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Razer HP-1 Barracuda 8-Channel Gaming Headphones
List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $77.77

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Product Description

The Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones uses 99% oxygen-free copper cable for gaming audio signal purity. The Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones also provides for eight discrete audio drivers for optimal positional audio without compromising the gamer's comfort when using the headset.With some of the best components selected for the ultra-sensitive speaker drivers, the Razer Barracuda HP-1 Gaming Headphones delivers pinpoint positional accuracy essential for gaming.The Razer Barracuda HP-1's built-in microphone is designed specifically for in-game communications - featuring a short shaft for enhanced comfort and audio pickup, the microphone also features advanced noise cancellation capabilities ideal for frenzied in-game correspondence.Powered with Razer Fidelity, the Razer Barracuda HP-1 may be used with all soundcards; however, using it with the Razer Barracuda AC-1 gaming soundcard is strongly recommended as it delivers the best gaming audio experience in the world today.

  • 8 discrete drivers: 6 for mid-high frequency, 2 for bass
  • Individual channel volume control / 1 master volume control
  • Detachable microphone designed specifically for in-game communications
  • 6 channel analog inputs
  • Output power of 330mW

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Headset
    I have had for a few days now and I can say this headset is very good quality. For the ventrillo problem one person had in a earlier comment, I just adjust the vollume controlls and mic controlls for about 10 mins till and got it to come in clear and without background noise. Works best with the razer sound card.

    The Mic is a small little plug in to the left ear part. This may be a small problem for the size so when/if you unplugg it you may loose it so keep it in a good place. From what I have been told even with the fact its not near my mouth its clear and pressent over vent.

    The sound is very nice even for the price of the headset. I can easily define the music, game, and vent each seperatly when they are all on at the same time.

    The comfort is preety decent. Fits over ears well and the strap adjusts just when you put it over your head.

    There isn't too much to make this better but, I will list some anyways. With the sound, they could add a driver to have it adjust to even certain music, games, effects and so forth (just fixed with a driver). With the mic, maybe they could have it able to extend a bit so it comes closer to the mouth and you wouldn't have the adjust the sound properties (if you need to like I did). Finaly they could cus the cost of this or at least of thier sound card so I can buy to hear the full potential.

    Over all I would give a 5 of 5 but they still could do better on it, but if you have the cash to dish out by all means get this....more info
  • Best Headset
    Its a great headset , i recommend 100% if you are a gamer.

    If you find great soud this is greate choice....more info
  • No Customer Service at all
    Got a defective unit(horrible noise when adjusting volume),after several e mails never got a response from their customer service.The sound is great as long as you can ignore the terrible interference when adjusting volume.I'll never buy from them again....more info
  • Can and will break... repeatedly.
    Very rarely will a product frustrate me enough to need me to review it. The Razer Barracuda headset is one of these rare products.

    The first headset I recieved broke within a week. I returned it to where I purchased it, and got it replaced. The second one broke the same way less than a month later. The store refused to replace it a second time, so I took matters into my own hands and fixed it myself. Several months later, half of the headset simply snapped off for no apparent reason. Tape was able to manage that, but the last straw was when the right ear of the headset simply stopped functioning in it's entirety.

    Do NOT buy this product. Customer support won't answer my e-mails and keeps hanging up before they even talk to me. I won't be purchasing anything manufactured by this company ever again. And I've never made a statement like that before. But this is honestly very frustrating.

    Hopefully I'll find a surround sound headset that WON'T break on me soon.

    Unfortunately, I'm now down about $120 that I'll never get back....more info
  • Very Misleading Reviews
    I am an FPS gamer and have been ever since games like Doom II were first created. Since then, I've used most brands of headsets out there, including plantronics, steelseries, and sennheiser. None of them can amount to the Razer HP-1.

    When I first got this headset, it took some time getting used to it. But after a few minutes of messing with my EQ (on a Creative X-Fi Platinum), I found very good settings for it. That said, when it was configured, I would never consider looking back to any of the other headset brands I have tried.

    I don't know what people are talking about with "quiet microphones" or "no bass." On ventrilo, my microphone is either perfect or even too loud, and on top of that the clarity is perfect. It is truly a noise canceling microphone, and the fact it can be detached is extremely convenient as opposed to the long boom mics.

