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QuickBooks Customer Manager 2.5
List Price: $79.95

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Product Description

Customer Manager helps small businesses deliver the right level of service, with less stress. Find customer details fast, provide great service to your customers -- and do it all simply.

QuickBooks Customer Manager 2.5 is the easiest way to provide your customers with great service. It consolidates key customer information from applications such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express in one place and on one screen. All the information you need to service your customers is now at your fingertips.

Consolidate all your key customer information from QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook Express in one place. View larger. View product demo (requires Flash).

Summarize all the key customer information you need in one place. View larger.

Share appointments with Microsoft Outlook Calendar. View larger.

Link files, e-mails, pictures or almost anything that relates to a customer or project. View larger.

Easily send personalized communications to a few or a few hundred customers. View larger.
Consolidate Key Customer Information
With QuickBooks Customer Manager 2.5, all the information you need to keep close tabs on your customers are at your fingertips. Whether it's the name and contact information you keep in Outlook or Outlook Express, the appointments you track in Outlook, or the financials such as invoices and balances that you track through QuickBooks, it can all be merged into one easy-to-access location. And with advance customization features, Customer Manager lets you determine the exact information you want synchronized. In other words, it's you're in complete control.

To view a particular customer's QuickBooks financials, you can click on any QuickBooks item in the Recent History pane to jump to QuickBooks to see the actual transaction, whether it's an invoice, payment record, purchase order or check. You can also link directly to your customer's QuickBooks QuickReport. If you use Outlook to manage your calendar, simple click "New Appointment" and Customer Manager will launch Outlook and open an appointment window. You can then create an appointment that will appear in both Outlook and Customer Manager. (If you don't use Outlook, you can use the calendar built-in to Customer Manager to keep track of your appointments. It's easy-to-use and looks similar to a spiral-bound calendar you may keep on your desk.) And finally, the Name Record screen is the nerve center of Customer Manager and summarizes all the key customer information you need in one place. You can see details such as phone numbers, files, projects, appointments, and financial transactions -- all at one quick glance. You can access them in one click.

Among the many panes and action buttons that Customer Manager offers are customer profile, which includes the customer address, phone numbers, contacts, e-mail address, web site and more; recent history, which shows a chronological history of communications, appointments, QuickBooks financial transactions, and related notes and documents; and notes, which allows you to enter details of phone calls and general notes, such as directions to the customer's office, while you're talking with the customer on the phone, and much more.

You can even link files, e-mails, pictures --just about anything that relates to a customer or project -- into one place, regardless of which application it came from. So you can quickly view appointments and e-mails with attachments intact, as well as letters, faxes, logos, artwork, PDF files, spreadsheets, and more. It's easy to drag multiple e-mails at one time, and enter to-do reminders and notes from a phone call or project, and schedule events right in Customer Manager.

Thousands of Details, One Screen
An advanced Project Record feature lets you stay on top of everything related to a project on a single screen. You can use this feature to track all the details related to a project, including contacts, suppliers, vendors and files such as spreadsheets, images, or project plans, as well as set pop-up alerts to remind you of important tasks and appointments, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

But even with all these consolidation features, Customer Manager still lets you keep in close, personal touch with your customers. With it you can easily send personalized messages to a few, or a few hundred, customers. With merge features that let you create Microsoft Word letter templates, you can use your customer information to create letters and labels for quick, cost-effective mailings to any number of your customers.

Easy to Set-up and Use
If you're familiar with QuickBooks financial software, learning how to use Customer Manager will be a breeze because it looks and works just like your financial software. The desktop looks like a browser, and you navigate with one click on the icons, toolbars and links. In fact, even if you are not familiar with QuickBooks, if you're like most people, you can install the software and run through the easy-to-navigate setup and be up and running in about 30 minutes. It's the best steps you'll take to keep your customers and their valuable information in close track.

