Wireless Infrared / Color Camera + Portable LCD Surveillance Monitor
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Product Description

Sleep a lot easier at night knowing that your home is safe. Now you can do it totally wirelessly!! This 2.4 GHz wireless handheld surveillance monitor eliminates the interference from the crowded 900 MHz band. You get a wireless color LCD screen that allows you to watch an area that can be clearly seen, even in a darkened room with the wireless color & infrared (IR) camera (IR transmits in black and white). The receiver even includes a video out jack so you can see an even bigger image on a standard TV. And how cool is this? A digital alarm clock is integrated into the monitor! Feel safe & secure - order this wireless 2.4 GHz handheld surveillance monitor and camera set today!

  • Video Monitor Features: Handheld, compact size for easy carriage / Totally wireless / Operation Frequency: 2.4 GHz / Digital Clock with Alarm
  • Maximum Range: (clear line fof sight): up to 150ft. (in open area) / 1.6" Color LCD, sends and receives clear video and audio
  • Camera Features: Color picture (standard light mode) / 4 Channels / Manual focus / Capture object clearly within 10 ft.
  • Infrared (IR) mode - allows you to watch darkened room / Switches automatically between modes depending on ambient light
  • Tilt Adjustment knob, controls up and down tilt of camera for optimal viewing / Bracket for desktop placement as well as mounting