    As for the bass, I am getting very good bass response coupled with Razer's own little twist. Apparently on these headphones, the bass response is so great it vibrates the subwoofer to the extent where you can feel it vibrating on your head along with extremely deep bass. I had to actually turn down my bass response to prevent my ears from going numb.

    I tried this headset in a game (CS:S) and the 5.1 positional accuracy was amazing. There is nothing else that can describe it - it puts even Creative's CMSS-3D Headphone technology to shame. And even in games that dont support 5.1 surround sound natively (CS 1.6), the positional accuracy was still better than anything I've ever heard. There is no way to describe it.

    Music-wise, the vibrating subwoofer technology Razer has implemented brings out a level of bass response I never knew about in some songs. On top of incredibly responsive bass, the treble frequencies came through with amazing clarity as well, and coupled with 5.1 surround sound, it was as if I was standing in the middle of a recording studio itself.

    I'm actually somewhat grateful so many people rated this headset poorly. If everyone bought this headset, gaming would become very difficult since everyone would know exactly where everyone was. So don't get this headset unless you want to making gaming difficult for others.
    ...more info
  • very nice headphones
    I bought these for using when playing online games and using the ventrilo client for conversing with others while playing. I have an Audigy 2 sound card and they work extremely well for the games as well as the surround sound in the game. I've heard they're even better if you buy the proprietary sound card that razor sells but when I priced them I decided against it b/c they're overpriced in my opinion. I think these are very good headphones. The ear pieces actually go around the ears and don't "mash" them against your head which can get extremely uncomfortable if you end up playing for several hours. The mic works well and is able to pick up even softly spoken words so I advise using a "push to talk" option. I like the fact that the mic is easily removed using a "mini" plug. I would highly recommend these to anyone who needs a headset for needs that will require "hours at a time". Very comfortable even after wearing them for over 5 hours......more info
  • Horrible!!!
    The mic doesn't work, the balance is always off, no matter what computer I plug them into, there's no way to touch the volume brick without adjusting some sort of volume... They're just no good. Don't bother....more info
  • The same as the Turtle Beach Earforce HPA2
    The same as the Turtle Beach Earforce HPA2 expt it has the fancy connector that plugs directly into the back of the Razer soundcard. You can save yourself $30 or more by ordering the The same as the Turtle Beach Earforce HPA2 instead.
    Nice bass, good sound separation and fantastic sound quality - even better now that I bought a Razer soundcard.

    Headset is comfortable enough to use for hours at a time - most other headphone I've tried make my ears ache after 30 minutes of use....more info
  • Good Gaming Headphones
    Unfortunately for me I got a defective product. The microphone on mine does not work. I called razer and they sent me another microphone, but it still doesn't work so it must be a defect outside of the attachable microphone piece itself :(

    One thing to mention is that you need a good sound card to use this. It uses 5.1 surround so you need multiple inputs on your sound card to make full use of it.

    Other than that they are good headphones and very comfy. Nice blue lights...more info
  • Admirable concept, but shoddy manufacturing not worth the price.
    The first product I ever bought from Razer was one of their Copperhead mice. It was expensive, but I was impressed with the overall design and quality of the product. I've had that mouse for more than a year now and haven't had any problems, even with heavy use.

    When I heard Razer was branching out into PC audio, I was naturally curious. So I decided to pick up a pair of these headphones, along with their AC-1 sound card. Again, they were expensive but I felt I would makeup for that in design and quality.

    When I first opened the box I found that the cord was melted together in a few places, like the wire insulator hadn't cooled properly before it was rapped together with the plastic twisty. I also found that if I pulled these bonds apart, they revealed the bare wire. Not good. So I sent it back, and got a replacement. When I opened the second pair I found the same thing, in addition to one of the fancy LED lights not working. Luckily, I was able to pull the various bonds apart without revealing any bare wire. The light still doesn't work though.