  • Organize what you need to know about any customer, all on one screen
  • Pulls latest customer information from QuickBooks, Outlook or Outlook Express; keeps information uniform and up to date
  • Communicate with customers efficiently; send personalized e-mails or letters and create new mailing labels
  • Manage project quickly and easily; view appointments, e-mails, letters, faxes, spreadsheets, and more on one screen
  • Simple to learn and use; set-up wizards get you up and running in 30 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Quickbooks tech help
    After installing my QB for Mac, it began asking for me to register. To do this you must call Intuit's customer service line to obtain your registration#. When I called, the service reps spoke very bad English and were barely understandable. They gave me a registration# that didn't work, then tried to sell me tech support for a mere $39.00 a month. When I asked to speak to a manager I was left on hold twice for nearly an hour. They then told me to call a tech support # which was a recording and totally useless. The software does not come w/instructions so this forces you to buy a manual or purchase their tech support. What a fleecing of the customer this is. Absolutely non-existent customer service or help of any kind. I would highly recommend purchasing another small business software as Intuit is misleading for customers at $200+for the disc. BUYER BEWARE!!!!...more info
  • Is it really working?
    This can be a good product for a small company - when and if you can start it!
    The major problem is that it is very often very difficult to start. The program takes forever to start and usually freezes.
    Checking on the QB Forum, it seems that I am not alone. Intuit doesn't seem to answer the `why'question either.
    Since I am using a standard machine, one year old, with a lot of memory, I will say that it is time to use the remove button, eat the loss and buy something else.
    ...more info
  • Great for Small Business
    If you have a small business, this is the tool for you. We simply needed to keep track of our customers. Name, address, phone number, date of birth, place of employment, and type of products we have sold to them. You can put them in catagories, you can print labels, and import from your other Quickbooks programs..if you use them. Very simple and easy to use. Great search feature too. This is just a basic way to keep track of your customers on the computer. Nothing fancy no bells and whistles. Basics that work. ...more info
  • Badly implemented software / Badly needed software
    Perhaps for a single user environment this may be good enough software. However, as soon as you add more users the synchronization process is awful. First you need to synchronize with Quickbooks, and then synchronize with the "depot" (i.e. other Customer Manager users). Many times data is garbled or duplicated during the synchronization process. We spend sometimes hours cleaning up the garbled/duplicated data. Why wouldn't Intuit integrate the Customer Manager program completely into Quickbooks and make it a truly multi-user program?

    Another annoying problem: Users can only view e-mails that they saved into a Customer or Project folder if those were saved by themselves. That is, the program does not save the data into the database but rather save a link to the Outlook program of the user. One user cannot view e-mails saved by another users.
    ...more info
  • Nice Product for Small Business
    This is a reasonably priced solution for small business to track customers and integrates well with Quick Books and Outlook/MS Office. I'd prefer an option to use other email clients (such as Mozilla)or I'd give it five stars. I'm able to see my appointments and balances for a given client with a glance and can instantly create a new financial transaction from within Customer Manager. You can download a demo from Intuit for 30 days- check it out before you buy. I'm a one person business so for my situation it's perfect....more info
  • customer manager review
    I love intuit products, but I was extremly disapointed in this product. The only reason I didnt return this product is because it syncs with my quickbooks. ...more info
  • No network support
    We received this and even reading the box it was not clear if it really supported networking. We called Intuit, finally, before installing (Intuit won't accept a return once their products are installed - you can't 'give back' the license as you can with adobe software, so no one else can ever license it either, but that's a separate annoyance). To our shock there is no way to share data files on a network. This makes the product useless in our case, or by anyone with more than one user. We returned it unopened for a refund. Intuit did make some vague statement that they were working on a better version. We hope so... as is, it's not ready for us to use....more info
  • Crashes all the time!
    I really enjoy this product and really helps my business.
    However, the software continuously crashes at least 3 times a day.

    If you are to buy this software, be sure make continuous backups and then save the backup somewhere safe!...more info
  • great product for my needs
    This product is exactly what I have needed. It is a smoothly functioning "grand central" for all the documents, Emails, financial information, addresses, etc. connected with all my projects. It works as advertised. It automatically saves entries when they are entered so I have not experienced data loss. The learning curve is easy. By the second day I had it doing everything I needed it to do.

