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Straight Outta Lynwood
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Street Release Date: 09/26/2006

All hail the return of novelty music's reigning king! Straight Outta Lynwood easily bests 2003's Poodle Hat and shows that Yankovic does know what he does best. Part of the secret to Weird Al's success is that he's never been very weird at all, and very rarely are his satires in any way "biting"--or even satires, really. The 11-minute parody of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" is funny at least for the first listen, but it's hard to ridicule something so largely ridiculous in the first place (plus Jimmy Kimmel totally got the jump on him). The best thing Mr. Yankovic has always done is to take some decent pop tune, change a word or phrase, invent an entirely new premise for the tune, and make an inspired video to go along with it. He does that several times here; Green Day's "American Idiot" becomes the hockey-obsessed "Canadian Idiot," and "White & Nerdy" is a truly inspired take on Chamillionaire's "Ridin'." That song is breakneck-paced and so funny it's a disservice to quote from it at all. "Polkarama!" is a return to W.A.'s novelty roots: a handful of mildly dated hit songs (50 Cent to Modest Mouse!) delivered in straight-ahead, sped-up polka style. It's toe-tapping and sweet. Hopefully we'll not have to wait three years for another Weird Al record. --Mike McGonigal

Customer Reviews:

  • White and Nerdy it is Time.
    White and Nerdy do I need to say more, finally our anthem has come! I really like the Cd/Dvd aspect since you get the Album on one side and then again on the Dvd side in glorious 5.1 Surround and also the Music Videos, which are Ok but I prefer his previous Live action ones instead of these Animated vesions....more info
  • Please Stop Calling Him "Weird Al" YankoVICH!!
    I've been a Weird Al fan since his self-titled debut album. I haven't loved all of his albums, but I thought his last two were brilliant. This one, in my humble opinion, doesn't reach the level of "Poodle Hat" and is further from the mark of "Running With Scissors", which I consider to be his best album. Still, he solidifies his status as the parody king and as always, his original songs, while funny, are still really good compositions. And the "style" parodies are always enjoyable; "Pancreas" is a great take on Brian Wilson, "I'll Sue Ya" is Rage Against The Machine with a sense of humor and I believe "Virus Alert" is done in the style of Sparks.

    Anyway, let me explain what keeps me from giving this album a five star rating. On the one hand, his style is starting to wear a bit thin, and he's almost mining the same material he's covered on previous albums - songs that start off like romantic ballads, but then turn silly; songs about his superior expertise with computers, and "Close, But No Cigar" sounds like a distant relative of "Good Enough For Now." And his ability to insert pop-culture references, while consistently funny, makes his albums sound dated (Lars Ulrich, in regards to the Napster days? Mentioning Judge Wapner of "The People's Court?"). And the whole "everybody in town taking to the streets, joining hands and singing" style of songs ("Weasel Stomping Day", "Harvey The Wonder Hampster", "Christmas At Ground Zero") is beginning to sound a bit contrived. I prefer the vocals to be handled solely by Al because I expect zany singing from him. When you get a roomful of people singing these wacky, disturbing songs in unison with such conviction, as if it's a legitimate song, it kinda freaks me out.

    Having said that, this is another solid album he has put together. His creativity, clever use of words, working mundane phrases into songs ("Put my key in the ignition, then I turn it sideways") and his knack for perfectly picking up on all of the subtle nuances of the artists he parodies is still untouchable. And he continues to out-do himself with each gangsta rap he parodies. His subtle attention to detail always adds a deeper level of humor to his songs; he works in Bridget and "midget" into the "Confessions Part III" parody. Those also happen to be characters from the R. Kelly "Trapped In The Closet" soap opera (??), which Weird Al also parodies on this album.

    There are always several things on all of his albums that make me laugh out loud. On the song "I'll Sue Ya" where he talks about the different people or companies he's suing, he mentions suing Ben Affleck. Why? His justification - "Do I even need a reason?" Weird Al has been able to evolve with the ever-changing styles of popular music for each album he comes out with, which has enabled him to continue to remain relevant.

