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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate FULL VERSION [DVD] [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Windows Vista Ultimate combines the best of work and play, into a single easy-to-use operating system. It's easier than ever to find, manage, and share information -- and it's safer than ever to connect, enjoy personal media and sync up personal devices. Fully designed for life on the go, you'll have all the features of Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Home Premium in one package. Download cutting edge software and services exclusively through Windows Ultimate Extras, and enjoy entertainment on TVs throughout your home with Xbox 360 and other devices. It's the best way to enjoy work and play, with its easy connection to home and school networks. Accomplishing more each day has never been easier. Use your Windows Media Center to enjoy your favorite photos, music, TV, and movies on your PC and share them throughout the home of compatible device -- including your Xbox 360. Enhanced backup and restore -- Special safeguards help protect against hardware failure, user error and other causes of lost data Get a better tablet PC experience with enhanced handwriting recognition and precise pen navigation Connect to a company network or access your PC remotely from home Get up and running with existing data and applications -- fast and easy PC migration, even without dedicated IT support Supports Windows ReadyDrive technology for improved battery performance

The most comprehensive edition of Windows Vista, Windows Vista Ultimate (DVD-ROM) is the first operating system that combines all of the advanced infrastructure features of a business-focused operating system, all of the management and efficiency features of a mobility-focused operating system, and all of the digital entertainment features of a consumer-focused operating system.

Windows Sidebar gives you quick access to gadgets like picture slide shows, Windows Media Player controls, or news headlines. You pick the gadgets you want to see in Windows Sidebar. View larger.

Use Flip 3D to navigate through open windows using the scroll wheel on your mouse. View larger.

Compare Windows Vista editions.

Use Instant Search to quickly find the information you need. View larger.

Windows Vista Aero provides spectacular visual effects such as glass-like interface elements that you can see through.

The redesigned Windows Media Center in Windows Vista lets you enjoy your media throughout your home, even on your Xbox 360. View larger.
For the person who wants one operating system that is great for working from home, working on the road, and for entertainment, Windows Vista Ultimate is a no-compromise operating system that lets you have it all.

Easier, Faster Access to Information
Windows Vista Ultimate features Windows Aero, a new interface that delivers higher levels of efficiency for any business user. This easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to navigate through the operating system and from application to application. Most importantly, Windows Aero helps you juggle multiple tasks at once by providing a three-dimensional, real-time, animated view of all your open applications and documents. And for those businesses that do work in other countries, Windows Vista Ultimate supports all worldwide interface languages.

Breakthrough Windows Vista Experience
Designed to help you feel confident in your ability to view, find, and organize information and to control your computing experience, all editions of Windows Vista introduce a breakthrough user experience. The visual sophistication of Windows Vista helps streamline your computing experience by refining common window elements so you can better focus on the content on the screen rather than on how to access it. The desktop experience is more informative, intuitive, and helpful. And new tools bring better clarity to the information on your computer, so you can see what your files contain without opening them, find applications and files instantly, navigate efficiently among open windows, and use wizards and dialog boxes more confidently.

Work From Home
Windows Vista Ultimate includes all of the features that make it easy to remotely connect to business networks. This means that when you're working from home, you'll have advanced networking capabilities, such as the ability to join a domain, support for Group Policy, and access to features such as Remote Desktop. Windows Vista Ultimate also includes Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption that provides improved levels of protection against theft for your important business data whether you are at home, on the road, or in the office.

More Entertainment Options
Windows Vista Ultimate delivers all of the entertainment features available in Windows Vista Home Premium, and includes everything you need to enjoy the latest in digital photography, music, movies, analog TV, or even HDTV. Ultimate also has helpful tools such as Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker to ensure that you have everything you need to collect, manage, and edit your digital content. It also includes Windows Media Center for turning your PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center.

Versatile Operation
Windows Vista Ultimate truly lives up to its name by delivering all of the features both business and home users want and need. It is the ideal solution for both a small-business owner who wants a single PC that he or she can use at the office, on the road, and at home, and for someone who wants a home PC that will be used primarily for entertainment purposes but that can also be used for business purposes such as connecting to a corporate network.

