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Logitech 931690-0403 VX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks (Black)
List Price: $70.99

Our Price: $38.85

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Product Description

Use the Logitech VX Revolution alloy scroll wheel to breeze through long documents at warp speed with the nearly frictionless alloy scroll wheel. Shift to precise click-to-click scrolling to navigate lists, slides, and image collections. A high-resolution sensor inside this mouse makes it the most sensitive, highest performing mouse on the market. The precision laser tracking works on almost any surface. The Logitech VX Revolution uses advanced technology to detect your current application and automatically apply the scrolling mode that best fits the task at hand. Two conveniently located side buttons let you easily move forward and back through pages on the Internet. The mouse also moves effortlessly between documents. It's never been easier to cut and paste between applications, compare documents, or check e-mail. Highlight a word or phrase and click the Search button to display results from a search engine immediately. Compact design with storable USB micro-receiver allows for easy transport. Enjoy wireless freedom with 2.4 GHz digital cordless connection. Zoom in and out of photos, spreadsheets and documents with ease.

The ultimate notebook mouse.

Rev-up your notebook with the new VX Revolution?. Logitech¡äs innovative MicroGear? Precision Scroll Wheel lets you fly through long documents at hyperspeed, or switch to precise click-to-click scrolling to navigate lists, slides, and image collections. Search the Web by highlighting a word or phrase and pressing the Search button. Effortlessly zoom in and out of photos, spreadsheets, and documents with the convenient zoom slider.

New, revolutionary, hyper-fast scroll wheel

A new concept in PC navigation, the MicroGear? Precision Scroll Wheel operates in two distinct modes, allowing you to scroll faster and with more precision than ever before:

Free-spin mode
for hyper-fast, nearly frictionless scrolling. With a single flick, the machined alloy wheel spins for up to seven seconds, scrolling hundreds of pages or thousands of rows. Fly through long documents and instantly stop wherever you want.

Click-to-click mode for detailed navigation. An ultra-precise ratchet-scrolling mechanism allows users to move line-by-line through complex spreadsheets, step through slideshows, or travel small vertical distances in documents or Web pages.

Hyper-fast scrolling
Fly through long documents at hyperspeed. Shift to precise click-to-click scrolling, to navigate lists, slides, and image collections.
Touch to search
Highlight a word or phrase and press the Search button to instantly display results from your favorite search engine.
High-resolution zoom
Effortlessly zoom in and out of photos, spreadsheets, and documents.
Performance laser
Experience pinpoint accuracy with advanced laser tracking and ultrasmooth gliding feet.
Storable micro-receiver
Compact and portable, with robust 2.4 GHz digital cordless technology for superior wireless performance.
Ergonomic design
Enjoy exceptional comfort with a sculpted, right-hand shape and soft-touch rubber grips.

System Requirements


  • Windows? XP
  • Windows Vista? (requires Internet connection)
  • Available USB port
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Mac? OSX 10.2.8+
  • Available USB port
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Internet connection

Package Contents

  • Logitech? VX Revolution? Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks
  • 2.4 GHz micro-receiver
  • Logitech? SetPoint? software CD
  • User's guide
  • AA Battery
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Bulk/Retail - Retail
  • Connectivity - Cordless
  • Color - Black
  • Scroll Wheel - Scrolling Wheel

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice mouse but disappointing range
    I have bought this mouse both for my laptop and desktop. I like the mouse but have trouble using it with my desktop. Basically it is very hard too use at about 6 feet range (clear from any obstacles and not too close to any other device that might cause interference). The movement is not smooth and clicks are often dropped. I really expected more from this higher end mouse.

    I'm now using Comfort Duo which works fine in the same set-up.
    ...more info
  • logitech vx revolution
    i like the scroll wheel design
    use it everytime for web browsing

    middle click is difficult to use due to the design
    sensitivity(dpi) is too low only 800dpi
    lagging if i use on a high resolution monitor
    not ideal to use for gaming
    battery consumption is much lower than it advertised


    personally dont like this mouse
    but the wheel and ergnomic design is very usefull
    planing to buy a new one
    maybe logitech mx1100...more info
  • My Favorite Mouse! Nearly Perfect!
    I use this mouse with my 17" Macbook Pro, and used to have another one for my Mac Pro (desktop). It's by far my favorite mouse! The only con I have is that it doesn't use Logitech's nano receiver, though the one it does use is fairly small and hides inside the mouse when it's not being used. I especially like the fact that stowing the receiver turns the mouse off, making the batteries last a long time in a laptop bag. The problem with many cordless mice without an on/off switch is that putting them in a bag causes a lot of clicking and such, which wears out the batteries quickly. Oh, and besides the fact that stowing the receiver turns the unit off and ejecting the receiver turns it on, the mouse also has an on/off switch.

