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X-Men - The Last Stand (Widescreen Edition)
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Experience the awesome power of The X-Men's epic final battle. Join well-known mutant heroes and villains and meet a cadre of all-new warriors -- including Angel Beast Juggernaut and Colossus -- in this thrilling explosive adventure!After a controversial cure is discovered mutants can choose to retain their superhuman abilities or give up their unique gifts and become normal. When peaceful mutant leader Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) clashes with his militant counterpart Magneto (Ian McKellen) the battle lines are drawn for the war to end all wars.Bursting with nonstop action spectacular special effects and exclusive extras X-MEN THE LAST STAND is a force of nature that will blow you away! System Requirements:Running Time: 104 MinutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE Rating: PG-13 UPC: 024543373926 Manufacturer No: 2237392

X-Men: The Last Stand is the third installment in the popular superhero franchise, and it's an exciting one with a splash of fresh new characters. When a scientist named Warren Worthington II announces a "cure" for mutant powers, it raises an interesting philosophical question: is mutant power a disease that needs a cure, or is it a benefit that homo superior enjoys over "normal" human beings? No surprise that Magneto (Ian McKellen) and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants resist the idea that they need to be cured, and declare war on the human race. But it's a little tougher for the X-Men, led by Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Cyclops (James Marsden), and Storm (Halle Berry). If you're Rogue (Anna Paquin), for example, your power means you can't even touch your boyfriend, Iceman (Shawn Ashmore). To compound matters, someone previously thought dead has returned, and might be either friend or foe.

With director Bryan Singer having moved on to Superman Returns, the franchise passes to the hands of Brett Ratner (Rush Hour), whose best work is done in the big action sequences such as a showdown between mutant armies. But it's difficult to manage the sheer volume of characters when adding longtime comic-book stalwarts such as Beast (Kelsey Grammer) and Angel (Ben Foster), and one character in particular deserved better than an off-screen dismissal. And fans of the original Dark Phoenix comic book story might be underwhelmed by the movie's resolution. X-Men: The Last Stand is presumably the last film in the series, but the ambiguous ending leaves possibilities open. Look for the two writers most responsible for making the X-Men who they were, Stan Lee and Chris Claremont, in early cameos. --David Horiuchi

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Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointing, but not fatal...
    Remember: This is the third installment of a sci-fi/comic book translation to film. There are bound to be a lot of people who won't like it just on principle (e.g. it doesn't follow the comics, it isn't 'serious' film, it's just milking the success of the first two).
    While a technically very stunning film, it suffers from a bit of plot weakness. Juggling tying up themes from the previous two X-Men movies with showing more of the comics' mutants "neglected" previously, it tries to do too much -- but it does the individual parts very well. The scenes are well-crafted and the special effects are marvelous, but the story as a whole seemed rather half-hearted.
    Other reviewers have mentioned the sub-par acting of some of the lead actors, but I found many of the supporting actors put in very good performances. It's hard to find any fault with the special effects, unless it's (almost) overkill: they threaten to overshadow what good plotline there is. Not that there is no good use of plotlines here: the final confrontation of Wolverine and Magneto was a brilliant take on the theme of their previous movie encounters; there are just too few of such gems.
    Of the three X-Men movies, this is the primary "action" one and is least able to stand on its own; the first was necessarily more "plot" oriented, while the second was probably the most "balanced" (and my personal favorite of the three, by a hair over the first). Do watch (or skip through) to the end of the credits to see the teaser that adds additional opportunity for a sequel, but X-Men - The Last Stand, while not bad, does not really leave me craving the next installment....more info
  • Very Disappointing...
    I loved the 1st two X-Men movies, and was very excited about the 3rd one. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to my expectations. Several of my favorite characters were missing or underused (Mystique, NightCrawler, Rogue). Why bring back Jean Grey? Her resurrection added nothing to the storyline IMO. New characters didn't add much either (Angel & Beast). The story could have been interesting with better writing and character development, but I found it mostly boring, needlessly convoluted, and full of loose ends. ...more info
  • Not as bad as critics make it out to be
    Although clearly inferior to the previous two movies, The Last Stand offers some good moments and maintains viewer interest. Killing one of the main characters was an interesting choice. The decision of the heroes to battle some of their fellow mutants was a little odd and didn't quite make sense. But even though it was a step down from its two predecessors, the Last Stand is clearly better than the average action flick being produced in Hollywood....more info
  • Pleased as always!
    I've always been skeptical about making purchases online, but this Christmas you have made a solid patron! Everything I've ordered, including this particular dvd arrived quickly and in excellent condition, as well as a fantastic value! I'll never think twice again about coming back to you. Keep up the excellent job, especially the security of your site!...more info
  • Hard to keep the bodycount...
    I love the X-Men. I was a fan of the comics back when I was a kid, so I have an enourmous emphaty for the characters. Altough I've long been over my early younger days infatuation with superheroes the x-men and Batman universe still "call out" to me, so every time there is a movie or even television series based on both these universes i allways take a peek. Usually I end up dissapointed (aside from BATMAN TAS, Wolverine and The x-men The second Noland BAtman movie and the first two X-Men and Hellboys, there really aren't many sucessfull adaptations of superhero universes onto moving picture), so I have learned to lower my expectations considerably.
    X3 is not that bad. It's fun enough to watch and the action is allright. It has it's gripping moments and the actors where well casted. I adctually enjoyed it. But for a comics purist this movie will be maddening and insulting... Hell, I'm not one but I feel there were alot of choices that were pretty exagerated and that kinda got in my nerves. For example, I remenber the phoenix saga and this has little to do with it. Also the death of all those X-Men was idiotic and unnecessary. Juggernaut has nothing to do with the comics nor he has any relation with Xavier, etc, etc. It's a shame because the first two movies were pretty faithfull to the source carachterswise. For a comics purist this will be a maddenning film...
    But If your not a purist and you set your standarts a little low it's fun enough. It's not that terrible. Besides, as enjoyable as the first two X-men movies were, they werent THAT amazing to begin with......more info
  • A return to when comic book movies were a joke
    I held off on a viewing of X3 due to the departure of writers and directors from the previous 2 films. Eventually I decided to give it a shot on HD after hearing so much about the special effects, I expected to be wowed.