  • Mobility-based operating system meets all your computing needs whether you're working from home, working on the road, or searching for entertainment options
  • Combines all the features of a business-focused operating system, all the efficiency features of a mobility-focused operating system, and all of the digital entertainment features of a consumer-focused operating system
  • Remotely connect to business networks; Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption provides improved levels of protection against theft for your important business data whether you are at home, on the road, or in the office
  • Delivers all of the entertainment features available in Windows Vista Home Premium; includes everything you need to enjoy the latest in digital photography, music, movies, analog TV, or even HDTV
  • Ideal for both business and home entertainment use

Customer Reviews:

  • It is what it is
    I continued using XP as long as I thought I could before installing Vista in December, 2008. I intentionally purchased the original retail release without SP1 just to say I had the same experiences as the original purchasers a year or so ago. The package arrived from Microidea, the outside seller, on time, as promised. I give Microidea 5 stars as a reseller, would buy from them again without reservation and can recommend Microidea to other Amazon customers. I'm a little more experienced than many retail users and I knew what to do with the original Vista release. It took a couple hours to monkey with to get up and running after searching for the continuous reboot and other issues that required web searches to locate fixes. If you're a relatively novice user, however, I would seriously recommend paying the extra $20 or so to get the version sith SP1 incorporated in the DVD. After upgrading to the SP1 download, I can report that all the things that people complain about with Vista are still waiting in the hedgerows to ambush you. Maybe the world will be lucky and Windows 7 will have settings so that applications I install will be able to open & operate without the user account "grey screen of annoyance" permission request....more info
  • I like it!
    I've just started using Vista Ultimate. The translucent theme is attractive. The user interface is somewhat different between XP Pro and VU. Some things are more intuitive but other things are not. The presentation of the Start menu has changed a little and now it also includes a search feature. Searching for a file has also changed. The user can now search indexed files (for speed) in addition to search all of the content (as it was done in XP). There may be a lot under the hood that's changed from XP but it's not readily apparent. Going from XP to VU is a lot like going from W95 to W2K or XP. I think it will be easier for the newer users.

    The major change is UAC. Yes, UAC can come across as annoying but it's really doesn't get in the way. It's not much different than running under SELINUX with the exception that there doesn't appear to be any way to temporarily disable it. Disabling it permanently is possible but I wouldn't recommend it. I'm extremely careful yet occasionally with XP I've come across questionable things that have been installed without my awareness. I'm hoping UAC will help. For those who don't know, UAC means that the administrator runs as a normal user but can change security status on an as-needed basis. It also means that programs that need administrator privileges will not run unnoticed which lessens the chance of a malicious program suddenly executing.

    If one remembers, one of the first Apple/MAC ads emphasized that Windows had a lot of security patches but the MAC didn't -- implying the MAC had stronger security. This ad appeared just prior to the Month of Apple Bugs (Jan,2007) where 31 MAC security faults were detailed. To now chortle over Windows being made even more secure is, quite frankly, cheesy and misleading.

    Overall, I rate VU 5-star

    ...more info
  • Upgrade?? more like a downgrade...
    I've now been using vista ultimate for a little over 2 months, and I'm seriously considering switching back to XP. Yes, Vista is a little smoother around the edges. It's got some nice wallpaper, Aero is nice even if completely useless, the search line in start is a nice addition and the improved backup features are good, though the system restore is still useless; but the few tweaks they've added does not make up for the complete instability of the os. Since I upgraded I've been plagued with crashes, errors and just about everything else. My laptop is only a year old and I did a clean upgrade. Now USB drivers just suddenly disappear never to be found again, some programs like firefox decide not to start after turning on the computer and I'm forced to do hard reboots a couple of times a week. I really wanted to like Vista, and I thought I would, but I'm thinking about moving back down to XP. XP wasn't the end all be all either, but it was much more stable and I never had drivers just disappear on me. All of these problems for 300+ dollars, good bargain huh? Thank god I'm a student and I got vista for under $50 through my school. I ignored the warnings about vista and now I regret it more than you could know. Please, if you are considering moving up to vista, do yourself a favor and wait for another year... or two until they can get a handle on vista. Microsoft should really pay me for all of the wasted time, frustration and agony they have caused me. ...more info
  • I love this OS
    I lo9e this OS, not worth 350.00, maybe not even 189.00 for some.. But at 189.00 brand new I am happy. My son prefers XP he has an older(9 months) computer and is a gamer/enthusiast....more info
  • Spent a lot of money on a PC ... switching to the mac
    I spent $2,000 on a Dell laptop. Also, I upgraded to Vista Ultimate and Office Ultimate. This software is so damn junky! It doesn't work! Office works terribly on Vista, constantly freezing and crashing.