    When you eject the receiver, the top of the mouse shows battery level, which is nice. The scrolling can be switched from ratcheting to smooth. It comes with a soft case. It only uses one AA battery. Also, this mouse will last several months on one battery (extensive desktop usage). It's compact enough to fit smaller hands, yet is fine for average hands and may be OK for large hands, though I'd test it out in person before I bought it.

    The response is perfect. I've noticed none of the delay I've seen in bluetooth mice and lesser cordless mice. If it used the excellent nano receiver, this mouse would be perfect!...more info
  • Logitech Revolution Cordless Mouse
    Bought for use with new Notebook Computer. Works great right out of the box. Would recommend....more info
  • It's a fine rodent
    I've been using a touch pad for several years on my PC XP laptop and wanted something that would make it easier for scrolling and photo editing. The laser mouse is a great addition providing a wonderful easy to use interface without wires on my already very cluttered desk. The VX worked right out of the box and I like the size and feel. Battery life is not a problem. It seems to shuts off when not in use and certainly when the PC is off or on standby. Not much more to say afterall it is just a great mouse. ...more info
  • Great Mouse
    Works great. I love all the features, including being able to unlock the scroll wheel. Also very comfortable....more info
  • Good Mouse for Women too !
    Well, i had accidently purchased the MX Revolution 610 i think for myself and i had lot of pain in hand since my hand is rather small ! I then checked this one in Best Buy and purchased it on Amazon ! it is really perfect for my hand, ideal ergonomics mouse for women hand size!!! ...more info
  • Fantastic Mouse
    Fantastic mouse! I have a number of Logitech products in the past, and I believe that I can say that I have never had a problem with any of them. So please if you are thinking about getting this mouse - please don't hesitate as it is a great product.

    I have it connected to my desktop, but I am thinking of getting a second one for my laptop....more info
  • Logitech VX
    I enjoy the VX revolution mouse, but I really wish it worked on bluetooth rather then taking up a USB port from my macbook. ...more info
  • Too good to resist
    Before i use it, i thought it was too expensive, but later I realized it's worthy every penny...more info
  • Excellent Mouse
    This mouse I great. I love that you can easily adjust all the features including the scroll speed. Great for gaming....more info
  • Mac users beware
    The default Mac mouse behaves such that a slow movement of the hand will cause the pointer to move short distances while a quick movement will cause the pointer to shoot across the screen. Mac mice have been like this for as long as I can remember. PC users are frequently annoyed by it, as they are accustomed to a more linear Windows mouse, but I love it - it lets you traverse long distances without sacrificing fine detail precision.

    You cannot get that behavior with this mouse, using the Mouse pref pane or the Logitech Control Center. There is just no way to adjust the settings to get it back. The closest I got was using USB Overdrive, but even that was not perfect, and it caused the scroll wheel to go totally insane - scrolling 2 pages per click. Unacceptable. This mouse will give Mac users a very different pointer speed/acceleration than what they are used to, and there is no way to change it. Windows users will probably like it. I hate it. It's back to the Mighty Mouse, which I also hate, for now.

    I wanted to like this mouse. It feels high quality. One problem is that it is fairly weighty, so when you pick it up to recenter it, you have to hold onto it fairly tightly. The thumb grip is great for that, but there is no equivalent grip on the other side for your ring/pinky finger. I found my fingers getting strained.

    Also, the Logitech Control Center. *shiver* I'm using 2.6.0 and "buggy" would be polite....more info
  • Bought 2, both unreliable after a short period of time
    This is unbelievable. As much as I like almost every aspect of the mouse, the build quality is pitiful. The first mouse just decided to stop recognizing button clicks. 2 months later the second mouse sporadically double-click. If I could somehow combine the two I'm sure it'd all work out but as it stands I don't think I can buy or recommend anything made by Logitech anymore. I've bought their stuff for years but I am so put off by this that I'm probably better off just finding another brand I like. Unfortunate, but with so many other similar complaints, it's likely that if I bought another Logitech mouse I'd just encounter the same problem....more info
  • Third mouse, VERY poor quality control
    Logitech should be embarrassed about their quality control. I've been through three of these. The first broke after 2 months, the second broke after a few weeks, and now, the third is broken right out of the box.

