Cisco WRVS4400N Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router - VPN v2.0
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The WRVS4400N 4-Port N Gigabit Security Router with VPN from Linksys offers enhanced firewall, encryption and authentication features to protect you from network threats. The WRVS4400N implements draft 802.11n (Wireless-N) technology with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Router that features a built-in 4-port full-duplex 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet switch. By overlaying the signals of multiple radios, Wireless-N's Multiple In, Multiple Out (MIMO) technology multiplies the effective data rate resulting in greater throughput and coverage over 802.11g. At the same time, Wireless-N is backwards compatible with Wireless-B and G devices. The WRVS4400N has incorporated enhanced firewall and intrusion protection (IPS) features to secure your network from external threats - threats that can seriously disrupt or damage your business by stealing your valuable data, slowing down your network and interfering with business-critical applications. The VPN tunnels give your mobile workers a secure and easy to use way to stay connected. In addition, the VPN gateway-to-gateway IPSec tunnels facilitate branch office connectivity through encrypted virtual links. Compliant Standards - Full duplex capability, firewall protection, auto-sensing per device, dynamic IP address assignment, DHCP support, NAT support, VPN, PAT support, auto-negotiation, Syslog support, Stateful Packet In IPSec VPN Tunneling, Built in Web UI, IDS/IPS Network Intrusion Detection and Protection Services, User Definable Access Control Lists, QoS Support Data Link Protocol - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n (draft) 300 Mbps System Requirements - Network Adapter With Ethernet Network Cable and TCP/IP Protocol Installed Per PC, Web-Based Configuration Java/Cookies/SSL-Enabled Web Browser MD5, 128-bit WEP, 64-bit WEP, SHA-1, PEAP, WPA2, WPA-PSK Line Coding Format Routing Protocol Dimensions - Width 7.8 x Dep

  • Former Linksys Business Series
  • Secure, high-speed wireless access for small businesses
  • Four 10/100/1000 wired connections can move large files quickly and easily
  • Superior level of security, including an intrusion-detection system
  • Cisco reliability and 3-year limited hardware warranty and a 90-day limited software warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • WRVS4400n LOCKS UP.
    We have a small business network and purchased this router primarily for internet access. The router LOCKS UP several times per week and must be powered down/up to get it restored. Even that proceedure can take 2-3 attempts before you get it back up. This major problem makes the router unreliable and completely useless in our application. We spent MANY wasted hours trying to trouble shoot this problem and believe it may simply be a design flaw in the product. We will be relocating it to the dumpster and researching a higher quality product from a different manufacturer....more info
  • Noisy and no SSL (?!)
    Nice router, though it lacks a crucial business item in that it does not provide port forwarding for port 443 (SSL). That means that OWA will not work behind this router. You can connect to SSL sites, but you cannot host a SSL server. All Exchange Servers require SSL nowadays. Ugh.

    Also, the unit is quite noisy. It gives off a high pitched whine constantly and is only abated by pulling the LAN ports, thus making it worthless.

    Linksys has these bugs listed on its website dated from back in November......more info
  • Major disapointment
    I bought this router for a small business network as an upgrade mainly for the gigabit switch and added security features. It is very simple, a workgroup p2p consisting of 8 computers. When I set everything up it worked fine for about an hour when it started dropping the wireless connection. After a while I decided to disable the n-draft connection. This made no difference. It would either drop the Internet connection or drop the connection period. I upgraded the firmware as well. The browser interface is slow and would even hang sometimes. Whats even more disturbing is that even the wired clients could not always access the network and even when they could, there was lag. This is using a gigabit connection. After working with it for a week I came to the conclusion that it is defective and returned it. Like the other person here mentioned, it is emits a near ultrasonic like noise which can be really annoying if you're near it for even a short time. As soon as I hooked up my old router (Gigabyte B49G), my network was rock solid again. ...more info
  • Poor performances - now improved

    - Nov 13 2007 -

    Linksys released on Oct.30 2007 a new firmware (ver 1.01.13).
    I updated the router immediately, and after 15 days I could say that I noticed much more system stability.
    Configuration interface has been deeply modified also to implement new functionalities (like IP address pre-assignation).

    Many bugs has been fixed, some still exists.

    Menues are still confusing sometimes and help text have to been improved.
    Wish that these matter will be kept in consideration for next firmware release.

    Wireless seems to be more stable even if performances are not 100% as expected.

    This product has been greatly improved, but still Linksys
    have to do some work to release a better firmware version.


