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Lowepro Transporter Camera Strap
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $12.95

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Product Description

The Transporter was designed for the professional or core enthusiast photographer who works with multiple cameras, binoculars or other photography equipment. The unique design includes a comfortable, non-slip shoulder pad that stays in place even when the strap is adjusted to a variety of lengths or swung completely out of the way while using another piece of equipment. A detachable memory card wallet provides quick access to cards while shooting. Two quick-release buckles make switching from one camera body to another fast and easy while double ladder-locks ensure a secure connection between the strap and the camera for maximum stabilization.

  • Sliding neck pad provides maximum adjustability, and is ideal for use with multiple cameras
  • Side release buckles provides quick removal and interchangeability with other cameras or straps
  • Double Ladder-locks ensures a secure connction to your camera
  • Detachable memory card wallet allows quick access to extra memory cards
  • Anti-slip texturing prevents slippage and keeps camera from sliding from side to side

Customer Reviews:

  • Lowepro Strap for DSLR
    This strap is much better than the one that came with my pentax DSLR camera as it is longer, more comfortable and has great adjustability. What I did not like about is the quick release mechanism and the stiffness of the strap at the binding posts of the camera. The quick release makes me nervous about accidentally dropping the camera. The stiff material used on the strap that attaches to the posts on the camera makes it akward to move the camera around. It causes the strap to get in the way of you being able to get your eye in the viewfinder and to place it back in your case. ...more info
  • Solid Strap for the $$
    Great product, the additional memory card holders are handy...

    I was apprehensive at first with the plastic release straps, but after mounting a Canon 5D with heavy 24-70 lens, it holds very well...

    The release straps are easy to attach and release, definitly a plus when you load/unload into your gear bag!...more info
  • worth it
    this Lowepro Transporter Camera Strap is strong and versatile enough to help me in my photograghy....more info
  • Strap
    The strap came free with the purchase of the camera and I put it on when I got the camera. It has a pouch for an extra CF card. Nice....more info
  • comfortable and handy
    I got this together with D300, as a free deal.
    then it is really easy to use. I tend to put my D300 with 18-200 VR lens in a small package to disguise when travelling. The click removable strap really serve the purpose well.
    I give it 4 star because the clip is made of hard plastic. It clanks to my D300 body or lens. It could be wrapped with some kind of rubber.
    ...more info
  • Sent it back
    The strap is decent enough, but the only reason I was interested in it was for the included media card pouch. The pouch is too small for a CompactFlash in a CompactFlash case. If your camera uses SD cards, you would probably like this strap more....more info
  • Quality Camera Strap
    This Camera strap works great for my Nikon D40. The strap that came with my camera wasn't as nice and was sorta ugly. This strap is much better....more info
  • Good strap but slips off the shoulder easily
    It just does not sit securely on the shoulder if you tend to carry the camera over one shoulder, as I do. It is not long enough to carry as an across the chest strap either.

    The memory card storage is a nice plus and easily holds up to CF cards....more info
  • Love This Strap!
    I just love this strap. It came as a bonus when I bought my Olympus Evolt E-510 here at Amazon. It's very comfy around the neck and the rubbery material on the neck pad makes sure it stays in place. I read a review about the metal rings at the ends scratching camera bodies. I believe that they are indeed capable of doing so but the beauty of it is you can actually take them off and use the strap's ends directly. It also features a quick release system which makes storage much easier especially for those who, like me, use small bags like the Olympus gadget bag. The memory card holder is a nice touch for those who need to carry extras. Quality is superb. Even the plastic components bespeak class with no rough edges. Without a doubt a great buy or, if you're lucky enough as in my case, freebie. ...more info
  • Not long enough
    Overall I'd say not worth the money. I'm still looking for a better after market strap for my D200. This one is too short to wear across the body if you're tall like I am....more info
  • Major Design Problem, Be Aware!!!
    This camera strap has a major design problem: there's no security lock for the side release buckles. The side release buckles are designed to allow quick interchangeability with other camera using the same strap. However, the two buckles are too easily releasable and there's no security lock to keep the strap and the camera from seperation. I have used the strap for a week, and one of the buckle got released by itself twice. I had only one camera. Luckily, I didn't drop my camera but I would never use this strap again....more info
  • good strap / OK release mechanism
    The camera strap is perfect. good length, easily adjustable, doesn't slip easily.