    Amazingly, Weird Al has not jumped the shark just yet. He is one of the few artists who, after three decades, still puts out consistently good albums. And while he has mellowed out since the days of "Slime Creatures From Outer Space", he still maintains the spark that makes him unique, special and darn funny. While this wasn't my favorite album of his, it's no disappointment by any means. And as long as he continues coming out with new albums, regardless of the medium, I'll buy them.
    ...more info
  • Straight outta Lynwood is a great album.
    My whole family really enjoys this album. All of the songs are really good. Our particular favorites are: White & Nerdy, Do I Creep You Out?, Virus Alert, I'll Sue Ya, and Pancreas. This album is a dual disc. It is playable on a DVD player on one side and by a CD player on the other. It includes some of the music videos. Unfortunately it doesn't include the White & Nerdy video which is our favorite one. I think the Close But No Cigar video is a bit too vulgar for kids, but the song is funny. He also includes home video of him recording the album. If you are a fan of Weird Al this is a must for your collection. If you haven't heard Weird Al before check it out anyway, maybe you'll become a fan....more info
  • It will have you ROTFLOL.
    I've been a fan of "Weird Al" Yankovic for 24 years now. After all these years, he's still as funny as ever (or perhaps my sense of humor hasn't matured since I was a teenager). If you are a fan of Al, you pretty much know what you're going to get on an album; about an equal number of parodies and original songs, plus a polka medley of recent hits. Hey, it's a proven formula, so why mess with it? This is a very funny album. "White & Nerdy" is probably the funniest song, but all of them are at least somewhat funny. Go and buy the CD like you know that you should....more info
  • Dont Download these songs or he'll sue ya, you canadian idiot
    These songs are all so funny
    White and Nerdy describes the typical nerd
    Pancreas is a must listen
    Canadian Idiot went a little to far
    I'll sue ya is a barrage of lawsuits
    Polkarama is a combination of many songs
    Virus alert is a list of virus hoaxes
    Confessions part 3 is a little disturbing
    Weasel Stomping Day is so funny
    Close but no Cigar is so familiar
    Do I creep you out? The answer is yes
    Trapped in the Drive Through is long and worth it
    Dont Download this song. Do what it says!...more info
  • Weird Al, still going strong
    Loved most of the songs on this CD, even if more and more of them seem to be parodies of music I don't listen to. The videos were fun too. I look forward to getting some more of Weird Al's music in the near future....more info
  • I almost died laughing.
    I listened to this album for the first time tonight. Eleven years ago tonight, a friend got us tickets to a Weird Al concert. While driving home from the concert, we had a car accident and he died. After the first verse of "I'll Sue Ya," I seriously wondered if I might die laughing and join him!

    I'll go through track by track:
    White and Nerdy: Funny, I've heard this before so it didn't seem as new, but as a computer programmer I got a lot of good laughs. And I do hand-code HTML4!
    Pancreas: Another novelty artist named Mindless Drug Hoover released a song with the same name and a similar concept. I wondered if by some weird hand of Eris, Weird Al had done the same song, but nope! He did something even more insane, even tying in things like gravity.
    Canadian Idiot: I don't listen to much pop music, so haven't heard the originals, but another fun song making fun of racism. Everyone bags on Canadians anyway. One note: Weird Al even parodies the war.
    I'll Sue Ya: Okay, here we go, definitely a favorite song. As said, after the first verse I wondered if I would join my friend, and if I could even handle a second verse! I did leave Earthlink, because I became dissatisfied with their tech support, so that struck a chord. Everyone has had issues with Verizon. And don't even mention New Jersey! I see this listed as an original song, but it sounds like a song done in the style of Rage against the Machine. Perfect! I really enjoy it when he doesn't parody a song per se, but parodies a group or style. This has always brought out his creativity. Sadly, some of the ridiculous things he yells out have actually happened (a guy sued someone for breaking his ankle while robbing his place.) I love this song!
    Polkarama: Another classic Polka tune. As said I don't listen to much popular music, so for me these Polka songs provide a good insulated way to absorb the dirtier music of this time. I'll stick with these versions!
    Virus Alert: Another great computer song! The main part would make a great sound alert. It has one of those catchy melodies and concepts that will just stay in your head for days, especially the next time your antivirus software alerts you with a new update! Virus Alert! (You could, of course, just use Linux, but we'll save that for another rant.)
    Confession Part III: I don't know if he parodied a song here, or simply parodied the style of the current music, but either way he did a hilarious job. Every guy will love the last spoken line of the song.
    Weasel Stomping Day: A little silly song, not much to say, but have fun!
    Close but No Cigar: Okay, now I have a confession to make. I downloaded this album on bittorrent, and this song didn't play, so I did not hear it. I feel doubly glad I bought the CD.
    Do I Creep You Out: Okay, I've heard the original, but can't put my finger on it. In a silly way, I consider this a song from every guy to every girl!
    Trapped in the Drive Thru: I've heard the original referenced, and saw the South Park episode, an can imagine the original. This song treks in at around eleven minutes, and it does sort of go on, fut for me, this just added to the theme of the song, a tedius hunger-driven trip to the drive thru.
    Don't Download this Song: A great capper for the album. Doubly funny since my downloaded copy missed a track, as if to underscore the point. It reminds me of the South Park episode which covered this theme. Buy my CD so I can afford a diamond-studded swimming pool. Classic!

