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Canon PowerShot A630 8MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom
List Price: $329.99

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Product Description

The PowerShot A630 digital camera not only provides a stunning 8.0 megapixel resolution, but is packed with a full range of high-performance features previously found only on Canon's higher-end cameras. The result is an affordable camera that produces truly superior photography. The high resolution is complemented by a 4x optical zoom that brings the world up close, and you'll see it all clearly on the big, bright 2.5-inch Vari-Angle LCD monitor. There are 21 shooting modes that make photography easy, fun and creative, and they are joined by great functionality features such as expanded ISO settings that let you shoot in low light without blur. Shooting Modes - Auto; Creative - P, Av, Tv, M, C; Image - Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Special Scene (Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Underwater, Indoor, Kids & Pets, Night Snapshot, Color Accent, Color Swap), Stitch Assist, Movie Exposure Control - Program Auto Exposure (AE), Shutter Speed-Priority AE, Aperture-Priority AE, Manual Shutter Speed Range - 15-1/2500 sec. (settable in Tv and M) Sensitivity - High ISO Auto, ISO 80/100/200/400/800 equivalent Bright, 2.5 LCD viewing screen Automatic, multi-mode electronic-flash Direct connection to Canon CP and SELPHY Compact Photo Printers, PIXMA Photo Printers and PictBridge compatible printers via camera's USB 2.0 Hi-Speed cable Dimensions (WxHxD) - 4.31 x 2.60 x 1.93 in. / 109.4 x 66.0 x 49.0mm

  • 8-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints
  • 4x optical zoom; 2.5-inch vari-angle LCD display
  • ISO range up to ISO 800 for less blur in low light while hand-holding
  • 3:2 guide masks LCD to display 4 x 6-inch print size; 16:9 format option for still images
  • Stores images on SD cards; powered by 4 AA-size batteries

Customer Reviews:

  • Great camera
    I wanted this for a long time. It's a great camera with lots of features. The macro lense is WONDERFUL as is the zoom. It's easy to use and takes aa battery's to operate. I kind of wish it took a rechargable ion battery, but whatever. I recommend it for sure. ...more info
  • The only brand i trust.
    This camera does some amazing things. I love it. Not as sleek as the other cameras but i don't care. I'll take it with me where I can. I love the color accent features and takes great videos. Sometimes the format isn't compatible and can't upload to youtube but w/ a couple tries I get it. I love this camera. It was dropped a few times. I am determined to replace it w/ the exact same one. I've had it for a year and a half....more info
  • Good value, but garrish color by default
    For the price, this is a very good camera. My main gripe is (or was) the way the color is punched up. With the default setting, the saturation is outlandishly high. I paint in oils. When I used the camera to take pictures of my pictures, the portraits looked like people with bright red lipstick and clown dots on their cheeks. Sunny skies looked almost bright purple rather than cool blue. Eventually I discovered that there's a "neutral" setting that's not the default. It's much better, but still somewhat too saturated. I would recommend that if you want natural looking images, use the "neutral" setting and set the white balance manually rather than using one of the presets....more info
  • You'll want to order an upgraded memory card
    It wasn't clear to me from the product description how inadequate the memory card included with the camera would be. It came with a 16M card that was full after I shot a half-dozen still images. You'll want to order an upgraded card (I went with a 1G SanDisk card) at the same time that you order the camera, otherwise you won't be able to do much with it. Otherwise I've been pretty happy with the camera, although I'm still playing around with different settings, lighting, etc....more info
  • Fantastic Camera
    Purchased after researching for over three months based on positive reviews and price. Great camera for the price. Very easy to use, although still haven't even attempted half of the features. We like the camera so much that other family members have purchased it, too. Recommend using rechargable batteries and a larger memory card. ...more info
  • Great Camera for Travel and Casual Portaites
    I've used this camera for ~2.5 years over much of the US and Asia and taken over 5,000 photo's. I and have been very pleased with its performance.

    I am a serious amateur photographer and story teller who relies on images for Power Points, newsletters, and photos to display. This camera has been wonderful and reliable. I average about 500 pictures with one set of four AA batteries. The tilt viewing screen makes this camera perfect for 'discrete' photo's in markets, for casual portraits where people play and work, of architecture, and even of self portraits. In markets and on streets I often find myself tilting the screen and shooting from waist level. I also sometimes find that I can hold it over my head, and the heads of others, see and capture the image again by the tilt of the screen.

    This camera is a little larger than I would prefer. It does not easily go into a jacket pocket. I find that I most often carry it in a 'messenger bag' or on my belt under a jacket, sometimes in a jacket pocket. But to be so feature rich, it is worth this extra bulk to me. If I did not want the option of manual controls and the other features I would go for a smaller camera and enjoy the smaller size.

