The Dutchess
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Media Type: CD
Artist: FERGIE
Street Release Date: 09/19/2006

If you thought Black Eyed Pea-sized bites of Fergie might be all you could handle--that a full plate of Fergie is possibly too much for any discerning musical palate--The Dutchess might change your mind. For here the lumpen lady throws caution to the wind and threads her pop needle with an ambitious ribbon of yet-to-be-conquered genres: reggae and ska on "Mary Jane Shoes," with Rita Marley; vintage soul on "Here I Come"; '80s hip-hop on "Fergalicious"; and sophisticated R&B on the John Legend-assisted "Finally." It's a tremendous and unpredictable expenditure of effort that mostly pays off--echoes of more talented vocalists like Pink, Beyonc¨¦, and Christina Aguilera poke through in places. But while unbridled messing about can pay handsome artistic dividends (here, the guitar-propelled rock-like track "Big Girls Don't Cry" coughs them up), ultimately it's when Fergie's at her Peas-iest that she's most lovable; cases in point are the raunchily irresistible "London Bridge," which earned every week of its chart-topping success, and the "Clumsy," a girl-group-styled bump-a-thon that showcases Fergie's coolest and most distinctive asset--her personality--to winning effect. --Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews:

  • One Of The Best Albums I've Ever Heard
    I just bought this album last night and I loved all of the songs instantly, which doesn't usually happen to me. All of the songs are catchy and fun, very few of them are flops. I would recommend this album to all!...more info
  • I personally like her....
    Okay so she's not like most other artists out there.... big deal! That's exactly why I like her because she's not afraid to be herself and makes no apologies for it. I didn't like London Bridge when it first came out but after hearing it it became tolerable and now I listen to it if I happen to hear it. Glamorous is one I don't hear much but I like it nonetheless. But overall, my favorite song is Big Girl's Don't Cry because although it is vague you still get what she's trying to say and at this point in time I identify with this song. I don't own the album but I will buy it. ...more info
  • You go Fergie
    This CD is really good. I was never a fan, but I heard it at a friends house and was very impressed, so bought a copy and listen to it all the time.

    It has some great beats and hooks....more info
  • What a surprise...
    Okay, so I admit to being a bit naive when it comes to buying music. I saw the explicit lyrics warning but couldn't figure out why it was there, I'd heard the CD and it seemed okay to me. I looked through all the reviews, no one said there was a "clean" version. Well, now I have a CD that I can't really listen to with kids around and will probably have to list it on eBay to get rid of it.

    When there are 2 versions of a CD (explicit vs. clean) it should be listed somewhere that there are 2. I like the CD. The music is upbeat and Fergie has a terrific voice but unless I'm by myself there is no way I can play this with a carfull of kids....more info
  • She's got the bass, well sorta.
    This is great cd if your music taste is lacking. Ok some of the songs get stuck in your head, I am not saying that's a good thing but to me the only song from The Dutchess that has depth is Big Girls Don't Cry. Fergie is one of those artist you just don't take seriously, her songs drip with silliness like Fergalicious and Glamourous. She does have a decent voice but the songwriting is messy and seems awkward on many verses. Songs like Finally, Here I Come, and London Bridge are fun to listen to but this album isn't gonna be a legendary album in the next 20 or even 10 years. Fergie is nice to look at but her music won't hold up, but hell anything is better than that Black Eyed Peas, easily one of the worst groups ever! If Fergie wants a long career, she will have to compose better songs than this....more info
  • Fergie's first album EXPLODES on the music scene - and right into the dumpster
    I really wanted this CD cuz I love Fergie's singles. So I bought it. I listened to it. I hated half the tracks. Then slowly, i started hating all of them except her singles. So really it's not worth buying the album, you might as well download the singles. She has talent, but her voice sounds bad in every song except the singles! I give it 2 stars, one cuz she has talent and one cuz the singles are good. That's it. On the upside, the CD makes a GREAT frisbee for my dog :]