    There certainly are some eye popping and detailed special effects, unfortunately they are just gimmicks like Magneto's use of the Golden Gate bridge instead of well thought out Xmen effects.

    What can be said about the plot other than its old, tired, predictable and leads to some very stilted dialogue. Not once in this movie is anyone surprised, nor is there even any tension. Even as magneto rips the Golden Gate bridge off its foundation, most look on in a sense of 'meh'.

    Lastly the casting, presentation, story and acting of the Beast character is far worse than one could imagine in a big budget film. While Frasier seems like a good choice for the Beast, it only works in voice over/cartoon format as actually seeing the aging Kelsey Grammar w/ the blue makeup and monkey suit is simply goofy. His fight sequences with the stunt double are rough transitions that are not in any way believable.

    It was a gutsy call bringing an old character like the Beast to film, and one that clearly doesn't work at all. Xmen 2's use of Nightcrawler was fantastic as that film gave him motivation, and a soul for a few moments along w/ amazing special effects. Here in X3 the beast is unintentional comic relief.

    In short this is a movie that never should have been made as it tarnishes XMen 1 and 2 forever....more info
  • Best of the 3?
    Ok I can agree on a few things. The added chars did little. Jeans Rez is part of the comics and i thought it translated pretty well to the movie and added some great Unpredictability. Personally i thought this was the best of the 3 because you never knew exactly What was going to happen. I dont want to spoil it for anyone who is going to watch it, but as I said, I think it's the best of the 3 movies....more info
  • X-Men 3
    This would be a good movie IF it were not called X-Men. They have completely sabotaged the X-Men storyline from the comics. They came up with new stories, which is sometimes ok, but not here. Jean Grey is barely used, Storm looks weak and undecisive, and Scott, why did they even have him there? THe movie left too many things unexplained, changed the X-men Universe and forgot to give some depth to the characters. This is just an action film and only that. Only Wolverine saves the day and the movie....more info
  • Blu-Ray...????
    I am reviewing the Blu-Ray DVD. Now to start off, I am not a fanboy of either HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. I bought this copy hoping that it would blow me away like most of the blu-ray's that I own have done, but for some reason this comes out kind of grainy looking. Don't get me wrong though, all the detail is there it is just kind of like well...grain. It is like you are upscaling a DVD to 1080 if anyone has seen that before. I own a 61" 1080P TV that is true 1080P from the HDMI input. Only buy this used or on sale. Also the extra features are lame. Good movie, but for some reason on blu-ray it is not as good as all other movies in Blu-ray. Hold off for a while and buy it cheap....more info
  • Pitiful *SPOILERS*
    That was by far the worst movie I ever watched. The plot was awful and there was little continuity.