    In summary, I love this album, and consider it one of his best. I know my friend would have loved it too! Through various events, I know Weird Al as a very compassionate human being, and in his own way, a visionary. ...more info
  • "Weird Al" comes "Straight Outta Lynwood" and right onto the Billboard charts
    I picked up this CD because "Weird Al" Yankovic is coming to town and I have tickets to go with my daughters (do not tell them, but we have seats in the front row, just left of center so I can hear with my one good ear). When I was a kid most of the records I had were Smothers Brothers records, I had a teacher who played Spike Jones songs for us, my father taped several Allan Sherman albums for us, and in college I discovered Dr. Demento and Tom Lehrer (not necessarily in that order). So I am a big fan of musical parodies and there can be no doubt that Yankovic is the Shakespeare of that peculiar little niche of the music business. I consider "The Saga Begins" to be his magnum opus and in looking at his body of work what is impressive is not only his longevity but the way his work has improved from those early days when it was just him on accordion and Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz banging on the accordion case.

    It turns out that "Straight Outta Lynwood" is Yankovic's most successful album of all time and his most successful single with "White & Nerdy" making it all the way to #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 ("Eat It" was his previous top single which made it to #12). I still think "Running With Scissors" is his best album, but I am definitely heartened to know Yankovic is going strong. With albums coming out every three or four years he appears to have found his stride. There is the obligatory polka medley and several new style parodies, with "Pancreas" (Brian Wilson), "I'll Sue Ya" (Rage Against the Machine), "Virus Alert" (Sparks), "Close But No Cigar" (Cake), and "Don't Download This Song" (fundraiser songs). The surprise is that I liked the style parodies more than I did the parodies of particular songs, which is obviously turning my "Weird Al" universe upside down.

    My only problem with this album is clearly my personal problem because with the exception of "Canadian Idiot" I had to look at the liner notes to find out which songs were parodies and which were originals. The fact that I had not heard (or perhaps only not remembered) "White & Nerdy" is a parody of "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire (featuring Krayzie Bone) was received with jaw-dropping astonishment by my daughters. I am down to recognizing only three songs out of 14 in the album's pokla medley, "Polkarama!" ("Let's Get it Started," "Don't Cha," and "Pon de Replay"). I had forgotten that Taylor Hicks had done "Do I Make You Proud," but I do not think I am alone in that regard. But I had no idea "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" is based on a R. Kelly song, although I did recognize Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" when it popped up.

    Flip over the CD and you get to the DVD, which has animated videos for all of the original songs, namely: "Don't Download This Song," "I'll Sue Ya," "Virus Alert," "Close But No Cigar," "Pancreas" and "Weasel Stomping Day." The videos for "White & Nerdy," "Do I Creep Your Out," "Canadian Idiot," and "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" are all for parodies and for some reason that justified exclusion (insert pout here). The videos are followed by a short documentary that simply shows Yankovic and his band recording some of the songs and paying testament to his attention to detail. You can also listen to the entire album with the lyrics as subtitles, each song accompanied by a photograph of Yankovic from infancy to young adulthood (his parents liked the triple image option). Finally, you can do the karaoke function and get the music and the lyrics so you can sing the songs yourself. Consequently, there are enough extras here to justify rounding up on the disc overall.