    don't buy this - save urself 18 dollars...more info
  • Dopeeee Album <3
    I <3 dis album HeHe! So dopeeee hehe :) I <3 Fergie :) I love all the tracks in dis album :) ...more info
  • Good singles but lots of filler
    I wasn't really a Black Eyed Peas fan so I was surprised I enjoyed Fergie's singles so much. From the hardcore "London Bridge" to the 80's rap feel of "Fergaliscious" to the self-descriptive "Glamerous" her singles are just amazing. I also love the single "Big Girls Don't Cry." I wasn't however a fan of the album besides the singles. There is a lot of filler and you can tell this album was rushed for the market. Thanks to youtube (where you can listen to the songs for free!) I was able to listen to this album without buying it and I am dissapointed with Fergie. Hopefully next time she'll release a good album with good songs besides the radio singles. If you're a fan of Fergie from listening to her on the radio then I wouldn't reccomend this album. Sorry but I think I'll pass....more info
  • Big Girls Don't Cry Is Great!
    I did not give this CD 5 stars but rather the single Big Girls Don't Cry 5 stars. It is something special from this truly talented artist. She needs to do a CD of music with songs that are similar to this instant classic. As for the rest of the CD I guess you need to be a fan of rap to enjoy it. I didn't think twice about Fergie until she released Big Girls Don't Cry. I hope she will one day do more of the same....more info
  • since britney...Fergie is the new Scorge of the musical world!
    Meet the new scorge of the musical world. Crappy music that is. Anyone who listens to decent music will find the song's on this album pointless and horrid.. espessially the overplayed whiney b*tch tune "Big girl's don't cry" Anyone would cry if they were forced to listen to such garbage!!! AVOID like black plague!...more info
  • Guilty Pleasure
    Fergie could have been just some great eye candy and no substance artist, but she is far from getting that label.

    If you are the person who turns your nose up at tracks like Fergalicious and London Bridge then you don't deserve this outstanding album. This album is solid from top to bottom, and beginning to end.

    First, Fergie really can sing. She moves from rap to ballards with a smooth ease that makes we want to see what she does next. Second, Ms. Stacy Ferguson doesn't lip sync when on TV shows, and the confidence she has in her voice is displayed in the album. Finally, in my opinion this is the MUST HAVE pop record for 2006/2007....more info
  • not factory sealed
    although this CD was delvered timely and at a good price. **This product was N O T factory sealed. This product seems to have been resealed. Not happy with getting a used product under the pretence that it was new....more info
  • Fergies Troubles
    While this CD has a lotta hip/hop R/B and pop music on it there is also some songs that seem to dig into her insecure/darker years.The ever famous "Fergalicious" "London Bridge" are fun songs to dance to as is the anonymous "Here I come". "Glamourous" Is a laid-back luxurious kind-of song. It makes me want to lay out in a raft in my pool with a chocolate martini in hand. "Pedestal" Talks about the papparazzi invading her privacy and online gossip sites pertaining to celebs."Vooodoo doll" Seems to talk about dealing with dark magic. Probably, about a bad decision she made(what i was getting at in the title)"Clumsy" about the downfalls of falling in love."All that I got" Confidently talks about her lover seeing through her MAC n Maybelline and into her heart and soul. "Velvet" One of the best songs on the CD in my opinion, is about her being in love basically. It's really romantic to put it bluntly."Big girls dont cry" I was really starting to get annoyed by this song cuz they played it on Kiss 108 like every week-day morning. But anyways it's about leaving a love that made her feel safe n' sound, which I'm sure we can all realate to."Mary jane shoes" Actually talks about the shoes and how she has like "childhood adventures" when she puts them on. "Losing my ground" Is about problems in her life that she cant run away from. "Finally" Talks about how she FINALLY achieved her dream of being a star and how she never thought she would. I find that it inspires me since I dream of being a singer someday.Well, that's about it I think. But if you are a parent skeptical of buying this for your child I would highly recommend doing so!Fergie is soo talented!And I think a great role-model. Just make sure to get the edited version. ;)
    -K.F....more info
  • Definite surprise to me, Fergie impresses me beyond credit I'd ever have given her...
    If the only thing you know of Fergie is her stint with the Black Eyed Peas or her four heavily played singles then you're in for a treat upon purchasing `The Dutchess'. Fergie is not the most talented of singers, and I'll be the first to admit that her live performances leave much to be desired, but on her debut solo effort she appears polished and controlled and delivers 13 well established tracks. Of her singles `London Bridge' is still the most desirable. It immediately lets us know what she was about, slick beats and seductive lyrics. `Fergalicious' is fun if a song ever was, catchy and one of those great sing-a-long type tracks. I'm not impressed with `Glamorous' and `Big Girls Don't Cry' at all and have no desire to ever hear them again, but the good thing is that those two tracks aside and `The Dutchess' is worth listening to track to track.

