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Product Description

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a comprehensive time and information manager for your busy digital life. You'll never have problems with personal information again. Take control of the tools you need to prioritize, organize and search. Schedule and block off time to follow up on items, manage your daily priorities and use Windows SharePoint Services technology to manage every aspect of your digital life more effectively. Manage your shared information and content in one interface, through SharePoint Services -- documents, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other information are easier than ever to handle Stay safe from junk mail and phishing Web sites - The improved junk e-mail filter and has added new features that disable links and warn you about threatening content within an e-mail message Color-code your information for easier organization -- it's a simple, visual way to distinguish items from one another Manage all your blogs to RSS feeds directly through Outlook 2007 New Attachment Preview helps you see your Office Outlook 2007 attachments with one click directly in the reading pane, saving you time and effort

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 provides an integrated solution for managing your time and information, connecting across boundaries, and remaining in control of the information that reaches you. By delivering innovations you can use to quickly search your communications, organize your work, and better share your information with others, this software keeps you connected and up to date, at work dealing with colleagues and customers, or at home corresponding with friends and family.

Office Outlook 2007 provides an integrated solution to help you better manage your time and information. View larger.
Keep Better Track of Your Daily Priorities
Outlook 2007 now features a re-designed interface within the authoring experience, making composing, formatting, and acting on e-mail an easier and more intuitive experience. Specifically, all of the rich features and capabilities of Outlook 2007 are now accessible and easy-to-find within the message. For instance, you can use the To-Do Bar--which gives you a consolidated view of your calendar, upcoming appointments, tasks, and flagged mail--to organize your day and manage your priorities.

Manage Your Time and Information
Outlook 2007 gives you a wide variety of time-saving options, including Instant Search to help you quickly locate all the information you're looking for right from within the Outlook 2007 interface. Not only can you search by keyword through your information, but Instant Search also looks for those keywords within your e-mail attachments. For more directed search results, the Instant Search pane provides helpful criteria to narrow your entry.

Calendar overlay view makes it easy to navigate your personal calendar and your team calendar at the same time. View larger.
Visually Identify Information
Using Outlook 2007 Color Categories, you can easily personalize and add categories to any type of information. Color Categories give you an easy, visual way to distinguish items from one another, so it's a snap to organize your data and search your information. Preview attachments in one click with Attachment Preview and avoid having to re-send attachments repeatedly.

Connect Across Boundaries
Outlook 2007 lets you share all types of information with coworkers, customers, friends, and family. First, you can create and subscribe to Internet calendars (which provide a way to view and remain up to date on industry events) or personal interest calendars and schedules. Then, send your calendar information to anyone with calendar snapshots, an HTML representation of your calendar that lets you share this information with anyone. Or you can publish your Internet calendar to Microsoft Office Online. Using Microsoft Passport credentials, you can then invite a group of your coworkers, customers, friends, or family to view and work with your calendar so that everyone has the latest information.

Enjoy Full Integration with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Technology
With Outlook 2007, you can fully interact with information stored in Windows SharePoint Services technology anywhere, anytime, and connect Windows SharePoint Services calendars, documents, contacts, or tasks. Once you've done so, you'll enjoy full editing capabilities, so that any changes you make to the information stored in Outlook 2007 can be reflected in the server version.

Increased Functionality and Collaboration
You also have the option of enjoying increased functionality and collaboration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Using Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in conjunction results in increased collaboration capabilities and security enhancements. Exchange Server 2007 provides the latest in dynamic mailbox connections, unified messaging features, and improved protection from junk e-mail.

Use Instant Search to locate the information you want within an integrated, familiar interface. View larger.
You can also send text messages from Outlook with one easy click, thanks to Outlook Mobile Service, a feature that allows you to send and receive text and picture messages between Outlook 2007 and any mobile phone. Outlook Mobile Service also enables you to forward Outlook e-mail messages, contacts, appointments, and tasks to yourself or other people as text messages. You can even set Outlook 2007 to automatically send e-mail messages, reminders, and your daily calendar as text messages right to your mobile phone.

Work With RSS Feeds
You can now fully subscribe to and interact with Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds right from Outlook 2007, the most natural place to manage this kind of information. It's easy to get started adding RSS Feeds using the RSS Subscriptions home page within Outlook 2007.

