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Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 710 Laser
List Price: $78.99

Our Price: $43.00

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Product Description

Maximize your music and photo experience with easy-to-use, one-touch controls for audio playback and image editing. Enjoy superior comfort with soft-touch surfaces, adjustable keyboard angles, and industry-leading durability and reliability. Additional controls give you direct access to advanced features of Windows Vista such as Document Flip and they'll also work on Windows XP. 3-way adjustable tilt legs enable a truly personalized experience. Choose the keyboard angle that maximizes your comfort and matches your style. Convenient hot-keys instantly open applications, games, folders, and web pages. Edit photos with pixel precision, or use other features such as vertical or horizontal scrolling, or one-touch zoom System Requirements - PC with Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1 available USB port, CD-ROM drive

Maximize your music and photo experience with easy-to-use, one-touch controls for audio playback and image editing. Enjoy superior comfort with soft-touch surfaces, adjustable keyboard angles, and industry-leading durability and reliability. Additional controls give you direct access to advanced features of Windows Vista a?? such as Document Flip and they?°šll also work on Windows XP.


Adjustable keyboard angles
3-way adjustable tilt legs enable a truly personalized experience. Choose the keyboard angle that maximizes your comfort and matches your style.
Programmable hot-keys
Convenient hot-keys instantly open applications, games, folders, and web pages. To customize, simply hold down the desired hot-key with a long press.
Cordless laser mouse
Edit photos with pixel precision, or use other features such as vertical or horizontal scrolling, or one-touch zoom.
  • Instant Access to Your Music
    Powerful, side-mounted controls give quick access to your favorite media applications, including Apple iTunes or Windows Media Player.
  • One-Touch Communication
    Stay in touch with a single touch. Manage your Internet communications with handy controls for launching email, messaging, or Internet call
    applications, and for adjusting volume.
  • Ready for Windows Vista
    Start key and handy DocFlip controls let you get the most out of Windows Vista. Great for Windows XP, too.
  • Premium comfort
    Integrated soft-touch palm rest provides premium comfort and extra support, and can help reduce fatigue

System Requirements

  • PC with Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • 1 available USB port
  • CD-ROM drive

Package Contents

  • Logitech LX 710 Cordless Keyboard
  • Logitech LX 7 Cordless Laser Mouse
  • USB mini-receiver
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • CD with software, comfort guidelines, and help center
  • Quick-start guide
  • Full product support
  • 5-Year limited hardware warranty
  • Connectivity - Wireless
  • Mouse Button Count - 2
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel - 2-way
  • OS Requirement - Windows? XP, or Windows Vista

Customer Reviews:

  • Solid Product
    I have had this product for a couple months now. So far I would reccomend it for those wanting both a wireless keyboard and mouse.
    The main negative thing I can think of is you really have to have decent line of sight with the sensor and your mouse and keyboard. I use a USB extention wire and put the sensor under my monitor and it works well. I also was not a fan of the redesign of the "F" keys as that took me a little bit of time to get use to. Having the side buttons are nice but they are slanted down and bump into things easily and it will mute your sound or pull up a music app depending on which one gets hit. I may be able to disable them, but have not really tried to figure that out.
    They are durable as I have dropped both of them on the floor several times pretty hard and they have not broke. I also like the wrist rest built into the keyboard. It feels great! Hope this review helps!
    ...more info
  • Very Smooth Key Board and Mouse
    This is my first cordless keyboard and mouse. I purchased this based on the price and reviews. I like it very much. The install was very easy and my computer recognized it right away. It has a very quiet, soft, smooth touch. I really like no cords. The mouse is very comfortable and responsive. ...more info
  • Warning to Mac users.... limited functionality... made for Windows
    Mac users should be aware that while the keyboard will function, the "extras" such as the one-touch controls don't work on a Mac. The specs state that it's for Windows, and that's right. ...more info
  • Works great.............if you have a lot of extra time.
    I'll spend time fixing these first three sentences. The next several I'll leave as the keyboard naturally functions. The batteries were changed five minutes ago.