    It does this by creating hyperlinks with the information you enter. Do you need to access an Email, or invoice, or document? Just click and it is there. Talk about fast and efficient.

    On top of all that, it integrates and sychronizes with Quickbooks Pro and Outlook, and it has a very pleasant interface. I couldn't have asked for more. I'm one of these people who is always looking for the best product to do the job. For me, this is it....more info
  • I thought 2.0 was bad
    I have used this upgrade for about four months now. The biggest piece of junk ever. I had 2.0 and had problems. The customer service person talked me into upgrading to 2.5. Now my databases in both Quickbooks and customer manager are all messed up. They combine random people together or totally change a group of customers to list them by first name. How great when you have 25 Johns, etc. I use the calender for contacting customers when they are due for service. It has messed this up so bad that I am constantly missing names on my list and it tells me a customer is due for service when it isn't. At least with 2.0 it kept things more organized. I wish I would have stuck with that, and it was bad enough. It just gets worse with time....more info
  • Doesn't Work
    Bought the product, installed the product,the program will not load. Called customer service, they said they don't know what's wrong, but would research the problem and call me back. That was two weeks ago. NO word from them. The product may work fine in most computers, but their customer service is not....more info
  • Supports 96 DPI only
    This product might have received a better review if I could have gotten
    past the online registration screen.

    I couldn't, because it only supports one monitor resolution (96 DPI), which doesn't match my monitor capability. Intuit is aware of this bug, but has no fix for it.

    In my 20-odd years of doing software technical support, we had a name for this type of bug, and it was "showstopper". Reputable companies fixed these bugs before releasing product to customers.

    It's interesting to note that Quickbooks itself doesn't suffer from this problem, indicating that Intuit knows how to support multiple resolutions, but, for some reason refuses to do it in Customer Manager.


    Intuit has refunded the purchase price of this product. If and when they fix this bug,
    we'll consider applying the refund toward the updated version....more info
  • Found a fix for the slooooowness and crashes
    This program is very basic (limited reporting functionality, can't delete or change more than 1 record at a time, etc), but it's simplicity is a positive thing for me since I can fly through sales calls, record them and set times for new ones quicker than with Outlook. The central location of customer information and history of activity is straight forward and helpful.

    I liked this program until it started to stall for up to 2 minutes when I opened it, and then would periodically freeze for no reason (at least, a reason unknown to me). It also made Outlook run painfully slow. Ok - to the point - I believe I have fixed that problem on my computer. After the fix described below, our Sales Manager and I haven't had any more of these problems. And now I love the program. So here is what I did:

    I separated the database files from the program files and stored them in the following locations:

    I installed the program as normal on my C drive (I wasn't successful using other partitioned drives) in this location:

    C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks Customer Manager

    I then moved the database files to the following location:

    C:\Documents and Settings\joesmith\Local Settings\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Customer Manager\2.5

    So inside my 2.5 folder, the database files I move consisted of:

    The Backup folder (I believe this will be created once you use Customer Manager the first time, and it will get created in the folder where you database is stored)
    The Templates folder
    The database file(this has the file extension .qcm).

    If you can't find the .qcm database file, you may have to run Customer Manager first to create one.

    I'm on Windows XP.

    (Just a note for anyone who needs it: the "joesmith" part of of the path above will be different for you - it will be whatever the title is for that user's folder)

    I hope this solution may work for some others.

    ...more info
  • This software is HORRIBLE
    I am in amazement that anyone could write a review AT ALL with anything positive to say about this product.

    It MIGHT be decent software if you never try to synchronize it with QBooks or Outlook. But, that is what I needed, that is what they advertise, so I bought it. What a horrifying experience. If you look on-line (do a search for slow customer manager) you will see that there is no real fix. People with gigantic, powerful computers are brought to their knees with the slowness of this memory and processing hog. Try to drag and drop a piece of data, or attach an email to a customer's file, and you might as well go make coffee. Actually, you have enough time to fly to Brazil to pick your own beans.

