Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard (PK02AU)
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Product Description

The Eclipse II keyboard gives you a choice of purple, red and blue backlighting colors, which are adjustable via a dimmer mechanism. Key characters and keypad illuminate making the Eclipse II ideal for use in any lighting environment. Solidly constructed from high quality materials and stylish silver casing (included), the Eclipse II's weighted base and large area rubber feet keep it firmly planted to the desk while cushioned. Silent keys mean hours of fatigue-free use.

  • Key characters and keypad illuminate through laser-etched keys
  • Media keys for volume control, play/pause and skip tracks
  • Variable backlighting adjusts through dimmer mechanism
  • Angle adjustment and extendable wrist rest for maximum comfort to suit the way you type
  • Weighted base with large area rubber feet to keep keyboard securely planted to the desk

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Keyboard!!!
    i think this keyboard is amazing. the only reason i gave it four stars instead of five is because there is really no point for this keyboard during the day. you can still see the lights but not as much. some spots dont light up quite as well as others but its not really noticable...Buy this keyboard. you will not be disapointed. works great and feels great...more info
  • Very nice typing "feel"; No USB ports; Limited backlight usefulness
    I was very impressed with how nice it feels typing on this keyboard. I tried out a lot of models before going with this. I also like that there are not a lot of useless extra buttons. The few in the upper right are just perfect. The letters and symbols on the keys are very visible. The wrist rest is comfortable to use.

    By far my biggest disappointment and issue is the lack of USB ports. My old keyboard had 2, and now I have to unplug my printer USB cables to make room for what I used to plug into the keyboard. For the price, this is an unacceptable oversight.

    As for the lighting, well it looks cool since all my lighting is blue, but it is actually distracting in the dark at full brightness. At less than full, the lighting is completely useless. There are few actual LEDs (the space bar is only half lit), and there is more glare between the keys than light through the letters. Overall, I think the red light shines through the best, but I leave it at blue to match everything else.

    - Lighting is weak through the keys.
    - No USB ports.
    - Wrist rest only connects on both ends and is floppy in the middle....more info
  • Good for low light
    I really like the lighted keyboard but have had a hard time getting used to the "standard" keyboard as I was used to using the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard which spreads the typing angle....more info
  • Good keyboard
    I'm very happy with the feel and look of this keyboard. I heard complaints about the print wearing off the keys, but I've read that the manufacturer will replace any keys that have that problem....more info
  • Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard
    It works great and looks cool. The only negatives about it are no built in LCD clock, it's not wireless, and it doesn't remember what color you had upon hard resets of your PC (defaults to blue)....more info
  • spacebar gave out
    [[ASIN:B000H6AY6M Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard (PK02AU)]

    I have bought two of these keyboards because I game alot and the spacebar wears out before a year is out. They are too expensive to try another......going to try another brand....more info
  • Love the keyboard
    Great keyboard. My husband was thrilled that he could see in the dark. The keys are just the right weight and it has a color for everyone. ...more info
    this is a great keyboard, underlighting of keyboard is awesome, shows through every key no matter where it is on the board. 3 colors, blue/red/purple (red is a bit rough on the eyes) blue/purple are great. simple to plug-n-play. keys are not silent yet quieter than most standard (come with computer) keyboards. key placement is great. my only complaint would the the size, its a quite large keyboard, fitting in a slide out drawer can be difficult, measures 20" x 7" (without wrist rest attached). easy color on/off, easy adjust brightness, easy to change color, and great speaker volume control button from keyboard as well.
    in short "IT ROCKS"....more info
  • Great Keyboard
    Watch Video Here: The Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard (PK02AU) is a very well design functional keyboard. with three angle adjustment from flat to low, to high. It also includes a very nice palm rest which attaches and detaches with ease. The lighting effect is also very nice, with three different colors: Blue, Red, Pink, or off. nice media controls, but not the hassle of lots of extra buttons!...more info
  • Great Key Board
    Key board works great. Just plugged it in and it worked like a charm. The back light works great and looks cool. The keyboard has a great feel....more info
  • Solid feel, but several small issues
    Nice rubber feet keep the keyboard in place.

    Very solid thunk when you hit the keys, unlike most keyboards which make a much higher-pitched click.

    Very nice feel when pressing keys -- a somewhat cushioned feel.

    Nice control of system volume.

    The letters on the keys are not fun to look at, for a number of reasons. The font just looks too thick and boxy; symbols are small and ill-defined -- esp. the asterisk. Most importantly, the letters are not aligned. Yes, you read that right. Each letter is in a slightly different location on the key. No rhyme or reason -- just apparent manufacturing defectiveness. My "R", e.g., is a couple mm above my "Y" -- not the actual key, but the letter on the key. Same issue for horizontal placement. Some people probably wouldn't care. I am not a touch typist and so look at my keyboard frequently. I took the font quality and the reliable positioning of letters of my OEM Dell keyboard for granted....until I started using this one.

    The keys are slightly smaller and less curved than most full-size keyboards.

    The space bar is not as wide as normal.

    There is a slight delay on occasion from pressing key to seeing character on screen. I am using a wired USB connection, and have never seen this in three years of using the OEM Dell keyboard with PS/2 connection.

