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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
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Product Description

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom sets the standard for next-gen action RPGs. It delivers an immersive fantasy experience through high-definition graphics, a dramatic storyline, and action-packed battles filled with heart-pounding combat. Brilliant visual effects create fantastic magical spells. Visceral action and RPG combat - Take complete control of every battle by using chained melee attacks, or an array of spells and special abilities Co-op and Internet modes - Adventure alone or with friends, with full multiplayer support

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom sets the standard for next-gen RPGs through never-before-seen graphics delivered in true high-definition and all-new action-RPG combat featuring physics-based gameplay. Immerse yourself in a truly epic fantasy adventure that comes to life through engaging storylines and action-packed battles filled with heart-pounding combat, magical spells and brilliant SFX. Experience cinematic storytelling and in-depth character progression as a hero in a fantastic world of beauty, terror and betrayal, where only you can end the long standing oppression of a tyrannical king. Collect and equip thousands of weapons, armor, and items along your journey as you slay the hordes of monsters which inhabit the magical worlds from which they come. In addition, Dark Kingdom will feature online gameplay and expanded online game options through the PlayStation 3's online service. Prepare to experience the next generation of console gaming. Prepare to experience Dark Kingdom. The truth lies in darkness on PlayStation 3.

Co-op RPG action in glorious high definition.

Cast spells as a mage for powerful damage. View larger.

Enemies often attack in groups. View larger.

The evil King suspects your aware of his plans. View larger.

Join a friend online for co-op questing. View larger.

A warrior's rite
You are members of the Dragon's Shade, an elite squad of mystical warriors with the ability to absorb power from those you defeat. Although you have loyally served King Halaskar, you have reason to believe he is being corrupted by ultimate dark forces. Sensing your distrust, Halaskar sends you off to quell an uprising in the barbaric borderlands. However, upon your return home, to your utter amazement, you find the land of Dureth a horribly changed place.

Greater sources reveal to you that it is very possibly your own king who is responsible for brutally torturing and mindlessly killing many of the innocent people whom you were once sworn to protect. In order to save your Kingdom and restore peace and order to the lands, you and you comrades agree that the only solution is to assassinate the king.

On your journey, get ready to explore mystical lands drenched with deceit and betrayal as you venture to save your people. Teleport to the first site of anguish, the Sunken Cathedral located in a flooded portion of the city where the king's sorcerers have animated the long-drowned people to keep them in eternal pain. Or battle your way through The Kiln, a terrifying place where Halaskar relentlessly burns citizens alive to further fuel his power. Race to The Grinder: a gigantic machine that mixes unwilling slaves with blades and saws and save Dureth before it is too late.

The future of your Kingdom lies in your hands...

Opportunity knocks
Encounter numerous foes on your quest and defeat them with skills beyond your wildest imagination. Encounter the following four characters as you attempt to put an end to Halaskar's madness:

Warrior- The awesome might of his steel-clad fists leave a trail of shattered bodies in his path. His magical abilities mirror his physical strength. This includes rippling shockwaves, controlled blasts of force, and other earthshaking attacks.

Scout- Using shadow magic, poisonous attacks, and vicious direct assaults, the Scout is a fierce close-quarters combatant. Her agility and skill with bladed weapons giver her an almost snake-like appearance as she weaves through throngs of enemies.

Mage- The Mage wields a staff in addition to his mastery of arcane elements. The Mage's basic attacks are weaker than the other classes but he makes up for it with his commanding power over the elements of fire and ice.

King- Halaskar is a man driven by the pursuit of power an security. When Halaskar assumed the throne, he vowed to secure the Kingdom of Dureth from al aggressors once and for all. Yet as the years passed, the kingdom descended deeper and deeper into an era of war and suffering. Today, rumors whisper of great atrocities against the people of Dureth...atrocities committed by monsters bearing the King's orders.

Not only does Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom feature rich next-generation visuals and engaging combat, but it also offers players a unique multiplayer online co-op mode. Take on Halaskar yourself or ask a friend to join you on your quest. Either way, the Kingdom hangs in the balance, and a world looks your way for help.

  • Experience next-gen graphics in true high-definition formats - Watch as the fantasy unfolds through vibrant environments, beautifully rendered characters, highly-detailed creatures, and intense battles
  • Unique physics-based game mechanics let you tear through environments and defeat enemies in exciting ways - Knock enemies against walls and watch them tumble to the ground
  • Smash through crates, pillars and rocks to clear a way through the environment -- or grab creatures and use them as living, unwilling weapons
  • Immerse yourself in an intriguing storyline, as you seek to end an evil king's reign of oppression that he has forced upon your fellow citizens
  • Choose from three unique heroes and enjoy their in-depth character progression - Unlock new spells and abilities, collect and equip unique armor & weapons, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
    Like many other PS3 launches, this game is below par. Firstly, the CGI storyline portion of the game was minimal. It's really dissapointing and less rewarding when you finish off levels and expect to be rewarded with a cool cut scene but faced with below par graphics. I really think the makers of this game (I believe it was Sony) rushed it to be among the few launch title of the PS3.

