Fellowes Powershred SB-87Cs 15 sheet Confetti Cut Shredder
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Product Description

The innovative Fellowes SB-87CS with Safe Sense Technology features an active sensor that stops shredding immediately when paper entry is touched. Designed for frequent shredding needs, the Fellowes Powershred SB-87CS delivers a high level of performance that's ideal for small business or home office use. This heavy-duty personal shredder reduces documents to higher security confetti particles, and shreds up to 15 sheets per pass, 50-100 times per day, for a total daily capacity as high as 1,500 sheets. Equipped with a 9-inch wide front feed paper entry, the SB-87CS easily accepts standard letter or legal-size documents. SB87CS shreds CDs in a designated safety slot and the durable steel cutters also accept credit cards, staples and small paper clips. Electronic auto start/stop ensures quick & easy automatic shredder operation. Shredder automatically shuts off and alerts operator when a jam occurs, door is ajar or 7-gallon pullout wastebasket is full. Sheet capacity gauge helps prevent paper jams. Door offers convenient holder for oil, manual and shredder bags. Cabinet-style stand includes casters for portable ease.

  • SafeSense sensor stops shredding the instant paper is touched
  • Can process CDs, paperclips, credit cards and staples
  • Shreds up to 15 sheets per pass, at a rate of 10 feet per minute
  • 9" paper entry width; 7-gallon basket with casters included
  • Creates confetti shreds; includes seven-year warranty on cutter

Customer Reviews:

  • Happy with my SB-87Cs
    My Amazon order was shipped the next business day and was delivered two days after that. It was a replacement for a light duty noiser machine. Other reviews question the confetti cut claim. This term could mean a wide range of cut sizes. This shredder cut is 5/32 x 1 1/5 as advertised or smaller. A smaller cut of 5/64 x 5/16 is available in a different model for another $100 or more. What are you willing to pay for?

    Pros: It is much quieter than my old shredder. If you feed it less than the 15 sheet maximum, the basket will fill before it will overheat. There is a switch on the right hand side to turn off the touch sensitive safety feature if it is a problem to you. In shredding CD/DVD's, the chips are very small but it is a noiser operation than shredding paper. Beware: When shredding CD/DVD's, small chips may be ejected out the top of the machine during the process.

    Cons: If one recycles their paper, you have to empty your waste paper before shredding credit cards and CD/DVD's. It would be handy if there was a different receptacle for paper and credit card/CD/DVD's. Not all shredds are captured by the inclosed wastebasket leaving a mess when empting the basket. As noted in other reviews, keep a vacuum cleaner handy.

    Overall, I am happy with the quality and price of this shredder.
    ...more info
    Fellowes Powershred MS-450Cs Safe Sense 7-sheet Confetti Cut Shredder IT IS THE BEST SHREDDER I HAD ...more info
    My husband is the sole user. On day three of its arrival he inserted checks with the tab from the check book. It jammed and has not worked properly.The helpline suggested using shredder oil....more info
  • Fast, Reliable Shredding
    I shredded two 32 gallon trashbags of paper in two days without any
    problems. The only thing I would add is crosscutting. This shredder
    justifies my faith in Fellowes....more info
  • Wow this thing shreds!!!
    Handled a large stack of papers (about 500 sheets) without overheating. I was impressed at how easily it handled things and put my prior inferior model to shame!...more info
  • " PowerHouse"
    Needed to replace my worn out Royal 1000 & after scanning a few choices, settled on Fellowes SB-87Cs. Moderately priced for a heavy duty home/office shredder but the perfomance is top shelf. Strong motor to power thru 10/12 sheets at a time & make short order of a stack of waste. Generous basket w/ storage area for manual, bags & oil. The first day out the box my wife put it to the test & her smile let me know I made the right choice. A bit messy when emptying but I can live w/ that! Tony S. Harlem, NY...more info
  • Great product
    After buying 3 inexpensive shredders and having them breakdown, I bit the bullet and spent a little more money for this fellows shredder and it was well worth it. I don't know why I couldn't find this product in the stores. Fellowes is a great brand name and it performs beautifully. I love the fact that is has a removable basket to empty inside along with a plastic bag to dump the shredding. I also empty the plastic bag and just keep reusing it, which was always a messy job. It came with oil to maintain the shredding blades after each full bag. I have put it through it's paces and it performs, up to 15 pages, never once jamming. This definitely is a quality product. I purchased it over a year ago and it just keeps performing like new. I guess it's true--you get what you pay for....more info
    It easily shreds 8 pieces at a time. Quiet operation compared to other models I've used. The size and the fact that this shredder easily fits under a counter or a desk is a plus. I've found the safety sensor a little tricky, you have to hold the sides of the paper when feeding it but this has not been a big deal. I'm really think we got a very good product for a very good price. ...more info
  • Fellowes Powershred SB-87Cs
    I like it very much. It is much quieter than my old shreader. It has yet to jam as my old one did frequently. I would recomment this product to any one. ...more info
  • It's Great
    We had to replace an inexpensive, slow working, always overheating shredder. After boning up on many different models, we decided on this Fellowes Shredder. It is everything it is advertised to be and we couldn't be more please. Well worth the money!...more info
  • Unable to get replacement parts
    Great shredder UNTIL IT BROKE! I called customer service and they diagnosed the problem over the phone. Sold me a replacement gear set that will "fix the problem". (My unit was 2 months outside of the warranty period.) When I took the unit apart to install the new gears I discovered the gears that were broken were not included in the replacement set. When I called back, I was told that the two gears that were broken in my unit were not available for purchase (since they never break, duh). And to make it worse, since I had already installed the gears they sent me, I could not return them. So now I am out another [..]. ...more info
  • Excellent
    Shreds the hell out of everything, as advertised, and doesn't overheat in 3 minutes like my last smaller shredder. Very happy with this. No complaints. Would buy it again....more info
  • Excellent power for the price!
    Before this product I had a smaller shredder that would choke on two pieces of paper at the same time...even though it said it could handle up to 5. No worry with this shredder! It is much bigger and is very powerful. I don't have to think about how many sheets of paper I have or even worry about opening my junk mail. Just drop it in and watch it shred with ease. It is relatively quiet...it has a nice powerful low hum as the paper shreds. The child safety feature is very nice and works wonderfully when you get your fingers too close. I definitely recommend this product! Before I bought it I read reviews for every product on here and was wondering if I needed something even bigger than this one. But there is no need to spend anymore. This shredder will handle most anything you throw at it....more info
  • Fellows SB87CS
    This shredder appears to operate very well. It is used in a home office and the large capacity basket accomodates a lot of shredded paper.
    Shredding documents as well as cd/dvd's is no problem.
    We noticed that when you open the door to the basket some shredded paper falls on the floor but overall would highly recommend this product. Well worth the money! Amazon had the lowest price on this product. ...more info
  • Works great
    Plenty of power, takes quite a few sheets at once. Way better than my previous (smaller) shredder....more info