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Kodak EasyShare C743 7.1MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
List Price: $159.99

Our Price: $109.00

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Product Description

The simple to use Kodak EasyShare C743 zoom digital camera provides remarkable features at a reasonable price. You'll bring details to life with 7.1 Megapixel and the C743 has a 3x optical zoom lens, huge 2.5 inch color display. Capture life in motion with continuous VGA video 640x480 at 30 fps, featuring audio capture and playback. Create your perfect picture without a computer, using on-camera cropping. Know your pictures are in focus with the blurry picture alert feature. Restore an unintentionally deleted picture with the undo-delete function. Automatically reduce red-eye during picture capture with digital red-eye reduction. The C743 is part of the Kodak EasyShare system, so printing and sharing your pictures is amazingly simple. Shutter speed - 4-1/1400 seconds, long exposure 4 seconds max 2.5 inch LCD indoor/outdoor color display Optical Real Image Viewfinder Self timer - 2 and 10 seconds, 2 shot and burst Scene modes - auto, portrait, sport, landscape, night portrait, snow, beach, fireworks, self portrait, close up, backlight, children, party Still format - JPEG/EXIF v 2.21 QuickTime MOV MPEG-4 format with audio recording during capture NTSC or PAL I/O interface Tripod mount 1/4 inch standard System requirements - Windows XP, 2000 SP4 or later, 600 MHz processor or greater; Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Macintosh OS X 10.3 or higher; Safari 1.1 or higher, 128 MB RAM, 200 MB hard drive disk space available, CD-ROM drive, available USB port, color monitor, 800 x 600 display resolution, 16-bit minimum Unit Dimensions - Width 3.6 x Height 2.3 x Depth 1.3 inch, 92.2 x 65.7 x 32.4 mm Weight without batteries - 145 grams (5.1 ounces)

  • 7.1-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 15 x 20-inch prints
  • 3x optical zoom; 2.4-inch LCD display
  • In-camera features include digital red-eye reduction, cropping, blurry picture alert, and undo-delete
  • Captures VGA-quality video with sound at 30 frames per second
  • Stores image on SD memory cards (32MB internal memory included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Best point and shoot for the money
    My only complaint: the built-in flashes on these cameras have limited range. If you're shooting in a dark room and the subject is 30 feet away, it's time to upgrade to a digital SLR. Otherwise - this is a great camera....more info
  • Good product
    Good entry level camera. Easy to use. Takes decent pics and videos, but not great. ...more info
  • Dead Kodak 743!
    I bought a 743 for the wife for Christmas. I had a 6330 that I was very happy with. So a 743 should be better Right? Every time that she went to use it the batteries were dead. We finally figured out that a new set would go dead in two days without ever turning it on! After several e mails they told me to call service. I got someone in India that could not understand me and I had a really hard time figuring out what he was saying. They made it very dificult to get it sent in. I sent it in today, but I do not expect much from the example that their service has done so far. I hope it comes back at least. ...more info
  • Hard to say
    Our new camera takes beautiful pictures and easy to use goes through batteries and sometimes doesn't want to turn on even with new batteries. I found this also the case with another Kodak camera that we had....more info
  • great little camera
    I wanted a small easy to use, inexpensive camera that I can keep with me. I have a couple of other digital cameras that are very nice but a bit too bulky for carrying everywhere. This camera takes very nice, crisp pictures and I am very happy with it. It is very easy to use, the controls are placed perfectly for me. My other cameras have a lot more manual adjustments but I didn't want that this time. I wanted something very simple to use, mostly point and shoot with different scene options. I first bought it on HSN with a printer but the printer didn't work so I had to send it back. I really like the camera though so I bought it here at Amazon. Before I found this one, I had tried a Pentax 7 megapixel camera but the pictures were not as sharp as I wanted. I would recommend this camera for anyone who wants a nice little camera that takes great pictures. It is so easy to use, even a novice ould easily master it, right out of the box....more info
  • broke before I even used it!
    This is the second kodak 743 I had. The first one just stopped working for no reason. It was past the 1 year warranty,so nothing I could do. I loved the camera and wanted another,but when I received it and put the battery in,the screen was cracked. I guess I'll try another model...more info
  • kodak c743 digital camere
    I previously owned this camera and I broke it on my wedding night!(totally my neglegence) I loved this camera because it took great pictures and they were so clear when viewing on my computer as well as when printed. I was so diappointed that it was a older model and not carried in stores because I needed one immediatley to take a picture to create my thank you card. I was desperate so I decided to by a canon. To my dissapointment, the pictures were not as clear. So, I searched the internet and happily found it avaible on I was able to soon get started on my thank you cards because my new camera arrived within 3 days! Not only is this a great camera, it's aslo very easy to use!...more info
  • Kodak EasyShare C743 7.1MP Digital Camera
    ...more info
  • Great quality photos!!!
    I decided to move from film to digital and after much consideration I decided on this one. This is a great little camera! The pictures are wonderful on camera and when printed with the G600 or my home printer. The camera and printer dock are extremely easy to use. It also comes with a program that allows you to post your photos online and e-mail the to friends and family. This worked out great for me with distant relatives. I also bought a 512mb memory card to go with it.
    ***I do recommend that you use the lithium batteries. The alkalines that came with the camera went within 48 hours of me receiving the camera. (camera would not turn on after being shut off and would shut off on its own before preset shut off) The camera works great with the lithium battery.
    This is a great choice if you want great photos (of the kids) with little effort!
    ...more info
  • Excellent Camera
    This is an excellent camera. It's compact and easy to carry around, plus I like the viewfinder option for bright, sunny days. The pictures come out crisp and clear and the color is great. I would highly recommend this camera....more info
  • I Like my Kodak C743 Camera so Far
    I bought this camera as a replacement for my KodakCx7530 for about the same money it would have cost me to have the 7530 repaired. I was very happy with the 7530 until it started to put pink overtones on all PICS.
    My new C743 is even better than the 7530. I love it.I have not taken any Sepia or Black and whites yet so have no comment on them.
    My only complaint so far is that I was told by Kodak that I could use my existing camera dock with the C743 camera by simply buying a Kodak D-22 Adapter. I can't find any tho I have tried everywhere even pre ordering a used one on your site....more info
  • Best Bang for the Buck
    Here's my recent camera check list:

    Under $200 - check
    Uses AA Batteries - check (I already use NIMH for almost everything)
    At least 6MP - check (it's got 7MP)
    simple to use - check
    Small - check (It small but not to small for my fat fingers)
    USB connection - check (with easyshare plug it in and it takes off)
    SD media - check (I got 1G 30fps that's over 700 pictures @ 7mp)
    Weight - check (a little over 5 oz empty)
    viewfinder - check (most small cameras don't have one)
    LCD - 2.5 indoor/outdoor viewing better than my last camera
    Panoramic - NO ( the only thing missing)

    I looked at a lot of cameras and I could not find any under $400 which meet all of my criteria. I really liked some other cameras better but they didn't have AA NIMH support or didn't have a viewfinder and sure don't need a $50 battery even if it rechargable. My wife likes it, too. Easy to use so I'm not stuck being the only person able to use it(not meant to be sexist) even my kids can use it and so I'm not to worried if they break it because it under $200. not including the $50 SD card
    I love it....more info
  • C743: Why pay More?
    Picked up the Kodak C743, advertised at $159, but in store at Circuit City for $139 with a 512MB SD card. Camera fits in pocket, has all basic features and 7 megapixels! Menu on this Kodak is simple, LCD screen is very bright and non-reflective, but since there is a viewfinder as well, there should be no problems when the LCD is unusable in bright sun. Main operation buttons are good sized, clearly marked, and this camera is as intuitive/user-friendly as digicams get. Took some shots through my spotting scope and they turned out surprisingly clear. Flash is a little weak, but the price is definitely right on this model and the phrase "Why pay more?" comes easily to mind... ...more info
  • Good Camera for the money
    This is the ideal starter camera for a beginner. I found it easy to use and simple to get started with. However the software that comes with this camera is not so great. It runs slow on my system and has features that most people won't really ever use such as a greeting card maker.

    You're going to want a memory card with this camera as the internal memory doesn't hold a huge number of pictures....more info
  • For 4 wonderful days
    This I believe is my eighth or ninth digital camera and all but the first one was a Kodak EasyShare. And unfortunately all but two have met their demise at my hands. I love to take my camera where ever I go and my wife cringes every time I go out. I am in the Army and love adventure sports. The combination isn't well suited for camera handling and I do my best at trying to take care of them. The last camera that I purchased (before this one) was an EasyShare 643 that I bought before deploying to Iraq in January and it lasted until July when it took one too many tumbles from atop my HMMWV (Hummvee).

    The camera that I purchased to replace it was this EasyShare 743. I love these cameras. They're light weight and compact. With a 1GB SD card and the Kodak Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery I was able to take over 700 photos between charges and downloads. The best feature I like is that when pressing the shutter button it takes the photo almost instantly; where other cameras tend to wait for the auto-focus and you miss your shot. While I'm deployed I figure a camera is doing well if it can last 6 months or more. For this poor camera 4 days was all it had. While returning from a mission my .50 caliber machine gun got caught up in some low wires strung up by the local Iraqis and pulled from its connection to the HMMWV. It landed on my camera which I had thought was securely position inside my turret. Needless to say the camera was not built to have 150 pounds of machine gun, ammunition and mounting bracket slam into it. I plan on buying another one as soon and my wife will let me. I swear by them. They can take a beating (most times). I have dropped them, gotten them wet in the rain, covered with dust and sand from driving around in the desert, but they all have managed more than I thought they should in the environments that I have taken them. They are the best cameras....more info
  • very weak indoor/low light performer (pics and video)
    I guess for the price it is okay, but there are some definite problems with this camera. First, in my use so far it is almost unusable indoors; the camera needs A LOT of light to be able to focus, and indoors (even with several lights on) it often won't focus (and if you try to take the picture anyway, it will tell you it is too blurry, meaning you won't be able to make a good 4x6 print out of it). The video functionality also suffers in low light --- it is okay outdoors in bright light, but videos taken indoors are very dark and can hardly be seen. In sum, for bright outdoors shots and videos it is okay, but it doesn't work well indoors....more info
  • Picture it and print it.
    I just got this camera recently along with the printer. Setting up was very simple. The only problem I came across was putting the ribbon in the printer. You have to use your finger to remove the slack from the ribbon but it's not that easy. When you put the ribbon in the printer it gets caught on something and could damage the ribbon. It takes time and tons of patients to get that ribbon in the printer. The pictures come out very nice and print even better. I washed a couple of pictures to test the quality and they came out flawless. This camera is a value and shouldn't be passed up. The screen on the camera is huge and the buttons take some time to get use too. If you have any further questions feel free to comment them and I'll reply as possible....more info
  • ok
    I've had this camera for a couple years now. I'm looking for a new camera because it recently just broke. It turns on once with new lithium batteries but then dies immediately. It was great when I first bought it because its inexpensive and it takes great picture outdoors during the daytime. However, when you use the camera indoors or at night the picture come out dark and fuzzy. Theres a night time setting but you need to be super still. Also, it eats up regular batteries. You need to buy lithium batteries for the camera. ...more info