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Microsoft Office Standard 2007 UPGRADE
List Price: $239.95

Our Price: $186.64

You Save: $53.31 (22%)


Product Description

Manage e-mail and create great-looking documents,spreadsheets, and presentations.

Microsoft Office Standard 2007 is the essential software suite for homes andsmall businesses that enables you to quickly and easily create great-lookingdocuments, spreadsheets, and presentations, and manage e-mail. The latestrelease features a new streamlined user interface that exposes commonly used andfamiliar commands, enhanced graphics and formatting capabilities that enable youto create high-quality documents, new time management tools to help manage yourschedule, and more reliability and security such as an improved junk e-mailfilter to reduce spam e-mail. 

  • Create high quality documents
  • Work with enhanced security reliability
  • Find commands and help more easily
  • Organize your time and communications

With these enhancements, Office Standard 2007 makes it easier and moreenjoyable for you to get things done at home or work.

  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007


Create high-quality documents
Office Standard 2007 has new graphics capabilities, formatting galleries,and an improved user interface that exposes commonly used commands, making iteven easier for you to produce high-quality documents that you can be proud of.

New features and improvements include:

  • A results-oriented user interface that makes it easier to find and use product features.
  • More stable bullets and numbering to help

    Microsoft Office Standard 2007 Upgrade offers the core Microsoft Office applications, but significantly updated for faster, better results. Comprised of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, this software suite empowers you to create high-quality documents and presentations, build powerful spreadsheets, and manage your e-mail messages, calendar, and contacts. With improved menus and tools, enhanced graphics and formatting capabilities, new time and communication management tools, and more reliability and security, Office Standard 2007 makes it easier and more enjoyable for you to get things done at home or at work.

    The new look and feel of the 2007 Microsoft Office system automatically displays the menus and toolbars you need when you need them. View larger.

    Office Excel 2007 makes it easy to analyze data. View larger.

    Including charts in Office PowerPoint 2007 is easy. View larger.

    Tasks are easy to follow up on because they are included on the new To-Do Bar and within Outlook reminders. You can also drag tasks onto your calendar. View larger.
    This update version of the software is intended for use by those computers which have the following operating systems: Windows server 2003 or later, and Windows XP SP2 or later.

    Which edition of Office is right for you? View a comparison of Microsoft Office 2007 editions.

    Improved User Interface
    The Office Standard 2007 user interface makes it easier for people to use Office applications. The streamlined screen layout and dynamic results-oriented galleries let you spend more time focused on your work and less time trying to get the application to do what you need. As a result, the Office Standard 2007 interface can help deliver great looking documents, high-impact presentations, effective spreadsheets, and powerful desktop database applications.

    The Ribbon
    Office Standard 2007 features the Ribbon, a new device that presents commands organized into a set of tabs, instead of traditional menus and toolbars. The tabs on the Ribbon display the commands that are most relevant for each of the task areas in the applications. For example, in Word, the tabs group commands for activities such as inserting objects like pictures and tables, doing page layout, working with references, doing mailings, and reviewing. For added convenience, the Home tab provides easy access to the most frequently used commands. Excel has a similar set of tabs that make sense for spreadsheet work including tabs for working with formulas, managing data, and reviewing. These tabs make it simple to access features because they organize the commands in a way that corresponds directly to the tasks you perform in the application you're using.

    The Microsoft Office Button
    Many of the most valuable features in previous versions of Office were not about the document authoring experience and instead focused on all the things you can do with a document: share it, protect it, print it, publish it, and send it. Although this focus had its advantages, previous releases lacked a single central location where a user could see all of these capabilities in one place. Office Standard 2007's new interface, however, brings together the capabilities of the Office system into a single entry point: the Microsoft Office button. This button allows for two major advantages. First, it helps users find these valuable features. Second, it simplifies the authoring process by allowing the Ribbon to focus on creating great documents.