    Speaking of graphics, the camera angle of the game was terrible. It's annoying when you fall of certain areas of the game because the camera was not aligned properly. You have three characters to choose from but really they are all similiar. Furthermore, the different characters do not have their own story line. The game was just about hacking and slashing endlessly. The ending totally blew it for me. It left me with that unsatisfied feeling. While some might like it, I absolutely hated it. I won't say much to spoil things.

    Not all are bad though. I did enjoy some of the spells.

    In conclusion, save your money and give this a miss (if you read many other reviews, they do say the same thing). It's time these game developers realize that they play an important role in making good fun and enjoyable games using the engine these new generation consoles provide. I'm tired of wasting money on games like this. If you want a better RPG game, go for the Marvel Ultimate Legends..seriously. The storyline was better. The game experience was better too. ...more info
  • A lot of fun
    Graphics are very good for this game, as well is the sound. This game is good fun especially when playing with 2+ people. You can play with 1 other person on the same system or more if you play online. I played this game by myself, with a friend, and online with 3 others. Playing alone can be tedious and tiresome. If I were to rate this game on solo alone, I would give it 2 stars. However, this game, (like many others), really shine in multiplayer mode.
    My gripes for this game are really quite minor:
    1-Each piece of armor does not have a unique graphic.
    2-There are no new weapons that are obtainable...sure you can add orbs to your weapon to give it a different look...but that's not quite the same.
    3-There are only 3 jobs to choose from...even Gauntlet, (from 20 years ago), had 4 choices.
    If this is preview of the quality of PS3 games to come, we are in for a treat....more info
  • Feels rushed
    This is an mediocre and disappointing title. I'm a big fan of co-op play with the Baulder's Gate and Champions of Norrath series...this game is in that hack-n-slash, half-RPG and half-adventure game mode, but it leaves alot to be desired for a "next-gen" game.

    The game feels like it was originally designed for PS2 and at some point in production was deemed to be needed as a PS3 launch title. At the very least, its feels like it was rushed to launch either way. The graphics aren't bad, but in many parts on polished....some elements even look like they belong on PS2, which isn't good. But I could live with that if the gameplay was near the Baulder's or Champions level. It isn't. It is competent as a hack n' slash, but something is missing. Again, this isn't a bad game, just mediocre.

    With co-op play, the game also has camera issues. Background elements like trees get in the way of seeing what is going on, and sometimes the camera doesn't follow well and you can get misdirected from the important acttion. It feels like the entire game was designed for a 1 player mode, where these issues largely cease to exist as the game is behind your character and lock to him/her. That is a problem as many who buy games like this do so to have a great multiplayer experience with friends.

    I'm not upset that I bought this game, I just wished I had waited a while and bought it used. If you are a Baulder's/Champion fan or like hack n' slash RPGs, give this game a try after its used price drops below the $30 range. But don't get your hopes too high....more info
  • One day of my life gone :(
    My issue is less with the RPG aspects - or lack thereof - in this game. Maybe it's a problem with the Playstation controller or maybe it's me, but even after ten hours of playing I found it difficult to control and move the character around. The camera control leaves much to be desired as well: sometimes the perspective changes at the most inopportune moment.

    At several points in the game you have to pick up and throw stuff at objects or even bosses, which I found very difficult because of the over-sensitive controls and the lack of a scope or any sort of targetting device or target zoom & lock.

    On the positive side, the storyline is easy to follow even for a hapless PS3 novice like me. You don't get stuck somewhere because you neglected to pick up an item two levels prior (or have to backtrack to get it). I played the scout and liked her combat moves, although you don't seem to have to aim at any particular opponent; you just, well, hack and slash away at it. The graphics were kinda cute and the sewers the brightest, cleanest I've ever seen!

    Last but not least: I don't want to spoil anyone's fun, but let me tell you that you will absolutely need acid-resistant boots. Best buy them before you enter the Silver Cathedral......more info
  • Fun Coop!
    This game is great for 2 friends who loved the balders gate dark alliance series. lots of different powers and cool attacts with great graphics. sure its got some glitches but most games do! overall real fun hack and slash style game. its so cheap just pick it up!...more info
  • Rala for President!!!!!!!!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this game. In fact, it is the first PS3 game that I have completely finished. Since I don't generally play RPGs, I can't compare it to Baldur's Gate, etc. But why waste your time comparing Dark Kingdom to PS2 games? This game, along with Resistance, and Ridge Racer, is an exciting introduction to the wonderful world of PS3. Here are two good reasons to buy it: stunning graphics and fun fighting. Hack-n-Slash has never been so beautiful!!! Going back to PS2 games after playing this is downright painful. Perhaps some of the previous reviewers should develop their character's magic powers a bit more; I really don't spend much time "hacking."

    But yes, the storyline is a bit thin, the cut scenes are rudimentary, and camera angles are sometimes awkward. No doubt, the PS3 will someday have a ground-breaking RPG, but for now, Untold Legends: Dark Kindgom is a ton of fun.
    ...more info
  • Again
    Alright I wrote a review on it the first day I got it. Now that ive played it over a week its time to review it again.