    After 10 years of PC use, I've got an Apple computer coming in the mail right now.... I'm DONE with Microsoft!! ...more info
  • When the dust settles, disappointment is the topmost sediment
    I wish that Windows Vista worked well enough to justify the initial enthusiasm I felt, but it doesn't.
    This review is mostly about some of the many little things that make it so I can't love Vista, even though I was perfectly ready to when I bought it.

    I was a RC2 beta tester, and I provided quite a bit of written feedback to MS during the build up to the release date. The full version Redmond released as a product works considerably better for me than the RC2 did.
    I have been an experienced user of Windows since Windows 95 (I had 3.1 briefly after DOS). I am usually pretty willing to learn my way around any stumbling blocks I've encountered with Microsoft, because they were the dominant provider in the P.C. world. I've excused some of Microsoft's faults by pointing out that they have to deal with all the hardware made in the world, while Apple only deals with their own. And so on.
    My experience with Vista points to several things:
    * An ambitious product with new features that would be fantastic if they worked
    * Corporate greed expressed in unwillingness to deal with the public's feedback on their products at any level coupled with a strong tendency to obscure information about problems, and make technical help unavailable -except for a fee - even to paying customers.
    * Lots and lots of little problems, that eventually overwhelm the user, and make them regret their participation in Microsoft's vision of `progress'.
    First off: New features - if everything in Vista worked the way you'd want it too, what most people would be writing about would be `Dreamscene'; it's cool. I personally like the file and folder management in Vista better than XP, but they missed on some points, and took certain controls away that were useful in XP. There are essential things in Vista that seem like they should be configurable, but aren't -1 example - remembering where to copy or move files. Windows XP would let you move a file, then unless you changed it, each file you moved would want to go there, which speeds things up enourmously if you are doing a project culling files. Now you can't. Example 2 - Folder settings - Windows XP would remember the folder settings for a small number of folders, but there were no controls for this. Windows Vista is no improvement, but it seems that features have been dropped. I'd like to see it so you can specify how you want all your music folders to look and act, and Vista will remember. I'd also like to see compatibility - Customized folders from WinXP can get screwed up in Vista - icons don't exist in Vista that XP used, and so on.
    Certain Buttons seem connected to nothing. I can't seem to do anything to get my computer to go to screen saver, or sleep the monitors after a certain interval. Sure I can turn off my monitors if I want to leave the computer on, but is that the point? The button to sleep my monitors is there, it just doesn't do anything when I push it. That seems like an issue.

    Other reviewers have mentioned UAC - I ignore it, but I don't like it, nor do I maintain the illusion that it protects me from much. I'm just glad that it no longer takes 30-45 seconds to delete an empty folder like it did in the RC2. Some UAC functions seem about as necessary as airport security asking you for your lip gloss, and small bottle of hair gel.

    Other users have mentioned the slow typing - that seems like a very fundamental problem to me. I use a 2.7 Ghz processor with dual cores, and 2 GB of RAM; in short this is one of the fastest computers ever made. To see that I can type a whole line ahead of the cursor in a web-field, or in Word is just disturbing in a W.T.F. kind of way.

    I love the Sidebar. Gadgets are cool, and people seem to have taken on writing all kinds of them. Unfortunately, nothing in Vista seems to know to sleep the sidebar, so it causes constant internet and hard disk activity, and I have to close the sidebar, because it drives me nuts to see my disc activity light always on.

    Networking is one place where Microsoft looks totally disorganized. Here's why. They set out to make a home networking experience that would be the easiest and best thing anyone had ever seen. The user interface even got built that way. Then someone from the business side must have said that that wasn't secure, so they torqued everything down so tight that almost nothing works. As an example, I have two Vista Ultimate 64 machines, both on a completely secure wired Ethernet network. Both have been told to share music files, and specific drives and directories have been specifically shared with each other. I even created special user accounts on each machine for the other, and gave each special account a password and special permissions over the folders I wanted to share, but Vista still won't share these folders. This is not a hard problem to find reference to on the internet either - other people are scratching their heads over this one: why is security so tight that nothing can be set up to work?