    `Clumsy' follows `Fergalicious' with a nice track, very early 90's feeling which suits Fergie well. She continues this top form with `All That I Got', which is probably one of my favorite tracks here. It sounds like the early R&B type jams, straight back in the day vibe. It reminds me of my childhood and I just love that about it. That and the fact that Fergie hasn't ever sounded better. Speaking of never sounding better, with her closing track `Finally' Fergie finally won me over with her voice. Having the beats stripped away her voice is allowed to really soar and she surprised me, I mean really surprised me. `Velvet' is another track that finds itself sliding over the listeners ears with sultry expertise.

    `The Dutchess' thrives though of hard hitting hip hop beats and Fergie's slick delivery, and tracks like `Pedestal' prove to be what this album is all about. `Here I Come' is another one that uses its beats to invest themselves in your ear. Fergie spits fire on this track and it works wonders for her. `Voodoo Doll' lays it on a little thick. Fergie tries something very different here and I'm not quite sure it works so well. She tries the same thing on `Mary Jane Shoes' but with enlisting the help of Rita Marley and the I-Threes she manages to pull of the island vibe to her benefit. `Loosing My Ground' is probably the deepest of the tracks, speaking of relationship with self over relationship with others, and she actually pulls this off which is hard for a pop/diva/mediawhore to do.

    So, in the end, `The Dutchess' sure has room to grow, but Fergie I'm sure will do that with time. Her debut album though is definitely worth a listen through. If you're fortunate enough to find a disc containing her three bonus tracks `Put Your Hands Up', `Wake Up' and `Maybe We Can Take a Ride' you're in for more Peas action. `Put Your Hands Up' features her Peas band mates and it works fine, a decent hip hop track. `Wake Up' is even better though. Fergie continues to spit fire amidst some heavy guitars, strong rock influence and irresistible beats. It's probably one of her best songs. `Maybe We Can Take a Ride' is definitely skip worthy, probably the worst song she's ever done, even worse than `Glamorous' and that's saying a lot in my book.

    Surprisingly `The Dutchess' is definitely worth a look at. Fergie proves to be more than a backup singer for a talented group. She proves that maybe, just maybe, the Peas are nothing without her!...more info
  • Good cd
    a good cd that's sales speak for themselves. some great songs, but generally ok songs all around....more info
  • Different
    When "The Dutchess" was first released, Fergie was on the radio a lot but I never paid any attention to her because she struck me as annoying. Her songs are very "party": very happy-go-lucky beats and lyrics and that was not appealing to me. However, my brother constantly played "Glamorous" in the car and basically beat me over the head with the song and I began to like it. So I decided to pick up her solo debut. One thing I greatly appreciate about Fergie is that, although her sound is very "pop" at times, she does come outside of the box several times and gives her audience something different, and for that, she should be commended.

    In a nutshell, I enjoyed Fergie's debut although she never fails to annoy me. Her songs are all over the place because one song might change tempo four or five times, and it makes it hard for one to enjoy what she's attempting to deliver. Examples of this are "Fergalicious" and "Mary Jane Shoes", which are also two of the album's weakest tracks. "All that I Got (The Make Up Song)" is a wonderful track. I appreciate everything about it: the production, her voice and her lyrics. What brought this song down a notch is's rap. Will, please stay off of her tracks because she's better off without you! Will is a great producer, but his rhymes on here are lackluster. Fergie raps on many of her songs, but I definitely prefer her singing voice because it's incredible! She harmonizes very well and she has good voice control. "Velvet", "Finally", "Big Girls Don't Cry" and "Pedestal" all include her top notch vocals.