    Why don't I switch to another brand? Because the scroll wheel is awesome. So if you like the freewheeling scroll, and can put up with a broken mouse every few months, by all means purchase the Logitech Revolution!...more info
  • Perfect Mouse minus the Bluetooth
    This mouse is awesome. I use it with my desktop because I enjoy the smaller size as I am able to grasp it with my fingertips for more control.

    Pros: Easy to control, scroll wheel can be put into a friction-less mode to where it just spins freely, attractive.

    Cons: Mediocre reception, possibly wifi interference?, no bluetooth model available, clunky windows software, however the OSX version isn't too bad

    Bottom line is if you want a stylish mouse that is easy to use and doesn't have 10,000 useless buttons, this is the one....more info
  • Greatest mouse ever
    I have had this mouse for 1 week i am very satisfied with it. I am a huge runescape gamer and bought it for my laptop it scrools through all the menus and has great reactoin time. I hope this review has helped all the gamers to make the best decision possible on making their purchase. LOL...more info
  • Ridiculously amazing mouse!
    I love this mouse. I can't praise how much I love Logitech's products. Forget about purchasing a Mighty Mouse from Apple. The scroll wheel will crap out on you and you'll eventually get sick of it, as I learned. The fact that you can customize the many buttons this mouse has is absolutely amazing. I love it and I recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Best mouse I've ever used.
    After getting a laptop, I needed a mouse to go with it, and after alot of research, ended up getting this one. Boy, am I glad I did.

    Everything that needs to be said has been said by now. It's got like... 10 buttons, all reprogrammable for general use and able to be programmed for different functions in different programs. Zoom slider switch, works for text, images, audio/video editors, etc. The ratchet/free wheeling center wheel is amazing. Search button rules.

    I don't know what surfaces people are trying to use this thing on that aren't working, it works on stacks of CDs, my wall, the leg of my jeans, a blanket, my carpet, the keyboard of my laptop, and several other surfaces which I just now tested out of curiosity.

    Adjustable sensitivity which can be changed for different programs, stowable USB receiver, very very long battery life on one AA, the list of great things goes on and on. If you're even a little tech savvy you can take full advantage of this mouse and its many, many features.

    Absolutely CANNOT recommend this mouse highly enough....more info
  • Excellent Mouse
    I love this mouse. It has a great look and feel to it. I love that the USB dongle plugs into it when the mouse is not in use. It also turns the mous off when the USB dongle plugs in so that you do not waste the battery life. It also takes only AA battery. I would recommend this mouse to anyone interested in a light, sleek, cordless mouse with a good bettery life....more info
  • Great Design but not always responsive
    I've had the VX for almost a year now. I like it but lately the left click selection function has not been as responsive or precise. When I select and click, it sometimes does not register, is vague or there is a delay in response, and I have to reposition the cursor or click again. I changed the battery, tried cursor adjustments but nothing helps. I've resorted to using a corded 3 button Logitech Mouseman mouse in conjunction to solve the imprecision problem. The corded mouse is very direct, responsive and tracks right on in comparison. So I use the corded mouse to select and only use the VX for it scroll wheel functions. The deterioration in performance has been perplexing, and based upon comments read about Logitech tech support's ineptitude, I did not bother to get tech support. I have been a user of Logitech products for over 15 years, so I was hoping this mouse would be great. It is OK, but not that precise. I don't understand how it could be used for gaming. The 3 button corded mouseman is so much better, but it lacks a scroll wheel. ...more info
  • It Works
    It works fine but I continue to have problems adjusting the speed of the mouse to meet my desires. Quite frankly, I hate this item....more info
  • Best full size, cordless notebook mouse
    I've owned one of these for well over 2 years and bought this 2nd one at my son's request to go with a new laptop computer he got for school. Small enough to fit in a laptop messenger bag, but sized more like a desktop mouse to fit your hand comfortably. I also own the larger MX revolution for a desktop machine and prefer the VX over it.

    Great feel & if you want to tune its operation to specific software features (It's user selectable/context sensitive in that regard), it's very easy to set up with the included software. Very handy web navigation & office application productivity controls all of which are well positioned beneath different fingers. Battery life is outstanding compared to other cordless mice I've owned. It takes a single AA cell and it usually averages about 8 weeks on a premium brand alkaline, although it varies a bit with use & battery shelf age. I don't think I've replaced a battery in much less than 5-6 weeks and the longest one has gone has been about 10-12 weeks.

