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Microsoft Office Professional 2007 FULL VERSION
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Product Description

Microsoft Office Professional 2007 is the tool that office professionals need if they crave a simplified business life. With the tools in this software set, they'll quickly accomplish routine tasks, manage customer information, produce high-quality marketing materials and simplify database and report creation. Business Contact Manager integrates contact management directly with Outlook, for better control over your customer & prospect information, e-mail messages, phone calls, appointments and more. With Office Professional 2007 you can save time, produce professional-quality marketing materials in-house and simplify your analysis and reporting of crucial business information. Forecast sales and prioritize tasks with flexible reports and a customizable dashboard Enhance your brand identity with colors, fonts, logos and business information New Publisher Tasks offers tips for key marketing processes - Preparing e-mail lists, tracking effectiveness, writing marketing copy and publishing & distributing materials Save time by reusing content - The new content store keeps text and graphics ready for use in other publications & formats Business Contact Manager helps you manage and track marketing activities - Create recipient lists, personalize communications and more Use Powerpoint 2007 to create more dynamic business presentations - It features an extensive library of slide layouts; new tools for charts, diagrams and tables; quick preview changes and more Distribute marketing materials in PDF format -- convert easily from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Access files

Microsoft Office Professional 2007 is a complete suite of productivity and database software that includes the 2007 versions of Publisher, Excel, Outlook, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, PowerPoint, Access, and Word. Powerful contact management features help you consolidate all customer and prospect information in one place, while improved menus present the right tools exactly when you need them.

The new look and feel of the 2007 Microsoft Office system automatically displays the menus and toolbars you need when you need them. View larger.

Tasks are easy to follow up on because they are included on the new To-Do Bar and within Outlook reminders. You can also drag tasks onto your calendar. View larger.

You can customize the new information dashboard in Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager to display your sales pipeline. View larger.

Business Contact Manager also combines contact, customer, and project information in one place. View larger.

Create, preview, and send personalized e-mail publications with Office Publisher 2007 using new E-Mail Merge. View larger.

With Access tracking templates, you can create databases and generate reports quickly. View larger.
Professional 2007 also lets you develop professional marketing materials for print, e-mail, and the Web, and produce effective marketing campaigns in-house. In addition, you can create dynamic business documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and build databases with no prior experience or technical staff.

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Fast and Efficient Operation
Whether you're working on a financial spreadsheet, creating an important presentation, or building a customer database, Professional 2007 helps you find and use the features you need faster and more easily. The intuitive look and feel of this software, including task-based menus and toolbars that are automatically displayed based on the feature you are using, improves your productivity. With Publisher 2007, you can create and publish a wide range of marketing materials for print, e-mail, and the web with your own brand elements including logo, colors, fonts, and business information. Or take advantage of hundreds of professionally designed and customizable templates, and more than 100 blank publication types. This software also lets you reuse text, graphics, and design elements, and convert content from one publication type to another. You can also combine and filter mailing lists and data from multiple sources, including the 2007 versions of Excel, Outlook, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, and Access, to create personalized print and e-mail materials, and build custom collateral such as catalogs and datasheets.

Save Time and Stay Organized
Because it contains so many efficient software options in one package, Professional 2007 gives you access to a multitude of options that save you time and keep you organized. For example, Outlook with Business Contact Manager lets you create, manage, and track marketing campaigns, while PowerPoint gives you the ability to craft more dynamic presentations from an extensive library of customizable themes and slide layouts. When it's time to create powerful charts, SmartArt diagrams, and tables, you can quickly preview formatting changes using the new graphics tools in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and save yourself time-consuming future edits.

Office Excel 2007 makes it easy to analyze data. View larger.
Locate and Prioritize E-mail
Because so much important communication is now done via e-mail, Professional 2007 includes several features that help you manage key correspondence. Instant Search capabilities in Outlook with Business Contact Manager let you quickly find critical information while the Color Category feature helps you to easily sort and manage e-mail messages. And because nothing is more inefficient than troubleshooting problems that compromise the security of your computer, this software package includes improved junk mail and anti-phishing filters to filter out unwanted e-mail and manage the remaining messages.

