NuNaturals NuStevia White Stevia Powder, 1000-Count Box
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $62.13

You Save: $7.86 (11%)


  • One box containing 1000 packets of stevia power (total of 1000 packets)
  • 100% natural ingredients, including plant-based extracts to enhance flavor
  • Natural sweetness without the bitterness
  • FOS and pesticide free; zero calories per serving; safe for diabetics
  • Dissolves instantly in hot or cold beverages

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product - but big price increase
    We have been using this product for over a year, and are completely sold on it. My husband has lost weight - over 20 lbs, & lowered his blood pressure by simply switching from Splenda to NuStevia for his coffee and tea. Any aches & pains I was starting to experience from what I thought was arthritis, along with being tired, etc., have disappeared. Getting chemicals out of your system - which means out of your muscles, joints and all cells - improves the body's functioning.

    We use this product only for sweetening; if not available - then I revert plan to good old sugar or honey. As an RN, I've done a lot of research on stevia vs. aspartame and Splenda (sucralose), and as of now anyway, I believe stevia is a very acceptable substitute for pure sugar. Stevia is a natural product - not a chemical derivation as are most artificial sweeteners. We are trying to eliminate chemicals and anything 'artificial' from our diet(which is not an easy task), due to how difficult it is for the liver to filter out all these things over the years.

    HOWEVER! The last time I purchased this particular item was in January 2009, and it was $37.80, as it was in all previous purchases. Why the big increase, Amazon? It's now $62.13. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I like to correct the idiot in one of the previous reviews. The nustevia package does say that it contains <1g of sugar. It actually saids it has 0% daily value of nutrients which any could see if they actually looked at the package. I have been using nustevia for over a year and found it be a great product. This is a great deal compared to buying from any retail store....more info
  • Good, but is the increasing cost worth it?
    This is a great product that I having been buying through Amazon for about 2+ years. I use it in everything. However, the cost keeps going up every time I buy it. My family has determined that in these tough economic times,this Stevia product is NOT worth the increasing costs. I will not be buying more....more info
  • Tried the no-cal version but this is way better
    Since discovering Stevia I have become a huge convert. I'm also very interested in the resistance to Stevia by the major artificial sweetener manufacturers (Nutrasweet/Splenda etc). So I've been trying every brand of Stevia I can. This is DEFINITELY the best tasting and most satisfying one. Before buying though, I read the review advising to avoid because of Maltodextrin. So, I went and bought the 1000 pack of the 'calorie-free' version. Big Mistake! It tastes like chemicals and was horrible. I sent it back and am getting this one, the one I loved from the beginning. Yes there is 1gram of carbs in this but it works! Tastes AMAZING, fully satisfying. All other Stevia (sweetleaf, NOW, Wholefoods brand and more) leaves a bitter aftertaste. Not this one. NuStevia you hit a home run with this one. Now to get everyone on board- it's SO much safer than all the artificial sweeteners! Just ask the Peruvian Natives (over 1000 years of use) or the Japanese (millions and millions over 30 years w/no problems!)...more info
    I save over 40% from store prices when I buy my Nu Stevia from Amazon. And, I don't have to spend gas to go get the product. If you are looking for an all natural alternative to sugar that does not raise blood sugar, this is it! Worth every penny compared to the cost of my health!...more info
  • Great product, awesome deal!!
    Love nuStevia and love this 1000 packets for $40 deal even more! Will continue to buy from here though it does take quite a while to use 1000 packets. nuStevia has none of the bitterness other Stevia products have; it's sweet like sugar but more concentrated. My doctor recommended it in place of artificial sweeteners like Splenda, etc. and I've been very happy with the product and this deal! ...more info
    I brought this stuff thinking it was Pure Stevia. If I had wanted Stevia mixed with sugar I would have searched for stevia mixed with sugar. This garbage is being sold as Stevia when in fact it is NOT just stevia it is Stevia with Maltodextrin is not only a sugar but it usually is associated with MSG in its matabolism in your body. In short if you are looking to Stevia as a healthy alternative to sugar this crap is not it. This mess is just a lying sack of toxic garbage trading on the good healthy name of Stevia just to trick healthy conscious custsomers to buy sugary junk food. This product is a TRICK not a Treat and if you are a diabetic the trick is one that could cost your health. I wrote the FDA about the false marketing associated with this product of course the FDA is doing what it does best which is NOTHING!