    This keyboard functions well only some of the time. The batteries need to be changed about every two weeks (if we're lucky) and even so many keys have to be restruck over and over before the characters will show up. It's vry,ver annoying howinconsistent it is. The space bar is the worst offender. f I hd to rely on my computerfor work other htan responding to email I would have thrown the keyboard out the window weeks ago. There's no way a person doing serious writing cold use this kyboard to accomlish anything. The shift key is another offender. Right now I"MACTULLY shocked at hw wel it's yping becaus it took me four triesto get the title sentece of this review typed. My typings marginally fast but he rsponse time fo te eyboard is to sow for even the slowest typer. WEreieved tas aaagt buar considriungs contacng the manfaacuteree fora relacemnt

    not wor he ony....more info
  • First time Logitech has disappointed
    Like previous reviewers, I could not get used to the keyboard setup, the tilt is negligible, and I'd prefer CAPS and NumLock lights. However, the biggest disappointment is that now and then a key will stick and repeat so I get a lot of thisssss. If the letter does not repeat, it won't type at all, it's always a surprise. It will resolve, only to have another key stick and do the same. Repeat ad nauseum. When this happens, it lasts about a week and you never know which key will stick next. You also don't realize how much you use a certain letter until it won't stop crawling across your screen. Logitech is my go-to brand for a keyboard or mouse, but I'll be hesitant in the future....more info
  • Review of logitech LX710 keyboard and mouse
    Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 710 LaserHave one at work and really liked the performance and size that I bought another one for work at Home....more info
  • Quality hardware, buggy software, no support
    Excellent keyboard and mouse, with great feel and logically located buttons. Zero transmission and receiving problems; set up and ran right out of the box. However, neither the version of Setpoint software in the box nor the latest downloaded version has ever worked reliably on my fairly standard XP PC - I've had to download Microsoft's Intellipoint and Intellitype software and select a mouse and keyboard with similar button layouts in order to use the extra keys and buttons. Logitech does not respond to email support questions about this issue....more info
  • Does what it's intended to do!
    For those who aren't expert on this sort of stuff (like myself) the following is what i would have found useful in a review:

    Range: Good. works from 6 feet away.

    Feel: The keyboard is great. the plastics feel "premium". the keys press nicely, with comfortable travel and they are not noisy. lots of extra buttons provide shortcuts to iTunes, browser, e-mail etc. programable "f-keys" are great too. You get used to them quickly and then wonder what you do without them! Mouse feels chunky and solid. Precision is good.

    battery life: no issues so far but then I've not had it long.

    All in, happy with the purchase!...more info
  • Freedom at last!
    I've had this keyboard for about a year. I bought a new computer (ACER) and the keyboard that it came with didn't have a long enough cord to use with my desk. So I bought a cordless keyboard on ebay. I soon returned it because I couldn't get it to work. (Instructions were in Japanese or something). I bought this keyboard at Circuit City where the salesman highly endorsed it. It was easy to set up and easy to use. In minutes I was up and running.

    Cons: Battery seems to run out pretty quickly in the keyboard. It lasts longer in the mouse. I buy my AA batteries in the big pack at Sam's to combat this. ...more info
  • Odd oversights
    I bought this keyboard/mouse combo because I get a burning sensation in my fingertips when I use laptop touchpads. Unfortunately, with the mouse from this combo, I get a similar burning sensation in the thumb and forefinger. Admittedly, it could just be that I am particularly sensitve, although I've never had a problem with mice before.

    I thought the problem might be the wireless transmitter in the mouse, so I tried a corded Logitech MX400 Laser mouse. I'm still getting the same sensation and I'll have to get rid of this mouse too...

    The mouse from the combo is too narrow for comfort (I have large hands). The forward/back buttons are in a really awkward position - can't figure out the reasoning behind this design (or maybe it's the length of my fingers that makes it so awkward).

