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Black & Decker PS400JRB Electromate 400 Plus Jump-Starter with Built-In Radio
List Price: $119.99

Our Price: $79.95

You Save: $40.04 (33%)


Product Description

The Black & Decker PS400JRB 400-watt electromate with radio offers up to 450 instant amps for jump starting power and will not only supply portable AC power for ordinary household appliances, but will also recharge USB device, and receive AM/FM/NOAA weather alerts. The electromate features dual 12-volt DC power outlets and dual 120-volt AC power outlets, with a 12-volt charger. With its 450 Amps, it instantly jump-starts cars without using another vehicle, and the AM/FM/NOAA weather alert radio provides music, news, and weather updates any time you need them. An ultra-bright LED work light helps you with emergency roadside assistance. Power or recharge your USB electronic devices by using the electromate's USB port. Heavy-duty cables and clamps are included, and Black & Decker backs its electromate with a 2-year warranty.

The Black & Decker PS400JRB 400-Watt Electromate with radio offers up to 450 instant amps for jump starting power without another vehicle, supplies portable AC power for ordinary household appliances, and the AM/FM/NOAA weather alert radio provides music, news, and weather updates any time you need them. An ultra-bright LED work light helps you with emergency roadside assistance, and you can even power or recharge your USB electronic devices by using the Electromate's USB port. Heavy-duty cables and clamps are included, and Black & Decker backs its Electromate with a 2-year warranty.

  • Portable power and radio kit
  • Includes two 12-volt DC outlets, two 120-volt AC outlets, and a 12-volt charger
  • Powers USB devices through USB port
  • Plenty of power to jump-start cars
  • Full 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Black & Decker PS400JRB
    The Black & Decker PS400JRB is a good fit for those that need a little juice in the great outdoors or anywhere away from available AC power. My wife and I compete with our dogs on weekends, and most of the showsites are without electricity. The Electromate has 12v outlets for small appliances like RV fans when it's hot, and portable DVD players for the downtime between runs. There are also 120V inverter outlets for light equipment such as fans that need 120v and laptops or portable TV's. A few clubs in the area use one to power electronic timers and P.A. horns for the trial all day. It has a built in radio, and works great with the iPod car transmitter plugged into the 12v outlet and plays music at our set-up all day.

    The only negative I have is the recharge time. It seems to be real-time. If the unit takes 8 hours to run down, it needs 8 hours to charge back to full capacity....more info
  • Black & Decker - What Happened???
    Black & Decker? PS400JRB Electromate? 400 Plus

    This is a great looking "guy toy"! I was hoping to get a lot of use from it and really looked forward to testing it. Well, I've had it now for about two weeks and I really WISH this device would perform all the functions that the script writers at Black & Decker claim for it.

    Let's start with the radio so that I can give you some helpful tips. The radio has on/off again static and the volume seems to have a mind of its own. To temporarily eliminate the radio static, just give the unit a "whack" at various locations until you find the sweet spot. The static will then generally stop until you move the unit or turn it off.

    The volume adjustment knob on the radio has no tactile feel whatsoever and just spins in either direction with the volume increasing/decreasing at some point. Just like the static, a few whacks on the radio itself will easily adjust the volume for your listening pleasure.

    The USB port does work (eventually) but the fit of any USB cable into the port is very sloppy. Here's a tip...If you find the USB port is not working well, simply get some duct-tape and try various "tape-ups" until you see that it's working. Of course, you'll have to remember the exact configuration or start over again next time you need to use the USB port. If you have a camera, you can just take a picture of how it looked when you finally got it to work and then just duplicate the tape-up each time.

    The "area light" works great if all you're trying to do is illuminate the inside of an M&M bag to see if just possibly, there could be even a partial piece of an M&M remaining. Otherwise, get a real flashlight or even a candle.

    Hey, how about those 120volt and DC plug-ins? Yeah, right. As you salivate, just dying to plug-in something, anything (hey, we're guys, we like to plug-in stuff) and show your buddies that you are truly the master of this device..... good luck! Even though the unit was fully charged, it would shut down with every low wattage device I plugged into it.

    Am I starting to get just a little frustrated with this Black & Decker? PS400JRB Electromate? 400 Plus? Gosh Cletus...yuh think????? I called the 800 support number provided by Black & Decker and was transferred to a recording that said the number was no longer in use.