    - June 28 2007 -

    After one week of testing in my home network in conjunctoin with LinkSys AM200 ADSL modem I would like to report this way:

    Firmware version: 1.00.13

    PROS: Good firewall performances, uptime, gigabit switch, nice looking, excellent phone technical support, tiny wall AC adapter.

    CONS: Very poor and instable Wireless "G" performances, dramatic Wireless area reduction in comparison with my old D-LINK, impossible to preassign IP addresses, high-pitched continuous noise, limited MAC filtering (just 20 entries), heat, web interface hangs, front LEDs are useless if you don't watch them just in front, web interface sometime confusing or -at least- not clear.

    This is sold as a "professional" WiFi router, so customers are expecting
    adequate performances.
    I wish that serious guys like Linksys will suddenly fix the major cons, WiFi "G" performances and IP pre-assign in particular.
    Otherwise a much cheaper "home" product will work absolutely better at one third of the cost....more info
  • Awesome!!
    Been using these routers in several installs and never had a problem. One of the few routers that can be used with wireless touchscreen in an automation system. ...more info
  • WRVS4400N and WiFi routers in general
    If I only had one 4400N, I would assume that mine was a rare, trouble-free example however, I have 4 at various locations. None has been an on-going problem but, like every other WiFi router I have ever deployed(beginning with a first generation Airport) the 4400Ns have had initial issues when first placed but again - no more than any of the others and certainly not as bad as that 1st gen Airport - the only guarantee that applied to it was that it would fail from overheating within 30 days of warranty expiration.

    After installing about 10 wireless networks, I started doing this: After verifying Firmware, changing channels etc - When a router starts misbehaving - I reset it to default and reconfigure it. Reconfiguration is quicker than troubleshooting. It will not take long if your documentation is complete. You do document your work right? Code gets corrupted - it shouldn't but, it does. (you can also save the config to a memory stick and reload it but, I find manual reconfiguration is more reliable).

    WiFi network failures or flaky-ness is in my experience, usually due to interference - refrigerators,HVAC dishwashers and washing machines have motors which can cause instability. When experiencing problems with reception - finding a channel free from interference, or moving the router provides resolution -how simple is that?

    Place the router above the area you're attempting to cover if possible. Adding a better antenna will also help if distance/walls are an issue. Office buildings have lots of metal which disperses the signal so, range is often an issue. My rule of thumb is that a plaster/drywall and wood wall =33% of range - Masonry or drywall/steel = 50% of range - more if it's a really thick wall.

    Also when dealing with streaming and internet availability problems don't forget to tweak MTU (google DrTCP if you're not into CLI).

    I've been in I.T. for almost 20 years. When I started, tech companies were directed by engineers, R&D was a priority and products were tested rigorously prior to market. Today, at the direction of marketing MBAs the Income Stream is almighty, ever more complex products are prematurely rushed to market turning us into a world of unpaid beta-testers. I guess if being a nerd is your life, being a beta tester bestows a certain amount of esteem. Care to discuss BlueTooth?...more info
  • Nice Product With Firmware Upgrades
    I've check this ratings before buy it and was kind of scared cause have a lot bad ones, but in practice is great, just have to make the firmware upgrades and that's it... also check the IPS service it's kind of cool....more info
  • Solid router

    Very pleased with this router. So far, can't take advantage of the gigabit connectivity since only one of my computers has the gigabit capabilities (a private file server). The increased bandwith helps my LAN tremendously since LAN file transfers will not max out the router's bandwidth on the WRVS4400N (where it would bog down the WRT54g and even affect internet speeds). Simple, straightforward setup that is exactly like any other linksys router.

    Cons: You can hear a high-pitched hum pulsing in sync with high network activity. This is hardly noticeable for most people, but I am very particular about hardware noise.

    Also, this router gets a bit hot when set horizontally on a table (haven't tested a vertical arrangement). The heat is not really a con, I was just a bit suprised because it was hotter than I thought it would be....more info
  • Doesn't hold a wireless connection
    I've had a few linksys routers over the past several years and know that they generally are good and that some are more "solid" than others. I originally thought the featureset was perfect for my needs however this one doesn't seem fully baked yet, particularly with regard to the wireless connection. I'm fairly experienced at setting these up however a basic wireless network with WPA security repeatedly drops or locks out some computers and not others for no apparent reason. Physical environment is not a causal factor: This router replaced a Linksys WRT54G in the same location which worked flawlessly with the same computers above with simialr wireless network settings.

    I even tried disabling the draft-N wireless capability to just use B/G and still had the same issue. Am returning it to find another VPN router.

