Racket Zapper
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Product Description

The Racket Zapper electronic fly swatter eliminates chasing down flying insects or splattering bug parts on your wall. Instead, spot the flying insect and zap it. The bug should die instantly and drop to the floor.

  • Electronic Racket Zapper will easily kill all flying insects such as mosquitos, flies, and gnats, just by waving at them with the electric fly swatter. And, the Electronic Bug Zapper is small enough to take with you, wherever you go.
  • Portable Zapper.
  • On/Off Button. Press button to activate net /release button to de-activate net
  • Takes 2 "AA" batteries( Not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • flies are smarter
    perhaps the flies are quicker and smarter than humans.....you have to be Martina Navratilova to catch a damn fly with this thing. but great for upper body exercise....more info
  • It's Pretty Cool! But read up!
    I got 3 of them I bought from harbor freight for 2.99.Their pretty cool, but alot cooler at $3 a pop.The 1s I got are powered with 2 D batterys though. For the most part it's pretty cool cuz if you get em good they pop and everyone at my work thinks its great.But you cant get em in mid air, you have to trap them on the wall and make them fly into the net.Otherwise you just stun them in mid air and they get right back up a couple seconds later. Also it leaves behind a burnt fly smell,which at least the women at work find it sickening,I think its grose but kinda cool! All in all a good alternative to the fly swatter if you don't like the mess it leaves behind.At least with this it sticks to the metal grate and you can just knock it off in the garbage.NOTE: When you knock it off make sure you don't let your hand or fingers come in contact with the metal grate. I figured out the hard way that it still has power in it even if your not pressing the button.It's a jolt you wont soon forget.Enjoy!...more info
  • Amazingly - it worked!
    I had many frustrating efforts to get rid of the occasional flies that got into my house (if filmed, some of these efforts would have been big hits on YouTube.com). This racket-like device actually worked -- and NO scary chemicals!...more info
  • Very good product
    It's very effective against normal bugs flying around the house. Don't touch the racket when it's on though!...more info
  • Fun but a 99 cent fly swatter works better
    I have had this for a month in an office area that collects flies. Only one kill to my record. The problem is that you can not swat and hit a fly that has landed on a surface like a computer monitor. The old 99 cent fly swatter is better for my money. For the fun factor it gets a 10! But useless otherwise!...more info
  • racket zapper
    this really works great on all sizes of flying and crawing bugs from the smallest nat to big flys and whasps i've told others about this product,it runs on 2 small batteries and i've yet to put new batteries in it and i've had it for 2 months ...more info
  • not a labor saving device but can be fun
    Great idea in principle, this zapper isn't enough to always kill a bug. Don't expect the effective and satisfying spark and sizzle of plug in units. Small, softer bugs like gnats and mosquitos are pretty reliably and instantly zapped - sometimes they completely evaporate. Flies tend to bounce off, and it just seems to annoy bees a lot. I quickly learned to ignore the bees.... To actually kill a fly you pretty much have to wait for it to land, sneak up and slowly lower the zapper down onto the fly. And they don't always 'die well'.

    An old fashioned swatter is much faster and easier, but this is obviously the thing for the hopelessly geeky amongst us. Count on geek envy.

    This one runs on 2 AA batteries. I have seen ones that use 2 D batteries, but doubt they are more powerful, just the batteries last longer.

    Yours may vary: the one that I received differs from the image amazon shows you. Mine has additional plastic support under the grid, (in the way many other models do), unlike the picture. This is probably a good thing, it is obviously not very tough and the extra structure probably helps. Just the same, this is not meant to 'swat' or hit anything, just come into contact with the target bug....more info
  • I bought two and they both broke in the first week
    I was hopeful based on other reviews that it would work. I had an issue with basic house flies that were getting in the house from outside. The racket uses 3 layers of screens, but this caused too much "wind" when trying to swat a fly out of the air. If you happen to hit one, the fly needs to touch two layers of screens at the same time to get zapped.

    Since the racket is well... a racket-- you can't swat-to-kill when they are sitting on the counter. You just trap the fly and hope it walks on the racket and touchs the two layers... and then ZAP!

    I bought two, since I knew my son would want to try when he saw me swatting... but they both broke. One just quit zapping, and with the other the plastic and layers started coming apart.

    I missed the 30 day return window, otherwise I would have tried to get a refund. ...more info
  • Pest B Gone!
    This definately turned out to be more useful than I had imagined, mostly thought it'd be a neat 'gimmick' item. The tennis racket design makes it very comfortable to hold and swing which is nice. There is one thing I had to do to make mine more effective though, it seems to be made for mosquitos and other very small insects and I was targeting wasps, well this racket has a wire 'mesh' on each side to keep you from shocking people (which is a nice safety feature certainly), but to kill larger insects like wasps I had to snip off the mesh on one side and good news, it takes down wasps and other large insects too!...more info
  • great!
    We bought this product over a year ago and love it! There is some satisfaction is hearing the flies pop and sizzle. it is very sturdy and we haven't had to replace the batteries yet....more info
  • Sure miss
    My husband hit the fly with it several times and the swatter did nothing to it. The fly kept on flying. Others were right, the plastic is cheap and brittle, the hanging hook was broken by the time we got to it and it's never worked once. It was broken and defective from the first use. Now I'm trying to work with Amazon about a return....more info
  • o.k. but there are better ones
    This bug zapper works all right, but the "safety" guard over the actual zapper keeps larger insects like wasps from getting zapped right away.
    I prefer the immediate "touch and die" of the Charcoal Companion Amazing Bug Zapper which I bought at the same time. However, it "stings" if you touch it while pushing the "on" buttons!...more info
  • Cleanly kills bugs but is a little flimsy
    The Racket Zapper is certainly the cleanest fly swatter I have ever used. It doesn't require hard contact with bugs and another object, making it possible to swat bugs right out of the air. Cleanup is as easy as shaking the zapper over a trash can.

    Minus a star for being rather flimsy. My zapper arrived with a slight crack in the plastic, though this does not seem to affect functionality....more info
  • Bug Zapper
    I bought the Racket Zapper because I was having some trouble with pantry moths in my kitchen. I hate to spray insecticides around food. Well, I retained possesion of the Zapper for all of 2 seconds until my husband saw the gadget. He took over immediately. He LOVES this little gismo!!! He goes around the house looking for pests to kill, and guess what, the pantry moths have all been exterminated, much to my husband's dismay. I guess he finds it very satisfying to zap the little buggers, and it really works. Just ask my husband. He just had to touch the screen to make sure it was zapping. Men! Anyway, when it comes in contact or within close proximity to a bug and you depress the button, it sends out a small current of electricity, and it is all over. There are no instructions on the packaging. You just have to insert a battery, and start zapping. It doesn't really make any noise, so you don't really know it is working until it comes in contact with a bug, and then you see a small spark. Ouch! This is definitely not a toy, so I wouldn't let a kid handle it, because they might try zapping a pesky sibling. I know I would have (Ha-ha!). I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Zap em dead!
    Love this thing, I bought it because I garden and start my seeds indoors a lot. This creats nats and unwanted flying things. This worked great...and also for the pesky fly that flies in every time you open the door. It Zaps them DEAD!! Love it!...more info