    The quick release mechanism, however, is not ideal. It is a little too easy to release. Since I now know how easy it is to break free, I am very careful not to touch one side of the release, then the other....more info
  • Good replacement for OEM
    The reason I bought this strap is because of the quick release snaps that lets you take most of the strap off the camera. When you remove the strap, what remains is 2 or 3 inches of strap along with the snap/buckle on each side of the camera.

    I give this product 5 stars because overall it does a good job. My only nit is that when I use my camera on a tripod with the strap "clicked off", the remaining several inches do get in the way of making camera settings,etc. So now I leave the strap connected even when the camera is on the tripod. This keeps the short ends of the strap out of the way.

    I've had no problem or concern about the buckles coming loose at the wrong time. So has worked fine....more info
  • Good replacement for standard straps
    This strap is very comfortable and adjusts to a greater carying length than the cheap one which comes with your SLR. Its benefit is particularly felt when carrying a larger telephoto zoom for a while. The card storage envelope is a nice touch and does not get in the way when raising the camera for a shot. The quick release clips may come in handy when switching camera bodies in the field - though you will have to buy a second strap for this. Manufacturing quality is in keeping with Lowe's high standard for rugged nylon gear....more info
  • Camera fell, do not buy!
    I received the Lowepro Transporter strap for free with the purchase of a Lowepro camera backpack. DO NOT buy or use this camera strap! I was dumb enough to put it on my camera (Canon 40D with the Canon 24-70mm L-series lens). I had the camera around the neck and one shoulder. While I was photographing and moving around and shifting the camera from my front to my side, one of the quick release buckles released, and my camera hit the concrete floor from walking hight. Let me tell you that the quick release buckles respond to touch extremely well. If you accidentally grab the strap in the wrong place, the release buckle will open. I was in shock. I had a nice repair bill from Canon. I am outraged that there are no fail-safes in place that could have prevented this from happening when I'm busy photographing. I would not recommend this camera strap to anyone. It may not happen to you, but it CAN happen. Lowepro, if you read this, take camera straps with quick release buckles off the market. They're a lawsuit waiting to happen....more info
  • Very nice strap
    This camera strap is well made. It is comfortable on the neck and looks professional. The media pockets are very handy but will not hold 2 cards that are in cases. If the pockets would have been just a tad bigger, accommodating 2 cards in cases, I would have rated this a 5 star product....more info
  • Good camera strap
    Comfortable strap with a good length. I like the hooks used to attach to the camera because it seems much less likely to fall off than attachments I've seen on most cameras. However, one of the key rings that was used to attach it to the camera actually broke in half when we tried to attach the camera. Easy to add a regular key ring to fix it, but frustrating that the first time we tried to use it, it broke. Otherwise, works great....more info
  • The ring broke after 2 months usage
    I am disappointed with the product. I use it on Canon 40D for 1 month, around 3-4 times a week and one of the ring broke (the one that connected to the camera).

    The straps has little pockets that store 2 extra Compact Flash cards,
    when I am in shooting in portrait orientation, this container often annoy me by blocking my view.

    The shoulder strap is fine and better than Canon strap that I get.
    ...more info
  • very good replacement
    I didn't really have any complaints with the original Canon strap on my camera, aside from the rough edges that seemed to dig into my neck and/or shoulders if I was carrying it for more than a few minutes (plus I didn't want a huge "CANON" logo on me, may as well pin a big "rob me, please" sign on there too!).
    I wasn't really in the market for a new strap but noticed this in a store and thought "why not". The pad, though much smaller than the original Canon strap, slides to accommodate different positions and is much softer. I wore this camera for hours on end when I was on vacation and it didn't wear me down or cause me pain. Only issue is that the grip texture takes up very little area on the pad, which means it doesn't hold onto your shoulder so well if you're carrying it by your side.

    The fasteners/buckles are a great touch. If/when you don't need the strap, you can detach it and just go full handheld. Great for pick-up/put-down situations where you want it easy to get at, but the strap would hang in the way or get caught on stuff (in my case, helping my family with home remodeling).
    Finally, the little pocket that is velcroed to the strap is very handy. I have a backup CF card and a lens cloth folded up in it. This makes it so you don't even have to clutter your pockets with camera gear.

    Camera straps are almost like clothing, so everyone is going to have their preferences. If you have a chance, go to a store and check it out. I would recommend this strap for people who plan on traveling or just being out with their camera for extended periods of time. In this price range straps don't get much better....more info
  • Good, but more bulky than it should be
    I got this item as a free supplement when I bought a Lowepro Nova 4 bag during their promotion campaign @ Amazon, so I should not really complain.