    A lot of the cons are nits, but they are enough to make me not recommend this keyboard. Overall, I would rate it as slightly above-average, but the cost is also a bit above average - hence, the 3-star rating....more info
    This is a great keyboard. I tried the Razor Lycosa and sent it back because the backlit keys were very hard to read. This keyboard has very large, easy to read backlit keys.

    Great Keyboard!...more info
  • Great Gaming Keyboard
    Overall this keyboard is outstanding. It makes regular dell keyboards feel like cheap junk; it's to the point where I don't like to use any other computers now. It's great for regular use, not just Gaming.

    The key feel is soft and controlled, plus the backlit keys let you game with room lights off. They keyboard also has sound control, which was a bonus for me.

    In my opinion this is the best keyboard you can get in the $40 range....more info
  • Decent; better multifunction buttons = better
    So, this keyboard is great, but ideally the volume keys would be larger and not so readily confused with other nearby keys. Also, it would be absolutely great if the brightness knob would also function as a volume knob! Nice, quiet keystroke action, beautiful lit keys and a sleek robotic look are appropriate and appreciated. The weight of the keyboard is almost enough, but a tad more weight would aid in keeping it put in one location, especially on a messy desk!...more info
  • Turn out the lights!
    Always wanted an illuminated keyboard, I am very pleased with this one. Plugged it in, works just fine with Vista, and I can see the keys just fine in dim to no light. If you're like me and don't want any unneccessary lights on, you'll love this keyboard....more info
  • Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard
    I love this keyboard and have had several friends order the same one. The lights are wonderful. Only problem I have had is two scews have fallen out of the underpanel and when I tried to put them back in they were stripped. Had to be that way when it came out of the box. So quality control person must have been on break when this one went through....more info
  • Excellent equipment
    I found this keyboard to be everything I had hoped for. The quality in the craftmanship is great. Its very sturdy and easy to use. The fact it has three colors is a bonus for sure. The price is also very good for the product. It was delivered in the time as noted and that was great to. Thank you....more info
    AWESOME keyboard

    at first i waz all WHY DID I JUST SPEND (BLANK) ON A KEYBOARD , then i saw it and waz Glad i did.

    PROS: can REALLY see it at night,3 different colors, DIMMER knob(mines alwayz on full,lol)Big letters,Quite.

    CONS: non at all , but that could just be me,lol I LOVE THIS THING.

    BETTER REVIEW IN A WEEK/month ( youtube . com / audiogod9000 )

    oh yeah and i have had this Keyboard for about 1month already AND NO PROBLEM AT ALL


    ...more info
  • almost perfect!
    keyboard is great but i didn't realize that it wasn't wireless. the pictures appeared to be wireless but the details never specified if it was or wasn't. it would have been the perfect keyboard if it was!! LOL. plus the different choice of colors is a great feature!! ...more info
  • Great Keyboard!!!
    I bought one of these keyboards for my sister and after using it several times while helping her with projects, I decided I had to have one myself. One of the first things you notice when you take it out of the box is that it is heavy. It doesn't feel cheap and delicate. Second it has a lighted keyboard. My middle name is "mole". I live by the light of my computer monitor, and now I've expanded my light through the keyboard. It is great to see what you are doing even though light is limited. It has three colors that you can cycle through with one button. Although the devault, blue, comes up each time you boot, you can switch to red or magenta very easily. The keys when typing are also just right to the touch. I really think this is a great keyboard and would recommend it to anyone, especially "moles"....more info
    I love this keyboard, I did not know that lighted keyboards existed. I like that the lights can be switched from red to blue to purple. It is so easy to use. When I first got it I left it on all night, it gave off this illuminating glow. My children and grandchildren also love it, I'm thinking about order one for them. I am glad that I made this purchase, I will never go back to using a regular keybord. This product is fantastic....more info
  • Almost perfect
    The only flaw I have with this keyboard is the space key is very very hard to press. You have to press the space bar exactly in the middle which is very difficult when you are typing quickly.

    Other than the space bar, the keyboard is great. The lights are bright so playing games at night is no longer a problem. I'm concerned the letters will wear off eventually, but they don't show any signs of doing so....more info
  • Perfect for Me
    I shopped around for a long time before I bought a new keyboard. My keyboard is onle of my most important work tools, I work from home and I'm on the computer a lot.

    I wanted an illuminated keyboard because we recently moved and my desk is right outside my son's room now, so I often work with the lights dimmed. I also needed a keyboard that was quiet. This particular keyboard fit both needs for me. The media keys have also been helpful for some of my specialized projects.

    I have to agree with the other reviewers, beats the brick and mortar stores as far as price. I've seen this keyboard for as much as 20 dollars more in "stores" since purchasing mine on Amazon.

    ...more info
  • I love the Eclipse II
    I own the G-11 and the Firefly Borealis. The G-11 was huge, but I like the custom keys on the left side. The G-11 was not very bright in a dark room (IMO). I also have the Firefly keyboard on another PC, it is thin and low (no clips in the back to adjust the height) and the typing is smooth like a laptop. The Firefly has only 1 color (blue) but it is very bright (much brighter than the G-11) and the lights have an auto shutoff feature after 5 mins. of no activity.