    Okay, that's my laundry list.

    Overall, I'm afraid that Microsoft has been rewarded by the market too often for products that were
    `not quite up to snuff'. I suspect that the industry will do as it always does, and gloss over the problems with this OS, looking ahead instead to `what's next'. What's next will undoubtedly be another opportunity to give Microsoft more money, in hopes of being satisfied. Will we ever be satisfied with the basics from this company? Who can say. One thing we can say for sure, is in the future, we will always pay more instead of less.
    ...more info
  • Vista ultimate, or more so an ultimate pain in the mojave.....
    Windows vista ultamite is just pure excrement, aka mojave, I said wow when I noticed the swarms of bugs in this software. Bill Gates hasalways been snickety, and now it's showing, 5 years, a piece of gold like XP, to pure excrement like vista, and the ultimate edition is worse than the premium or basic, and cost 6 times more.

    The most important problem is the overall speed while using the system, it takes an insane amount of resources to just open up the computer option, and since when was 1gb a supercomputers memory?

    The internet connection is pure -234, it will even crash your system, pop up microsft supported adds, and take an hour to clear up from not responding, and when you do get a connection it's 2 bars or less.

    The file download =, transfer rate is more excrement, taking hours to download files, or just doesn't download them, or corrupts the hell out of them so much that there almost like a virus, or they are lost after the journey download.

    THE TORRENT rate is even more excrement, the simplest youtube videos keep buffeting and loading and are still poor qaulity, the system sound is as loud as the baa of a sheep, and the multimedia support is crap.

    The system is not backwards compatible, and even if the game seems to install it's either corrupted the d-mn hell or not even there, and them lieing saying it did is total bulls99t. The firewall and security is more annoying than a bunch of rebellios immature kids ditching school and the programs are toilets, this stripped down sh9999y system is going in the toilet, thank GOd for Xp....more info
  • Waste of Money
    This isn't so much a NEW operating system from Microsoft as a mildly updated version of Windows XP. If you think of Vista as XP "Service Pack 3", you will be satisfied. If you are expecting anything new or improved (except for the copied Apple eye candy), forget it. Microsoft's activation scheme is frustrating and bug-prone as ever -- a total waste of their time and yours....more info
  • Downgrade
    If you like a slow, incompatable computer, and making remote support nearly impossible, this OS is for you. XP is an upgrade by comparison....more info
  • Excellent OS..once you tame it!
    First off, I have been using Windows Vista Ultimate since RC2 and I have to say that I LOVE it. I recently bought my first 8800GTX DX10 card and IT IS AMAZING!

    Sure there are issues with Vista but remember XP? There were the exact same issues and look where that stands now. You will never experience DX10 if you do not upgrade..

    If you buy and install Vista Ultimate but don't like some of the features or something is not working right, research it...fix it...don't just complain!! Nothing is 100% satisfactory to some people so, less complaining and, if you have a problem with this OS or Microsoft in general, then go to Mac or Linux (guaranteed that you will not be able to run much of anything on them). Have fun and BUY IT!...more info
  • Regular Guy's Review
    I'm not a computer genius but I am fairly computer literate. I don't have brand loyalties (I feel Apple's usually overhyped) and I use my computer for a variety of stuff: email, documents, media, Photoshop Elements Etc. So that's where I'm coming from.

    And I have to say I've generally been disappointed by this product. I haven't noticed much that's substantially different. One thing that strikes me is that, in an age where users inceasingly determine content (see MySpace, Youtube, etc etc), Microsoft still has this very top-down model. If a Microsoft program gets stuck, they usually won't give you the tools to shut it down. Internet explorer crashes fairly often and you just can't yank the plug, even if you go into Task Manager.

    In addition, it has compatibility issues with a lot of software: my work connection is much slower, as is Adobe Photoshop Elements. Presumably they'll fix this BUT THEY HAD FIVE YEARS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!

    Like MS itself, they're doesn't seem to be a clear vision here: just a lot of features piled on one another with no sense of how they cohere or why they were chosen. Also I'm not sure if they're doing anything original. David Pogue had a review on the New York Times where he showed the striking similaries (ie, ripoffs) of Vista to Mac. Big stuff too. Check out that video. I know their new version of Explorer ripoffs Firefox *big time* and is still inferior. These guys are a watching advertisement for trust-busting: these are the crappy products when one company so strangles the marketplace it competes by buying competitors instead of innovating. That's bad for the whole world. I'm too lazy to learn Mac's software but I think I will downgrade back to XP. Too much hassle on Vista, at least for now.

