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Product Description

The DXR-702 is a two-channel digital receiver with two isolated relay outputs designed for use with Linears DX Format transmitters. This receiver can be used in a variety of remote control applications. When the receiver detects a signal from a transmitter programmed into its memory, the appropriate relay output activates. The relays have four optional output configurations. When the relays are set to latch, the receiver outputs will follow the open/close door status sent from DXT-31 door/window transmitters.

  • DX data format
  • 700 ft. line-of-site (one quadrant with LN-DXT21 transmitter); 500 ft. line-of-site (four quadrant test)
  • RF activity indicator
  • Press and hold for 5 seconds after the last LED flash to delete all transmitters on an associated channel (learned transmitters and erase memory)
  • 32 transmitter capacity