    When this camera is replaced I will look for another Canon, I will buy it from Amazon, look for a swivel screen, AA battery powered, and the newer stabilization technology. ...more info
  • very happy customer
    I had a canon A540 before this and wanted to upgrade to get closer photos and clearer pictures. So far, I have not been disappointed that much. I have had it over a month and have taken many different kinds of photos. Very close up of singular flowers came out fantastic. Caught some quick action shots clearly...was great. Realistic color is improved and I am enjoying this part. Scenery pictures come out great. Did video of a major thunderstorm that brought a tornado to my neighbors. The close-up of falling hail didn't stay clear as I zoomed in. The close-up photos of hail stones were great!!, though. Overall, I am enjoying the camera. A little bit bigger than my old one, but the fun I am having overules! My dad has the next level up, so I knew what I was getting. It is very similar to his. It is not perfect, but I am enjoying the improvements, and the quick response when you press the button is just worth it all!!! ...more info
  • Most of the usefulness of a DSLR in a pocket-sized package.
    Well, if you have big pockets. It's pretty clunky for a point-and-shoot, but the zoom and manual mode make up for it. It's small enough to lug around, yet the grip and features make it feel like a "real" camera. The all-manual exposure mode was my main reason for buying Canon A-series cameras, even though I've ended up using them in Program mode 99% of the time -- it's a very smart P. mode. Neither this one nor the previous A70 have disappointed me in any way (other than the A70's CMOS coming loose, but that's a warranty repair, I just chose to buy a new 8MP instead of getting the old one fixed).

    The AiAF seems to alway pick the wrong part of the frame to focus on for me, but I turned it off and just used the center frame and a half-press of the shutter button. No problem with that method, since I grew up on Olympus OM-series SLRs.

    The manual focusing leaves something to be desired, since it just gives a magnified center on the LCD, and no cheats -- you have to judge sharpness on the little LCD, by eyeballing it. But you'll never need to use the MF, since the auto works perfectly from one inch to infinity if you set it to only use the center zone, then focus on what you want to be sharp and hold the shutter button halfway down while you compose. The MF does show a distance scale at the top, so you can really fine-tune it if you're willing to break out a ruler.

    Overall, I'd say it's as good as you can get without interchangeable lenses. Ease of use and features abound....more info
  • Canon PowerShot A630 Digital Camera
    THe Canon PowerShot A630 digital camera is easy to use and give quality pictures. Camera was shipped promptly...more info
  • Superior Buy When On Sale!
    Bought this camera after seeing a good review and I have not been disappointed.

    The camera takes some good pix even when on automatic settings. I've found the swivel screen to be a huge plus and I use it all the time. I'm pretty tech savy, but think most folks can figure out the advanced features on this camera.

    And to top it off, the batteries last ten times longer in this camera than my old Fuji.

    Its not the smallest camera out there, but if you don't need to slip it in your pocket, this one's a winner....more info
  • Nice shots, BUT red eye reduction not good
    I have had this camera for several months (my first digital). Overall, the clarity and color of the shots are great. My big complaint is that most of the time the red eye reduction doesn't work, so I waste countless hours with a photo software taking the red eye out. The troubleshooting portion of the manual states that the subject should be looking directly at the red eye lamp. That's not very easy when taking pictures of children. It also recommended brighter lighting which many times a person has no control over, especially if the picture is taken outside at dusk. I had a Ricoh film camera that I loved and the red eye reduction worked everytime. However, that red eye reduction was a flash as bright as the flash itself (rather than a dull lamp) so I used to tell people to wait for the 2nd flash before getting out of the pose. Maybe Canon should improve the technology for its red eye reduction....more info
  • Outstanding
    Love this camera. Best we have ever owned, except for low light performance. It does hunt a little to focus in low light, sometimes not being able to focus automatically (Our Sony was amazing in low light, but not as good overall)...more info
  • Hardware good, manual could be improved
    I bought this camera to replace a cheapie 2 MP camera. The Canon A630 is a great camera! Lots of features, some of which I am still trying to learn after 3 months. What decided me on this one is the LCD which can be flipped and oriented at will. For one, by rotating the screen 180 degrees I can take photos of ourselves while seeing the photo-to-be. And it is also very useful when taking photos at odd angles, for example at ground level, without having to twist myself into a pretzel. Of course, the manual has been written by an engineer: for example, it states how to do something but never explains why you would want to do it in the first place, and the benefits of doing it. Obviously somebody has assumed that all those features are well known by the user and certainly do not need expounding on. Ergo, a lot of experiments are necessary to figure things out. ...more info
  • Not working well
    The camera seemed ok till it broke. The button that adjusts the zoom doesn't function nor does the button you press for photos. We've taken good care of it so we're surprised it doesn't work. We're not sure what to do now. Not sure if the warranty will cover. ...more info
  • Amazing Camera
    I am one of those that like and enjoy take pictures with my family and friends and I want also to be in the picture. This is the only Camera that I found that let me do this because I can flip the lcd screen toward any direction and see me in that acreen.
    wonderful camera, I love it...more info
  • FIXED, and now works great! (was: Horrible with anything but ideal lighting)
    UPDATED: I sent the camera in after a phone call to tech support and there was a hardware problem (repaired, under warranty), and it works like a charm now. I've added the CHDK set of tools (guide here: and am getting awesome HDR photos and amazing tools.

    Sure, it has great features, but you might as well buy a fully manual camera, because you'll be messing with custom settings any time you want to take anything but a shot in ideal lighting. Bright daylight? The photos turn out dark. Night/low light? Unless the subject is less than a foot away, the flash will fail to illuminate them and again - underexposure. This camera ruined my photography of my trip to India. Maybe I have a dud camera....more info
  • Canon A630 Power Shot digital camera
    This product is more user friendly than advertised. Pictures are very
    professional. I love the cameral!!!! One very minor quirk, memory chip
    that comes in new camera only holds 6 - 8 pictures and this is not noted
    in the english language "How to operate" manual. With its new 2GB card it
    is flawless. Consumers Reports was conservative in their praise of this
    product. ...more info