    Contextual Tabs
    Office Standard 2007 features contextual tabs which bring important and appropriate command options to the user's attention precisely when they're needed most. Certain sets of commands are only relevant when objects of a particular type are being edited. For example, the commands for editing a chart are not relevant until a chart appears in a spreadsheet and the user is focusing on modifying it. In current versions of Office applications, these commands can be difficult to find. In Excel, however, clicking on a chart causes a contextual tab to appear with commands used for chart editing. Contextual tabs only appear when they are needed and make it much easier to find and use the commands needed for the operation at hand.

    Galleries are at the heart of the redesigned applications, and they deliver a set of clear results to choose from when working on your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or Access databases. By presenting a simple set of potential results, rather than a complex dialog box with numerous options, galleries can simplify the process of producing professional looking work. For those who prefer a greater degree of control over the result of the operation, the traditional dialog box interfaces are still available.

    Live Preview
    Office Standard 2007 features Live Preview, a fresh and innovative technology that shows the results of applying an editing or formatting change as you move the pointer over the results presented in a gallery. This dynamic capability streamlines the process of laying out, editing, and formatting so you can create excellent results with less time and effort.

  • Upgrade version designed for those computers with Windows server 2003 or later and Windows XP SP2 and later
  • Includes the 2007 versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Create high-quality documents and presentations, build powerful spreadsheets, and manage your e-mail messages, calendar, and contacts
  • Offers improved menus and tools; enhanced graphics and formatting capabilities; new time and communication management tools; and more reliability and security
  • Features the Ribbon, a new device that presents commands organized into a set of tabs, instead of traditional menus and toolbars

Customer Reviews:

  • not ready for prime time
    I like the product but hate the hours spent with tech support getting it to almost work right....more info
  • dont buy this
    This product is not takes a long time to install and you may not need a upgrade. I bought a new laptop and i took it to the store 4 times. They told me that i should purchase this product and once i did it didn't work. They gave me another disk instead of refunding me my 230.99...waste of money,,,very upset with microsoft.........more info
  • Finally, a real Office upgrade
    It seems the last few Office releases I have purchased haven't really offered anything different, but this one does. The interface is totally changed and takes some getting used to. I would suggest upgrading to Office 2007 when you have a little time to figure out the new layout and not if you have to jump right into a project. The new toolbars seem to be really thought out and are very user friendly. If you aren't into change and prefer the status quo of the standard, File Edit Tools...layout, then this product is not for you. If you are willing to spend a couple hours getting used the new layout (it's quite easy) you won't be sorry because it's well worth it. ...more info
  • MS Standard Office 2007 Upgrade
    Microsoft Office Standard 2007 Upgrade The product was delivered to my home in a few days after making my purchase. I used the free shipping option. The product was easier to install than the directions stated. It said if you were upgrading from Microsoft Works, you would need to visit Microsoft's Website to complete the upgrade. It installed with no hassle and went through the registration process after keying in the product key. The product works great. MS Outlook in 2007 has very easy to follow wizard for integrating with your email provider. If you are used to using Microsoft Office editions prior to 2007, you will notice a big difference in Word and Excel menus and toolbars. After using the product for a short time, you will adjust to the changes. If you are sending files to other users, the product has a feature where you just save as Word 97 to 2003 or Excel previous versions if needed. Works great!...more info
  • Great Office Suite
    I have been using the Microsoft Office products since their introduction many years ago. This upgrade (2007) looks and feels somewhat different than past versions, but once you get used to is fine...even better than before because a lot of the commonly used functionality is right up front, not buried in sub-menus. The help function is much more user friendly as well.
    Great Product!...more info
  • A More Patient View?
    Am longtime user of Microsoft Office. I admit it was frustrating at first to use this new system, but have been delighted overall. Really cool new features (or least now accessible to me): Outlook as nice feature of a to-do bar with just the next few appointments coming up to right of monthly calendar view. To do file management like delete/rename in Word open menu, (as opposed to going to to file manager), the real time resizing and recoloring of text as mouse passes thru the color and dropdown menus (as oposed to choosing, see if it works, go back to the size menu, choose, see if it works etc.). Their rational in going to the ribbons was that too many features were never discovered for use, and I do feel that as a power user my power is enhanced as I go through the ribbions by clicking on tabs at the top. Bottom line, for someone really into the esthetics of software and who is patient, this upgrade is probably for you. Otherwise the previous version will do nicely.

