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Microsoft Windows Vista Business FULL VERSION [DVD] [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

With Windows Vista Business, it's easier than ever to get the most out of your PC. Manage and share information simply, make your PCs more secure and enjoy personal media - Windows Vista makes it all a snap. Try out a stunning new visual experience with Windows Aero & Windows Flip 3-D. Find what you need quickly with Windows Instant Search, and back up data automatically with Windows Back Up and Restore Center. Windows Defender helps protect private information and removes spyware, and the built-in networking makes connecting to company or school networks easy, fast and safe. Combine Windows Vista with Microsoft Office 2007 to create great-looking documents, collaborate better and organize your schedule. Accomplishing more each day has never been easier. Optimize PC performance and block pop-up ads with Windows Defender Send, organize and share faxes and scans Quickly and easily determine backup status and protect against data loss Advanced networking lets you connect to the Internet easily Control your mobility settings on your notebook, with the advanced Windows Mobility Center Preview formatting changes with a click on Office 2007's Live Preview feature New automated security tools helps you find peace of mind Enhanced backup and restore - Special safeguards help protect against hardware failure, user error and other causes of lost data Connect to a company network or access your PC remotely from home Get up and running with existing data and applications -- fast and easy PC migration, even without dedicated IT support

The Microsoft Windows Vista Business (DVD-ROM) helps your business run more efficiently than ever before. Designed to keep your network running smoothly and securely without excessive reliance on dedicated IT support, Windows Vista Business is the primary edition of Windows Vista for business desktop and mobile PCs.

Windows Sidebar gives you quick access to gadgets like picture slide shows, Windows Media Player controls, or news headlines. You pick the gadgets you want to see in Windows Sidebar. View larger.

Use Instant Search to quickly find the information you need. View larger.

Use Flip 3D to navigate through open windows using the scroll wheel on your mouse. View larger.

Windows Vista Aero provides spectacular visual effects such as glass-like interface elements that you can see through.

Compare Windows Vista editions.

Security alerts enable you to quickly resolve potentially damaging issues that can harm your Windows Vista PC. View larger.

Use the new Sync Center to manage the synchronization of your data with other PCs or the devices you connect to your PC. View larger.

Starting and managing file sharing and application collaboration is easy and intuitive. View larger.

Windows Vista Provides a single destination where you can access all of the related Backup and Restore features. View larger.

Windows Fax and Scan simplifies your document handling and communication needs. View larger.
Ideal for organizations of all sizes, this software provides dramatic new infrastructure improvements, enabling IT staff to spend more time adding strategic value to the business and less time troubleshooting glitches. Windows Vista Business also offers powerful new ways to organize, find, and share information, while helping people stay better connected in the office and on the road.

Easier, Faster Access to Information
Windows Vista Business features Windows Aero, a new interface that delivers higher levels of efficiency for any business user. This easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to navigate through the operating system and from application to application. Most importantly, Windows Aero helps you juggle multiple tasks at once by providing a three-dimensional, real-time, animated view of all your open applications and documents.

In addition to these navigation improvements, Windows Vista Business makes it easier than ever to manage huge volumes of business documents. By integrating search throughout the operating system and providing new ways to organize files, this software helps you quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Collaborate and Communicate More Effectively
Windows Vista Business helps your work teams collaborate and communicate more effectively, regardless of their location. By helping users find and use information quickly and easily, this software can dramatically improve how people in your organization access and apply essential knowledge and resources on PCs, in e-mail, from corporate servers, and on the Internet.

Improved Security and Compliance
Protecting your business information and complying with regulations places increased demands on your IT staff. Windows Vista Business' more sophisticated data protection and auditing capabilities help simplify IT management and can help lower costs for regulatory compliance. In addition, with features like the Encryption File system, Windows Vista helps organizations manage security risks by protecting information and services in a more controllable and secure environment.

Safe Operation
For businesses of any size, Windows Vista Business makes it possible for your IT department to configure users' systems so that they can log onto their PCs as standard users instead of as administrators. This helps minimize compatibility and usability issues that might have occurred in previous versions of Windows, while also making those issues easier to resolve. Moreover, this new capability significantly reduces the likelihood of a malicious attack causing damage to your organization's PCs.