Keep Track of Tasks and Deadlines
Keeping track of appointments and deadlines can be stressful, but Professional 2007 streamlines the process so you're ready for whatever the day brings. For instance, the To-Do Bar in Outlook with Business Contact Manager consolidates your tasks, e-mail messages flagged for follow-up, and appointments in one view. Additionally, tasks scheduled in Outlook appear on your calendar, or you can drag them directly onto your calendar to help you stay organized.

Manage Customer Information in One Place
Outlook with Business Contact Manager also provides a complete customer and contact management solution by centralizing all contact, prospect, and customer information--including communications history, projected sales value, and probability of closing, and tasks. This makes it easier to manage prospects and respond to customers. You also can store all types of communications with each customer in one place, including e-mails messages, phone calls, appointments, notes, and documents.

Including charts in Office PowerPoint 2007 is easy. View larger.
Capitalize on Key Opportunities
The success of your business depends upon taking advantage of key opportunities that come your way, and Professional 2007 offers several features to help prevent any lost or missed connections. Outlook with Business Contact Manager provides a customizable homepage that helps you forecast sales and prioritize tasks. Enhanced reporting features provide a consolidated view of your sales pipeline using a variety of flexible reports that you can easily modify to suit your unique business needs.

Visualize and Analyze Information
Excel provides new tools for filtering, sorting, graphing, and visualizing information so you can analyze business information more easily and make more informed decisions. For more advanced analysis, improved PivotTable and PivotChart views are now much easier to create. Manage business information using efficient tools for easily creating databases and organizing and visualizing information. Access helps you create new databases easily, with no experience required, and also includes a library of predefined database tracking applications for the most common business processes. And thanks to the task-based user interface and the datasheet view, (which is similar to Excel), it's more intuitive than ever before. When you're ready to consolidate your data, easily create reports with a single click and use improved tools to filter, sort, group, and subtotal data.

More Efficient Marketing Campaigns
Outlook with Business Contact Manager has exciting features that help you easily create, manage, and track marketing campaigns while Publisher can combine and filter mailing lists and data from multiple sources--including Excel, Outlook, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, and Access--to create personalized print and e-mail materials. This feature also enables you to build custom materials such as catalogs and datasheets. You can then use Outlook with Business Contact Manager to track and assess responses so that you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Versatile, Flexible Operation
Because the future of your business may depend on your ability to work on-the-fly or from various locales, Professional 2007 lets you work offline on your laptop or Pocket PC and then synchronize data when you return to the office. Whatever the size of your business, Professional 2007 is versatile and flexible enough to help you manage everyday tasks, while ensuring that you're ready for whatever the future brings.

  • Complete suite of productivity and database software helps increase productivity
  • Includes the 2007 versions of Publisher, Excel, Outlook, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, PowerPoint, Access, and Word
  • Edit and analyze a financial spreadsheet, create an important presentation, or build a customer database; find and use the features you need faster and more easily
  • Create and publish a wide range of marketing materials for print, e-mail, and the web with your own brand elements including logo, colors, fonts, and business information
  • Intuitive look and feel, including task-based menus and toolbars that are automatically displayed based on the feature you are using; work offline on your laptop or Pocket PC and then synchronize data when you return to the office

Customer Reviews:

  • One huge step backwards..this product is a big fat loser.
    I have been using the Microsoft office products (excel/word/powerpoint) for approximately 15 years and as a degreed engineer and freelance technical writer have always found the Microsoft Office product to be a valuable tool.

    However, that all changed with the release of office 2007. I find the new "ribbon" user interface to be anything but intuitive. I struggle to find many of the functions I have frequently made use of in the past several releases (Excel in particular).

    I am confused why the developers felt it necessary to develop this clumsy new interface when I don't recall anyone I have ever worked with ever voicing any significant complaints with the existing interface. At a minimum, they could have developed a compatibility mode that would not leave experienced users (whom there are literally millions of)stranded and flustered when trying to do even the simmplest of tasks.