    P.S. If you've not download the free Microsoft Desktop search program, run to rather than walk to is my recomendation.

    James Warner, Seattle...more info
  • No big deal!
    I upgraded form Office 2000 to Office 2007, expecting to see major improvements. I was disappointed. Office 2007 has some enhancements, but it also has some glitches. If I had been able to try it first, I probably would have just stuck with my old version of Office....more info
  • AbqSteve
    Overall I was pleased with ease of installation. This was an upgrade from Office 2003. I backed up all files before upgrade, and always do this, but it was not necessary for this upgrade. My overall disappointment is Outlook's inability or difficulty to use other mail servers (yahoo, gmail, etc.). The shift appears to favor msn products only (hotmail and msn). No wonder Thunderbird is slowly becoming a favored email application....more info
  • Ribbon is a joke on laptops.
    So far no program problems with the great-looking software. I upgraded from Office XP Pro. It would have received 5 stars except for the ribbon. It may be fine if you have a big screen. BUT it's about 1.5" tall on my 14" laptop screen. It can either be displayed or minimized - not resized. I'm left with half a screen of workspace because of that ribbon (plus the other things like the status bar, mini toolbar, and Windows taskbar.) Had to minimize the ribbon on every program. Then had to hunt and peck for all those wonderful features to fully customize their bare minimum mini-toolbar. Took me 1 1/2 hours to get Outlook squared away to what I call "normal." Word will take longer and Excel will take an eternity, but I'll just add commands to the mini-toolbar as I go. The good thing about this, is that it will be fully customized for my use. I've had no trouble finding the commands, but then I'm not 'programmed' into looking in the same spot for things. Prepare to be a little open-minded when looking for commands. It's really good overall, just wish there was a laptop edition....more info
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Upgrade
    I'd actually give this and any new MS Vista product "negative 5 stars" if the system allowed it. I had to buy it since the new computer I bought came with Vista and only had Works preloaded. I looked into using WordPerfect, but didn't feel confident it would work with Vista, since so much else doesn't work with Vista ( I still can't use my wifi back-up storage drive with Vista). It's different from the earlier versions , I liked the old version just fine, so it takes some getting used to. The really big pain is that you have to go in and intentionally save things as the earlier version of Word and Excel to be compatible with the earlier version which I have on my other computer and most other computers still use. Vista is the real problem here. Like Vista, it's just not ready for prime-time, once again the "geniuses" in Seattle have decided that we all should want something "new" and "better". I was satisfied before, it's just an annoying pain when they decide to change for the sake of change and to make more money. When the automakers change cars dramatically, you can like it or chnage brands and possibly find something more to your liking. With the MS monopoly, there's really not much choice or any options. I'm not an MS fan obviously, but I don't have the patience to tinker with adjusting to Mac or Linux as alternatives when so much else is all MS based. Given a choice again right now, I wouldn't buy Vista and I wouldn't buy the Office upgrade to go with it....more info
  • A DOWNGRADE from Office 2003
    I recently bought a new laptop, and the changeover involved an "upgrade" to Office 2007. I was aware that there was a new user interface, but was not aware that Office 2007 is, in almost every respect, an INFERIOR product to any Office version that came before it!
    I have used MS Office for many years, and am what could be called a "power user," especially for Word and Powerpoint, which I use weekly.
    One of the great features of Office is that it has been totally customizable. For those who use office frequently, it has been easy to create your own custom toolbars so you have what you need easily available. Most tasks could be done with one or two mouse clicks... Until Office 2007!
    In Office 2007, hardly anything is customizable! You have a constantly changing tool ribbon, which takes up a lot of screen real estate.
    The ribbon presents a set of icons based on what it "thinks" you will need at the moment. It is rarely right! ... so you go searching through the tabs trying to find the icon that was on the ribbon a few moments earlier! There is one small "tool bar" up on the title bar that you CAN customize, but it is not convenient, and will not hold many icons. It has the option of being moved below the ribbon, which takes up even more screen real estate, but is still very limited, and cannot be docked or moved from there.
    Granted, there are third party programs, such as Ribbon Customizer and Toolbar Toggle, that add back some of the ability to customize, but it is still far inferior to what Office users are used to!
    Even the third party programs, however, cannot get around the fact that there are some features in earlier Office versions that are simply NOT included in the new one. In previous versions of Powerpoint, you could add a set of icons that, with one mouse click, allowed you to adjust the vertical spacing of text. That has been omitted in 2007. In the "improved" 2007 version, you must open a dialog box, and make several mouse clicks to adjust vertical spacing!
    To make matters worse, Office 2007 documents are not compatible with earlier versions. After spending years establishing formats such as .doc and .ppt as industry standards, Microsoft has introduced a version of office that does not use these formats! If you want to send a document to someone who still has Office 2003 (or any other program that reads .doc files) you need to remember to save it in that format. The default 2007 format cannot be opened by earlier versions!
    Office 2007 CAN open the older formats, but even in opening earlier Office formats, there are problems. For example, most users of Powerpoint have learned the trick of adding drop shadows behind the text to make the text stand out on the screen. Office 2007 has changed the way these shadows are formed. When you open a powerpoint presentation made on an earlier version, your old drop shadows WILL NOT ANIMATE with the text. When a slide appears, the shadows of the letters are already in place, and the letters animate in on top! Mircosoft's only suggestion... go through your slides and take the old shadows out, and put new shadows in! (I tried this... it takes 30-40 minutes per presentation! ...And I have hundreds of powerpoint presentations in my file!)
    For someone who never used Office before, or who just uses Word to type simple letters, 2007 may be okay, but for anyone who depends on Office for detailed tasks and productivity, 2007 is a nightmare.
    I have always loved Microsoft Office. It has been an industry standard for ease of use. In my opinion, that is no longer the case. I believe Microsoft tried to produce something "different" to attract new users, but in the process totally ignored the needs of those who have used their products in the past. If you have the option of staying with an earlier version, DO NOT UPGRADE to this product!...more info
  • Nicer looking with visual aids
    Office 2007 is a nice step up from Office 2003 (and earlier) as it has better visuals on the toolbar. e.g. Instead of just seeing the worded commands on the toolbar where one clicks on the command and then gets a drop down list to choose from with more commands, i.e. File, Tools, Edit, etc, you'll see tabs with different commands on the toolbar. When clicking on the tabs, it sets up across the toolbar, all of the functions of that particular tab. Once viewed, you not only see the words of the functions, but also, small example graphs and images of what that functions does. This only applies to all the applications other than Outlook, which pretty much retained the same look and feel as 2003

