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The IPCH8 was designed for applications where unobtrusive surveillance is needed. The 9'' injection-molded polycarbonate housing features a high-impact polycarbonate viewing window. A variety of camera sizes can be used, up to 8'' thanks to the unique camera sled that locks in place when the housing top is closed. As with all Videolarm housings, the unit will accept camera/lens combinations from a wide variety of manufacturers. A right-angle BNC connector is included with each unit to accommodate maximum camera lengths, including lens and cable, up to 8''. A spacer is also included to lift the camera if needed. All units come with the CWPM8 to be converted to ceiling mount in a matter of moments. The IPCH8 can be used in indoor or limited outdoor applications.

  • Sony: color 4 mm fixed lens (SSC-C104)
  • Easy flip-open access to camera and camera sled for easy service
  • Panasonic: color CCTV 4 mm fixed lens (WV-BP134; WV-CP234 and WV-CP454) and 3.5 to 8 mm varifocal lens
  • Camera/lens combinations are based on various cameras fitted with lenses as follows:
  • Compact size