    So, should you pick up Fergie's debut, "The Dutchess?" If you can look past Fergie's carefree spirit on some songs, her sub par rapping and a lot of uptempo beats, I think you can find this album at least remotely enjoyable. Not bad Ferg!

    Mikeisha's Top 5

    1. All That I Got (The Make Up Song)
    2. Glamorous
    3. London Bridge
    4. Velvet
    5. Here I Come
    ...more info
  • Spelling anyone?
    T to the A to the S-T-E-Y girl you tastey... D to the E, to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S... Then she teaches G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S... Gotta love getting your spelling lessons in while listening to this CD. :)...more info
  • Fergie...Delicious
    I must say,I am not such a big fan of today's pop,but after hearing three tunes in the past year form Fergie,here and there,I had to buy this one.Big Girls Don't Cry was the song. I was pleasantly surprised.Along with the other radio hits,plus All That I Got and Here I Come,this record is quite good.If you are one who tends to stay away from the adult pop or teenager pop,this may be the one to test.You may be surprised. It has some cleverly written songs.I give it a solid 4.Real good,but not great. ...more info
  • This CD is the BOMB!!!
  • good
    It is okay but i was hoping for more dance tunes and less slow jams...more info
  • What Was She Thinking?
    I just want to start off by saying that I love Fergie, but that this album is just a bunch of junk! She should get back together with B.E.P. and start to make the music she sounds good doing. In her first ever solo album, she has made herself sound terrible.

    First off, most of the songs on the album aren't even sung very well. Her voice isn't made for belting out the high notes like a Christina Agulara or Miriah Carrie. She just can't pull it off. Also, most of the songs are about completely nothing. They are a bunch of girly pop fluff songs with no deep insightful meaning to them at all. Don't get me wrong, I liked a few of them, but it's just not my style.

    I think if she ever does another solo album, which is most likely a garuntee because of the success of the first one, she should write songs from her heart, not songs like Fergalicious and Glamourous. Give us someting with true feeling and not some cheesey pop stuff....more info
  • Disappointed
    Never receive it, and haven't receive a refund yet.
    It was intended for a x-mas gift, :-(....more info
  • Great CD
    At first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but now I like almost every song. Great CD to add to your collection....more info
  • very upbeat
    i like to listen to this while i'm cleaning. it's fun and lyrically it's alright. ...more info
    Every song is a great and i have to say i am suprised and impressed...more info
  • Diverse Hot and Fresh
    Better than I could have expected. First artist who has such a range of songs on this CD that makes it impossible to pigeon hole her. One of the best CD's I've bought ever. She changes it up on every track. 90% of this CD could qualify as hit songs....more info
    I admit there are some more talented singers, but as a whole her album is better than many of the more talented ones who have about 7 good songs out of 15 on their album, but with this cd every song is a treat for the ears....more info
  • Surprisingly Good
    I was not really interested in buying this album but I decided to get it after I heard GLAMOROUS. The album is actually good. I love the beats and it is very original which is hard to come by with todays music. My personal recommendation is that Fergie is no longer "The Dutchess" she is THE QUEEN....more info
  • Listenable music
    This is a great CD. Has dance type music plus sentimental type music. Just a fun CD to listen to....more info
  • You Guys Is Crazy
    How this could get anything below 5 Stars is ridiculous to me. If you go to (a country with actual non-bias, good taste in music) the album has 4.5 stars out of 5. Such a shame Americans are so against pop music, because this album is absolutely fantastic. Every single song is a work of art. And it only adds to the amazingness that Stacy co-wrote all the songs herself.

    The album works as a whole, with many different influences from reggae (Pedestal), to chillout (Velvet), to techno (Fergilicious), to jazz (Voodoo Doll), to club classics (London Bridge), to more acoustic songs (Losing My Ground), to big piano ballads (Finally).

    Usually I hate albums that have all types of different genre-influenced songs (Britney's Circus, Kylie's X) but this is so well done that I have nothing negative to say.

