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Camera Grip / Hand Strap (simulated leather) for SLR camera Nikon / Canon / Minolta / Fuji
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Product Description

Make photography more comfortable with this padded hand grip strap.Great addition to any photographic kit. The plastic attachment screws neatly into the base of your camera Large padded grip has a non-slip surface Provides extra security, comfort and better handling. Adjustable so will fit any hand sizes and is usable with either the left or right hand.

  • High quality Camera Hand Strap Grip for Canon Nikon Minolta Fuji DS
  • Color is ame as shown in above picture
  • Designed to fit the majority of SLR or DSLR camera

Customer Reviews:

  • Handy
    This fits on my Canon 40D like a charm. I love the chance it gives me to take off the strap....more info
  • Not the best choice...
    I ended up trying three different camera straps for my Canon 20D (and now 40D) before settling on one. The grip I'm reviewing here got sold with my old 20D because it didn't work for me - I didn't really feel any more secure using this grip than without one at all since it only wraps around in one direction. The second grip I bought from Sammy's camera and the tripod screw mount fell out of it almost destroying my camera (bad design - it was just glued in!).

    If you have a Canon or Nikon SLR, I'd highly recommend the Nikon brand strap - even though it's made by Nikon, it still fits Canon cameras. It's much more adjustable, and I feel that my Camera is secure when I'm using it. Nikon makes a good quality product which is more than I can say for the other two grips I tried....more info
  • Nice hand strap for SLR
    I use a ring flash/macro lens for dental purposes. This makes the camera rather heavy. I wanted a hand strap for insurance purposes to guard against accidently dropping the camera. This hand strap works well. Easy to attach, it still allows easy access to the CF card and the battery....more info
  • great
    the first time i tried it, it felt awkward, but i have gotten used to it and would not want to be without it. its a great product to use so as to keep the camera from slipping out of your hand. i dont really like using the neck strap so this works great for me. :)...more info
  • Hand strap
    It works great and fits well under the camera body. It took few adjustments on to strap to get the right fit and feel, i would like it tight on my hand, but it would be hard to turn the camera sideway to take vertical shots.

    Pro: You can still mount it on a tripod.

    Cons: You have to loosen the screw and and turn it sideway in order to take the battery out....more info
  • Good Purchase
    Good buy. I am happy with it. The only thing is that it tends to want to loosen up a bit if it doesn't have my hand in it. So i find myself tightening it to my hand sometimes. But at least when your hand is in it i trust it to hold together. Other than that its just fine.

    ...more info
  • Very unconfortable
    I photography wedding in my free time, and have been doing event photography for over a year. I bought this strap thinking it would be large, soft, and fit well; I was wrong. Small, cheaply made better describe it. The tripod mounting hole is off axis and it feels like it was designed for a 3 year olds hands. I carry my 20D with a flash bracket around for a 8 hour wedding and something of this poor support quality will just not do. Heres a tip, buy a foam grip and make sure its a large one, your hands will thank you....more info