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LightSnake STUSBXLR10 LightSnake USB Microphone cable
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $35.99

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Product Description

This LightSnake cable is a XLR microphone to USB cable that is ideal for recording voice or other musical instruments on your computer. It is as simple as connecting the XLR plug of the LightSnake cable to a microphone and then connecting the USB end to a computer USB port. This is a true USB plug and play connection. No additional drivers are needed for most operating systems. An embedded 16 Bit Analog to Digital Converter with audio signal boost ensures extremely low audio loss and 48/44.1 KHz Sampling Rate provides a high audio quality while recording. The HSDL (Host Side Data Loss) Noise Reduction function prevents any unwanted noise when converting the audio signal to digital format and saving to a computer.

  • Connect your guitar / instrument directly to your computer. Start recording instantly. Analog to digital converter built into cable. Digital quality sound input. No need for a sound card.
  • Embedded A/D chip technology with audio signal boost eliminates the need for additional signal conversion devices.
  • Patented "Live when Lit" technology - cable ends light up indicating when sound is being transmitted. 10 Foot heavy-duty shielded cable.
  • Includes " to Mini Adaptor and " Male to Dual " Female Splitter.
  • Compatible with Win98 SE / Win ME / Win 2000 / Win XP and Mac OS9 / OS X without additional driver. Simple USB plug-and-play connectivity .

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome product - makes your home studio!
    I was so excited when I found out about this product. For years I have been trying to find out how to use a professional mic and other pro instruments with my audio editing software to no avail. This is a simply plug and play product and it works like a charm! ...more info
  • Finally, something that works with Rock Band
    I have a Nady StarPower 1 dynamic mic and had not been able to use it for Rock Band on my 360; I tried another XLR-to-USB product and it did not work. I suspect the lack of phantom power is what makes this work with both Rock Band and Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Encore (although it doesn't work that well with the latter; I suspect that's by the programmers' design).

    The LightSnake works very well: the lights are particularly helpful when I build up a little static and touch the mic. If the lights go out, I unplug it and plug it back in, and we're back in business - you know exactly when it's working and when it's not....more info
    Some liar on here sold me on this. He had to be lying because this only works with a driver that is not found by rock band 2. This product may work fine with basic audio computer stuff, but DO NOT BUY for Rock band 2....more info
  • Nice lights - for about five minutes (kids like it though)
    This mic cable does exactly what it says, exactly like it should. The lights on each end blink when the system is monitoring the cable, which is nice to know, but might get annoying after a while.
    The only problem I ran in to was some latency - and certain programs were worse than others. Garageband was almost non-existant and the input from the microphone sounded pretty good (for the cheap microphone it was) on my Macbook Pro....more info
  • Good product but no phantom power
    The cable is fine and if you have a good dynamic mic then you can get a good sound from it. I use a Mac and you do have to go into sounds under preferences to set the mic up properly. Otherwise, with garageband it all worked fine. My only complaint is that it is not made clear anywhere on the packaging or website that this cable does not provide phantom power. So you can't use it with a condenser mic. I just wish this was made more clear to me before buying. ...more info
  • May not be recognized
    This product seems to work on some machines but not all. On an XP w/sp3, the system does not recognize the device and asks for the location of a device driver. Of course this is not available and SoundTech Tech claims that they do not know what device driver the cable uses. They also claim that they cannot find out what device driver is needed as they do not manufacture the Lightsnake, and they do not have authority to contact the OEM. After searching the Internet, it appears that I am not alone with this problem, but SoundTech actually told me to call Microsoft to find the device driver. Not much help here as Soundtech cannot tell me what device driver I should be looking for. Maybe the worst tech support I have experienced in my 30+ years in the IT industry! ...more info
  • USB to XLR
    LightSnake STUSBXLR10 LightSnake USB Microphone cable

    The first thing I did was plug this into my computer and fired up Adobe Audition to record my weekly podcast. The Light snake didn't seem to have any driver issues according to Windows XP, but when plugged in, my computer started sending sound out the cable instead of my headphones (i could tell because the lights on the cable were blinking). After fixing that problem I still cannot get windows or Audition to let me record through the cable from an SM58. I'm going to plug it into my Mac and I'm sure it'll work better but the 'simple plug and play' label may not be applicable depending on your computer and software setup. ...more info
  • pretty great!
    this thing is pretty awesome. it works about as it says it should (which is always nice, especially considering how many things you get out of the box and for reasons beyond explanation they Just Don't Work.).

    i am running it on vista, and it really was just plug and play, installed the drivers automatically. and i get much better sound out of it than running an xlr cable through an adaptor into the 1/8 inch jack i already had on my laptop.

    plus it looks pretty cool glowin all green....more info
  • Great quality item, but has a buzz.
    I was really impressed with this product when I got it. The quality is so much better than I expected. This is not the type of cable that will easily break. It is plug and play for Mac, and has a CD for Windows-based machines.

    Unfortunately, when I use it with my Mac, I get some serious buzz in the background - so much so that I stopped recording with it. I am not sure what the problem is, but the buzz is loud enough to be annoying.

    Good quality cable if you want to give it a shot. The buzz could be how it talks to my computer and you may not have the same problem. It could also be my mic.
    ...more info
  • Noisey
    All my recordings have a snowy noise in them. I contacted the manufacuturer and was told "Its unfortunately the nature of the beast". If you own an XLR microphone, you care too much about the sound for this cable to be good enough for you. I returned mine....more info