Keep Your Network Running Smoothly
For small businesses, Windows Vista Business includes new technology and tools to ensure your PCs are always up-to-date, more secure, and running smoothly. For instance, this software helps make your PCs safer with built-in protection against malicious software, or malware. And because Windows Vista Business warns you of impending hardware failures early on, you don't have to worry about the devastating loss of any important business data. No matter what potential problems arise, an array of sophisticated new backup technologies helps protect your information even in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure. When it comes to management, features like Domain Join and Group Policy support improve the efficiency of your workgroups.

Small Business Resources
And for those who are not full-time IT professionals but have roles that require them to support their organizations' PCs, Windows Vista Business includes Small Business Resources. This built-in how-to guide leads you through everyday tasks and troubleshooting in easy-to-follow, non-technical language. By giving you the ability to solve problems as they arise, you can help keep your business efficient. Windows Vista Business also provides business specific features like fax and scan that increase productivity.

Image-Based Installation
For larger organizations, Windows Vista Business has been designed from the ground up to improve the deployment and management of the central operating system. For instance, image-based installation is now the default method for installing the Windows Vista operating system, and the images are no longer hardware-dependent. These two key design principles enable your organization to dramatically reduce the number of images you are required to manage and streamline the process of deploying new PCs and updating existing PCs. The end result is faster, easier operation than ever before, which helps improve the overall productivity of your business.

More Mobile and Better Connected
Today, more businesses rely on an ever-expanding mobile workforce as a way to enhance their scope of service and reduce enterprise costs associated with supporting a large on-site staff. Windows Vista Business gives mobile professionals easier and more secure access to corporate resources so they can readily collaborate with colleagues-- both on and off the network. Employees and colleagues will also find it easier to make wireless connections and synchronize mobile devices. The success of any business depends on communication, and Windows Vista Business helps you easily and quickly connect with your organization, your customers, and your partners, whether you are in the office or on the road. This software package includes all of the essential infrastructure required to more securely connect you to your business information whether you are sitting at your desk, working at home, connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, or even if you are using your cell phone to connect to the Internet.

To help you be more productive when you're away from your desk, Windows Vista Business includes Windows Tablet and Touch Technology, so you can interact with your Tablet PC by using a digital pen, your fingertip, or a keyboard. Improved handwriting recognition and easier ways to browse documents and programs without using a keyboard give you added flexibility and convenience.

Easy Accessibility
Computers that include Windows Vista Business and an auxiliary Windows SideShow display will also allow you to access critical business information even when your computer is turned off. You can also share documents and collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers--even if a network is not available. Additionally, Windows Vista Business helps you get the most out of your portable PC by making it quick and easy to manage key mobility settings.

Cost Effective
Meeting the increasingly complex demands that are placed on your IT systems doesn't have to be expensive. Designed to be less expensive to deploy and support, Windows Vista Business offers you a better return on your IT investments. By empowering people to work more efficiently, this system helps keep both productivity and morale high.

  • User-friendly software offers powerful new ways to organize, find, and share information
  • Keeps your network running smoothly and securely without excessive reliance on dedicated IT support; ideal for organizations of all sizes
  • Sophisticated data protection and auditing capabilities help simplify IT management and can help lower costs for regulatory compliance
  • Warns you of impending hardware failures early on, so you don't have to worry about the devastating loss of any important business data
  • Includes Small Business Resources, a built-in how-to guide leads you through everyday tasks and troubleshooting in non-technical language; more securely connects you to your business information whether you're in or out of the office

Customer Reviews:

  • I can't belive it's this bad!!!
    So I have a brand new Dell laptop. Came w/ XP and a free upgrade to Vista Business Edition.