    Concert Update: So last night "Weird Al" came to town and as I suspected they set up two rows in the orchestra pit for winners of radio contests for tickets (sigh). But during one of the songs (that does not appear on any of the albums) he came down in the audience. Al was singing to the women in the audience but when he was walking in front of it was all dads and kids, so he sang to my oldest daughter (she just got accepted into the Peace Corp to go do what she wants to do where she wants to do it so she is having a good week). We also picked up over a thousand dollars in "Weird Al" money. For the record, he does complete versions of five songs from this album (1, 3, 4, 5, 9), excerpts from three more (7, 10, 11), and one music video (8)....more info
  • White and Nerdy x 50!!!!!
    My husband purchased this for me the other night at Best Buy - $17.99 and the 50 minutes it took to get back home - my husband NOW officially HATES that song...and, do you want to know why??? I listened soley to the song "White and Nerdy" over, and over...and, over again, right up 'til we pulled up into the driveway. Then, as walking into the door, I immediately ran into the bedroom and put it in to {guess what song?} my cd player...yep! "White and Nerdy" an additional 10 x!!! The album is immensely great!!! But, that 1 song - I swear I just can't get enough of!!! Too bad the video for it was not ready to be included upon the release of this dual-disc album - I wish he would'a waited though, as that video goes wayyy beyond freaking hilarity!!!...more info
  • Still Weird After All These Years
    While SOL isn't as good(or as consistently funny) as his last CD, 2003's "Poodle Hat", it is a strong, entertaining, and well made CD from Weird Al. In recent years, and on recent CD's, Weird Al has gotten better as an artist and as a musician. He keeps up with the times and musical styles. He's always been good, but here lately he seems to be more creative with his original tunes, and his CD's seem to be fuller and more fleshed out and conceptualized than most of his 80's albums. By sticking with the times and the sounds of those times, Weird Al remains as relevant as ever, and always will be. This latest CD doesn't hit the target on the nose with every track, but every song has character and a distinct personality. "Close But No Cigar" is not really funny or weird or crazy, but that doesn't make it bad. It's catchy and well put together as a legitimate(almost)song. "Weasel Stomping Day" is a short little novelty tune(less than 2 minutes) and the title is self explanatory. This is probably the number one track here that isn't really needed and is a little cruel. "Pancreas" is a well thought out and performed tune. It's an original tune, but is one of Weird Al's songs that parody a certain sound or style of an artist rather than an actual song. This time the song goes after Brian Wilson and the sound of The Beach Boys. "Trapped In The Drive-Thru" is a stunning example of Weird Al's genius. It's an R. Kelly parody and it Goes on for 11 minutes or so. It's an epic tale of a couple deciding what to eat for dinner. These long songs seem to be the new gimmick from Weird Al after "Albuqurque" FROM "Running With Scissors" and "Genius In France" from the last CD. What's the best stuff here?. Well, first of all, the hilarious CD cover and booklet with hilarious pictures inside. "White And Nerdy" is a frenetic and fast paced pardoy of Chamillionaire and it succeeds. A lot of funny and clever wording. The video is also hilarious. "Canadian Idiot" is another stellar track here parodying Green Day's "American Idiot". It rocks, makes you laugh, and manages to hit on everything from hockey to Celine Dion. Al takes on American Idol winner Taylor Hicks on the uproarious "Do I Creep You Out", a parody of Hicks' "Do I Make You Proud?". Usher gets the Weird Al treatment on "Confessions Part 3", another hilarious winner. "I'll Sue Ya" is a headbanging rocker that has some good lines but gets more and more mediocre with every listen. Weird Al tries to be weird and a goofy singer at times, but with some of his songs, he reveals that he isn't that bad of a singer at all. As I mentioned earlier, Al seems to be developing more and more as an artist with each new CD. New offerings in the future will be interesting. The second side of this disc gives you an inside look into the making of the CD and with a number of animated music videos. I still think "Poodle Hat" was a funnier album, but SOL is a strong and worthy follow-up in the continuing evolution that is Weird Al Yankovic. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next....more info
  • A White and Nerdy Guy Gives His Confessions While Trapped in a Drive-Thru
    This CD/DVD dual disc was one of the only things I asked for for Christmas, and so, when I found it under the tree, I proceeded to alternately thrill and annoy my family by blasting it loud enough to be heard in the North Pole.

    Although I love, love, LOVE the song White and Nerdy, you really haven't lived (or enjoyed Weird Al's true talents) until you've listened to Confessions Part III and Trapped in the Drive-Thru. The latter is absolutely hilarious, and, truth be told, gave me flashbacks of the unfortunate time my sister made me actually watch the DVD video of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet Chapters 1-12 (Unrated Version).

    I've heard (and read) plenty of complaints about the fact that the White and Nerdy video isn't on the DVD side of this disc. Since the only videos included are of Weird Al's original songs, I'm guessing this has something to do with copyright and/or royalties. It all works for me!

    If you like Weird Al, and if you enjoy laughing until you cry, you won't go wrong with Straight Outta Lynwood. Trust me on this!
    ...more info
  • Get his free song too!!!!
    Go to "Weird Al" Yankovic's Home page and you can get the song "YOU'RE PITIFUL!" for free! It was to be on the Disc but - well read about it there.

