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Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs 8 sheet Confetti Cut Shredder
List Price: $189.98

Our Price: $94.33

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Product Description

The innovative Fellowes PS-67Cs with Safe Sense Technology features an active sensor that stops shredding immediately when paper entry is touched. Designed for moderate shredding in the home office, the Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs delivers a high level of performance and features. This affordable, medium duty shredder reduces documents to higher security confetti particles and shreds up to 8 sheets per pass, 25-50 times per day, for a total daily capacity as high as 400 sheets. Equipped with a 9-inch wide front feed paper entry, the PS-67CS easily accepts standard letter or legal-size documents. The durable steel cutters also accept credit cards, staples and small paper clips. Auto start & stop feature ensures quick & easy automatic shredder operation. Heavy duty, quiet motor allows extended shredding cycle for less down time. Clear window allows user to see if 6-gallon wastebasket is full. Recessed collapsible handle allows easy removal of shredder head to empty wastebasket. Sheet capacity gauge helps prevent paper jams. Reverse function easily removes paper jams.

  • Quiet, cross cut shredder can shred up to 8 sheets per pass and 85 sheets per minute
  • Yields 5/32 x 2-inch micro-cut particles for security
  • Auto start/stop function ensures quick, easy operation; sheet capacity gauge prevents paper jams
  • Patented SafeSense Technology stops the shredder when hands are close to the paper opening
  • Convenient window lets you see when the 4.5-gallon wastebasket is full

Customer Reviews:

  • I love it!
    This Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs 8 sheet Confetti Cut Shredderis my 2nd paper shredder. The 1st one I got from Wal-Mart. It was a terrible experience. So I intend to get something nicer. I shopped on line and read the reviews. I am very happy with this one. If I want to be picky is it does get messy a little bit when I take out the trash. It looks good. It doesn't easily jam up even when the papers twist a little when enter the shredder. If it does jam up, I just need to reverse it a bit and it'd recover.

    I am happy with the look, the price and the delivery!!!
    ...more info
  • Get's the job done and works great!
    I did a lot of research before I bought this shredder. QVC has this shredder but was cheaper on Amazon, which is why I bought it from Amazon. I LOVE this shredder. It looks good, works great, simple to set up and does credit cards too! I would recommend this product for anyone. Great price!...more info
  • Good shredder but way too safe!
    This is a good shredder - all the Fellowes shredders I have used have been. It shreds 8 sheets, like it says, and has a little credit card slot which I am not sure is really needed.

    The "Safe sense" feature, however, is annoying. If you so much as touch the giant silver bar on the front of the shredder while putting the paper in it trips the "Safe sense" sensor, and stops the shredder. It actually makes it quite difficult to use. Had I known how sensitive it were I would have looked for a shredder without that feature. The slot is so small anyway I can't see how even a child could get fingers into it. It also interferes with any paper that is not loaded perfectly straight. If the paper is crooked it will feed upward, trigger the sensor, and shut off the shredder. Extremely annoying.

    That brings me to my second complaint: the width of the slot is too small. It is only 9 inches wide, which means you can't stick full size envelopes in it. You have to fold them first, and then load them perfectly straight so it doesn't trip the safe sense sensor. The shredder I replaced, also a Fellowes, did not have any of those problems. ...more info
  • Quieter than Expected
    It is performing as presented. However, the noise level is much lower than our previous shredders. We've only had it for a few months, but certainly we have no disappointments so far....more info
  • Fellowes Powershred PS-67s 8 sheet Confetti Cut Shredder
    Important to me that I rate this product. I read the reviews from other customers and I took a chance in purchasing this particular shredder. I have now had a chance to use the shredder for over a month and really love the way it shreds. I had a cross cut before and there really isn't too much difference in the shredding ability. It is quite compared to my other one and has twice as much larger capacity bin. Price is better overall than what I paid for my last shredder. I hope this helps someone else when selecting a new shredder. Mary...more info
  • Power shredder with some gusto!
    The Fellows PS-67C shredder is a great product for small office or home use. It's heavy enough for tough use yet still movable from place to place in your home. Quiet, effecient, and quick this shredder is a super product and will not disappoint! ...looks good too!...more info
    This is a great shredder. It's fast & quiet & will easily shred at least 10 sheets. I would definately recommend this model to any one looking for a cross shredder....more info
  • Good Medium Duty Confetti Shredder
    This unit was purchased to replace cross cut shredder that just died. I like this confetti option, though it runs a little slower than our old shredder and seems to take less thick materials than our cross cutter. The good news is that this shredder requires oil each time it is emptied. On the surface, this might seem like a pain. However, I believe that it will help this one last longer than our previous shredder (a couple of years). By the way, DO NOT RUN any shredder for a long period of time without a break to cool down. This model needs to stop and cool down every 15-20 minutes. Conveniently, you should fill the bin before you hit that maximum time of operation. If you have a lot of material to shred, then stop for a while each time you empty the bin and oil it. It does not like unopened mail, which is pretty much the case with every shredder that I have owned to this point. I like the handle on the shredder, since it makes it easier to remove the shredder top and empty the trash bin. So far, so good and we shred a lot of junk mail at our house. ...more info
  • Great Job!
    I purchased the shredder for my Dad, and he says it's doing a great job. He saves up his papers and shreds them all at one time instead of a few sheets over time, so it gets a really good work out! Much better than the one he had to feed 2 sheets at a time! If a person waits to do their shredding all at once (like tax time) this shredder can handle it....more info
  • Confetti Cut? Not Quite
    Got this today and while it does do its job as far as shredding, not jamming too often and holding a good amount in the container I don't know why they say its confetti cut when its more like strips. I was led to believe that it cut up the pieces smaller (into actual confetti or crosscut small pieces) then what they are. The cut is about 1 inch in length which to me isnt as secure as a true "confetti cut" would be. So for those of you who are expecting this to make actual confetti, it wont. If you want a sturdy shredder that shreds and doesn't jam up, then try this one out. So it still gets 4 stars for its performance (so far) but no star for its cutting technique....more info
  • Shredder
    Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs 8 sheet Confetti Cut Shredder

    Excellent - heavy duty, doesn't jam....more info
  • Fellowes PS-67C
    After going through several low-cost, and low-power, shredders over the years the PS-67C is a pleasure to use. The shredder does not struggle when more than three sheets are entered as did many of the earlier units. On the negative side, emptying the wastebasket is an awkward process and tends to leave shredded bits on the floor. Fairly frequent oiling of the shredder blades is necessary - the machine stops when it wants oil....more info