    A "cure" is made by the humans for the mutants to rid them of their powers, which I think could've made for a good main plot. But instead, the movie turns its attention to the return of Jean Gray as the Dark Pheonix, who I found was COMPLETELY unneccessary to bring back. I didn't like her in any of the movies, and there was little continuity with her. In the 2nd movie, to quote Storm, she had to concentrate to lift a book. Then all of a sudden she's a Class 5 mutant? Where did that come from? Not to mention she killed off Cyclops and Charles Xavier, who was my favorite character. Their deaths were also unneccessary. In my opinion, Jean should have stayed dead. She made her sacrifice, don't bring her back.

    What also annoyed me was how they veered off from the "cure" to this whole Jean/Dark Phoenix plot. Not to mention Wolverine became more of a softie in this movie.

    I know it may seem I'm ripping into the whole Jean/Dark Phoenix plot, but there are other parts that I think were awful.

    The script was terrible. Many characters that were leads were suddenly thrown into the shadows. I also think they should've brought back Nightcrawler. I liked his character, he was interesting yet flawed.

    They need to stop making Magnito the villian. It was a nice change of pace when the army and Stryker were the villians, I wish they could've done that again, it might've saved the movie.

    There were some good characters, however. I liked Beast, as well, he was an enlightening character. Juggernaut made me laugh, especially in the deleted scene of him. When Mystique was turned human, it was very depressing. She was one of the best female characters in the film, I found it amusing she could fly virtually any craft she stepped into. I have little opinion of Angel, being as he appeared very little in the movie.

    I feel a bit better after venting the bad points of this. Thank you for reading....more info
  • X-Men - The Last Stand DVD
    Excellent DVD! It definitely keep me engrossed with the visualizations and interesting storyline. Received in perfect condition, and quick and easy transaction....more info
  • Record time
    I received this DVD in record time and the movie is in like new condition. I am very happy with this vendor....more info
  • Meh
    What can I say? This film was a huge disappointment after the first two. I wasn't expecting exactly the same, but I was not expecting it to be this bad.
    The only reason I'm giving it two stars is because the actors and cinematography is good, the script however is awful.
    They throw in way too many characters, even for a fan like me, and throw get rid of key people like used Kleenex.
    My hope is that Bryan Singer will return and make another film to make up for this one, but it's a long shot.
    Not worth it....more info
  • A Hottt One...BUT...
    For the record, the X-Men trilogy is among my favorite superhero movie collections. X-Men and X-Men United were dreams come to was X-Men:The Last Stand. a comic book purist,I have to agree with some of the other posts and say that X3 was a bit disappointing. Not that the action wasn't there, not that the suspense and the romance weren't there, definately not that the special fx weren't there...but I wasn't feeling the way major characters got killed off in the end, and even more agitating is the way the film ended in light of the fact that there's supposedly NOT going to be an X4. Questions are left unanswered about Phoenix and the characters she disintegrated and all we're left with is anticipation for the Wolverine spin-off and the rumored Magneto spin-off to the X-Men trilogy. Could've been a lot better....more info
  • Dark Phoenix Awakes
    -The story picks up just months after the events of the first movie.
    Cyclops is depressed over the loss of his true love and the other X-Men
    are trying to go on with their lives. There is peace between the White
    House and the mutants and things seem to be going well till a cure for
    the Mutants is found which causes Magneto to take action. Also
    developing is Jean who now for some magical reason has a bad wig stuck
    on her head, and is schizophrenic. So now the X-Men must deal with the
    cure and also with Jean's new identity.