    I have just backed up my computer to take it back to XP. Not even the slide show works in Vista, drivers are not as well supported (even with the 32 bit release that makes waste of my 64 bit processor), no up folder toolbar icon, annoying security, IE is still not as good as FireFox, stuff is harder to find, can't connect to external monitors for some reason, and the picture slide show built into XP does not work, camera and GPS driver problems, the list goes on ... They only good thing, the search box they should have put in 5 years ago when Google did it for them (with their desktop plugin)

    At this point I wished I bought a Mac ... but I guess I'll go back to XP for now ... I have always been excited about Microsoft products, I was even one of the first adopters of Windows 95 when it came out and everybody had mixed feeling ... but this time, I think Microsoft has SERIOUSLY messed up. This OS is worse than the previous OS ... bad sign for them ... and I've never used a mac much, but I'm sure it's the way to go now. Why didn't I get a mac?... not really sure still, but I develop software (mostly on Windows OS platforms) ... So I thought it would be safer for my development future. Oh well ... XP works pretty well....more info
  • Dog Slow
    This must be the slowest OS on this planet. All the DRM 'enchancements' and other bloatware that MS decided to put in the kernel has made this the slowest operating system ever built, you need a 20% faster computer to get to the same level with XP.
    Then there's the issue of endless 'Are you sure you want to do this' confirmations whatever you try to do. Clicking thru these dialogs gets so annoying you wish to throw your PC out the window. This is definitely the last piece of MS software I'll ever buy....more info
  • Accurate Review from a Masters-Level, 18-Year IT Professional
    Do NOT believe all the knee-jerk garbage you're hearing about Vista, as 90% of it is being pulled out of thin air by people who obviously never even tried it. Linux and Apple trolls scour the internet for chances to add negative reviews to an operating system they'v never even tried.

    Then there are the XP hypocrites who have been using XP for so long that they fear anything new.

    Hypocrytes you say? Yup. This same negative "new Windows sucks" propaganda wave happened when Windows 2000 was released in 1999 (nobody wanted "NT") and again when XP was released in 2002 (incompatibility problems, verybody absolutely HATED that "Made by PlaySkool" interface). Everybody hated each of them until the next version of Windows came along. Then, suddenly, they LOVED the older version and tried to cling to it. Not only pathetic, but now very predictable. Vista is just the latest victim.

    I have absolutely no love affair with Microsoft, trust me. But it's time for an actual professional with a masters in programming and operating systems to set a few things straight.

    Fact: Windows Vista was in development a whole year before Windows XP was even released. Microsoft had been working feverishly on this OS for 6 years at the time of its release. Little id you know that nearly EVERY Microsoft product that comes out is extensively tested by a public usability testing program that is totally seperate from their beta testing program. Microsoft doesn't let anything out the door until all the usability testers (the general public that come to visit the Microsoft facility in Redmond, Wa) say they like it. Vista was OK'd by both internal and external beta testers in addition to the usability test program, or it never would have been released. I have personally done usability testing at Microsoft 17 times now (I like to get my 2 cents in), and I know how this process works. Microsoft releases software BY CONSENSUS, and Vista is what the people themselves ASKED FOR.

    Fact: For its entire life, the virus magnet that is known as Windows XP has been solely responsible for the onslaught of spyware, malware and waves of viruses. Not Mac. Not Linux. Not DOS. Not Unix. It was Windows XP. Prior to XP, Windows would see a problem virus come down the pike once in a while. Then XP came along, and we've been swimming in viruses and Malware ever since. Even loaded with antispy and antivirus software, WinXP STILL gets infested and slows to a blue-screening crawl. As you read this on your XP box, I guarentee that you have spyware on your system. Run a scan and see for yourself. If you're just running Windows Defender, I guarentee you're LOADED with it and don't even know it - get better software immediately.

    Fact: Though complaints about Vista's UAC are many, the Internet is not filled with Vista users begging to be saved from viruses and spyware they can't recover from. Those poor souls are pretty much all XP users. The Vista users complaing of any viruses and spyware are the ones who turned UAC off or clicked right past the UAC warning prompts without evn reading them.

