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Sportline Solo 920W Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch
List Price: $74.99

Our Price: $43.00

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Product Description

The Sportline Solo 920 gives you EKG accurate heart rate feedback whether you're standing still or in full stride. No need for awkward chest belts and multiple button sensors that only slow you down. With patented One-Touch Technology, your heart rate is measured with a single touch allowing you to stay focused on your next rep, lap or whatever lies ahead. The Sportline Solo 920 will also calculate your target heart rate zone and count your calories burned to guide you to the optimum workout.

Easily measure your intensity level whether standing still or running in full stride with the Solo 920W women's heart rate watch. Boasting Sportline's patented One-Touch technology, the watch responds to a single touch of the finger to deliver accurate EKG heart readings, so you can stay focused on your next lap, rep, or whatever else lies ahead. The Solo 920W also calculates your target heart rate zone and counts your calories burned, helping you design the optimum workout. And best of all, the Solo 920W doesn't require an uncomfortable chest belt, nor do you have to stand still to measure your pulse. Easy to use, accurate, and responsive, the Solo 920W lets you cruise at your own speed with no strings (or anything else) attached. Other details include a built-in chronograph, 12- and 24-hour time settings, a large digital backlit display, an alarm, a countdown timer, a calendar, and an hourly chime. Water-resistant to 50 meters, the Solo 920W is backed by a one-year warranty.

  • Patented one touch technology
  • Ekg accurate heart rate reading
  • No chest band required
  • Programs target heart rate zones
  • Smaller version for women

Customer Reviews:

  • First try--didn't work
    I was very disappointed in this product. I was trying it out before going for a walk. The very first time I pressed the button to take a reading, all the displays died. I took it by the battery shop, thinking that a new battery might revive it. The shop couldn't get the back off to remove the old battery. I ended up returning the watch....more info
  • I was sent old product that doesn't work correctly.
    When this watch arrived it didn't work. I had to spend $20.00 to put in a new battery. Inside the watch was a date sticker indicating that that battery was over two years old. Apparently, whoever sent the watch to me was trying to clear out old stock. And, .... not all of the functions work correctly. ...more info
  • Piece of junk
    I bought this watch for my wife for Christmas. Out of the box, it did not work. Amazon sent a replacement (quickly) - it TOO did not work. Finally, my wife called the company who then sent an upgraded replacement that worked. Evidentally they've had problems wth this unit. Don't waste your time or money....more info
  • Has stopped working already
    I bought this less than a month ago. Wore it a few times around the office at first to see how it worked. It worked well. Got very sick (& lazy!) & missed my workouts for a week or so. First time I tried to use the monitor within the last week while on my elliptical, it just died on me. I don't know if it came with bad batteries, or if something else is wrong with it. I was so disgusted I just tossed it aside and haven't had time to look at it again. I'm not sure I can recommend this one - but perhaps I just got a lemon. ...more info
  • Watch is Garbage!!
    I purchase the watch and pressed the light button. The display went blank and never came on again. I returned it for another watch and the same thing happened. I went to another store and purchased the watch thinking perhaps the stock was old at the other store. I opened the package and the watch display was fine, until I pressed the light button. The watch display never came on again. I wrote the manufacturer and was told to send the watch to them. After a month, they sent me a new watch. The display was visible for 2 hours, and I made the mistake of pressing the light button to see how it would illuminate in the dark. Well the display went blank and never came on again. I will return this fourth watch to the store for a full refund. What a piece of garbage!!...more info
  • It breaks; not reliable
    Over the past two years we've had FIVE of these watches. The functionality is great, and they worked fine at first. All but one of the five have failed after two weeks to three months of use. Sometimes they go blank, sometimes they just freeze and don't respond to the buttons. You can't rely on this product so I don't recommend it....more info
  • Amazing product for the price
    I looked into many brands and styles of watches without chest straps and this one was best by the reviews. They were all right.

    I have checked the pulse rate many times with other equipment in my medical office and it's 100% accurate. It was SO easy to program and has been effortless to use.

    Not a single complaint!...more info
  • Sportline Solo is a NO GO
    Ordered this item for my wife for Christmas. When she opened the gift it was totally dead. I submitted for a replacement with Amazon and it arrived dead as well. Needless to say we question how robust these watches really. We've never seen one work....more info
  • Dead on Arrival!
    Battery or circuit bad. Replacement of battery didn't help. Not worth the effort to return....more info
  • brand new watch doesn't work
    I received this heart rate watch for Christmas. I opened the package, pressed "mode" and the whole thing just died. The screen went completely blank. What a piece of junk. ...more info
  • Not operational
    When we opened the package to do the initial set-up the display remained blank, could not set any function. Turned over to see if there was a restrictor to be removed from the batttery and instead found one screw missing from the back. Opened to find the battery intact but still would not display. Upon reassemble a faint humming was heard that continued but yet still no display. Returned for full refund...more info
  • Did not work
    It actually worked better OFF my wrist than on. I had to press it several times to get a reading - it rarely worked. I ended up returning it....more info