    5 Stars for feature/price, 1 star for wireless basics = 3 stars total....more info
  • Awsome Router
    I usually never buy a router from linksys, 1st one was a pain to setup, 3 years ago. Now when you buy this its does everything for you. Only a few settings and presto! Filtering works perfectly. Didnt pass any viruses or content that i blocked. (ie word filtering works perfectly) Blocks attackers from killing the router, Logs all the attacks and there ip address. Technology great. Firewall and Mimo wireless with a gigbit ethernet. What more can you ask for?? Upgrade firmware and signatures when purchasing it. When installing dont forget to release the ip from the old router and on the linksys dhcp renew. Many ppl forget about this. Other people say its bad, it probably they dont know what they are doing or just got a bad router from the site. Defiently worth the money. Got 1 for the business and one for home. This is a must have product....more info
  • Only the basic works
    If you are looking for a basic router, it will probably work. However, if you are planning to take of the VPN functions beware. For reasons still uknown, this router doesn't work with our VoIP PBX. Linksys has confirmed the problem, but has yet to provide new firmware. Ended up having to swith it out with a WRV54G. It is old, but it gets the job done.......more info
  • Good Features, buggy implementation
    PROS: N-draft, VPN (if it works),IPSec, Support team (overseas) which is clearly trying to do the right thing.
    Cons: 1.After Netgears and Dlink the UI on the linksys is positively horrific, 2. The only router I have ever owned that lacks dhcp address reservation (update - the workaround is to use values outside the dhcp range), 3. bugggy firmware in VPN - setting Remote Security Group and Remote Security Gateway to Any (so you can actually USE the VPN from any remote location) it gives a popup which directs you to go to advanced settings and use the name option which, as far as I can tell, doesn't exist. (issue with mac safari browser - appears to be accessible via firefox with latest version of the firmware (2.0.13).
    4.When you go to advanced settings in VPN it forgets all the settings you entered in the "normal" mode.(safari issue) 5. In theory an "N" device should have greater range - Belkins I have installed for customers have 3-4 times the range. This has less range then the DLINK G router it replaced (it appears to be better under 2.0.13).

    Still not VPN working from my mac, but all in all I like it a lot otherwise. ...more info
  • Nice specs, too many bugs
    I have a Belkin Pre-N network at my house and liked the specs on the new Linksys product (WMP300N PCI adapter and the WRVS4400n router and access point) for my office. Out of the box nothing worked. An upgrade to .13 firmware in the router at least got it working. Speeds are impressive, but as many others have noted, the system hangs up at random times driving users to distraction. I returned the product and reinstalled my Cat 6 cables.

    Once Linksys gets the bugs out I'll try them again, but they released this product without enough testing, in my opinion. This is a classic example of buyer beware....more info
  • Works like a charm
    I am not a networking genius. I needed a new router to replace my old Lynksys which wasn't able to keep up with the new boosted speeds of my office broadband. I did some research, spoke with the folks at Linksys and they recommended this unit to handle the speed. At times I can receive up to 20MBps. I plugged in the unit, followed the directions and it worked as promised. The Linksys technical agent stayed on the line with me while we set up the security settings and everying was fine. I do not rely on the wireless as much since most of my desktops in my office are wired. I have the Router hooked up to a switch so that I can run more than the 4 stations. Whenever I have used the wireless for our laptops it works like a charm. Good reception. Router is in the basement and we are 1 floor above. Always receive an excellent signal....more info
  • Linksys Business Series does not mean QUALITY!
    Software Engineer for Motorola, Inc.
    Computer Engineer from Georgia Tech

    Short Version:
    I lose 4-6 Mb/s of download speed when hooked up through the WRVS4400-N Router instead of direct to my PC. Also, I had intermittent problems with my Wireless Computer connecting to the Wireless Router. I often had to reboot the Wireless Computer to resolve the issue and bring Internet back up. I fixed everything by replacing the Linksys WRVS4400-N Router (1 star) with a D-Link DIR-825 (5 stars), and it works great no issues what so ever!

    Long Version:
    I recently purchased the "Cisco Linksys WRVS4400N 4-Port Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router with VPN" against my better judgement. In the past, I have always heard of issues with Linksys, but when I went to MicroCenter, this time they pursuaded me to get a Linksys Wireless Router instead of a D-Link Router. They talked about how many less problems they had with Linksys, and so on.

    Well, I figured I might as well give Linksys a chance as D-Link Tech Support has been going down hill for the last several years, so I walked out of the store with my Linksys Router. Now, I am big time D-Link fan as far as usability and reliability.