    I WOULD NOT BE SO MAD EXCEPT I NEEDED A SUGAR SUBSTITUTE THAT MEANS, SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY FORM OF SUGAR. THE PACKAGE SAYS CLEARLY SAYS SUGARS = 0% The presence of Maltodextrin clearly shows the Sugars = 0 is a big fat lie. I do not say that this crap should not be sold. Clearly there might be a market for it. But it is marketed as White Stevia Powder which is a lie. In truth this crap is White Stevia powder and Maltodextrin a big difference. Where is the FDA here. Why is this company being allowed to lie about the sugars in their product. Maltodextrin is a sugar. Maltodextrin elevated my sugar count and as a diabetic person I do not care for garbage that proclaims itself "White Stevia Powder" Without indicating clearly that it also contains a version of sugar!

    This is a lying sack of garbage you need to avoid at all costs if you are a diabetic. This mess does nothing but shoot your glocose numbers into the heavens and beyond. I think its wrong that Amazon markets this crap as Stevia instead of Stevia with Maltodextrin....more info
  • Great Deal
    All natural product - tastes great in hot or cold drinks. Good deal for the 1000 pack....more info
  • NewStevia
    I ordered 1000 NewStevia and got them a few days later.They cost me only less then 4 cents a pack and are the best of all artif. sugars....more info
  • Best Option Among Sweeteners
    Because of health concerns over both sugar and artificial sweeteners, I had tried to like stevia many times, trying several different brands. But I just couldn't get past the licorice-like taste it always had. So I was skeptical when a friend offered me NuStevia, sure that I was about to ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee. To my surprise, it was wonderful. None of that licorice taste and no aftertaste to get used to. I immediately ordered a supply and have been using it ever since. ...more info
  • 5 star taste, 1 star on blood sugar :(
    I do not have Diabetes, but I do monitor my blood sugar with a high end One Touch Ultrasmart glucose monitor. I can verify unwanted spikes in my blood sugar using this product. This is very dangerous to those who are watching sugar intake. I think a person should choose and use wisely. I love the taste, but am shocked at how high of a spike I get to my blood sugar after 1 cup or tea or coffee with an avg of 1.5 packs.

    I'm cutting down to 1 pack max. I have been very anti-artificial sweetener lately because of false claims and side affects. I think I am going to stick with Splenda.

    Please be careful using any artificial sweeteners, especially those not approved by the FDA....more info
  • Excellent Product!
    I was hesitant to purchase this product because of previous reviews, but being unhappy with the taste of my "blue packet" stevia, I gave NuStevia a try. I am so glad I did. I had been using 3 packets of the "blue" packet stevia (yes, I have a sweet tooth, or better yet fang) in a large mug of tea. The NuStevia has a wonderful taste and I use half the amount, only one and a half packets per large mug. When I received the box, I did notice an unusual oder and feared I'd made a mistake, but there is absolutely no off taste to it at all. I think it wise to try the smaller, boxed quantity first to make sure your taste and mine are on the same page, but I love this stevia, and feel it is the very best I've tried. I don't think we'll get better than this....more info
  • bad taste
    very little stevia mixed with lots of garbage. your blood sugar goes up and your coffee has a bad taste! sweet and low much better @ 1/4 the price! my purchase now sleeps with the fishes
    ...more info
  • I love NuStevia
    I've been using NuStevia for a couple of years now and I really like the product. It has a really nice sweet taste without the nasty chemical after taste that other articicial sweeteners have. I'll use NuStevia forever....more info
  • Great Deal!
    I had purchased 100 packets from a local health food store for $9.99 and when I found this deal - WOW! We switched from Splenda to Stevia and NuNaturals is the way to go. We use it often in our coffee and are very satisfied with it. Hope to find another good deal like this one when we run out - which may be awhile given it is 1000 packets!...more info