    Fact: OF COURSE Vista is going to be slightly slower than XP on the same machine - just like Windows XP was slower than Windows 2000, which was much slower than Windows NT4, etc. etc. This is the natural way things are SUPPOSED TO BE AS HARDWARE GETS FASTER AND FASTER. C'mon, what do you honestly expect? New operating systems are about new features, not "running faster" on the same hardware (anybody that knows anything about operating systems knows that new versions are NEVER faster than the previous version, no matter what operating system it is - just take a look at any Linux distro or new version of any Mac OS). It's up to HARDWARE to make things run faster, not the OS. Your system is not fast enough to run Vista? THEN GET FASTER HARDWARE LIKE YOU HAD TO DO FOR XP. Has everyone forgotten that today's hardware is anywhere from 4-10 times faster than than the hardware that was available when XP was first released? And that XP absolutely crawled on our systems when it first came out and that we all complained about it? And that Vista runs at virtually the same speed as XP once booted up - only with tons of new features? And that soon you will need a new OS to even be able to operate the dual quads already on the market and the dual octo-core systems right arounnd the corner? C'mon, people, get a grip and get kick that common sense glad into gear.

    Fact: Since SP1 came out, Vista runs GREAT. I can run any Win32 program I want in Vista that I install, and as of SP1. I might even be able to run old 16 bit apps now, haven't tried that yet. Thanks to the freeware release of VDMSound, I am running old DOS games under Vista with full sound. I repeat - DOS games. Some of the few remaining software products currently being described as "Non-Vista compatible" can be made to work under Vista if you do a little reading and tweaking.

    Fact: Before SP1 came out for XP, XP ran like crap and had tons of compatibility problems. Everybody hated it, even the way it looks. Bet you forgot that.

    Fact: Turn UAC (User Access Control) off if you want Vista to behave like XP and not prompt you for confirmations. It's as easy as un-checking a checkbox in Control Panel (User Accounts). Note: This will drop Vista security down to the same "virus magnet/pants down" level as Windows XP, however, so you decide. The nice part is that you CAN decide.

    Fact: Are you a gamer? Then you already know that Direct3D (DirectX) 10 is Vista-only. All you XP gamers can sit in your own DX9 drool if you want to. Meanwhile, we Vista users are walking around in DX10 games that look like movies. You oughtta see Crysis with dual nVidias running SLI.

    Fact: Think you don't like Vista? Waiting for Windows 7 to come out in Q1 of 2010 (at the earliest without any of Microsoft's now legendary and predictable postponements)? You might be interested in knowing that Windows 7 is merely a re-packaging of Windows Vista - just like Windows XP was a re-packaging of Windows 2000 because 2000 didn't sell well (see for yourself at the command prompt - type "ver" and take note that Windows 2000 is Windows version 5.0 and Windows XP is version 5.1). Windows Vista is version 6.0. Dig up all the screen shots of Windows 7 you can find on the internet - take note that the title is "Windows 7" but the version number is 6.1. In other words, STILL VISTA. So get used to Vista. Better yet, GET Vista, or you'll eventually be two Windows versions behind when 7 comes out - which won't be until 2010 (at the earliest), and then that version of Vista will be around for 5 years until the next version.

    Vista's here to stay, folks. You have a choice of slipping into even more obsolescence with XP (which is just Windows 2000 with lipstick, a 9 year old product) or you can move forward with Vista and Win7.

    For me personally, Vista has been spoiling me rotten since SP1 came out. Every time I get up from my Vista machines and sit down on my XP machines, it feels like I'm sitting down on a machine in "Safe Mode". Vista makes XP feel old, limited, cumbersome and inadequate. The search functions of Vista alone remove all need for clicking through layers of start menus, even often allowing me to not have to touch the mouse - this alone makes XP feel like an antique. I wont even get into how cool Desktop Search is, SuperFetch, ReadyBoost, or the other many new features that make Vista MUCH faster than XP in many respects. Read that last sentence again, and then look those things up. You may commence drolling on your poor ol' outdated XP box's keyboard.