    I have never felt compelled to post a software review, but this product is so terrible everybody needs to be warned. In an effort to give myself a chance to adapt to this new interface, I have attempted to use it for a few months now and I can't say that I like any better than the day I first attempted to use it.

    As the title states, this product is a big fat loser. If given the choice to do so, I would gladly swith back to an earlier release....more info
  • everything i was looking for
    this program has a lot of features that i still getting used to but you'll need to do a lot of research to find out if its for you, could be to complicated for most ppl....more info
  • Microsoft Office 2007
    The product description was incomplete or misleading from this seller. The product that was ordered as advertised was Microsoft Office Professional 2007 FULL VERSION. The product recieved was the student version of the above product which can only be used on a home system and cannot be used in a office environment. I have emailed the seller with no resolve. By no means should this reflect on Amazon who I have done business with for many years and have only praise for....more info
  • Is too much too much?
    Sometimes products are recreated because of need, because of new markets, or like Detroit of the 50's for quick obsolescence. This new Office Product was designed by someone who had too many firecrackers blown up in his face.

    They throw everything at you either to prove they found everything or that you may find something you like if given millions of choices.

    Microsoft had not taken a look at the Office Suite in years but they were not laying about idle. Each day for each month for each year they archived GUIs, applets, buttons, toggles, icons, iconlets and other shiny objects that , so that when 1997 came round they were ready to throw all of this accumulated miniutiae at you all at once in tools bars that resemble the twenty some volumes of the OED.

    But fear not, begin an application, navigate what your used to, complete the project and it works. The rest of the stuff is interesting GUI-babies that rest at the top unused...forever...more info
  • Had a little kink with the installation but the MS people helped me a great deal
    The product is exactly what I wanted. MS Office is basic for business these days. Getting used to it is hard at the beginning, if you have had other Office versions, and with the new layout certain things are more difficult to find, because I was used to the old menus. However once that realization came to mind I understood the logic of the new layout and overall is great.

    I Had apparently received the wrong CD in the package but Microsoft Customer Service helped me a great deal and we got it resolved, it took a little longer than I would have liked but they ultimately resolved the issue. ...more info
  • good response
    I received my Microsoft Pro 2007 and it was new. Installed it and it works great. The folks made sure they had a valid address because we live on a boat and usps did not want to send it to a marina but they figured it out and it was shipped in a timely manner....more info
  • Thank you
    A huge thanks to the sender for getting this product to me so quickly and in such good care. Thanks!...more info
  • Office Professional 2007 Full Version
    I haven't had a chance to use this software yet. I am sure it will be fine....more info
  • Never received
    The person I ordered this product from never sent it out. I sent an email questioning when I should expect it and was never responded to. Distributor065 should not be allowed to have an account if they are not going to comply with the agreement....more info
  • Vast Improvements to UI
    Although it is very different from the former UI, the new Ribbon interface does wonders for your productivity once you get used to it. All of your keyboard shortcuts are the same, so there are no worries there, but if you are a person who likes to click through to get to all of your commands, and you want a simple, icon/tooltip way of doing that, then this will be perfect for you. It seems that there is a lot of backlash on the new interface, but I must reiterate that I think once you get used to it, it becomes more productive for you.

    If you do not want to get used to new interfaces every once in a while, I suggest learning keyboard shortcuts, which are the best option in the long run for your productivity.

    I am an engineering student and currently employed at an internship, forced to use Office 2003. The first thing I noticed when I went back to 2003 was that 2007 handles charts beautifully. From a practical standpoint, you can do so much more with your charts, and very quickly. With 2003 I now feel as if I am fighting to get the program to display the way I want it to.