    -Way before the movie was ever released a lot of people were already
    saying this would be the worst movie ever made. It was really amazing
    to me because the people saying that were the same people crying foul
    when it was announced that Bryan Singer was going to direct the first
    "X-Men" movie. I know Brett Ratner isn't the greatest filmmaker of all
    time but my god he's not Uwe Boll. The man knows how to entertain his
    audience and well I was thoroughly entertained whiles watching the
    movie. It's not perfect by a long shot and certainly can't hold up
    against great ones like "X2" and Donner's "Superman" but it's one fun

    -I can understand why most of the die hard fans of the comics will be
    angry because they did screw up a lot of the mythology of the comics,
    not to mention kill off some very important characters,, but one can't
    blame the writers though because the movie would have been a little too
    out there if it had been about the Phoenix flying around and exploding
    galaxies or whatever it is that she did in the comics. Still it would
    have been nice if they had spent more time on the Phoenix character and
    given her a more potent story line instead of just treating her like
    some side character that we forget about for a while in the movie.
    Singer and his team did such a great job of setting up the next movie
    that it was really a letdown to see what they did with the Phoenix
    story line, but still it worked out pretty okay. Her wig was atrocious
    but her action moments were pretty fun to watch. I didn't like the way
    they treated Wolverine either, he was a bit too comical in the movie.
    Beast was cool though, really loved how they introduced his character.

    -The things that the movie did right for me was finally letting the
    X-Men be X-Men. As great as the second one was, we never really got to
    see the Mutants showing off their powers much. In this however we get
    to see Magneto flip trucks around like they were nothing, Storm going
    nuts with a cool cyclone like thing, and Wolverine being Wolverine. We
    also finally get to see Iceman in his full Ice mode and watch him take
    care of an "old flame". *Yes I know that was terrible* I also loved the
    very small glimpse we got of Angel in the movie. Wish he had being
    incorporated more into the movie but his small moments are cool. The
    whole battle at the end was also a large crowd pleaser. Really love
    that scene when Wolverine kicks the regenerating guy in the lower
    region and tells him to grow those back. Yeah it was immature and
    stupid but it was funny as hell.

    -Maestro John Powell showed his fantastic range in 06 by going from
    doing something as haunting as "United 93" to doing something as fun
    and as bombastic as his great score to this movie. He does a nice job
    of bringing his own unique style to the table but also not straying too
    far away from the groundwork laid down by Ottman and the late great
    Kamen. My favorite cue in the whole movie is actually not in the movie.
    It's a track from the album called "Dark Phoenix Awakes" which was
    meant to go with the scene when Jean and Logan are making out. As for
    the stuff in the movie that I love, the whole sequence when Cyclops is
    riding his bike to the lake was great, as was the music for the scene
    when Jean and Professor X have their big psychic battle. Overall the
    score is one of the movie's best qualities and proves that Powell can
    pretty much do anything.

    -I can definitely see why people may hate this movie, but I think it's
    really not that bad. Yeah it has problems that you could spend the
    whole day complaining about, but it also has great movie moments that
    should please any fan of the comic...more info
  • This Blu-Ray not much better than regular DVD
    Best of the X-men films and I have almost every X-Men comic ever printed. Now onto this blu-ray transfer. Ive only had a blu-ray player a short time and have the ten free movies it came with. This is the only one of the ten that only uses the single layer 25g space. This was most certainly rushed to blue-ray to cash in on X-mas shoppers. The sound is exactly the same as the collectors edition DVD!! The picture is a little better. This I would not buy if you already have the regular dvd because the way this player (Sony S-300) upscales you barely notice. Shame on Fox for this one, they did a good job on Fantastic Four/ Surfer blu-ray though....more info
  • Not worth it
    Why do certain directors think that spending your entire budget on special effects will make an instant hit movie? Or giving in to your star so she gets a bigger role, and still gives an uninspired performance? Rumour has it, Halle Berry was refusing to come back and play Storm, because she didn't have a lot of screen time in the first two movies. So we get more of her, and a lot less of Mystique, who could have had a big storyline, but that was dropped.

    Also Cyclops (James Marsden) made the mistake of signing on to be in Superman Returns as well, and his role is greatly reduced, to a couple of scenes, and a gravestone. He gets killed by the love of his life (boy, that must have sucked), and guess what? His death happens off screen.

    And what was the sense in bringing back Famke Jansen? She doesn't do much apart from stand around and look menacing, but I suppose being brought back from the dead will do that to anyone. How exactly did she manage to come back? The character is really underdeveloped. She stands around in the background for most of the movie, until she decides to "annihilate" something or someone, just for the special effect.