    It is a right handed mouse with a clearly defined thumb rest and control set, so lefties be aware - My son is a lefty, but likes a right handed mouse, so no issue for him. Only thing that could be improved is if Logitech would supply it with a tiny USB transceiver like the VX Nano uses and if the scroll wheel mode select were more accessible. If you don't switch wheel modes often, then that "complaint" is irrelevant. The transceiver complaint is common to most cordless mice, but it'd be nice if you could use the smaller Nano transceiver (they're not compatible though). I'd definitely pony up $10.00 for a replacement if they did to avoid the risk of damaging my laptop's USB ports cramming it in the case with the transceiver hanging out (been there, done that once already)....more info
  • Near perfect portable cordless mouse
    Summary: Nimble, accurate mouse that works on most surfaces. For a portable notebook mouse, this is the best available right now.

    Cons: The ergonomics don't quite do if for me as it doesn't have enough height for my hands. I am not a particularly large guys, so this surprised me. On the other hand, this size is a decent trade off between height and stow-ability. I would love to see a bluetooth version of this mouse because the dongle, while small, keeps getting whacked. At half a c-note, this sucker is spendy. The side to side scroll works about half the time and I have yet to discover a pattern to when it works. In high speed scroll mode, the wheel will sometimes track backwards when you want it stay put. I think this is due to the extreme sensitivity of the wheel sensor. Of course, it is really easy to lower the speed of the scroll wheel to eliminate this problem.

    Pros: I love the features like the high-speed scroll wheel, the zoom and search buttons. The fact that this mouse turns itself off after you store the dongle in the mouse is a godsend. The range is spectacular -- I use it as a remote control while watching DVD's on my home computer. With the ability to zoom, scroll, move forward and backwards, I can often leave my left hand at my side and surf the web entirely with just the mouse in my right hand. This cuts down on back, neck and arm fatigue dramatically....more info
  • first wireless mouse
    Very cool. We bought this mouse because the price was hard to turn down but now that we are using this thing we can't go back to the old two button and scroller wired antique! All the buttons work great and scrolling in quick. zoom feature is very handy especially for us baby boomers. Though I'm left handed, it was pretty painless to learn righthanded mousing. Very good battery life. We love this product!...more info
  • Nice, but with some caveats
    This mouse has its good and bad points.

    The Good
    -Compact size for those with small hands.
    -Ergonomic design is quite comfortable
    -HID Device Compliant (for those with WinXP)
    -USB plug and play, it just works!
    -Only uses ONE 'AA' battery! And it even comes WITH a Duracell battery!
    -Has a very nice ON/OFF switch (so you can manually switch off the mouse) and a battery indicator lights up green when you turn on the mouse and it'll only come back on with a red light when the battery gets low, otherwise it stays off.
    -I absolutely ADORE the smooth frictionless scrolling while web browsing, so easy on the fingers!
    -Receiver is storable inside mouse, HANDY!
    -Without mouse software
    --Zoom buttons don't work
    --One click highlighted searching doesn't work
    --Unable to customize buttons
    --Side to side scrolling doesn't work
    --Scroll wheel and 'wheel button' work fine
    --The 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons work fine for web browsing!
    --Hitting search button opens default search engine webpage, for me it opened the Firefox Search page (which uses Google). The search button doesn't work at all if you disable the 'HID Input Device' service in WinXP.
    -With mouse software
    --Zoom buttons work
    --One click searching when you highlight a word and hit the button
    --Side to side scrolling enabled
    --All mouse buttons FULLY customizable