    The creativity on this album is just out of this world. All these crazy funky samples against new age beats and bleeps. So freakin cool. I can't wait for her second album!...more info
  • For me it wasn't that good.
    I remember when this album came out, Fergie was practically the biggest pop star for a while. I never was a huge of the black eyed peas. The overplay their crap way too much. So when Fergie came out as a solo act,and I wasn't execpting her to be huge. Boy was I wrong. There were several hit singles, and Fergie seemed like she was everywhere(as far as music goes...). I mean let's face it,she can sing, She's hot, and she had good producers for this album. I thought Fergilicous was awful! London Brdige wasn't too bad, but got really old after a while. Clumsy had to be my favorite track because it has great beats, and her voice doesn't annoy me. Big Girls Don't Cry seemed as if it were missing something. Like it needed an extra kick to it, if it did then it would have been as good as Irreplaceble by Beyonce for me. The beginning of Glamourous was funny,but the song sucked. Overall, if you like hiphop pop then you should buy this cd, if not then dont waste your money or time!...more info
  • Mixed Bag
    Fergie is young, fun, and funky and marches to a different beat...think Gwen Stefani. Her music is funky,but her lyrics are creative. Not as bubble gum as some pop artists, and come on....we get tired of hearing the same words written to a different beat....that's why I like Fergie. Even if she does like to spell a lot....hey...she's no dummy...haha.
    Glamourous is a cool song, and "Big Girls don't cry" shows that she really has a great voice. Her songs are not obvious, and more creatively written than other songs of this genre. "London Bridge" is not a song that I personally like, but is different and creative. "Fergalicious" is fun, and hip saong that you can dance too. "Here I come", a cover, is a good remake too. Fergie has a lot of appeal - to women and men, and does have an amazing range, and a good show of versatility here that I think will throw her into the front of the scene for a bit. She's here to stay, and I welcome change, even in it's funkiest form. ...more info
  • Pleasant surprise
    Not usually my type of music, but occasionally the kids bring home an album by someone with pop hits that turns out to be a pleasant surprise. This was one - nice mix of styles, and she's got an interesting voice. I like it!...more info
  • Oh Fergie...
    I liked her when I thought that she mixed cheesy tongue in cheek phrases and purposely over the top statements about how sexy she is just for a laugh, while mixing it with fun and entertainment. But then, the more i listen to her music and the more that i read her interviews, she's damn right serious. Fergie is beyond self-centered, narcissistic, and cocky. I don't know where all that comes from, there's absolutely nothing attractive about Fergie physically (she looks like a dragqueen, seriously), and even though her music can be fun at times, its downright annoying and she's not sexy by being so dirty with her lyrics. I'm all for dirty lyrics, mind you, its just that they aren't good dirty lyrics, just silly and pointless. ...more info
  • Aw, hell...
    Aw, hell, you can intellectualize it all you want, but the bottom line here is: Fergie is HOT, and this disk ROCKS! All the rest is just chin-wagging intellectual hogwash, just put on the disk and dance!...more info
  • Derivative Dutchess
    Fergie of the Black-Eyed Peas has set out on her do what everybody else is doing. Like Gwen Stefani,she uses hip-hop,a mixture of different styles (R&B,reggae,acoustic guitar),and yes,some cuss words thrown in for a gloppy musical goulash. As a Madonna wannabe,Fergie attempts to be "edgy" through pointless cussing in "Mary Jane Shoes" and "London Bridge" and wearing lingerie on the cover.

    "Fergalicious" and "London Bridge" are on the race to the bottom as the worst songs ever composed. Fergie's spelling abilities are highlighted in "Fergalicious" and "Glamorous." Both "Glamorous" and "Big girls don't cry" (why is she out to ruin Frankie Valli&the Four Seasons?Why the Jersey Boys?) have catchy tunes,but their lyrics are forgettable and inane. "Glamorous" is basically her ode to being rich,but how she'll stop by a Taco Bell. "Big girls don't cry" isn't a cover of the famous Frankie Valli song,but "I need time to myself,it's all about meee." "Clumsy" has cheesy electronic effects,but it has a nice rhythm. It's all about love as slapstick. "Finally" is a pleasant piano ballad;unfortunately,it has all the warmth of prefab pop. "All that I got" is ironically about being yourself-though Fergie is imitating everyone else. "Mary Jane Shoes" should be singled out for special disdain (not acclaim). It's white bread reggae,complete with useless cussing. Bob Marley's widow,Rita,is relegated to the background. It's nice to use styles from around the world--but this???