    The load times seem to be much quicker than what I had in the 2003 version. In Outlook, setting up accounts, maintaining names and addresses is much easier too. The only annoying part of Office 2007 that comes to mind is, one can only choose from 3 color schemes. The three are "Black" which really looks more like a dark taupe or slate color, "Blue" which looks more like a light powder blue and "Silver", which looks like a light gray. In my honest opinion, I like having the standard color look like previous versions and as my taste goes with this, I only like the black setup only....more info
  • Nightmare
    I've used Microsoft products for years, and expect for the occasional crash, they've worked fine for me. But beware this upgrade!! The box says that it is compatible for any Office XP suite, as does the website. This is not true!!! If you are upgrading from Office XP students and teachers version, it will not work! It only took a dozen Microsoft tech support people a couple of hours on the phone to figure this out, and their response is that if you bought it by "mistake" too bad, go get a different old version and then upgrade. It doesn't seem that they care about their consumers much anymore....more info
  • Office STD 2007 Upgrade
    The product seems to work just fine. No issues. Fast shipping, good service....more info
  • I hope I can soon afford a Mac...Vista soured me, Office 07 is sending me packing
    I've used MS Word since the mid-90s, and this is like a slap in the face from Microsoft. I can't imagine they tested this with anyone not involved in its development. Everything one needs and has learned to access in earlier versions has been spread to hell and back. It does auto-formatting contortions a python would be proud of. I had to set up a task bar with all the old icons...heck, I can't even describe the struggles I'm having. I got this suite on the cheap (educator's discount), and am going back to using Open Office, which I had installed on my new machine to tide me over till I got MS Office. Microsoft, for God's sake, stop changing stuff simply for the sake of change, and before you foist another such abomination on the public, take a few users of old versions and have them give it a run...and I mean average users--the kind who don't need or want every damn cutesy thing you can come up with....more info
  • New Features are Nice after you learn the New Toolbars
    I beta tested the new office since last year. I had already spent lots of time in the help section and online learning the program. I really liked the new junk folder in outlook and decided to spring for the program after the beta and trail versions ran out. ...more info
  • Awesome new UI
    I love the new ribbon UI. For the first time in many years, I can find features I assumed Word or PowerPoint had but could never find in the maze of menus and toolbars. I only wish Outlook's core UI had adopted the ribbons too. The new smaller app footprint and XML file formats are much better too. Live previews are also much appreciated.