    After plugging in the Linksys Router I noticed my internet was a tad bit slower then it seemed to be before I hooked it up, but I thought it might just be my imagination. I then setup Wireless-N Only Network. A Vista Ultimate Machine that had a Linksys Wireless-N Adapter, was able to connect to the network at first, but then after some time, the internet would just die. And the only way to reconnect the Vista Machine back to the Router was to reboot the Vista Machine (not even disconnecting and connecting would fix the problem).

    After this I decided to do some speedtest ( to see how my connection was doing, well right away I noticed I was losing at least 4Mbits per second of download speed. So I decided to disable the wireless on the router and pull all connections except the one wired PC (this PC was just formatted less then a week ago when I ran this test). I still had a 4 Mbit per second drop.

    So by this point I called tech support for Linksys. They gave me the I do not know speech had me try a few things that did not work at all, and then decided to ship me out a new Linksys Wireless Router. Well, I hooked that one up and low and behold it had the same problems.

    At this point, I just shipped everything back got my money back and went with the D-Link DIR-825 Wireless Router (which is what I wanted in the first place). BOTTOM LINE: I am never buying Linksys again! ...more info
  • Good for power home users as well
    For simple home users looking for a basic firewall and wireless for their cable modem, I'd say go with a cheaper product. Personally, I have a small domain with a few servers and several workstations. I bought this router to replace a Netgear WRT854N which failed and was backed by some miserable technical support.

    This router does well handling the many connections used by P2P applications if you choose to allow them- the IPS page can try to block some common P2P protocols but P2P is generally too dynamic for this to be 100% effective. I bought this router expecting it to be speedy and able to handle hundreds of simultaneous open connections and so far I have not been disappointed.

    This router has a reasonable wireless range. Centrino wireless clients will need the latest software drivers on their end. I have not yet tested the (pre-)N functionality.

    I like the fact the source code for this router's firmware is open source. Generally I'm not big on open source, but it shows Linksys has some confidence in this product.

    Overall I'm happy with my purchase. I gave it 4 stars as the IPS and VPN capabilities are nice for small users but are no substitute for a more complete solution if you have a larger enterprise and want total security- they're kind of an "99% solution"- i.e. 99.9999% of the common DoS and worm attacks that occur are handled by this router (e.g. SQL Slammer, Frontpage Extension remote execution)... and will appear in a log... but for an extra $50 or whatever compared to a typical same-class router, I feel this is well worth it.
    ...more info
  • Linksys WRVS4400N 4-Port Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router with VPN
    I have to say initially I was disappointed with the setup of the router. It worked from the beginning but did not function with the tunnelling on the VPN side. I also had difficulty setting up the quick VPN client. The bottom line was the interaction with the firewall. After P&D, Norton and Window's Firewall caused issues that would not allow for connection.

    One complaint I do have is the Quick VPN client menu. It displays the user name and the password. The problem is the password. It does not block the password so the ADMIN and anyone leaning over his shoulder knows it. Linksys should block the password with dots or stars, etc.

    For functionality and price, you get a great package. They are constantly updating the IPS files. I am able to setup easy tunnels between this and older VPN routers from Linksys. I have yet to make Netbios to work through the tunnels but that could be an issue on my end. I know the latest patch allows for Netbios to pass. I have applied it but still do not have the functionality. I have tried all means short of putting up DNS servers on both sides of the tunnels.

    Good luck to all that try....more info
  • Bad product, worse support...
    Cisco Linksys WRVS4400N 4-Port Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router with VPN As the owner of an IT services company we frequently download large files. The version 1.1 of this router that we purchased would download a partial file and then stop due to bad code controlling the MTU. After calling Cisco support, who admitted being able to recreate the issue, they had no fix and basicly ceased to respond to any further request for support. Beyond that the router would disconnect from the internet frequently which required power cycling to get the router working again. One tech finally took ownership and allowed an RMA to be generated. The product was replaced with an older version 1.0 refurbished product which was poorly packed and was received damaged. I have now ordered a new NetGear to replace this junk. I wouldn't recommend Linksys or Cisco small business products for anyone needing quality equipment....more info
  • Very Good Product
    I put off buying this product because of the reviews others left. I wish I hadn't. The product works as advertised and I can attest that my Wireless G connection was around LOW with a High gain Antenna. I added the new Wireless "N" Card and Router and the connection went up in signal strength and in terms of Bandwidth. I will say that having installed several Linksys products, I find that NOT using their setup disk makes things much smoother for me at least. ...more info
  • Horrible Product
    I'm a networking professional, this router is nothing but trouble. I had to constantly reboot the router as it would stop providing wireless service to my network. I had to disable most of the security services just to get it to work for more than 24 hours.

    Just a bad product, period....more info