    Intuit support is only going to tell you that it is one of the "other files" that is corrupt, like your QuickBooks file - OH, don't have support on THAT product, well, you need to pay for this phone call. Never mind that the only program on your computer that doesn't work is Customer Manager. It hoses up EVERYTHING.

    Intuit should be ashamed of this product and to be sure, as so many have said before me, it should be integrated into QuickBooks as a one piece solution.

    By the way, the functionality of project tracking and linking data, emails and appointments, employees to their companies (contact association), & things of that sort are almost acceptable but the two huge problems are slowness, (beyond belief) and data transfers. Linking and finding data fields aren't even compatable with Quickbooks meaning, type in an address in QB and you won't be able to find it in QBCM, you'll have to type it again.

    Do yourself a favor, use paper and pencil, it is faster and more efficient that QBCM. STAY AWAY!

    I am editing to say, I am no computer idiot...I bought the software and spent 2 months trying to make it run right. It works with their stupid little sample database but when you sync a perfect QB database to it, and a perfect Outlook DB to it, adios amigo, you just bought a nightmare that simply WILL NOT END until you toss this in the trash.

    I sent mine back to Intuit (after speaking to "tech support") for a refund. I am sorry I wasted so much time. If you are serious, this software ISN'T....more info
  • Be careful - Serious display DPI resolution issue
    I have used, or should say TRIED to use, this product though version 1.x, 2.x and now 2.5. When it works it is very useful. My trial of version 2.5 went very well so I purchased the upgrade. The day my purchased version was on the UPS truck I moved the balance of my customer data into the trial version. I went to look at the "Names" tab and had a big red "X" across the screen. Several calls to tech support later I found that the computer screen font resolution - actually the "DPI" setting **MUST** be 96 DPI or the software will corrupt the database. I have a high end notebook with a screen resolution of 1680x1050 and my DPI setting was set to 120 so the fonts and icons were more readable. I have about 60 programs running on the same computer that run fine at 120 DPI and there is NO REASON WHY I SHOULD HAVE TO CHANGE IT TO FIT THE SOFTWARE.

    The result >> The database I had been loading and working with for about 25 days AND the balance of it I had just put it were trashed! It took me over 6 hours to reload, resysnc and cleanup the data in Outlook, QuickBooks and Customer Manager. Even after that Customer Manager stills trys to push what it thinks is customer info that it got from Outlook into QuickBooks - even though there is nothing in the records that would indicate it is customer data (no groups or categories even remotely flagged as "customer".)

    One thing that should make you suspicious is that when you call QuickBooks tech support option >>> #1 <<< is for Customer manager support!

    So... If you can get this SW to work for you it can be quite useful - even with all the *&%^ above I am going to try it one last time. Its amazing how a company who makes such good accounting software can still be putting out this SW with so many quirks in it.

    Beware and Be careful if you use this software! ...more info
  • Almost a 5 star product.
    Customer manager is great for organizing your clients. Like it cause you can create notes and history files about each client, schedules, has a calender built in, syncs great with Quickbooks Pro. The merge contact features is also helpful. Managing client data couldn't be easier. Only draw back is we would like it to start up faster or have a smaller footprint on the system. So we could quickly add something without the whole program starting up. Maybe its wishful thinking. Overall a great product....more info
  • Shockingly Bad-Stay Away
    I spent several years with the predecessor to this program only to have my database totally corrupted with no fix. Even when it works, it is painfully slow and crashes frequently. I tried the new version since I now have Vista. It is no better. Although it promises to work with Outlook, it apparently doesn't work with Microsoft Outlook Exchange. Every time I try to sync it just crashes. There is no customer support unless you are willing to pay their ridiculous prices. I've got seven years of data in there but I am ready to abandon it and re-enter the data in another program. Stay away. Intuit should be ashamed of themselves....more info