    Why would someone like to buy this strap to replace the original one coming with the camera?

    In my case I wanted to have an extra place to store small items - like a hotshoe cover, or a spare SD card - something you would like to have easily reachable and at the same time secure (so that you do not loose it accidentally). A wider strap was another consideration. From this perspective the Lowepro Transporter Camera Strap meets my needs.


    I like the functionality of this strap, but not the implementation.
    The detachable strap sounds as a strange concept to me. Quick-release buckles, which, as stated by Lowepro, "make switching from one camera body to another fast and easy" is a big drawback for me. I own several cameras, but I have never ever been in situation where I had to detach straps and reattach them back to another camera. I am convinced that every camera must have its own strap.
    Moreover, the buckles make the strap more bulky. The plastic parts can touch the camera body and affect its finish. Also, the buckles contribute to another problem reported by some users - limited strap length adjustment.


    The quality of this product is good, but it is not for every camera and for everyone.
    I really doubt, if it is a good idea to use this strap on a small camera.
    The detachable strap is a very questionable "know-how" of Lowepro....more info
  • Redesign would help
    While I am a big fan of LowePro quality, I was rather disappointed when I learned that the "quick release" clasps give way with the smallest amount of pressure. The strap is great but I currently have yarn connecting the two pieces of the quick release buckle so that it doesn't accidentally open and drop thousands of dollars worth of equipment. A different quick release (maybe like Kata's bullclip style) would be much more secure for regular use and still just as interchangeable. I don't recommend purchasing this product unless you have a plan for working around the quick release buckle....more info
  • Adjustment Buckles Get In The Way
    Take a look at the photo of this strap. See the adjustment "buckles" at each end of the strap?

    These guys really get in your way. They don't allow the strap to twist and thus they bind when you're moving the camera for a vertical shot.

    Very annoying....more info
  • A must for any DSLR owner.
    I take sports pictures using a telephoto lens. The Lowepro is much more comfortable than the other straps I've used. Good price and great quality!
    ...more info
  • Nice strap
    I am a big guy, the strap could stand to be longer. It is very well thought out aside from that. Double "stays" on each end so it is not likely to come un-done accidentally. The storage for extra memory cards is great. Stitching is tight and good quality heavy thread. It also has quick release clips on each end. I especially like this when using my tripod - no straps blowing into the photo. All-in-all very nice....more info
  • nice strap
    Overall nice strap. The card holder is a nice add-on. I'm sure it interfaces well with other lowepro products well. It has quick connect buckles very close to the camera so its easy to remove.

    The only negative about this product is the somewhat permanent crease in the padding where it was folded for display. It may work itself out eventually or there may be some trick to 'iron it out' so to speak....more info
  • A Must Upgrade
    When I first bought an SLR it came with a very uncomfortable strap that was emblazoned with CANON EOS on it. Now, I don't mind some advertisement for Canon but overall, I prefer a more nondescript camera strap.

    I quickly realized that there are tons of different camera straps out there but that there are very few options for the consumer. What I'm saying is that the straps available are significantly different from one another that you really can't compare easily between them: some are colorful, some are black, some are made of neoprene, some have quick release buckles, some have extra padding etc. I guess what I'm saying is that its hard to compare and contrast this strap to others.

    For me, I was looking for a black strap that was comfortable, with some padding, and a quick connect on at least one side. I found this strap fit the mold nicely.

    Here are some pros:
    - its comfortable
    - it has the quick release on both sides (they've never failed me)
    - quick release are easy to release but don't get triggered accidentally (my experience lugging my camera through Hawaii to Turkey to all over the world over a few years)
    - very easy to change the configuration from neck carry to shoulder carry
    - the memory card pouch is FANTASTIC - makes it very easy to store and reach for your memory cards when you need them
    - the strap has a slight pattern that helps make it grippy and prevent slippage from your shoulder

    Here are some cons:
    - After a while your neck can get sweaty (I imagine that's universal for all straps)
    - I do worry that the clips will release accidentally, there is no safety catch or double action mechanism (I have wired one of mine with a twisty so I only have to worry about one side (the one I use most often). I do find the clips very easy to operate but I've never had a latch trigger accidentally and I've had this strap for years.