    The special effects were alright, trying to make up for what was a serious lack of plot. The special effects used in the beginning of the film, where we see what happens 20 years earlier (which bore no relation to the rest of the film at all), was wasted. They attempted to make Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen 20 years younger. They amazingly failed on Patrick - he looked no different whatsoever. And Ian was given brown hair. And their faces were obviously edited and smoothed out compared to the other actors in the scene. How much money is thrown at these kinda ageing things per second?

    Then there was the obvious referencing other movies. (Or stealing scenes if you prefer.) When the film properly starts, it's nearly a direct steal from the Terminator films. The scene between IceMan and FireGuy towards the end? Did anyone else notice it was the same as the two wands clashing between Harry & Voldemort? Then at the end, it looked very similar to the final scene in Carrie, with Famke as Carrie. The bullet stopping scenes is referencing Matrix Reloaded? Or one of those films.

    And the point in Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut is? The guy cannot act. When will people start realising this! The 'fat' suit he was wearing was meant to make him look like a big muscle man, but he ended up looking like a sumo wrestler gone wrong.

    Anna Paquin's role as Rogue is greatly reduced, to practically being non-existent. Wasn't she the main part of the first film? Was it worth her time turning up for filming? Did she use her mutant powers once during the film? No.

    I was really disappointed in this film, and had to keep pausing it as I couldn't remember what happened in the first two movies. But I remember really liking the first one. But this seemed like CGI/action scene one after the other. And Xavier is killed. I kept expecting him to make another appearance, to come back. Well, if they brought back Famke Jansen ...!!!

    Hopefully, this is the last, disappointing finale to the X-Men trilogy. Although, judging by the ending, they're hoping for another. Zzz. Lets hope not! If you're going to name the movie "The Last Stand" don't imply that something else is going to happen at the end!

    This film should never have been made. If it wasn't for Wolverine, I probably would have given this film less stars. If Mystique had stayed and been given a bigger role, the film would have got more stars. I understand this review had been one big rant. But watch the movie and you'll understand why it should have never been made.

    Actually don't watch the movie. Read the one/two star reviews for it. Surely that should be enough to convince you....more info
  • An all out war for Justice!
    This movie was ok, it was good overall, I mean the twist and people in the characters that was affected, blew me away, but then again Im not a heavy die hard X-men fan, but i do like 'em. I will say this movie was good, kept my attention and i was like jaw dropping, and in awe when certain things happen (dont want to give it away) I thought this was a good movie, but as for one part of the movie, i was like "What the blue heeba buh jeeba is going on?" lol but it kept me wanting MORE!! It was like "Oh my, what's next?" Great film in that aspect, but I recommend this!...more info
  • X-Men:The Last Stand does not deliver in a jumbled mess of dull dialogue and poor acting.
    In defense of Director Brett Ratner, he did the best he could under the time constraints for this film and the fact that Singer abandoned his "child" to direct Superman Returns. Writers Kinberg and Penn are seasoned pros, but both came into the film after Singer left and took the original screenwriters, Harris and Dougherty with him to Superman. Basically, they started with nothing and were able to create something just above nothing. Its the same old tired out storyline of good mutants versus evil mutants with a little bit of modern day political agenda thrown in for good measure.

    It is not just the poor screenplay that ruins the film. Unfortunately, The Last Stand lacks the acting necessary to carry what is supposed to be one of the most tear-jerking, intense narratives in the X-Men comics, The Dark Phoenix Saga. Typical of comic book films lately, do not expect to find the original story arc in this movie. The dialogue between our heroes is tedious, a slap in the face to readers who know that Marvel Comics have always been cerebral in nature. The special effects are not up to par and even the actor chosen for the minor role of President was horrible. (Cotter Smith where were you?) This film was a huge disappointment and an embarrassment to the X-Men franchise.

    There were major faux pas and incongruities in this film. Beware! If you have not seen the film, there are spoilers ahead. Stop reading now and know that if you are a fan of the X-Men series you will be very dissatisfied. Stick with the first two and pretend this film was never put to celluloid.

    In an opening scene, we see Professor X walk to the Grey's door. Prof. X was paralyzed before he started the School for the Gifted and so would have been in his wheelchair at this point. Instead of using clever dialogue to establish that we are in the past, the writers and director chose to cop out and remove a prop that should have been present if they had back checked their facts.