    Outlook is still a RAM hog and I kind of expected to get Publisher included in the Standard upgrade, especially now that FrontPage is no longer part of Office....more info
  • License allows an additional laptop install
    The product requires activation, which includes sending machine identification information to Microsoft.

    The good news is that the Office Standard license allows installation on both a desktop system AND a laptop. It also allows you to transfer the license to new systems, over time.

    From the license: "Before you use the software under a license, you must assign that license to one device. ... You may install another copy on a portable device for use by the single primary user of the licensed device. ... You may reassign the license to a different device any number of times, but not more than one time every 90 days"
    ...more info
  • MS Send me some relief money!
    Being a PC user for many years (since 1985)I have come through all the versions of MS operating systems (does anyone out there remember 3.5!) MS has also piggy backed this "robust" office product for 20 years. Their upgrades are seldom anything more than a better looking toolbar. This is no exception, but this time I like the tool bar! As to ease of use, I use PowerPoint and Word often and my spouse uses Excel. If there were an easier product available we would buy it but then Windows XP would kill it on sight and Vista would stop working altogether. Why does MS think that everyone but those working in a professional since (hence Office for Professionals) needs all the junk they subject us to? Do those guys in Redmond still think adult users of the PC like "cute" things like little doggies wagging their tail or a friendly paper clip to help you answer your every question! I am tired of Beta testing MS products for so many years but as a PC user I am stuck with them and until someone else can come up with a better system, other than Mac, we are all stuck with them. ...more info
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Okay but no real improvement over 2003
    I've used Office 2003 since it came out and have been very happy with it. While there are a few more bells than 2003, I don't see a significant improvement over 2007's successor. Do I wish I hadn't bought it? No, there are a lot of templates that only work on Office 2007 that are dodgy at best on 2003.
    Would I say run out and get this. No. Since Vista we have all been waiting for something new from Microsoft to come out that really is an improvement....more info
  • Microsoft Office Standard 2007 Upgrade
    was not happy with the upgrade at first but have gotten used to the difference in the old system....more info
  • I won't be upgrading to Office 2007 now...
    The company I work for has upgraded to Office 2007, so I figured I'd upgrade at home to be compatible. After reading all the reviews here, I've decided to wait and not upgrade at home until I have to - hoping maybe with all these issues, my employer will call a halt and go back to 2003!

    I've used Office 2007 at the office for about 2 weeks now, and after getting used to the new Ribbon feature, I actually like the new interface. I agree with one review here that said the ribbon is too large, though. It would be nice to be able to resize it.

    The major reason I am not upgrading at home is all the reports of Office 2007 being slow, and corrupting files created in Version 2003. I have been having these problems at work, but thought the issues were due to a network problem. The most annoying slow problem is pasting things from one document to another, even within the same application (Word to Word or Excel to Excel). It's not just a little slow... it is agonizingly slow! I have taken to moving on to other tasks while I wait for Word or Excel to paste, and then go back to the document later. I'm relieved to know this isn't actually our company's network problem, but it has convinced me NOT to upgrade at home.