    There was a time when the name Black & Decker stood for quality. But it appears that was a long, long time ago.
    ...more info
  • Very disappointed
    Not at all what I expected. Wanted to power 3 or 4 strings of 50-light Christmas mini lights for a couple hours with this, but didn't even keep them lit for an hour. Huge disappointment; if it can't keep little lights going for a couple hours, how would it possibly jump start a vehicle?????? Can't imagine THAT ever happening. ...more info
  • Met all expectations
    With two aging cars in the garage, I thought this would be a good investment to minimize future towng costs. Sure enough,three weeks after receiving the Electromate, my car's battery went dead. It was so easy and safe to jump the battery. It took about three minutes from start to finish. ...more info
  • Lot of Bang for the Buck
    I was motivated to order this when we lost our power (aren't we all) due to an ice storm.

    My opinion is skewed positive as I got this for $59.99 delivered, hit a good sale with free (after annual fee of course) Prime delivery.

    - two 12-volt sockets, two 110-volt sockets
    - can be recharged with car or plugged in to 110-volt
    - has float charge, so can be left plugged in indefinitely
    - weather radio which can be set to sound alarm with alert
    - by far best jumper cables of three units I have personally used
    - low profile with solid base and good handle
    - good predicted battery life (meaning hours of use you get)
    - four built in leds for emergency light
    - bonus USB port to charge USB chargeable items (you need your own cable)

    - Cheesy radio quality, but it works OK
    - You have to tune in weather stations with knob, works but not quite as easy as digitally tuned weather stations
    - cooling fan runs any time inverter is in use, my other units only run fan when they reach a certain power load. This may use a bit more juice
    - a bit heavy to lug around, but hey, it's a battery!
    - the first unit I ordered the radio would not turn off, but the second worked fine, so hopefully that was just a bad unit. But, full disclosure

    I actually bought three of these in deciding which to buy and decided this will stay in the office, as both a weather radio and a backup for my computer system when the power goes out.

    I bet this would run my laptop for a day and possibly even my desktop with LCD monitor for a few hours at least.

    I am using a smaller black and decker/vector for my trunk. Even in my Camry, this would take up a lot of real-estate in the trunk.

    I think the main downside to these battery backup units is the battery will eventually die... maybe after 5 years or so. If your power goes out every few months for a few hours at a time, this will be a lifesaver. If it only goes out every 5 years, you may find the battery in this is dead (meaning it no longer holds a charge) when you need it... But, that is true of all battery-powered backup systems.

    At $59 I would definitely buy again, would even buy one to keep at home. Even at $99, as much bang for the buck as most of what is out there.

    ...more info
  • Wow
    I have had many many many successful and beneficial transactions with But this is not one of them. What can I say? I'm sorry!...more info
  • Great item. Great cranking power
    We originally bought this for "emergency's" However, we find ourselves using it all the time. We frequently use it as our outdoor radio. While the radio is adequate and simple to operate, don't expect a high quality "boom box". I wish that it also had the emergency weather radio built in though.

    It's a little bit heavy to lug around, but considering that it's basically just a big ol' battery, it's not too bad. It's reasonable

    The charge on the system seems to last for a very long time, although I have never measured the actual charge life in hours. Even when the unit was not fully charged, it jump started a bull dozer instantly!. Everyone was impressed. We have also used it to jump start a car. It was super simple to figure out how to jump start the vehicles. (In my opion, it was easier than car to car jumping). Plus, everything that you need comes in the box. However, the jumper cables would be better if they were a bit longer

    The item earns 5 stars because it does everything that the manuf said that it would do. :)