    Now the offline play to me feels lonesome and not fun without players. Then when you get online you find a farely small group of people on at anytime. This makes finding people really hard. Now the thing that sucks is its better to start a new story with people online so as you progress with them you can save your game for offline play ( and play any of the characters that were saved when you saved it ) or if you host it later. Now the big difficulty in this is you need a good friend to stay in the game with you. You find TONS of people who are sucha baby and leave just because they die a few times. So when people keep leaving your basecly playing alone throughout the game while people come and go. So guess what that means? it means if you don't have another character that played on it and saved on it for others to join and use to play with you then they have to start as lvl 1, making them die easier, not doing enough damage, and when more are playing the enemies get harder to kill. So basecly forget about playing with anyone in any mission lvls past the first 2 because it just makes it harder for you when there starting new.

    Considering there is only 3 classes it gets boring VERY quick. As i said before the only diverse class ive found is the mage class and still agree with it. the other 2 is hack and slash and really lame. So give it about a week and your done with this game online and offline. I still recommend it as it is really entertaining at first and definetly recommend it if you have a good friend to play with so you know they wont be leaving and you can actually finish the game online.

    Anyway its alright, im looking forward to the next one when theres more then 3 freekin classes....more info
  • A fun little co-op mode hack n slash
    Co-op mode RPG games in 3d person view aren't all that easy to find, and my wife and I have played most of them scores of times over. Dark Kingdom co-op mode thankfully isn't some nauseating split screen FPS. It is a straight forward linear hack and slash grab stuff get more powerful grab more stuff & etc, and a pretty good example of the genre, well worth the discounted price. It looks great projected on a 101 inch screen, with the landscape for the most part beautifully done, but along with a few camera angles obscuring the action, you often wish you could see just a little bit farther ahead. As noted by another reviewer most of the monsters look the same, and there is one particularly difficult boss that is rendered in a downright cheesy manner. This isn't Champions, or Baldurs Gate, or Hunter, or even D&D Heroes; but it does fill a need for good clean co-op fun. Both my wife and I enjoyed it despite its limitations, and found it a bonus since our PS3 was bought primarily to be used as a Blu-ray player. Legends won't satisfy the single player who is looking for a Morrowind or Oblivion, but I can highly recommend it to folks who like to play together, not against each other, in the god's-eye view style. One hint: even experienced players may want to start with easy mode....more info
  • If you're looking for champions upgrade for PS3, this is it
    I spent some time trying to find champions/return to arms for the PS3, so I will come right to the point: this is it.

    Coded by the same team, in essentially the same format, this is the answer for champions fans who've upgraded to BluRay. If you want the 2 players on a screen co-op from the PS2, you will find it and better graphics and monsters here. If you were addicted before, it will probably follow you here....more info
  • seen it, done it
    Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is one of those games that doesn't have an inch of originality ANYWHERE. It's simply a game where you walk around slashing everything in sight. Of course, that alone is only a small bit of the problem. The main thing that makes this such a forgettable game is how the controls have a habit of not doing what you want them to do, which means, if a bunch of enemies are attacking you, good luck trying to defeat all of them. The controls aren't responsive and the whole game feels rushed. You might want to avoid this one....more info
  • Here it goes
    Well considering I have just goten the game the day I wrote this I won't be going into too much detail.

    First off lets start with the gameplay
    Its basecly pressing 2 buttons the entire way through constantly. Yes HACK n SLASH your way through this game.
    Now its EXTREMELY lame without online play. Even with online play it gets quite boring. The only problem with online play is if the connection drops say goodbye to the progress youve goten.
    It happened to me and I couldn't figure out anyway to get back and play my same character online. ( I don't even think it works offline either! ) It just saves the hosts character so when you load it you load the hosts character which is really stupid. I see no point in playing online when theres no way your going to find people to stick on the entire way through the game. Maybe you can someone start from the point but ive tried it and so far no good. Unless you want to start over and be the host every level and hope people join so they can lose their progress too.

    The only diversity I found of the three characters you play ( warrior, scout, mage) is the mage. Considering you get pretty cool ownage spells and it makes it SLIGHTLY less hack n slash melee.

    Basecly your a frekin moron if you get this game without online play. And hopefully there is a way to start from your character on the online games without being a host but Im not sure yet.
    Anyway I give this 4 stars just because its an easy game to pick up and play as it really involves 2 buttons....more info
  • Awful game of this type....look for others less expensive and better
    This is not a good way to start up the PS3 with a hack n' slash Badlurs Gate style game. The game looks and feels like a PS2 game and the game mechanics and playability are lackluster.

    If you are new to this genre, look for the following games instead as they all will work on your PS3 and give you a little more enjoyment than what this game is worth. These games are each under [...]as compared to the robbery of [...].

    Baldurs Gate PS2
    Baldurs Gate II PS2
    Champions of Norrath
    Champions of Norrath Return to Arms...more info