    Even with the improvements, Office 2007 is not perfect. They still need to work out some of the annoyances with auto-formatting, most notably bulleting and numbering. That being said, Office 2007 is a great fit for me....more info
  • Microsoft blew it
    The menus in these programs are completely unusable. Microsoft won't admit they blew it, but instead want us all to believe the menus are "more intuitive". BS. I've been researching the issue, and evidently a company has software that makes the menus in Office 2007 look like Office 2003. ThinK i may get it. [...]...more info
  • office 2007 professional
    this product arrived in a timely manner, and everything seems to work properly so far. I have been very satisfied....more info
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2007 FULL VERSION
    Microsoft Office Professional 2007 FULL VERSION I bought at a very good price $139.00 and no where on the advertisement did it say it was an Institutional version nor on the case it came in...this did created some problems when i called Microsoft for some tech help....more info
  • Fisher Price has bought MicroSoft
    The new Office 2007 proves that Fisher Price has bought Microsoft. Or at least has strongly influenced their Human Factors design folks. If you are an old hand using the office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) you are going to HATE office 2007. Tabs have replace menus, buttons have replaced menu selections. It takes forever to figure out where they put things. It's slowed my productivity to a crawl. This is the best advertisement for Open Office that I've ever encountered. And Open Office is free. So why did I just pay $400 for misery????...more info
  • Why did I bother?
    One of the most painful experiences I have every had to load. Hours of frustration. Perhaps because I wanted to keep my 2003. Finally did custom install with nearly all features turned off. Boy that was not in the book. I know it takes time to get use to something new, but things that should be right up front have became a game of hunt and peck or research. Some I have just given up on and went back to 2003. Valueless or seldom used features clutter ribbon. The whole layout/ribbon is nothing more than someone's opinion of what works best for them or what MS thought would show the best. Frankly, I think thier opinion stinks. I would rather have had a real user design the ribbons verses Marketing or a MS programmer. Marketing at its finest and I bit....more info
    Microsoft Office Professional 2007 FULL VERSIONOrdered and paid for on the 4/29/09.........still have not received it and the seller apologize, told me they will send it. It has cost me some financial grief because I was going to use it with a client, who I had to refer to someone else. I have been a loyal customer for years and this is the first problem that I have, please will someone either send me the product or refund my money....more info
  • User unfriendly
    This is a horrible package. Not at all intuitive; what used to be extremely user friendly menu bars have been turned into something convoluted and difficult. I could breeze through creating really nice and effective presentations in PPT-03; this thing takes minutes to search out how to perform some very basic functions, all of which were painless with 2003. Screen is excessively cluttered with these menu ribbons. I am taking this off of my computer and going back to the older version....more info
  • New Office IS BETTER...awesome!
    I read and studied and fretted over all the pro and con reviews and finally decided I had "had it up to here" with the chief complainants' comments being about "the ribbon". So I took the plunge and purchased Office Pro 2007. Different? Yes. End-of-the-world complicated? Hardly. It has taken some adjustment to get used to the ribbon and there are some good resources out there for keyboard shortcuts/menu items for those who "can't find Waldo".

    The Compare Documents feature in Word is absolutely amazing!

    Printing, printing preview, and prepare are great features.

    Document compatibility is just not an issue...set it to be compatible with older versions and move on people!

    OK, the mega-giga sized SP1 was a bit ridiculous -- but it DL'ed and installed without a hitch.

    It's also a good looking product. Very attractive on screen appearance.

    I'm very glad to have purchased Office 2007....more info
  • Great value!
    This product was highly needed but we didn't want to pay the super high retail price. This was an exceptional value and made the purchase easy. Delivery was very fast....more info
  • MS Office 2007 - falsely represented
    This product is listed and pictured as the Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Full Version packaged product.

    It is not.

    The item is a duplicated CD. The only identification is the serial number/product key which is printed on a white mailing label and placed on the unmarked CD.

    It is enclosed in a clear, plastic unmarked DVD case.

    The duplicated CD does contain Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Full Version. The product key/serial number does work.

    This item is not a sealed Microsoft-labeled box or product CD nor is there any written material with it.

    It is mailed in a bubble-wrap DVD mailing envelop.

    This item is not the pictured item (which it is associated with) on the site.

    This is false representation....more info
  • office 2007
    I thought that this would be an improvement to Office 2000, But as a matter of fact, I hate it! I ruined my address book and lost many important addresses. I don't like the new version of Microsoft Windows "Vista" either!