    The Bad
    -The middle mouse button takes a bit of effort to click, so if you use it for gaming then you should test it out in a store to see if you will get used to it. I wouldn't try to middle-click while having the scroll wheel on 'free-spinning' mode, you should set it to 'ratchet' mode first.
    -That nice receiver WILL get stuck inside the mouse if you don't put it in *exactly* the right way. You flip the mouse upside down, turn the reciever upside down as well, then insert it with the USB connector going inside the mouse. There are NO instructions that tell you how to do this, so hopefully you read this review before buying.
    -Originally I stated that you must have the 'HID-Input Device' service in WinXP enabled to get this mouse to work. After further testing, the mouse does work without it or the software installed, but the dedicated 'Zoom' controls on the mouse as well as the 'Search' button will not function. Enabling the service (but without installing the software) will only enable the 'Search' button but nothing else. For full functionality it is required to install the mouse software.
    -For those with larger hands (like mine), this mouse can cause cramps unless you get used to it (or just use a nice mousepad with gel wristguard like I do).
    -The Logitech mouse software can be a horrible memory hog and affect gaming performance, be warned and I'd skip the install unless you *really* need side to side scrolling or custom button configuration.
    -You do have to flip the mouse over to change the function of the scroll wheel between the 'smooth' and 'ratchet' methods, but you shouldn't have to switch it often....more info
  • Just doesn't work for me
    The product description says it works on "almost any surface," but I have yet to find a surface where it works other than a white counter top. Switching back to the Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000, which actually does work on any surface, and returning this useless mouse....more info
  • Perfect for my hands
    I've been using this mouse for over three months now. It is the most comfortable mouse I have ever owned and also the most technically useful. To give you an idea of the size of my hands, I can play an octave on the piano easily, but a ninth is a stretch. If your hands are bigger or smaller than that, then this mouse may not fit you, but if you're a one-octave type of person, this is probably going to work very well. I am aware of ergonomics when working at the computer: this is a well-designed mouse which is comfortable for me to use over long stretches of time.

    There are a lot of extra gadgets on the mouse, some of which I use and some of which I don't. No biggie. You get lots of choices and the nice thing is that buttons you don't use much don't get in the way of those you do. Technically, this mouse should work for most people.

    Battery life? Pretty good. I changed the battery at about 3 months....more info
  • Excellent mouse! Rec'd to friends
    I've used the VX Revolution on a laptop for a month now, the tracking precision and control is very good, the feel is solid, and the line-of-sight range is at least 18 feet. The five buttons and scroll wheel includes a magnifier button to enlarge the screen display, very handy for viewing small print. An on/off switch to save battery, a storage compartment for the USB transceiver are great. Definitely designed for right-handers, and I use mice ambidextrously all the time. It survived a weeklong roadtrip packed with the laptop no problem. I'm recommending it to friends who are looking for a mouse that has it all. As usual, Amazon delivered it fast and as advertised. :)...more info
  • Great shape - some drawbacks
    Positive: I love the shape of the mouse and also the mechanical handling. Also I am using a software in my job which needs the middle mouse button click. A coworker has the VX Nano and put this function on the zoom button instead as workaround which I am happy that I don't have to do. The reason why I don't have to do it is because the VX Revolution has the switch for frictionless scrolling on the bottom of it's body. In comparison to that the Nano switches between both modes on middle mouse click, which would not work for me.

    Negative: Something I am really unhappy with is that the mouse is getting sluggish once in a while. Mouse moves and clicks don't come across once in a while. This stage is lasting over minutes. I am pretty sure that the mouse is losing connection.

    Conclusion: If I would not have connection issues, this would be a great mouse.
    ...more info
  • Good Mouse -- But Something Goofy
    Overall, I like the mouse...Enough to get three of them to use with my own laptop, my company-issued laptop, and my desktop.

    I wish the wheel was a little better. It seems kinda course and clunky, and you have to turn it on its belly to switch from "geared" to smooth operation. The wheel in the VX Nano is better in this respect, since you can simply press on the wheel to switch modes. I have been using a VX Nano on one of the laptops, but I don't like the little receiver and I really don't like the fact that I have to open a removable hatch to store the Nano receiver. (I don't like leaving things stuck into USB ports when I tote the computer around.)

    Now for the goofy stuff...

    Logitech can't seem to get it straight regarding cases for laptop mice. The fact that a mouse is for a laptop strongly implies that you will be carrying the mouse around, and I want the added protection for the mouse.

    The VX Nano comes with a case, but the VX Revolution does not. But more confusing is that the case for the Nano fits the Revolution better than it fits the Nano. Huh? The Nano's case is an asymmetrical design (you can see it in user photos of the Nano here on Amazon), but the Nano has a nearly symmetrical foot print -- so there is "empty" space in the Nano case when an Nano is inside it. But when you put a Revolution in the Nano case, the Nano case fits like a glove.

    So it appears that Logitech designed the case for the Revolution, and ships it with the Nano. Go figure. And, unfortunately, I don't think you can by a Nano case for your Revolution -- but that shouldn't be a surprise.
    ...more info
  • very nice
    one of my best purchases in a while. i love this mouse. incredible performance....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I wish I had not waited so long to purchase this cordless mouse. My wrists are so grateful....more info