    Regarding the keyboard, I appreciate the light weight. Typing feels good. What is bothersome is the positioning of the delete-home-end-pageup-pagedown block. If you continue to use standard full-size keyboards, you'll find the Logitech positioning to slow you down. This is especially the case if you're using the keyboard in the dark.

    The positioning of the media buttons on the outer edges of the keyboard means you will hit them unintentionally on occasion.

    I didn't find the lack of numlock/caplock indicators to be a problem. I have those indicators on my (HP) laptop, and they are activated by the mobile keyboard.

    The combo did synch up right out of the box. Both the mouse and keyboard worked immediately - I never got around to installing the customization software....more info
  • Never going cord again!
    I bought the LX 710 shortly after I got myself a HDTV on Black Friday and wanted to connect my computer to it. I got my computer in the other room next to this room connected with a VGA extension cable. I got the receiver warped around the corner so that the signal can get to it from the other room, and it works great... sometimes. Most of the time the mouse is only just a few feet from the receiver yet it won't pick up on it. I find myself clicking on the buttons many times before it actually receives the clicks. This becomes a pain most times.

    As for the keyboard I haven't had any problems with it so far. I love how you can customize the buttons to do different things, but to customize them you need to install and have the program running on your computer to use this feature. The software as some bugs in it that needs to be worked out. Sometime the program would stop working and I then wouldn't be able to use the customize command on the keyboard or mouse. I would have to close the program and restart it to get it working, again this becomes a pain doing it over and over again.

    I would rate this product a 3 1/2 stars out of 5 for these two problems, but it isn't possible on Amazon so I rounded up a star. If your in the market for a cordless desktop then shop around a bit more first, do some research. Only make this item your second choice. It doesn't have to be your last one as its a very good product and I enjoy it alot, but it could need some fine tuning....more info
  • This is a great keyboard that doesn't reliably work
    I have been using the LX 710 for about a year. It's a great keyboard on which to type, very comfortable, etc. I have had consistent problems with connectivity, dropped keys, having to pull reset the connection. I find that it consumes battery juice faster that expected. It works beautifully and then for several minutes, I'm fiddling with it...working to bring 'er back to life. Perhaps my unit is simply buggy. However, there may be another more current Logitech system that works more reliably.

    Go for a newer unit. Otherwise, the ergodynamics with a good wrist pad, support are good. You want a keyboard to work 100% of the time without fail. I don't feel that this one hits the mark. Portability is great but when you are typing and it drops keys...this is frustrating....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this item to once and for all get rid of cords on my desk. I had a wireless mouse already and was only looking for a wireless keyboard. But this provided the opportunity to use only 1 USB port for both peripherals and not worry about any interference between the two. One little mini USB receiver that plugs into an adapter (connected to a docking station in my case)on your desk out of the way or it can plug directly into your laptop. Very cool option. No problems installing it on my laptop (running XP). Had to get use to the slightly different layout of a few other keys on the keyboard (Home/End/PageUpDown/Delete) but other than that I love it. (I type >70wpm so had to retrain a couple fingers...)...more info
  • Great Value
    This is my first cordless keysboard and mouse, found it very easy to set up and it functions as if it was a corded unit. I think this is a great value. Would highly recommend it....more info
  • Nice product good value

    Good working system. The only concern that I would caution potential buyers is the receiver is easy to break......and if you do, the cost to replace it, is almost as much as the be careful....more info
  • great keyboard, still on first set of batteries
    Bought it 6 months ago. It's got tons of buttons, but they don't get in the way. Very nice and elegantly laid out. I program for a living and am very particular about my keyboards. Love this one....more info
  • Okay for basic tasks - mouse is not good at all
    I picked up this keyboard set as my first wireless combo and it is . . . okay.

