vista experience is a 5.6 out of a possible 5.9 -- this is supposed to be some indication of how fast my hardware is. So, my hardware is top notch -- brand new HP quad core Phenom 2.4 GHz processors with 8GB of RAM. As soon as I boot, I notice the OS is using 1.5GB of RAM, before I touch anything. If I leave Internet Explorer open, it has a memory leak that gets progressively worse and completely overtakes the system within a few hours. My patience has run out. I'm reverting back to Windows XP, or at least installing a dual boot configuration, because this machine is just silly slow. I have brand new, top-of-the-line 64-bit hardware and a crazy amount of RAM; and this machine feels slow. I'm amazed at how inferior of a product this is....more info
  • even worse after installing Service Pack 1
    As has been noted elsewhere, Windows Vista is the best advertisement for Max and Linux out there.

    I've been a dedicated Microsoft OS user going back to the pre-windows days of DOS, and this is the first time that one of Microsoft's little masterworks has driven me to Apple. I recently upgraded my desktop machine to an iMac, which I recommend without reservation.

    Unfortunately, to get there I first had to undergo the frustration of purchasing a new laptop with Vista pre-installed.

    I'm a journalist with minimal computing needs--word processing, photo uploading, email and Web browsing--but I need my computer to work well and work quickly to meet crazy deadlines while on the road.

    Instead of repeating what's already been said in many of the negative reviews here, let me just tell you that Vista doesn't cut it. Windows XP did the job fine, and Vista makes me feel like I'm trying to do my work with a manual typewriter, a fax machine, and a photocopier kludged together with twine and electrical tape. Sure, I can get it to work, usually, but the process is so maddeningly slow and bug-ridden that I often spend as much time struggling with the tools of my trade as doing my job. Not at all the situation I want to be in.

    I installed Service Pack 1 hoping like mad that Microsoft had miraculously fixed all the problems inherent in Vista, and found instead that my system had become even slower and more buggy. For instance, I can no longer play a full-screen movie with Windows Media Player on my HP Pavilion tx1000z without choppiness, the HP-branded DVD player no longer functions, and my system overall now seems about as stable as the old Windows 95, i.e., it crashes, hard, far too often, and without warning.

    Right now I'm looking at either downgrading my laptop to XP (the reason I'm here on the Microsoft product page), or giving my laptop to my three-year-old and getting a MacBook. Actually, I'll probably do both since I don't want to saddle even my three-year-old with Vista, and I have found to my tremendous relief that the Mac OS is everything Vista tries to be, and very much more.

    The only thing holding me back at this point is the extreme annoyance of shoveling yet more money at Microsoft to purchase another of their products to fix problems the company created in the first place. Hey, come to think of it, maybe Vista is nothing more than a plot to drive sales of XP!

    In any case, I have Microsoft to thank for steering me toward to best OS I've ever used, Mac OS Leopard. Thanks, Microsoft! (Fun fact: Windows PCs show up in the Mac networking utility as beige monitors displaying blue screens of death.)

    Bottom line: save yourself a whole lot of headache and steer well clear of Windows Vista. Service Pack 1 does not, repeat, does not solve Vista's problems, it makes them worse....more info
  • Garbage Operating System - You WILL regret upgrading from XP
    I upgraded from XP and Vista is a horrible operating system. It uses huge amounts of resources. This would be fine if there was anything Vista offered that made it worth the difference. But here is the real problem, VISTA IS COMPLETELY UNSTABLE. With 2 gigs of RAM and a 2.8 Pentium ghz, I run mostly Adobe graphic programs and a little bit of 3D software like Maya and Sketchup, and my computer freezes at least once a week, sometimes more.

    After I installed Vista, I ran the Vista system check and it came up with 1,269 error messages. Yes folks, that's ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY NINE ERROR MESSAGES ON A FRESH INSTALL. So then I proceed to download all 87 updates. Basically I had my computer up and running in about, oh, three days.. I mean, come on, 87 f*%$ing updates in a brand new OS from the company that is the "leader" of the PC operating system??? Microsoft, you suck, plain and simple. Vista is garbage.