    This is a great all around item to have. Makes a pretty cool gift too :)
    ...more info
  • Great value for the price
    The battery holds a full charge many for weeks and the AC and car charger ports allow many devices to be used in an emergency. The weather radio with alert is the reason I purchased this unit. During an emergency, having a source of power, light and information is invaluable!...more info
    Limited power for running any household items.
    Takes forever to charge and doesnt hold a charge well....more info
  • Black & Decker PS400JRB Review
    I purchased this product as a replacement for the other Electromate 400 that has the air compressor that I like a lot. I thought the radio was in addition to that feature. I found that the radio replaces the compressor and for me that was not a good trade off. I will be keeping the Electromate 400 with the air compressor and giving this one away as a christmas gift. ...more info
  • great for camping
    We took it camping, my partner has to use a sleep machine and it was perfect for the tent....more info
  • Great back-up power product!
    I bought this for aux. power on my boat when I'm on the water away from shore power. I have two marine batteries on my boat, but I bought this product for emergency back-up while on the open water. Keep in mind that I only use this product down below in a constant dry area of the sailboat's cabin (away from water) for safety reasons. I really didn't buy it for the jump starter or the USB Port, but if needed, I will be glad to have them. Since I didn't buy it primarily for the jump starter, I was glad to see that the jumper cables were detachable when not in use. I selected this product based on three factors: price, power and options. I saw this same product at Wal-mart for a more expensive pricetag (plus tax). Also, the free shipping from Amazon was fantastic: it is rather heavy, so to get free shipping on such a heavy product was a plus . The features are great. I get two AC and two DC power outlets. Having the two power options (AC or DC) is awesome. When I'm out on my boat, I can plug in a portable DVD player, charge/power up my phone and portable VHF in emergencies, and listen to the radio or weatherband all at the same time! I've used the radio (which gets good reception) and the light (more of a narrow spotlight for finding close objects). It seems to hold a charge for day and overnight sailing trips (for my light uses). Oh, a small blower kicks on when the 120V AC switch is turned on and the 12V DC outlets are rated for 5A max. each. Overall, I am quite happy with this product. I can also see it useful for road trips and camping trips too! Oh, I almost will need to buy a grounded extension cord to charge it, or you can use the included 12V charger (but that seems like it may take a long time to get a full charge from a drained battery).

    UPDATE: Now that does not ship this item from its' warehouse, you as a consumer ARE NOT eligible for free shipping. It may now be cheaper buying it at your local Wal-mart. Do your research before buying!...more info
  • Portable power in a boombox
    Used product on a long bus trip and it performed wonderfully, keeping video games and cell phones charged up. With a radio and light and weather band, it truly earns its stripes as a Black and Decker product, easy to carry, and easy to use....more info
  • JUNK - Buy the Duracell
    This thing is JUNK. There needs to be a 0 Star rating. I appreciated how well the Duracell (DPP-600HD Powerpack 600) was built after comparing it to the Black & Decker Electromate 400 (PS400JRB). I returned two of these units to Amazon and decided that was enough. The Black & Decker was very cheaply made. The first unit I received, would not take a charge; right out of the box. After Returning it, the second unit I received the radio didn't not work and the volume knob just spun freely with no adjustment to the sound. After returning the second one, I went with the Duracell. Spend a little ($30) more for the Duracell, you will get 200 Watts more power, more features, and 100% better quality and craftsmanship. I wrote a full review for the Duracell on it's own product page....more info
  • Complete Auto Accessory!Jumper Plus Test Battery and Alternator too.
    This Auto Jumper cost $100 plus tax at Wal Mart. I can't believe I can get the free shipping and only $80 at Amazon and this baby is about 25 lbs.
    Only false is it doesn't come with Extented cord for charging the Auto Jumper. I think Black & Decker is avoiding being sue or somewhat.
    However, this Jumper works (Please read the instruction before you jump start a Dead battery car. Otherwise you screw car's electronic system.)
    The best thing is this Jumper Not only Jump start your car instantly. It also able to Test your Alternator and Battery. So you will not be cheated by those lying dishonest auto repair guy.
    If tested alternator gone bad. You know you have to go to repair shop right away becauce even you are able to jump start the car it could gone dead any time.
    If battery gone dead. 1st thing you do is to check if the battery need to be fill up with "Distill Water"(regular water will damage the battery later). Don't over fill with Distill Water. Read instruction or call repair guy how much distill water should you pour in. If you over fill it with distill water. Acid will spill out from the battery. This strong Acid will start melting your car's metal body.
    If the Battery Manufactural indicate this battery can last for four years. It is usually truth. You job is checking if the battery have enough Distill Water inside the battery.
    You don't have to worry about POSITIVE or NEGATIVE connector. This Auto Jumper will let you know if you screw up POSITIVE connect to Negative. ...more info
  • Not the Greatest
    The inverter worked once, then failed altogether. Radio is cheesy. Jump start power works but is relatively weak. Charge indicator lights are funky and innacurate. The price is cheap for a reason....more info