    I would like to tell everyone who has a 2000 version of Office to keep it and not to buy the 2007 Office!...more info
  • Still waiting for resolution
    The seller sent me a defective item and still hasn't come through and made good on a resolution....more info
  • Updated and ready to go
    My laptop recently crashed and of course, I had to reload all the programs. I couldn't find my back up discs and so I chose to update my Office program. It is a huge improvement over 2003, more options, better navigation but be aware, you have to save things in the format that matches the format the people you are sharing with. 2007 Excel does not read on 2003, this was the only glitch I found but easily it was saved and resent. A small snafu for better technology....more info
  • Experienced Users: Don't Even Think About It!
    I have been using Microsoft Word since 1993 and have always considered it to be the jewel of the MS Office Suite. I have used it for everything from creating Windows Help Files (Doc-to-Help)to writing training manuals - I consider myself to be a "power user", having pushed this software to its limits. However, if Microsoft sticks with this new "paradigm" for the user interface, it will be the LAST version of MS Office that I purchase!

    I don't know what drugs the developers were taking when they came up with this interface, but they have effectively "thumbed their monopolistic noses" to the vast user-base of these products and decided that we must forget everything we have learned over the past 15 years and go back to square one!

    Other reviewers here go into the details - I can't say it any better. I can only say that I have cut the "Ribbon" and intend to stick with what I know and can continue to be productive with. Don't waste your time - unless you need a good laugh - DON'T DO IT!...more info
  • I hate Office 2007
    Let me tell you don't buy it if you don't have to, keep using your older version. You never find the commands that you used in any other Microsoft Office Software. I spend more time trying to find the commands then I do working on a project....more info
  • A Slick, But Non-Productive Business Program
    I am a computer and business instructor and have been working with Office since 1996. Once you get used to the ribbon interface of 2007, you'll find it much easier to do things for which you sometimes had to dig with Office 2003; and there's some pretty slick new stuff. However, some of the everyday procedures now take much longer unless you start creating a lot of hot keys and macros. Once you do that, you might as well take a 20-year backward step and use WordStar. As a result and because time is money, many businesses have moved back to Office 2003.

    As for my students, many who cannot afford even the student version at $149.00, I recommend Open Office (free), which is not only just about totally compatible with Office (in some cases even much better than Office 2007--includes a scientific calculator, etc.), but is also compatible with many other office suites, such as Corel. Just click on the document, spreadsheet, presentation, and database etc. icon and no matter what program produced it (including Office 2007), Open Office will usually open it; and you can save it in any other format you wish.

    Sorry, Microsoft. You should have included both the old and the new interfaces. Just like Windows ME, thumbs down on this one!

    ...more info
  • Beware of "refurbished" versions
    I had difficulty loading the software. Upon calling Microsoft for assistance, I was informed mine was a "rebuilt" version and I would need technical help. Received help loads and works fine. Not sure how to verify that before you purchase or if there will be future issues because of it, but buyers should know what their getting....more info
  • MS Offic e Pro 2007 Full Ver Review
    Received in great condition in a timely manner. Works exactly as claimed and I relized a huge discount other retail prices seen for the same thing. Thank you!...more info
  • Works great
    I got the product a little late but it works great and i have had not problems with it...more info
  • MS Office 2007 - falsely represented
    This product is listed and pictured as the Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Full Version packaged product.

    It is not.

    The item is a duplicated CD. The only identification is the serial number/product key which is printed on a white mailing label and placed on the unmarked CD.

    It is enclosed in a clear, plastic unmarked DVD case.

    The duplicated CD does contain Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Full Version. The product key/serial number does work.

    This item is not a sealed Microsoft-labeled box or product CD nor is there any written material with it.

    It is mailed in a bubble-wrap DVD mailing envelop.

    This item is not the pictured item (which it is associated with) on the site.

    This is false representation....more info
  • Good service from Vendor, reasonable upgrade
    Royal Discount did a good job of delivering the product on time and keeping the customer informed of delivery date. Office 2007 is not a bad upgrade by any means, but not a "to die for" one either, typical Microsoft upgrade product :-). I'm glad I waited to buy it and let other consumers be the first one in line at the store buyer....more info