    BTW: No, I do not work for Microsoft, and I have been a huge Linux fan since 1997 (SUSE Linux, to be exact, version 11 is fantastic). I ignore the fact that Linux always takes much longer for apps to load up (and runs clunkier in general) and that both KDE and Gnome always seems to look/work a lot like the latest version of Windows....more info
  • Vista on Mac
    I've installed Vista on Mac using "Boot Camp" for the purpose of running one business software that I own. Vista works flawlessly both native and Virtual on the IMac 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme 4GB RAM allocating only 32GB to the partition - I would recommend about 80 GB. Running Visa in Virtual - i think - is awesome and you can easily allocate addtional RAM on the fly.
    I would admit that vista is slightly buggy compared to xp and installing a wireless Lexmark commercial printer was a breeze using vista. It was almost as quick as the Mac and xp takes about 45 minutes to set up. Point is, vista is a great improvement over xp. I purchased an OEM product for about 100.00 less.
    Final word - Is it worth updating xp? For my purposes it would not help me in anyway, but when I order more Macs, I will most certainly install Vista on all of them. OEM software is great because it does not come with any, nada, nothing, no junk software and it is about half the price at NewEgg....more info
  • Veni, Vidi, Vista - - I Came - I Saw - I wasn't impressed
    I have had to set up a few new installs of the Vista Business on some servers and I was disappointed with the overall performance.

    My biggest gripe is when I tried to remotely log in from another PC and I sat there waiting and waiting only to discover that the Vista default setup is to ask permission to run even the most basic operations and was actually sitting there waiting for someone to click 'YES' to allow the process to run. How irritating! Kinda self defeats the idea of remotely logging in doesn't it?.

    Also if you happen to rename the administrator account the change is not registered somewhere in the Remote Connections authorization. So when I *thought* I was remotely logging in under the new admin account name Vista wouldn't let me in and it was only after searching for what seemed an eternity - some hidden place it took me 15 minutes to find, I discovered that the the new admin account name had not been authorized when I did the name change. yikes!

    For those who need to run VNC Server on Vista, be aware there are issues - installing and running that you will need to work around as well.

    It seems like Microsft drastically changed the menus, overdid the default security features, and installed a new hood ornament. Other than that I don't see what the big deal is.
    ...more info
  • Is that all ??
    The new Vista Business is packed with a lot of new/improved features: Shiny new interface, sidebar gadgets, great desktop search capabilities, decent speech recognition tool, vastly improved security, photo-editing capabilities etc..

    But it also adds its share of problems: Overpriced, Annoying User account control, 3 minute boot up time, demanding graphics and CPU needs, forces you to upgrade everything, Incompatible with a lot of apps Nero, Adobe Acrobat, Visual Studio ....

    I'd like to have seen the WinDVD maker, Drive encryption, UNIX-based program support on the Business edition given its high price.

    Any considering an upgrade/purchase Vista should look out for a number of compatibility issues before buying it or maybe wait until Microsoft rolls out a Service Pack 1 for it.

    Given the six year wait, i'm a bit disappointed....more info
  • Will be better in six months
    Windows Vista is clearly better than Windows XP in a hundred little ways, from the search boxes to the sidebar. The new and improved Vista features are listed all over the place, so I won't go into the details. I will say, however, that they do make an improvement in everyday computer use.

    On the other hand, Vista suffers a thousand little flaws. For one thing, iTunes isn't compatible yet. Then, NVidia doesn't have decent drivers yet. Firefox doesn't work with the Windows Media plugin yet. For some strange reason, whenever I save a file in Microsoft Visual Studio, I get impossible-to-delete temporary files in my working folder. Some piece of incompatible software is creating them. Is it Windows Live OneCare? Visual Studio? Tortoise SVN? Who knows? Oh, and did I mention that Vista crashes whenever it tries to come out of sleep mode? I could list more problems, but you get the picture. Vista is not really stable.

    My advice is this: If you are building a new system, go ahead and install Vista. You will have a bumpy road, but it's better than buying XP now and upgrading later. Otherwise, wait about six months for Microsoft and the other software companies to get their act together. You have been warned....more info
  • DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This program is two years away from being ready for the public use. WAIT until there are many updates and repairs before you buy. It is so bad that I am thinking of changing to Apple, no computer should be this much work. I would pay twice what I paid for this program to get back my old XP version....more info
  • Worst OS from Microsoft Yet!
    I was a private beta tester for the new OS. I tested the software for a whole year and I am not pleased with it.