    I love the Saitek Eclipse II because the colors are definitely brighter than the G-11, the brightness is adjustable, the sides light up, and the Eclipse II has 3 colors to chose from vs. 1 color (blue) for the G-11 and Firefly. I love how the Eclpise II has 2 height adjustments! If it had the auto shutoff feature it would be perfect but still deserves 5 stars! ...more info
  • Just got it and love it
    I just got this keyboard today so I can't attest to its durability but I love using it. It's now very easy to use the PC in a dark room, which was the point in buying it. Great color options; I like the purple. I know people are (understandably) frustrated that it defaults to blue after reboot but it's very easy to reset the color.

    Very solid feel to it. It doesn't look or feel cheap. It doesn't slide because of the nice rubber base. Some have described the keys as a hybrid of laptop and desktop style. I agree and love the ease of keystrokes. It has the fluidity of laptop keys but the certainty of desktop keys, i.e., I don't have to wonder if the key engaged.

    I also love the wrist rest. Use of it is optional and I didn't think I'd use it. But I tried it with and without, and found the most comfortable position to be keyboard tilted up (legs extended) with wrist rest in place. Of course it takes up a lot of desk space that way.

    By far the most pleasant keyboard I've used. Now if only Saitek made small keyboards (without the number keys at the right) that lit up. Maybe Eclipse 3.
    ...more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I am very satisfied with my new keyboard. I love the color's of the lights and that you can dim the lights if needed. The purpose of getting this keyboard was so we could use it late at night and keep light's off to save energy. It works great and has fulfilled it's purpose.

    JDW...more info
  • Decent but room for improvement
    I bought the Saitek Eclipse II after quite a bit of research into illuminated keyboards and have discovered personally that most of the reviews here and elsewhere are accurate.

    The good: Yes, it's a glowing keyboard. All keys are visible in low or no light. There are three color choices available. There are a variety of quick keys such as A/V volume, play, mute, etc. It's a reasonably ergonmic keyboard and fairly comfortable for typing or gaming.

    The bad: The brilliance of the lighting leaves much to be desired. Blue is probably the most brilliant of the three color choices and even at the max setting it's far from "bright." In fact, the other colors (purple and red) are barely visible. Many common quick keys are nonexistent such as browser navigation, power control, and calculator.

    Te ugly: No, that's not a typo. The "h" key routinely sticks. Further, the space bar uses a single central spring support rather than the traditional (and much more reliable) double spring, making "spacing" an exercise of precision, requiring re-learning your basic keyboarding to press the space key precisely in the middle. This is a surmountable obsticle, though on a $70 plus keyboard, it should be a complete non-issue. I have not had the keyboard long enough to experience the fading keys that others have experienced, though I don't doubt the veracity of that claim given the other issues I've run into.

    Bottom line: Yes, this is an illuminated keyboard. However, it is far from a GOOD keyboard, or even a good illuminated keyboard. For the money, buyers rightfully should expect much more than is delivered. Wait until the Eclipse III comes out, or look for one of the very few other illuminated keyboards out there....more info
  • Excellent keyboard in general - lights are bonus
    I needed a new keyboard, and went to BestBuy to physically try out a few to see how the tactile responses were.

    I ended up liking the feel of the keys on the Eclipse II. It has a soft, quiet touch, and decent springy-ness to the keys.

    The backlit LEDs were a nice bonus, and are helpful at night. I live in SoCal, and it gets quite hot in the summer if I have the lights on in the room, so I often use the PC in the dark. The back lit keys look nice, but are functional too, giving the surrounding desk a nice dim glow to it.

    The paint on the keyboard and keys itself is gorgeous. It is a very nice glossy black finish, that makes me want to dust my desk everytime I look at it because I can see all the dust accumulating on the keyboard.

    The downsides have been mentioned before in other reviews here. A little pricy for a standard keyboard with no extra macro buttons. Would have been nice if it could remember which color you had set it to last, instead it resets to blue after each reboot of the machine. Other than those 2 small things, it is an excellent keyboard.

    Some people have reported that the volume/media keys do not function correctly in Windows XP. [...]

    That registry change fix worked for me.

    I've been using it for over a month, and am glad I purchased it....more info
  • Heavy, but nice. Very nice.
    I really like this keyboard, but if you also use your keyboard on your lap, feet on the desk, note this keyboard is HEAVY. I still like it, but was surprised by its weight. Most keyboards don't weigh a thing. This one does. The keys take some pushing to go down and make a soft click, I consider those plus points. But the best is the lights. At first I tried to decide which color I liked most, but quickly realized the real advantage is switching the color and brightness based on task, ambient light, and mood. For instance the purple turned down low is almost a subtle white barely outlining the keys, while red cranked up high illuminates through the letters most distinctly. Overall I am very happy with this keyboard....more info
  • As advertised
    Received the keyboard sooner than expected.Packaged very nicely. Was everything that was advertised and am very satisfied with it and the service. Thankyou...more info