Electronic Business Cards
Outlook 2007 lets you customize and share electronic business cards so you can create, customize, and share your information with customers, clients, or friends. Effortlessly add photos, company logos, or other personal information to your card so that the recipients have an easy way to identify and remember you and your business.

Anti-phishing capabilities in Office Outlook 2007 warn you about potentially threatening content right from within the e-mail message. View larger.
Improved E-Mail Control and Protection
Outlook 2007 helps you control your information while keeping you safer from junk mail and malicious sites. The junk e-mail filter, introduced in Outlook 2003, helps prevent junk e-mail messages from cluttering your Inbox. Outlook 2007 also features new anti-phishing features that disable threatening links and warn you about possibly malicious or phishing content within an e-mail message. For additional protection and security, Exchange Server 2007 acts as the first scan on incoming e-mail, determines the legitimacy of the e-mail message, and if applicable, disables links or URLs present in the e-mail message to help protect users.

Control Distribution of Sensitive Work
Help protect your company assets by preventing recipients from forwarding, copying, or printing important e-mail messages by using information rights management (IRM) functionality. You can even specify an expiration date for the message, after which it cannot be viewed or otherwise acted upon. (IRM functionality requires Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later running Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services).

Maintain Compliance With Managed E-mail Folders
Exchange Server 2007 offers managed e-mail folders, a new approach to document retention, archiving, and regulatory compliance. You'll be able to see and interact with these folders just like any other mail folder, but the messages stored within them gain retention, archive, and expiration policies defined by the administrator. With managed e-mail folders, users and administrators can easily comply with various forms of external regulation and internal company policies regarding message retention.

Outlook 2007 E-mail Postmark
The Outlook 2007 E-mail Postmark helps ensure that e-mail reaching your inbox is legitimate and that e-mail you send will be trusted by the recipient's client. Creating mail with E-mail Postmark uses new technology that Microsoft has developed as part of the ongoing effort to curb junk mail. This technology asks the sender's computer to perform a computation or puzzle, and then assigns this work as a token of legitimacy to the e-mail message. These e-mail postmarks are designed to make it very time-consuming and technologically detrimental for users to send mass e-mail like spam, yet they do not change the user experience of sending e-mail.

  • Integrated solution for managing your time and information, connecting across boundaries, and remaining in control of the information that reaches you
  • Helps you quickly search your communications, organize your work, and better share your information with others
  • Instant Search minimizes the time it takes to locate information; redesigned interface makes composing, formatting, and acting on e-mail an easier and more intuitive experience
  • Color Categories give you an easy, visual way to distinguish items from one another, so it's easy to organize your data and search your information
  • Fully interact with information stored in Windows SharePoint Services technology anywhere, anytime, and connect Windows SharePoint Services calendars, documents, contacts, or tasks

Customer Reviews:

  • No problems
    I purchased this stand alone version of Outlok 2007 due to the fact that I initially ordered Home & student Office suite 07 without realizing that Outlook is not included in the suite.. doh! Regardless, the amount i spent is still less than the Pro Office suite. I had no issues as some of the other reviewers here. Install - no problem, integrates with home and student suite- no problem. Shiping was fast - no problem!
    ...more info
  • Stiil has bugs
    Nice features and relatively simple to use. Helps make my work day more productive. Microsoft products still have all the annoying bugs that can drive you crazy; settings get changed for no reason, reminders that you cannot delete. stupid error messages about not exiting without closing Outlook data file. I wish Microsoft would really test these products before releasing them. ...more info
  • A Little Overwhelming
    there are a TON of options, almost too many. i've had this for a couple of weeks and am still running into things i didn't know it would do! being able to CATEGORIZE your emails is nice; if you flag them they pop up when you start Outlook as reminders. there is so much to say about it i could go on an on .. suffice it to say this is a really nice upgrade from the old outlook .. this was a real treat for me. PLUS .. AMAZON HAD THE BEST PRICE AROUND .. even CHEAPER THAN WAL MART!!! Don't think twice, just go ahead an buy it .. you won't regret it. Seriously....more info
  • Disappointed
    I am very disappointed in this software. Microsoft is usuall a good product, however Outlook 2007 is awful. I had Outlook and was having problems, so I upgraded. Because I have Windows XP I had to get a service pack just to make it work. It is slooooooow, it frezes, there are too many layers to go through and nothing works smoothly on this software. It's just terrible....more info
  • Best software i ever purchased
    It was a corporate computer guru who recommended it. I was hesitant, but now love it. Best thing i've ever purchased. I only wish i was able to pull up an alternative email directory for a group of people, not wanting to email everyone on the list, but selected individuals. In my old Outlook Express, when i opened the directory, it gave me three lists I had set up, and I could click that directory and select individuals. I am unable to do this, but you may know a way. Again, this is not the general directory which works fine.