    I am, to say the least, disappointed with Razer here. I have since read other reviews about people complaining about similar issues relating to the quality of the headphones. (screws coming loose, volume control loosing responsiveness, etc.) Gamers in particular tend to use headphones hard and don't appreciate when they "break" before their time. If I am going to shell out that much money for headphones, I would like the quality of the product to reflect the price....more info
  • Would not recommend
    I purchased the HP-1 headphones and was very disappointed. I could never get the microphone to work correctly, even after returning it to Razer for a different headset. It took Razer one month to exchange my original headset. Entirely too long in my opinion. I'll look at products made by other companies than Razer from now on....more info
  • Headphones cover many bases
    I purchased these headphones on the basis of PC Gamer's recommendations that they are the best gaming headphones available. Thus far, they have failed to disappoint. Unlike my previous model headphones, the cable is sturdy and does not tangle.

    The ability to adjust the bass, treble, front and rear recording is a nice feature as well. While I do not possess the Razer sound card (the firm advises that the headphones work best with a Razer dedicated sound card, I can somewhat hear a genuine 5.1 sound. It is possible that I have not yet played a game optimized for the Razer headphones, however, and there is a reasonable limit as to the amount of expectations one can place on hearing surround sound in headphones in any event.

    I have not yet tried the microphone, but I very much appreciate the fact that the microphone piece screws off and on. I do not use voice support much in games, so the fact that you can remove it demonstrates excellent appreciation for the diversity of the gaming community.

    Possibly the greatest liability to the Razer HP-1 gaming headphones is that the Razer logo glows hot blue over the earpieces. While I'm sure Razer meant this feature to look radical to the max, it ends up looking quite stupid. I think that it is possible to turn the light off and retain the sound quality, but I have not really experimented with this feature. I suppose that when is called away from the keys when one is gaming in the dark, the feature has some use. However, it's something to shy away from at your standard LAN party.

    Overall, I am quite satisfied with the Razer headphones. I recommend it to any serious gamer who is serious about sound quality as well as respectful of the neighbors....more info
  • This headset sucks!
    Usually Razer products are above average in performance. but the Razer Barracuda Gaming headset didn't do any good. and if you wear glasses the headset pushes your glasses into your temple, causing bad headaches. hope someone finds this review useful -Gube...more info
  • Great Headset
    The Razer HP-1 Barracuda headset is very good headset, It sounds excellent with my Creative X-FI using the attached Dongle, but even better when paired with the Razer AC-1 Soundcard, It does however have a weakness in audio quality and "3d" sound when used with only stereo input "as on my laptops built in audio" so if you are to purchase this item make sure you have 5.1 capable sound card. As for comfort it is Good for long term use. The Microphone is kinda cheap feeling and plugs in on the bottom of the headset....more info
  • Sweet!
    This headset is one of the best I have ever used. I have 2 complaints. The adjustment dials don't lock into place and are easily knocked out of prime settings. Once you get used to handling the volume module it is easy to avoid touching any dials. Second, the interior of the headphones rub against my ears. I don't have big ears but even for me extended use can cause some irritation. Other than that these things are the greatest!...more info
  • Excellent gaming headphones
    These headphones are top quality gaming headphones. The surround sound feature has improved my online first person shooter skill drastically, given that its now easy to HEAR where an opponent is coming from directionally...left, right, front or rear in either direction. Its made a huge difference. They are extremely well made, adjustable for sound in a variety of ways. The only drawback (and its not to me) that could be said about the sound is the base isn't all that deep. For music, listening to songs I know from heart, I'm able to hear notes and sounds that even my quality sound system didn't highlight, so they are great for music too. I highly recommend these Razer HP-1 Barracuda headphones, especially for playing online games where knowing where someone is by the direction of the sound will give you a definite advantage. ...more info
  • Not worth anything without the matching sound card from Razor
    Product sounds like garbage on the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook Card and on my RealTek ALC-885 Onboard Sound Card. Sound was "position relative" while in game, but sounds weird...example: an enemy is shooting at you with a shotgun, while facing the enemy it sounds like "tink, tink" then you look away and it sounds like "boom, boom" (like it should). I contacted Razor Phone Support and they said that was "by design"...(unless of course you have their specialized Barracuda AC-1 Sound Card). That option does nothing for me since I have a notebook though. By design doesn't make sense though, because why would sounds sound different while in still can't differentiate were sounds are coming from if they have a different pitch depending on their location...retarted honestly...just defeats the purpose of having these I returned them to Amazon....more info