    That's about it. I really like this strap but it could be made perfect if Lowepro put in a double action safety on the quick releases. Remember, if you're carrying two heavy cameras and are running somewhere regularly- it only takes one accidental unlatching to drop $5,000 in equipment (yikes!). I think that kind of an environment increases the likelihood of failure for this strap. On the other hand, if you're more of a scenery photographer like me strolling the jungles of Hawaii with a single camera and a compact telephoto, you might not be as at-risk from an accidental disconnect. If in doubt, twisty tie it but remember you're going to lose that aspect of versatility frorm the strap....more info
  • It's a strap. For a camera
    Well, the camera hangs off it. I'm not sure it's any better than the stock canon one, to be honest....more info
  • Good Strap
    I recieved this strap with my camera for free when I purchased my D-SLR from The only reason I purchased this was that it was refunded at check out. After using the camera and strap for about a month, It is safe to say that had I not recieved this strap for free I would gladly pay for it now. The strap has a quick release on both sides that connect to your camera. The quick release comes in handy when using the lowepro mini zoom camera case, which does not have enough room for the camera with the strap in place. Because the straps are too hard to remove from cameras, It is nice to just have to unsnap the strap for a quick removal. Very nice product that just works, and it also has a memory card holder attached....more info
  • Very comfortable, quick release is a little TOO quick but can be fixed
    This strap was a free promotion included with my Pentax K10D. I find it much more comfortable than the strap that came with in the box with the Pentax. Unless I am carrying extra lenses, this (with minor additions/modifications) is all I need for the day. I have the extra memory card pouch on one side of the strap, which can also be used to hold the lens cover (I recently hit the age of reading glasses, so they now live in my shirt pocket and putting the lens cover there as well would scratch them). I purchased a very small point and shoot camera case which I have threaded onto the other side of the strap to hold an extra battery and the USB cable for 'field downloads' at client sites without benefit of a card reader.

    After reading cautions about the quick-release feature, I tested it out. I agree, the quick release is touchy. The straps will release with only light pressure on the sides. Since I will not be switching cameras around, I solved the problem by simply 'weaving' the two halves of each clasp together with the black twistees originally used to hold the strap in its packaging.

    Regarding length and adjustment complaints - yes, the padded sleeve and the pouch use up a lot of the length, limiting how much you can shorten the strap. But I am 5'3" and I had no problem getting a nice fit. I have always worn my camera over one shoulder, though, (under an unzipped coat if I'm wearing one) so I can quickly tuck it around to my back when ducking through brush or around the side so it's under my coat in rain. I also thread a metal hook-eye into the tripod mounting hole and use that to attach a carabiner so I can clip the camera to a belt loop and keep it from swinging around when I'm climbing up rocks.

    If you wear your camera around your neck, you probably will have a difficult time getting the strap short enough. I just never wear it that way. My K1000 survived 20+ years without a case being carried in a similar fashion, including multiple trips to the top of Mt. Katahdin, ME and the length of the Knife Edge trail, up the Beehive and Precipice trails in Acadia National Park, Maine, throughout Glacier National Park in Montana and all sorts of other places in between. Carrying the camera this way, without a case, means I can get the shots I want even hanging by one hand off the side of a steep trail (if I had to fuss with a case, those shots would not happen and if the camera was swinging loose around my neck, it would have been a hazard to me and and probably quickly been wrecked)....more info
  • lowepro transporter review
    It is indeed a very good for my D80. It feel comfortable when hang my camera on my neck.. good choice for DSLR....more info
  • A different strap?
    Self evidently, some of the reviewers here are being sent straps different than the one I received. I find this strap to be excellent, it's great for when doing telephoto and tripod work as well, since the strap can be so easily detached for those circumstances.

    Having read some of the eternal "ONE Star Whiner" reviews, my daughter and I set out, with open mind, to test these hypothesis. First we recruited the help of our god-baby along with a number of lead ingots I use for casting bullets (no, we did not combine baby and lead bars). Said baby bodes to be a technical wizard assuming he retains his infantly gained knowledge, as NO fastener in this home, no matter how clever, is safe from his grasp. We set the strap up in various configurations that were designed to say "you can't go there" so as to guarantee piquing his interest. After 48 hours of intensive escape effort, the strap/snap buckles still held.

    After this test, Daughter and I rigged the strap so we could place lead weights on the strap with a direct pull on the snap buckle, then a 45 degree pull. Both, on a SINGLE buckle, held up to 100 pounds of lead before we abandoned the experiment.

    I have no fears in using the unit as it came from the box. ...more info
  • Very good strap
    This a very good strap, I especially like that it can be easily detached from the camera when needed, and is comfortable around the back of the neck. My only very slight complaint is the ladder-buckle attachments, would rather there something less obstructive. ...more info