    What i am doing is clicking the group and the group is put in the "To" line. Then i have to hit properties, and delete the names i don't want to include. If there is a way to solve this, i'd like to know.

    Other than that, i love Microsoft Outlook 2007, Much faster and greater ease of use than what I was using.

    ray haeckel...more info
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
    Pretty much works same as previous version. Looks have changed via the ribbon; which is the same for all Office 2007 products. ...more info
  • It's not perfect but
    While it has it's quirks, for my purposes, Outlook 2007 takes care of my scheduling needs and syncs well to my phone. I don't use it for mail because it seems to "disappear" an occasional email. Other than that, I find no problems at all. ...more info
  • Improved Outlook 2007
    Improved look and feel. Much easier to set-up email accounts. Easier to organize and manage high volume of messages....more info
  • It takes some getting used to....
    Overall it's a good product, Microsoft god bless them, has decided to move things around but after a short time you find the most common tasks....more info
  • Outlook 2007 syncing with Smartphone
    Loaded Outlook on my Vista OS laptop with no problems. Love the program. Even better, all I read on the internet said I would not be able to sync my smartphone (mobile 6.1 OS) with Outlook - even 2007. But not the case -syncs great, no problems.

    ...more info
  • No significant upgrades, but it works with Word 2007
    I've been using Outlook daily (if not hourly) for 10+ years. It's a great program.

    I bought Outlook 2007 because I recently bought Office 2007 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), and I found that my Outlook 2003 could not use Word 2007 as its email editor.

    I kept Word 2003 for that purpose, but Outlook 2003 was constantly confused with Word 2003 and Word 2007 on the same machine. I had to reboot lots of times, unnecessarily.

    Outlook 2007 can use Word 2007 as its email editor, and this is a helpful function. I've now deleted Outlook 2003 and Word 2003, and everything works as it should.

    Pros: Outlook 2007 seems to load quicker and has a better search function. The calendar has changed somewhat, but it's not necessarily better.

    Besides that, Outlook 2007 itself is not worth the upgrade. I felt like Microsoft forced me to buy it when they deliberately didn't bundle it with Office 2007 Home & Student.

    Bottom Line: If you don't have Word 2007 (to use as your email editor), I don't see any compelling reason to buy Outlook 2007....more info
  • Very good but overpriced.
    I'm not a business user but I was looking for a balanced, stable, powerful email/calendar client. It just works, and I am mostly pleased with it. I'll list my pro/cons.

    -Nice email client- quick to sync with my Gmail (I use POP because my Gmail's IMAP refuses to function correctly with any client I have used, but that's another story).
    -Interface is mostly good. Easy to switch around, and I'm glad they didn't switch to the ribbon bar...drop downs fit Outlook well.
    -Very secure- never loads images or actually anything by default. File previewer works well.
    -Runs in the background quite well. When minimized in the system tray, Task Manager says it's using 49k
    -RSS is satisfactory. I might switch back to using the built-in RSS of my Opera browser, but that's just personal preference.
    -Calendar is well integrated with both Windows and Mac filetypes. Organization and task tools are simple but still highly customizable.
    -I love the integration with OneNote. The way it links appointments to notes is just great!
    -Contact management is just great. These guys have made it a fine science.