    For all my complaining, however, I will say this it does crash less. My old laptop crashed at least once a day and Vista doesn't crash much more than twice a week. I guess that's the best we can hope for from a company that's too big for its own good....more info
  • Do not upgrade to Vista unless absolutely necessary!
    I purchased a new computer back in January and decided recently to upgrade to Vista. This has been a huge mistake! I've had numerous compatibility problems with various drivers and so forth. I've also been advised to back up my system while I'm trying to resolve the issues, so I had to buy an external hard drive. Unless you absolutely need Vista, do not upgrade!...more info
  • nice new features but not stable
    There are a lot of new features in Windows Vista Ultimate that I like, and after I purchased a new convertible notebook with it installed and solved some early glitches (incompatible software) it ran pretty well. But after only a few months it started crashing almost daily, and now it crashes several times per day. Sometimes it's a blue sreen, sometimes it freezes up, sometimes it just randomly reboots. The product was relased prematurely; it is not robust, nor as stable as Windows XP and Windows 2000. I am considering doing a clean install of Windows XP, which will be a hassle and will force me to give up some of the nice features of Vista like the Photo Gallery. But I would rather have a stable system....more info
  • VISTA is terrible; stick with XP or go to OSX
    I'm the IT administrator for a small business. I've installed every version of DOS and Windows Microsoft has put out since the early 80s. VISTA is the worst operating system I've ever seen. It is BUGGY, UNINTUITIVE, a RESOURCE HOG, and INTRUSIVE.

    The browse boxes are so unintuitive, it is hard to figure out what Microsoft had in mind. They removed the "up one level" button in favor of a button that gives you a list of your most recently viewed folders. It takes lots more clicking around to get to the folder you want. This is total STUPIDITY.

    The wireless networking is so buggy as to be nearly useless. You'll need to continuously reboot your machine to get your connection to work.

    You'll come to hate the "whirli-gig" and you'll get lots of NOT RESPONDING messages when you try to launch or use applications. If I had a dollar for every time I got a NOT RESPONDING message, our Dell M1330 laptop would be free by now.

    So often, I'll launch an application and the whirli-gig will come on the screen and then I wait . . . and wait . . . and wait . . . and wait. What is this Core Two Duo laptop doing??? VISTA has so many intrusive processes, it is frustrating to even launch an application (and my machine is a 2.4 GHZ Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM and a 7200 RPM drive). This machine would fly on XP.

    If you enjoy spending lots of time trying to figure out why your machine won't do simple things reliably, if you want to spend lots of time talking to technical support people with thick accents who really can't help you because the operating system is basically JUNK, then by all means buy VISTA.

    We are abandoning our VISTA experiment and going back to XP because it is reasonably reliable and because we need to get things done on the computer rather than always battling with its VISTA-isms. VISTA is a huge step backwards for Microsoft and I seriously doubt that Service Pack 1 will be enough to fix such major design flaws. Maybe when they come out with VISTA RELEASE 2 their poor sales will force them to listen to consumers.

    Buy VISTA at your own risk. Don't say you weren't warned!!...more info
  • Only paid shills and microsoft employees like this new OS
    This is pretty much the buggiest and slowest OS ever built. How on earth does one spend billions of dollars creating an OS that is a step BACKWARDS from XP? Stay on XP as long as possible, and when you need to upgrade computers, switch to Mac. It'll be another decade before Microsoft gets around to releasing an OS that represents an improvement over XP....more info

  • Stay with XP, Ubuntu, etc.....
    My computer had an electrical problem here in South America where I'm temporarily working and it was unusable.

    I had to buy another laptop immediately and wound up with Home Basic in the spanish language. I thought I could easily change this to english. Not so easy!

    I have to buy Ultimate at $399, $28 sales tax, $120 Colombia tax to get the backup disk, and $35 to mail it to me, making a grand total of about $572.00. the computer only cost $750. So I have to pay almost $600 more just to get the english language.

    Hewlett Packard says tough luck. If I had bought a Toshiba, they would have changed the Home Basic spanish to Home Basic english at no charge.

    I see no need for Vista or Hewlett Packard....more info