    The Phoenix kills Scott in the first twenty minutes of the movie. While the Phoenix side of Jean might not get along with Scott, she never would have outright killed him. Not only is this anti-climatic, but clearly, the only reason for his death was that the actor (Marsden) had other obligations i.e.: Superman Returns.

    Where was the Phoenix? Jean looks more like a goth girl gone wrong rather than the fiery entity of the Phoenix. We never get to see her rise from the ashes in a blazing inferno. Singer had clearly laid the groundwork in the second movie; her eyes had fire in the them and at the end of the film, we saw the Phoenix fly across the lake. That idea was obviously trashed when the new director took over.

    The scenes involving Wolverine and Storm debating/arguing are forced and tiresome. It seems as though the director gave up on accents in this film as Ororo went from having a strained Kenyan accent in the first movie to none at all by the third. Of course, it may be that Ms. Berry had difficulty acting her part or was asked to stop attempting the accent.

    The entire middle of the film was unnecessary. There were too many scenes of Magneto rousing the troops, too many cut scenes to the forest (yes we get it, he is in the woods!) too much of the President babbling "God Help Us" or gathering the troops. Where were the scenes of Jean/Phoenix struggling with the fact that she had just killed her lover/husband and her mentor/father figure?

    Why bother introducing characters like Callisto, Psylocke, Spike (who are not mentioned by name) and Archlight if only to kill them off unceremoniously at the end of the film?
    Why kill off Jean - again.

    One creative point of the movie was Jean's split personality disorder creating the Phoenix rather than an alien entity. It would have been more poignant, however, if Jean had lived, having to face that she had killed the people she loved most in life. There is no real justice or even remotely successful conclusion to this film....more info
  • A slight disappointment... but only slight
    I loved the first two movies. Exciting, great effects, cool characters, terrific stories... then you come to that 'awkward third album'... And yes it is awkward. But not a disaster by any reckoning. The story is good, the effects better than ever, the characters dynamic. So what's the problem? They simply try to squeeze too much in. There are loads of new characters, all demanding their air time, with the result that there simply isn't enough time for everyone to get a decent crack at things. It would've been far better so cut some of the minor characters to give the leads more time. Plus, some of the editing decisions are VERY questionable. For example, the battle at Jean Grey's house involving Wolverine and Storm... well, in the movie, it looks like they lose it to me. Not what you expect from your heroes. BUT... stick on the extra features and see the extended scene, however, and you get a very different picture. And a far, far superior scene. The finale has some similarly baffling editing.

    So, when the action scenes are questionable, and the main characters don't get enough screen time, is it any wonder the movie didn't come up to expectations?

    All this said, it's still a great movie. Not a triumph, but a worthy addition to the franchise.
    ...more info
  • like a bird that was shot out of the sky
    If it weren't for the fact that the first two were done very well, that the acting was good and strategic, keeping those who dont know how to play the part of an action hero to minimal show times (halle berry), then maybe I would give this film 3 stars. But this was disappointing. It was the perfect example of Hollywood taking a perfectly good series and crapping on it because they want to rush through a summer blockbuster. They changed the director. They changed the head writer. You got to ask yourself why the hell would they do that? I mean the writer was the writer for American Pie for god sakes. The answer was that the director was doing Superman Returns and wanted to finish it before moving on to the next project. The studio told him to stick it, they didn't want to wait, so they pushed a new director through. The movie was a Hollywood wet dream of Fan Boy pandering, explosions, little acting and story, and even a tribute to the famous Juggernaut Youtube video. For those of you who said it wasn't the first two movies but it was still fun, just imagine what it could have been. The X-men 3 The Last Stand is nothing short of disappointment. ...more info
  • A must have to complete the trilogy
    I love all 3 X-Men movies. Unlike some other trilogies, where plots weaken with sequels, I found all 3 X-Men movies full of action, and not just cheesy computer effects. The characters are very engaging, and the underlying message of the movie is not missed....more info
  • are you people kidding me?
    this movie is a disgrace.

