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Phil and Ted's MeToo Chair - Navy
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Product Description

The Me Too Chair is made to simplify your travels. It works with almost any table and folds flat to fit in your diaper bag. This ultra portable high chair takes moments to set up and children love to use it because it allows them to sit up at the table with the rest of the family and really feel as though they are part of the action! Weighing under 2 lbs and accomodating children up to 40 lbs this travel high chair simplifies eating away from home - in fact this is such a great high chair we believe it will be a fixture at home as well! Available in Red, Blue and Black.

  • Holds up to 40 lbs.
  • Weighs only 2 lbs.
  • 3 point webbing belt with side release buckle keeps child secure
  • Durable nylon seat cleans easily
  • Folded Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 1 (inches)

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing Travel Chair
    A friend of mine gave me this chair and said she used it instead of a high chair. I was sceptical at first, but my son loves it! He can sit right at the table with us and is very happy to be included in our meals. He no longer sits in the high chair. We liked this chair so much that we bought a second one to take to restaurants and for travel. Now we know we have a clean chair to use and don't have to rely on the resturant having high chairs....more info
  • MeToo
    It is a very light and compact chair and the baby enjoys sitting up to the counter in it. Would recommend to others....more info
  • absolute necessity
    This is one of the best baby purchases we've ever made - we've had our first one for almost 6 years and it's still in great shape - we use it for our twins and we just bought another one so we have two now. Especially for anyone living in a small space (like us, we're in a NYC apt) these are invaluable, we use them instead of high chairs....more info
  • Great for travel
    I purchased this high chair for a trip to visit family. It is very compact and lightweight and easily fit in my suitcase. My 10 month old daughter loves sitting in it because she can swing her legs and it's very sturdy so I have no worries about her falling. The safety belt, which you can't see in the photos, provides some extra security. The only reason I didn't give the product 5 stars is because the round discs (like washers) that sit atop the screws for attaching the high chair to the table come off when I release the chair from the table. (Maybe I'm putting it on the table too tight??) I plan on fixing that problem myself with plumber's tape, but for the price of the high chair I feel I shouldn't have to fix anything. Other than that, this is a fabulous product and I'm happy I made the purchase....more info
  • Perfect for at home or on the go
    We've had this chair for a few months now and are thinking of getting another one for when we are out. Our 11mo son loves to sit at the table with us and eat our food/be part of the family.
    pros- same height at the table, easy to use, good for limited space, compact with easy travel. Blue (we have this one) and Black don't show dirt as much. Have yet to find a table it doesn't work on. We even have a 2" hang that the chair will attach to without being a problem.
    cons- if there is a chair underneath it- baby can stand up, so you need to be careful. Must use the straps or else sits sideways sometimes or stands up. Red (my friend has) shows stains more....more info
  • great for child care
    our center loves these chairs for our toddlers better than large high chairs much more space and children can ineract with their peers....more info
  • Great highchair!
    We got this travel highchair as a gift, and we LOVE it. It's really handy for bringing to restaurants (as the other review pointed out, you can clip in on it in the booth rather than at the end of the table so the waiters aren't tripping over your baby). And our baby really feels like he's part of the meal. He's 7 months old, and he doesn't sit well in the restaurant highchairs yet (he just slips down into one of the legholes), so this has been a way to bring him out to restaurants and not have to have him on our laps the whole time. We haven't really been using it to feed him at home becuase of the mess factor (we have another highchair that has a tray you can remove and clean in the sink), but it's great to use as a travel chair. We plan to bring it to grandma's for Thanksgiving this year. Great gift!!...more info
  • Wouldn't survive without these chairs!
    As a parent of multiples, the amount of gear one has to leave the house with is abundant to say the least. These seats are compact enough and fold to fit inside my baby bag. Not only do my children enjoy sitting at the table with us, we take them everywhere we go. I do not use the highchairs provided by restaurants because my children are stuck out in the isle with trays of food being carried over their heads (very unsafe), people bumping into them to get by, etc. And, most of the time the restaurant seats weren't even high enough to reach the tabletop so they could have an eating surface. Not to mention the germ issue too... THEY ARE A MUST HAVE IN MY BOOK!! My friend had twins last week and I purchased two for her and she'll soon learn how much she'll appreciate these seats....more info
  • Would be a great chair, if it fit on tables!
    I have yet to find a table that this chair fits on. The clamps are only 2" wide, which means the only table it will fit on cannot be more than 2" thick. Also, it won't fit on a table with trim underneath or a designed edge. We traveled with this chair and tried it on 6 different tables and it didn't fit on any of them. I'm sure it would be a great chair once you find a table it will fit on. ...more info
  • So convenient!
    I love this chair! It is so easy to bring along and you can put it right in the booth with you at the restaurant so he doesn't have to sit at the end of the table. He is 9 months old and not quite big enough for the restaurant high chairs, he wiggles around too much in those, but this chair fits him perfectly. He can sit with us and it's great. It's so easy to attach to the table and very secure. I highly recommend this. It's worth the cost for sure. ...more info