    "The Dutchess" deserves the Golden Raspberry Album of the Year. Whether it's single songs or the whole album,the CD serves best as a coaster.Or frisbee.Or a window decoration....more info
  • Love It!
    I absolutely adore Fergie! This cd was great; I'm surprised I haven't worn it out yet with how many times I've listened to it....more info
  • Well, *I* like fun music, and this exceeds what I want really. ;-D
    Fergie is an Aries. Me, a Taurus. I like her lively, fun and free-spirit, and her lyrics are super-funny, if not mindless...

    "Every time I get up on a Dude/Poparazzi put my business in the news/Get up out my face/Before I spray Your a__ with mace/My looks make You wanna have a taste/"

    Fergalicious - Upbeat, and the production is so addictive. Almost as bad as crack, I *assume*, thank You. 4.25/5

    Clumsy - Fun beat, decent if not relate-able lyrics. 5/5

    All That I Got (The Make Up Song) - Love the slowed-down, R&B vibe. Totally unexpected from Fergie, which isn't good, but great! 5.25/5

    London Bridge - Lovely cause it's fun, it's sassy and definitely demands your attention. Decent pop ditty. 4.25/5

    Pedestal - OK beat. Unnecessary as a whole. 2.5/5

    Voodoo Doll - Much better than Pedestal. MUCH better. Hot beat, very, very jazzy; smooth. Great vocals. Love Fergie. Now only if she's pen a song or four... 5/5

    Glamorous - Lovely anthem about being an anti-celeb, of sorts. 4.5/5

    Here I Come - Really cute. 5/5

    Velvet - Crazy-dreamy beat, and vocals that just melt your soul. Seriously, We may JUST have to watch out for this Chick. If She starts to write, then She will be more than an Entertainer - An Artist, She will be! 5.5/5

    Big Girls Don't Cry - Nice, modern-time ballad. 4.25/5

    Mary Jane Shoes - Samples "No Woman, No Cry" and many People will hate it for that reason! But I like it. The lyrics are far from deep, and speak on nice, Mary Jane Shoes. My aunt who is also an Aries, is the same - Super-crazy bout shoes! haha. Decent song. The rock anthem part is wicked. I love it. Pop-Rock at its funnest! 4.4/5

    Losing My Ground - A ballad(?) about being so lost, you can't even figure out who that damn person is, staring at you in that bloody mirror. This was probably when Fergie was strung out on LSD...:-( 4/5

    Finally - Nice ballad about finding oneself, FINALLY. After all of the strife, pain and hard times, she's finally HER. To say that I can relate to this is a heavy understatement. Then it has a bluesy feel, towards the end, for the outro. Love it. Makes you wanna be with your lover! :X 5.25/5

    Cover Art: A-
    Inside Art: ? Don't own it yet...
    Songwriting: C+
    Vocals: C+
    Vocal Emotion: C-
    Production: B+
    Length: A+

    67.4/13 = 5.1841538461538

    5.18 stars.

    I seriously never dreamed that I'd rate a FERGIE album a near 5. Who knew that they'd lace Her with an album this...smooth?! It's really scary how GOOD this CD is. But please, if You do anything, DON'T categorize this as Hip-Hop/Rap. That's a BIG misconception.
    It's not really R&B either, although some songs will pull You in, tricking You into thinking so. This is POP music. Pure and simple. Bye, now. And buy this album after You read this. Even if it's used. So what? Just get it!!!

    Overall: A+

    EDIT: Now that I know Fergie has co-wrote EVERYTHING on the album I am relieved. I didn't think she wrote a lick! ;-D...more info
  • Good cd
    For those who dislike fregie to her style of music, you can skip track 1,4, and 7. But those are just the hits of now. Their is more to her music then those dance songs. If you listen to her lyrics their is a meaning behind her words. On track 2 she tells how how lonley she gets when she is single, but doesn't stay single for long. Track 5 is all about ego's when said says "you think your above place yourself up on this...then I will chop you down". My God the last track is very powerful. Just listen to her music with an open mind and ears. ...more info