    SPOILER warning

    Why do they think they could get away with killing Dr X? no. thats wrong. he doesnt die ESPECIALLY CYCLOPS he never dies in the comics or the tv show? this movie makes no sense.
    especially when they use THREE darts to take out magneto instead of saving one for jean grey. she wouldnt have had to die. and neither would the series....more info
  • Every legend has to come to an end, but then again...
    While the first two installments where lyric in scope, this third one is a true let down.

    A hurried, fumbled project, filled to the rim with special effects and action, but as brainless and empty as a tin can.

    Patrick Stewart makes his "disappearance" bit in here, and perhaps this is the only good thing about it, because it would have been embarrassing for him to have stayed longer.

    The other characters are just automatons playing by numbers. Gone are the well developed characterizations of the other two movies.

    Is it just because the director wasn't Bryan Singer? Somehow I doubt it. It must have been the script in itself that was probably the cause of such a confused and weak ending.

    Pity, because after the second movie, we all waited for a majestic ending, a sort of Clash of the Titans, but something solid, serious and dramatic as well. This instead is just a general and mega-galactic shootout with almost no plot nor true sense of who or what we lost in the process.

    In the end, one is almost glad it's all over, but not in the sense the filmmakers probably intended.
    No, we are just glad, that this film is over and can get the other two out of their sleeves and make them play for us one more time, the way they were, and in the meanwhile, imagine how the true ending could have been like, if only a talented writer had been hired to do so.

    Sorry, but my two stars go for thanking the fact that they probably won't make a sequel out of this one. At least I hope so.

    What a pity and what a shame. It had started so well, only to land in the trash-bin.

    Not even the honest attempts made by Ian McKellen to bring back the deviousness of Magneto served the purpose, and when such an actor, of his caliber, cannot save a movie of this kind, than there is something very, very wrong with it.

    Sorry guys, to disappoint you with my comments, but this is what I truly feel.

    The transfer on DVD is well made, both in picture and sound quality and even sports a DTS option, which due to the abismal quality of the movie itself, is no big gift either.

    Better stick to "X-Men" and "X2 - X-Men United", it is money better spent....more info
  • Something weird with this blu-ray version
    Now I am a fan of the X-Men movies. And this is a review of the BLU-RAY technology of this film and not so much the story line of the film itself. I actually own them on standard DVD, so I recently saw XMen-The Last Stand on blu-ray on an 1080p TV and I can tell you that blu-ray in 1080p will enhance tiny flaws and make them obvious. I notice this with other movies of this type (F4RSS - Fantasic Four Rise...) and the digital effects are so noticeable that they look fake. In the XMen, when Magneto moves the golden gate bridge it didn't look convincing. The actors look like actors on a stage and the bridge look fake, the cars sliding on the bridge looks as if they were being pulled by wires and I think I know why. Because the scene looks so clean that it didn't look like it was actually taking place outside, but rather inside of a computer. Now don't get me wrong, I love blu-ray and it works great for some films, but in this movie, things look so disconnected. Now on the otherhand when I reduced the resolution to 1080i, it looked remarkably more real. But at 1080p on a 50" plasma, 47" LCD and a 65" plasma, it looks like XMEN the Play instead of Xmen the movie. Xmen series is a good series and I would still recommend you buy it on blu-ray if you enjoy the series, its just that I wanted to talk about the higher resolution issue that, for me at least, seem to crop up with movies that has a lot of CGI shots....more info
  • Weak movie, bad TiVo "unbox" download
    We downloaded this to try out the new "Amazon Unbox" service for TiVo owners. The 105-minute movie took about 5 hours to download over DSL. The video quality was pretty awful -- any horizontal panning flickered badly, and there was a lot of that here. Relatively still scenes were fine.

    Other reviewers have explained the movie's faults pretty well. It had the fanciest special effects of any in the series, but little of the charm. Easily my least favorite of the X-Men movies....more info
  • Abysmally bad
    This is by far one of the worst movies I've ever seen. You watch it expecting to see the XMen do something cool - something fitting with the plot and characters set up in the first two movies. Instead, you're abused by a three hour long foray into bad acting, horrible dialogue, and the quick and pathetic destruction of just about everything that made the first two movies great. Do yourself a favor and forget this movie ever happened. I gave this movie 1 star because 0 stars wasn't an option. I'd say it was the worst movie ever, but I already gave Matrix Revolutions that distinction, so let's say this is the second worst ever, or the worst movie to end a trilogy after an amazingly good first two films....more info