    Listen to the music first and then watch the animations. I find that I liked the songs more alone and it was hard to get some of the images in the animations out of my head because I watched first.
    ...more info
  • al has done better
    i've been a fan of weird al since i first saw the video for "eat it" when i was like 7 years old. and while "straight outta lynwood" is a serviceable album, i don't think it quite lives up to some of his previous work.

    some of the parodies are funny, such as "canadian idiot" and "white and nerdy." but "trapped in the drive thru" is completely unlistenable. i can't imagine what the original song is like, since i've never heard it.

    as for the originals, i don't think they're as good as they could have been. "virus alert" is kind of silly, and "i'll sue ya" is clever because of the rage-against-the-machine-esque style, even if the song itself is rather lame. "pancreas" and "close but no cigar," are also interesting as a parody of musical styles, the songs are pretty dumb.

    "weasel stomping day" is a throw-away song that somehow reminds me of "harvey the wonder hamster." it's funny once, but after that is also lame. the best song on the album is the final track, "don't download this song." that one is pretty good. but the rest of the album is average at best....more info
  • Another great Weird Al album
    Not his best, but still very enjoyable. I can never get "White and Nerdy" out of my head and the video is even better. Only complaint is that this video is not included in the disk, just a bunch of animated videos....more info
  • Loved it!!
    I'll be the first to admit that some of these songs DID NOT catch on with me right away!! In fact at first I thought this would be the first Weird Al Album I bought that I would not enjoy very much.... I WAS WRONG!!! After a few listens these songs really grew on me!!
    I loved "White and Nerdy" straight away (I am White and Nerdy accorging to my wife) and the song nails a few asects of the nerd culture that I perssonally have seen or experienced so it was quite a treat!
    "Pancreas" is an AWESOME tribute to Brian Wilson and his style of music (if you are too young to know who Mr. Wilson is....listen to the beach boys and check out some of his own albums).
    I also thought "Canadian Idiot" was great!! Being a Floridian and knowing a bunch of seasonal Canadians it was rather funny and hit home!!
    Close But No Cigar was an excellent song that was an abvious style parody of CAKE. Loved the words to the song and the little flaws that made him break up with each gorgeous woman!!
    I could list reasons for liking all the songs but I don't want to take up too much space!! Let me just say that you will love this album as long as you give it a chance!!
    Don't forget to visit Weird Al's website and get the free parody "You're Pitiful" (parody of "You're Beautiful") which was originally going to be on the album but was tanked at the last minute do to record company lawyers.

    One more thing. This album is a dual disc. One side plays as a DVD the other as a CD. This disc MAY NOT play in certain drives or DC players so just be careful!!
    The videos were hilarious though!!...more info
  • I'm sure its a great CD, but the format is terrible
    The songs are great, I've already heard some. However, the dual disc format won't allow me to upload the songs to iTunes. Now I'll probably have to buy it on iTunes if I want to listen to it on my computer....more info
  • Straight Out of Hilarious
    It took me months to find out the original song "White and Nerdy" parodies, "Ridin' Dirty" by Chamillionaire. I give five stars on the basis of this one hit alone (video is a must see). The rest of the album doesn't live up to White and Nerdy, but there's a deadpan 10-minute song at the end about going to the drive-thru that I find amusingly torturing for my unsuspecting friends....more info
  • Al gives you your moneys worth
    The genius strikes again. This album is up to Al's standards, and then some. The CD side is worth the money, and is like getting the dvd free. the 5.1 surround mixes are incredible. and the karaoke feature is fun. Plus there are a couple of videos, and a behind the scenes feature. If you are an Al fan, this won't dissapoint...more info
  • Straight Outta Lynwood
    Over all This is A great CD. IF you want to hear the songs on it go to youtube or google and watch a viseo with the song...more info
  • Funny Album!!
    I had never heard of wierd Al yankovich, until I heard the song "White & Nerdy", thats when I knew i'd buy his album. I thought the guy was pretty funny, and even went back to listen to his older songs. It's ironic though because not only is he funny, But the guy can rap/sing!!! Now thats gold. He raps better than most rappers I hear other times. Anyways this is a really funny album, and I suggest it to anyone looking for a fun filled album to listen to. Oh and if your not too sure, Just sample "White and Nerdy" and "Trapped in the drive thru"....more info
  • Weird Al never lost it
    If you like Weird Al you will love this CD. Many of his original songs are just excellent (Computer Virus is brilliant.)...more info
  • Weird Al rocks! : )
    I really like this record. My favorite song is the pancreas song. I also like the DVD videos. None of them actually have Weird Al in them. If they had him, I'd give it a 5....more info