    And it was nice to find out that HP doesn't give support for a Vista printing driver for the 1115 Photosmart printer. Bye HP.

    Conclusion: Vista is only an excuse to put out a new operating system, but it's the emperor's new clothes. It doesn't offer anything new that is useful or worthy of an OS upgrade. It's poorly developed and it's a total hog for your resources. Don't forget to download your 87 updates. ...more info
  • nice looking OS...but...glitches
    I am installing this on a Macbook Pro running Bootcamp. The OS looks very sleek and well designed (there is a lot of Mac influence, guess Microsoft is being the Toyota of software, keep re-engineering until you get it right). However, there are a few glitches, i.e., compatibility with wireless print servers, wireless network card is slow.

    The OS on my Mac does what it supposed to do, run the few software that I don't have on the Mac.

    FYI, I ain't no Mac lover, I have 4 other XP machines at home. ...more info
  • Vista Zen
    I got Vista with a new computer that I bought. One thing that I can tell you is that Windows Vista takes time...more time than people are giving it. You can't just use it for a few weeks and toss it aside telling your friends "aww, I used Vista and it's bad". Work with it. Give it time. I used it for three months and still wanted to "run home" to Windows XP. I couldn't stand it. I even tried to install XP on my new computer but couldn't. I had to restore the Vista factory settings because I messed it up so bad.

    The new features aren't as obvious as they should be, but the how-to videos are a great way to learn how to do things. Just take advantage of the "What's New?" section and the rest of the Help and Support center.

    The new system search is great. Just hit the start button, start typing a name, and you'll get a person's contact information, photos tagged with their name, and photos with their name in it. It can also search for words in documents, spreadsheets, and emails, as well.

    I'm not a sales person, I'm just trying to express the Zen I've started to feel with Vista. I used to hate it...passionately, but now I'm a true convert....more info
  • I want my machine back!
    Years ago Microsoft opted for the business market. In their mind, that required the user to give up the idea of a "personal computer" and become part of a multi-user system that somebody else controlled. That philosophy, while evidently hugely lucrative, has finally come a cropper in Vista. Now, even the administrator doesn't have automatic priviledges. I'm sick of getting messages that say "Permission Denied" - reminds me of so many bad sci-fi movies.

    Unfortunately, I could only do one or two things to stop the horrendous features of this new operating system:
    1. Went on-line to learn how to turn off the indexing feature. Not easy but well worth the effort. Now my machine doesn't go into apoplexty for 20 minutes every few hours, thrashing the hard drive. Highly recommended.
    2. Turned off the pre-load function. Vista tries to guess what programs you want and is always loading/unloading stuff.
    3. Made the administrator account visible and made myself have Administrator account priviledges. Believe it or not, this still doesn't stop all the annoying messages but does stop most of them.

    The things I couldn't stop and I hate include:
    1. MS reoganized the My Documents folders. Things that used to be in it are now at an equal level to it, such as Pictures, etc. By the way, they also changed to name to just Documents but sometimes it shows up as My Documents. What a mess.
    2. They moved Documents to a different tree hierarchy in the C: drive. This may seem arcane to many of you, but it's very aggravating to have to go up and down this tree if you're doing things that require access to both the "Programs" folder and your personal folder.
    3. No matter what I do, I can't stop the OS from accessing the hard disk about 1/sec. No joke. It is regularly going to do something even if you're just sitting there. Macs don't do that.

    The only thing I like about Vista are the gadgets and it's definitely not worth the agony for that function.

    Microsoft is paying dearly for this huge mistake. Their sales for Vista are the worst for any new OS issue. And rightfully so. Everyone I know is talking about getting a Mac. My son can run the Mac OS on his Dell laptop! The only reason I'm sticking with Windows for now is that there's so much software that only runs under Windows that I use. However, the day is coming when that will all change and then, MS, watch out!...more info