    For basic web browsing, typing etc the keyboard is fine however I can't really recommend the LX 710 because of the mouse. It really is horrible. The main issue is the buttons. I am constantly having to find just the right spot where clicking the left mouse button will actually register a click. The middle mouse button also needs quite a lot of pressure to register. Is it a small issue? Well, I guess it depends on how much you use your mouse buttons. I need a 3-button mouse for professional 3D applications and am constantly using the middle mouse button, however it is just not easy to use.

    Overall this combo does the job, however I am not particularly impressed and will more than likely be going back to one of Logitech's wired mice....more info
  • Top Notch
    This is quality product. Comfortable and dependable. Great features. Very low battery drain....more info
  • Logitech Cordless Desktop keyboard
    Item as described. Works great with my Vista Desktop system. Also purchased the Logitech cordless trackball mouse which works great. Highly recommend both items if you want to ditch the cords....more info
  • Battery eating mouse
    Works as intended, but Logitech says in manuals to expect 4 months of battery life from mouse. I'v owned product for about 6 months and changed the mouse batteries 3 times so far, less than 2 months per change. Not very "green". Listen, I can afford the batteries, but--call me deluded--I expect more. Logitech has work to do ......more info
  • Excellant wireless keyboard/mouse combo
    This is an excellent keyboard/mouse combo! The keyboard has good key position and is comfortable to use for a long time. The mouse is very easy to use and the advanced features (forward/back button, scroll wheel) are easy to access. It fits in my hand very well and is comfortable to use for a long time. I surf the internet quite a bit and the mouse button layout is good. So far the battery life has been good. I have had the combo for 2 months and have used it everyday. The batteries still read full. Overall excellent combo for a wireless desktop....more info
  • Great product!
    We are very pleased with this wireless keyboard/mouse combo. It works like a charm -- no problems whatsoever.
    ...more info
  • just not for me
    i didn't care for the height of the keyboard keys. and the mouse was a bit big for me. (carpel tunnel)it may be perfect for someone else....more info
  • Decent.
    Overall this is a really good buy. For the thirty-five dollars I paid, it works well and has quite a few nice features. The hot keys and the forward and back buttons on the mouse are especially useful. The only downside is that the response time of the keyboard is a little longer than I would like, and very rarely is it consistent. Sometimes the response time is short, while other times it is annoyingly long. Worth the money, though, I suppose. ...more info
  • Excellent equipment!
    The mouse is so comfortable and works a good distance from my laptop. The flat style of the keyboard and the preset feature makes working so easy. Beautiful design and really does encourage me to keep working. It makes working fun (for me that is LOL). The battery tester is a preety cool feature too (on the keyboard) it'll tell you when your battery needs changing. Real simple connectivity. Especially if you're using the Vista Ultimate....more info
  • Excellent product -- highly recommended
    I bought an HP cordless desktop at Walmart and returned it two days later because it had a cheap feel to it. For a few dollars more, I bought this Logitech cordless desktop from Amazon. It is much better. The keyboard and laser mouse feel solid and well constructed. You won't find a cordless desktop of this quality at a store for this price. It was a really good deal....more info
  • Excellent for me
    So, I am a fast typer... not really sure how fast I type but I would guess about 60 plus words per minute. I do not see the delay that some people are talking about with this keyboard... although they are probably typing twice as fast as I do... maybe? For me, this product is perfect. I have been using it daily for about a year, got it on sale for about $40 at Staples (ain't I lucky) and haven't stopped to use it since. I have yet to change the keyboard's batteries, they are holding on strong. The mouse batteries just started going, which I know due to the little intermittent red light in the middle of the mouse.
    I love typing with this keyboard, I have used both the picture editing and the music controls to the sides, as well as the volume controls in the upper section. The keypad is extremely comfortable for me, I like that it has three height adjustments as well. I actually don't use the End/Pageup/Pagedown keys that much so I don't care if they moved them or not. I do use the delete button a lot though so I am happy it is very big! I have not installed the softare for the keyboard because as others comment, I am not big on adding stuff into my laptop unless I really need it.
    All in all, a great product. Highly recommend and would buy again, even for its not-on-sale price! ...more info