    As far as the file corruption problem, I have experienced having to reformat bullets and other things due to the new interface in a few small files, but shudder at the scale of the time it will take for my larger files. I pity my employer having to pay for my extra time wasted in this kind of clean up work. I have also experienced the problems mentioned with Outlook not being able to recognize your email folders. Again I thought this was a network problem at the office, and didn't realize it was the Office 2007 upgrade doing it. I plan to back up all my email folders as soon as I get to work on Monday as I dread having a glitch and losing all my saved emails!

    The other annoying thing about the new Outlook interface is something also previously mentioned here - the change in use and display of "flags" and "categories". In 2003 I had an extensive system set up using the various flag colors, which is now completely lost due to the color system being moved from flags to categories. ARGH!!!!!

    Thanks to the reviewers here for your input and giving me the benefit of your trials and tribulations with the software....more info
  • It's ok I guess
    I am slowly getting used to Office 2007. The menus are so different. I was formatting tables yesterday in Word and it was actually easier in 2007 than 2003 on my work computer. If I had Office 2003 I would not be in a hurry to upgrade but on my home computer I still have Office 2000.

    I am disappointed that the fax software does not come in the Standard Office 2007 version. I could fax documents from my computer from 2000. In 2007 you have to buy a Premium or Business version. ...more info
  • Nothing Special, BUT . . .
    Being a fan of Microsoft products, this is one of the more advanced upgrades ever. You just have to stay up with the times....more info
  • Sad how Microsoft has gone downhill
    Office 2007 may seem ok at first. The menus are all ok for me to use, so I don't have to build menus from scratch. But after installing the trial, I found numerous complaints that would make me want to trash it if I had it.

    1) Word doesn't want to integrate with Outlook very well
    2) Everytime I want to send a mail message I accidentally click on 'Paste'
    3) The flags and categories for Outlook are annoying and just add to the time spent administering email without helping me more than Outlook 2003
    4) Along with all of the other Microsoft products I've tried in the past month, it hangs, corrupts its own files, and generally takes up too much memory.

    I'll stick with Office 2003, which doesn't have nearly as many flaws. There is no reason for me to upgrade.

    I'm also back to IE6, Money 2006, and will not upgrade to Vista.

    I've lost volumes of emails because I can't downgrade my Outlook files.

    Good Job in alienating your customers, Microsoft. (so what's new?)...more info
  • How do I open the box?
    I am a fairly well educated person who is handy around the house. It took a 25 minute call with Microsoft customer support to get the box open. Customer support had to pull up a diagram and walk me through 18 steps....more info
  • Has bugs in the program
    The Excel program loses "comments" which you have to reset. On a few occasions my Word shows little number buttons in lieu of the picture icons in my tool bar.

    I also have to do HELP frequently to find where they're hidden some of the functions I'm familiar with. ...more info
  • DO NOT DO IT!!
    I am far from an expert, and I have spent many hours trying to get things to work, but this - and VISTA - are the worst! for the neophyte, it is very difficult. MS seems to be trying to be "cute" and fancy, but they do not have much for the ordinary user. My advice is STAY WITH XP & 2003 as long as you can. Maybe when the USERS get things straightened out, it will be better....more info
  • Great product
    I love the new Office product. Yes...I've had some of the 'advertised' problems with it, but they are all easily fixable and the new look and productivity of this new program makes it very much worth every penny. I love Amazon and their shipping quickness along with their professional conduct, over the web and phone. I've used them many times in the past and plan to use them more in the future....more info
  • Office 2007 not as friendly as previous editions
    We think Microsoft took a step backwards with Office 2007. While it is prettier looking graphically, it is far less intuitive and Office Outlook is simply unstable compared to the Office 2003 version it replaced. Most staffers who've tried it think there are more keystrokes needed to do the same thing. We've spent many frustrating moments trying to figure out what buttons to push to get it to do what we want.

    We have several other computers in our small office and we will not be upgrading the others to the new version. Sorry Microsoft, but we only gave it a three, but probably deserves less....more info
  • Another Major Dissapointment
    I only purchase this upgrade because my original OEM package did not have powerpoint.

    What I ended up with is another brain fart by Microsoft. What possessed them to go out of their way to incovenience long time users of the products is beyond explanation.