    If you depend on stability for your existing software, you are out of luck. The hardware and software support for the new operating system is horrible. Many businesses will have to upgrade their hardware to use Windows Vista.

    You are better off upgrading to a Mac. After all, Microsoft did steal many ideas from Apple Computers.

    ...more info
  • the worst thing that happened to microsoft
    What is Windows Vista? A faied Mac-wannabe. Honestly, I you're tryin to copy something. At least do it good! Windows Vista is slow with a whole bunch of annoying things that pop out at the most annoying tims. DO NOT buy it. I like XP much better.......more info
  • So far... So Wonderful!
    I tread very cautiously into the world of Windows Vista... Had waited until this date (08/30/08) to take "the plunge"... I use an iMac with Bootcamp... First impression upon instaling Vista is "I'M SUPER IMPRESSED"... Smooth installation, smooth sailing... Of course, a slight learning curve having come from years, and years of WinXP, but even at that the "excitement of discovery" as I load software in... a few surprises, no doubt, as I found that my printer CD-Driver disc would not load as it was configured for WinXP; BUT NO WORRIES, as Vista popped up a balloon that gave me the link to the HP website so I could download the latest Vista driver for my printer... Printer working fine now... Right now I'm tackling the situation on how to transfer my Outlook Express mail backups that I performed throught ABF Outlook Backup, but I'm sure I'll find a solution to that... Worse comes to worse I'll just create a Virtual WinXP mode within the "Mac side" of my computer and access my old emails from there...

    All in all, I'm like a kid in a toy store with my newly found friend Vista... My PC is running smoother and I even found the internet to be cruising at faster speeds... Vista, I'm lovin' you as much as I've come to love my Leopard OS on the "Mac side" of my computer... Those complaining about problems with Vista, me thinks that they might lack a bit of tech savvy and become easily frustrated (just saying' ya know?)... Vista Business is a homerun!...more info
  • Wow! An expensive service pack!
    I received a copy of Windows Vista Business from a program that Microsoft had a few months ago. I am reviewing a full, legal, and complete version of Windows Vista Business.

    A shiny new interface, new security features and that's about it.

    Everything I'm seeing with Windows Vista is that it's a service pack for a price. $100 for Home Basic Upgrade (but I consider a downgrade as XP Home/MCE 2005 users will lose a lot) all the way to $399 for Ultimate Full Version.

    I am very glad that I received my copy the way I did, because I would be highly upset if I paid $200+ for "Eye Candy". There is no upgrades, just updates.

    I don't consider Security an upgrade because I feel it is Microsoft's RESPONSIBILITY to ensure a safe and secure (as possible) OS. I would say differently if they were open source, but they refuse to go this route. Just as it is GM, Ford, Dodge, ect. job to ensure that their vehicles are safe to operate; it is Microsoft's job to ensure that their OS is secure.

    The new interface is nice. I does look good. Is it worth $200+? Not at all.

    What shocked me was that promises made by Microsoft when XP was released are still issues now. When you do system updates, a restart is still required. What happened to never having to reboot after updates, Mr. Gates? The registry is still there along with CMD.exe. These are things that an upgrade should have made obsolete.

    Solaris from version 9 to 10 added zone arcitectures (allowing multiple desktops to use the same kernel from my understanding of it), a whole new file system, ZFS, which is dynamic and "living" from what I've read. Yes, I know the whole WinFS story. It's hush hush and not to be talked about from Microsoft...C'mon. These are things that a 5 year upgrade should bring! Not what Microsoft is giving us with Vista.

    I would avoid purchasing Microsoft Vista until a computer upgrade, and if possible I'd ask for XP just to make a statement to Microsoft.

    PS - We won't discuss DRM and how Microsoft wants to take the user out of the Operating System and tell you how and in what way's you can use your computer. I suggest searching Google and researching on your own Microsoft's implementation of DRM in Vista and see if you agree....more info