    -Takes far too long to start up the first time; as much as 45 seconds by my count.
    -Price is not competitive. Needs to be 50 dollars or less to really be a good value (I got it for free hehe).
    -Typical redundant Microsoft interfaces are in full force.
    -Slight learning curve to the interface, as is typical with Microsoft interfaces...they sacrifice intuitiveness for speed. I think it's a good idea but some people might not....more info
  • MS Outlook 2007
    I received exactly what I ordered, and exactly when they said I would receive it. ...more info
  • lifew saver
    this was such a lifesaver.I bought a black berry storm to replace my treo and I unfortunately have windows vista. so I can't hotsync my treo with the computer. I have over 1000 contacts and 500 memos. I was able to manually type them into the computer rather than the black berry by hand. I am so happy I bought this. ...more info
  • A review for the technologically disadvantaged
    I have Outlook at work and found it so user-friendly and helpful that I ordered it for use on my PC at home. Too bad I didn't know that you need to have Office (which I do not own) installed before you can install Outlook. So, now I'm saving up for Office and feeling really stupid because I already opened the packaging and can't just buy the bundle now. Hopefully this review has been helpful for some and entertaining for the rest!...more info
  • Not Worth the Time or Money
    Very little change, less features (does not support animated gif's or stationary).

    Outlook 2007 now uses Microsoft Word as its rendering engine for all incoming emails. In Outlook 2003 (and earlier), email with animated gif's would look great, because it uses Internet Explorer to render the emails, leaving the HTML alone. However, in Outlook 2007, Microsoft Word literally rewrites your beautiful HTML into Word-like HTML, leaving out the creative touches that used to be available until Outlook 2007.

    So why `upgrade'?

    ...more info
  • Outlook 2007
    Works well enough...the calendar is much better and the task bar on the right is a nice touch......more info
  • Amazon will not stop spamming me
    I purchased Outlook from It was the first thing I've ever purchased from them.

    Now they are spamming me and I can't seem to get off their email list.

    This is the lastest insult. They want a review from me.

    Please take me off your email list!...more info
  • Love at first byte
    Installed without a hitch and automatically synchronized with my hand held both contacts and calendar. I was ecstatic. ...more info
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007, great product
    I moved from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook 2007 and have been very pleased with all the upgraded activities that I now enjoy. The Search Desktop is a tremendous way to quickly search my voluminous documents and find immediately the file I need. The calendar is also an effective tool. Thanks Amazon for the best price on the market for this product....more info
  • MS Outlook 2007
    I upgraded from Office 2003 to Office Home 7 Student 2007 to take advantage of newer PowerPoint features. I discovered that the new office didn't include Outlook. When I tried to install Office 2007, it failed, as it couldn't find a certain file. Checking with MS, it turns out that that file was in use by Outlook 2003. So in order to do the upgrade, I had to upgrade to Outlook 2007. Fortunately, I was able to buy both upgrade packages at below the Office Professional 2007 price.

    Having said all that, I installed both packages without a problem. I found Outlook 2007 to have the same functionality as 2003, but presented on screen more efficiently and attractively. I now can see all items on one screen - messages with auto preview, calendar, to do list, etc. The colors assigned to different items also make what's on the monitor much more interesting.

    Bottom line on my expectations:
    Functionality is a meets
    Apprarance/format is an exceeds....more info
  • Microsoft Outlook Upgrade
    Too many conflicts between 2003 and Vista Home Premium. Bought MS Home and Student 2007. Discovered too late that it did not include Outlook. Amazon conveniently had a special on 2007. I bought it and am very pleased with Amazon and Outlook 2007....more info
  • Much better than Windows Mail
    I've liked the other versions of Outlook and decided that I needed the new one (since I have Vista). It loaded easily and the look of it matches my Word program. Working with it for about a week, it is easy to use and add accounts and new schedules.
    My order reached me sooner than I thought.
    Overall, I am very pleased....more info
  • Is it compatable with Office 2007 for home and student package?
    In a few days I'm going to be receiving a new computer with Office 2007 for Home and Student. Outlook is NOT part of that version of office. I have two important questions since I am considering adding Outlook to my system.

    1. Is the student version of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint the same as what comes in the professional edition? In other words, does the student version have all the same features as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint in the professional edition... or is it just that Powerpoint is not included in the student edition?

    2. Is Outlook fully compatable with with the student version of Office 2007?

    On my existing computer, I have the Professional edition of Office 2003

    Thanks!...more info
  • It's outlook with a few improvements.
    Great email client, can't complain... Except that I find it annoying that you can't have the quick search functions without installing windows indexing... Other than that, outlook 2007 is similar to previous generations, still very good....more info