    What I have now is hours of lost productivity resulting from a completely remodeled GUI. LIke I really to spend my days learning a new interface. For what. What gain in functionality am I benefitting from.

    As far as I concerned from heere on out. Microsoft is populated by a bunch of jerks trying rip off the corporate world. Too bad they don't have to compete on merit.

    ...more info
  • Getting there... Simpler interface but, slower performance.
    Office 2007 is a decent step in a positive direction but, it's still feels slow. Why should an upgrade to an Office sweet perform more slowly on relatively new equipment?

    The new interface is a nice way for beginners to jump into Office but, for laptop users and those using quick keys, an "expert" mode would be appreciated.

    It's odd, though, to have to translate the workarounds most have grown accustomed to with Microsoft products into direct, logical concepts an average human might have wanted in the first version (not the 11th!).

    While the interface is an improvement, performance is clearly "designed" to drive the purchase of a new computer.

    While I'm not sure exactly what features are truly "new," the entire product does seem more unified.

    2007 components save in new .docX, .xlsX, .pptX? formats. While there are converters to open these formats in Office 2003, until all your associates are using 2007, it's a good idea to set save preferences to the '97-2003 version (doc, xls, ppt).

    Despite the slower performance and the dominance of the "ribbon," Office 2007 is moving in a good direction. I'll look forward to cleaner code and improved performance in the next version....more info
  • Outlook Freezes Up
    I love the search capabilities of Outlook 2007 but it freezes up frequently. Sometimes I will log off Outlook, wait several minutes and then shut down my PC.

    When I restart my PC and Outlook, I get an error message indicating that the Outlook database was not shut down properly. Then Outlook takes about a minute to scan the data for errors. This is annoying. And note: I have a very fast processor so the database scan only takes a minute on my PC. On my previous laptop, with a slower CPU, it took five to ten minutes to scan a database for errors....more info
  • Office 2007
    At first glance, I had rated it five stars. I had the beta version of Office 2007 that Microsoft had given to me to test. I really loved that version. When I bought it (because it expires after 3 months) everything went down hill. They did not fix all of the glitches. In Word, I cannot make my Headers and Footers work properly. They have a really cool Headers and Footer (window) where you can make any document look really beautiful. Well it doesn't work. I am really upset with this considering they had enough time to fix the glitches. I mean it worked for me when it was a Beta, and you would really expect the problem to be with the Beta and not the finished product. It stinks! When I asked them what they were going to do about it, they gave me a song and a dance about fixing it myself. They gave me all of these instructions to "Do It Myself". I followed these instructions, and it (headers and footers)still does not work. So now what, purchase another copy? I think not! Microsoft are a bunch of crooks! Their customer reps know nothing about their products.

    Don't buy this version! Wait until they fix the glitches! Never purchase a product when it is first released (software) it always comes with problems and brings misery and frustration.

    ...more info
  • necessary evil
    Not particularly fond of the new version of office. Required to run outlook with Vista. Like the 2000 version better, more straightforward. ...more info
  • Microsoft Upgrade ?
    This was a questionable review. I had XP and didn't know whether the upgrade would make me more current so that I would be more easily able to upgrade to Window' new product coming in a number of months. The upgrade really did bring me closer to Vista, but I've had a number of problems that have caused me to need to reinstall the upgrade....more info
  • no problems what so ever
    when my trial version of 2007 expired i pretty much was forced to get the product. i could not longer send e-mail or make new documents. i was going to return to office 2003 but since i was getting vista's free upgrade my attention went to the 2007 software. i have a new Gateway MX6453 top of the line 15.4 inch lap top, dual core, 2gig ram so i have no hardware issues. i called best buy to find out how much 2007 would be and what version had outlook included. i was told i needed to get the $399 plus small business version WRONG. the Standard upgrade version has outlook and i bought it for $199.
    i put the disc in my lap top and 5 minutes later it was done, everything converted and working fine. 2007 has lots of new bells and whistles so it will take you a bit to get used to it. but that is what the consumer and great stuff. it has worked fine for me so far and i am very happy with my purchase.
    just remember that the student and teacher version DOES NOT include outlook...more info