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Porter-Cable 343K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit - Hook & Loop Pad
List Price: $109.30

Our Price: $41.09

You Save: $68.21 (62%)


Product Description

Treat yourself to a sander that will do the job right without taking its toll on your body. The Porter Cable 343K 5-inch Random Orbit Sander is a compact sander that produces fine, swirl-free results on a variety of surfaces. Though equipped with a powerful 3.0 Amp motor, this sander features a soft rubber grip that eliminates the discomfort of vibration and lets you tackle even the most difficult angles without discomfort. Other features include the security of an automatic brake that engages when you set it down and the efficient dust collection of the exclusive POREX dust canister and dual dust port that can accommodate 1-inch and 1-1/2-inch vacuum hoses. Additionally, a removable cap resides at the top of the machine for effortless cleaning and service. This impressive sander uses readily available 5-inch, eight-hole hook-and-loop paper and includes kit box. It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Produces fine, swirl-free results on a variety of surfaces
  • Powerful 3 Amp motor
  • Efficient dust collection with POREX dust canister and dual dust ports
  • Handheld design and soft vibration-reducing rubber grip
  • Removable top cap for effortless cleaning and service

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Sander
    Great sander to add to your took crib. Easily connects to any 1 1/2" shop vac hose for dust extraction. High cycle leaves no marks....more info
  • Smooth Operator
    This new sander is great. It is much more comfortable than the other version. I usually go through one every 11/2 years due to the use and abuse I give them. This one takes more off faster and is more comfortable in the hand. The only negative is that this one can not be used for small detail work as well as the old one. I love it!...more info
  • Great sander, great value
    I was a bit worried when I purchased this sander back in June as I had a heavy workload planned for it and I didn't know if it would be powerful enough. A couple of months later and I've sanded two coats of paint off all of my kitchen cabinets. I went all the way down to 40 grit paper and I was surprised how smooth and swirl-free it was after such coarse paper. There were days when I ran it almost non-stop for hours and hours on end. For being designed for small-medium duty tasks it sure did a great job for heavy paint removal. It also did a very nice job with finish sanding when I was done. For $59 I got a ton of work out of it. (I should also add that I had zero problems with the dust canister)....more info
  • Works as Described
    This product is well made and if you go to your local Woodcraft store you can buy a hose that connects the sander to your vac. The combo works as well as any I have tried with 90% of the sandings sucked into your vac. ...more info
  • Timothy t;he Tool Man
    It hurts my hands because of vibration. Also my wife says it's to loud and I should sell it at the garage sale.
    Not one I would recomend to anyone.
    I own 2 other brands that work a lot better and were cheaper to purchase,...more info
  • great small sander
    this is a unit that is very effective. It is small and therefore gets in places my 6" sander just won't. It is very aggressive when you use force or sands very lightly when you don't Porter Cable always makes a quality product and you just can't go wrong when you buy this product. Highly recommended. The dust collection works pretty well also....more info
  • porter cable orbital sander
    They have switched from a 5 hole to an 8 hole dust collection system. which is fine except I don't like that the extracter extend to the rear so far that you can only use it on flat open surfaces. Any smallish areas such as inside of bowls are impossible to get at with this unit. Apart from that, it works just like the old model which I have had good luck with. ...more info
  • Five Stars
    I am very pleased with this sander and strongly recommend it to anyone looking to save time and effort on a project. Don't forget to buy disks!...more info
  • Not Impressed
    Having owned several PC products, this is one of the first in which I've been completely unimpressed.

    On the positive side, for an orbital sander, it's very aggressive in removing wood. Plus, compared with other sanders, it seems to effectively use the entire sanding disc, rether than just wearing out the edges. It also comes with a nice hard case.

    Unfortunately, the dust collection system is completely sub-standard. It's impossible to keep it firmly attached to a shop-vac. Amazingly, it doesn't even work well with a PORTER CABLE shop-vac. Additionally, unless you hold it on with your hand, the dust canister continually rattles off during use. Lastly, in the rare instance when you can get the canister to stay in place, dust blows out past the seals.

    I've come to expect much more from PC, even for a low-cost tool.

    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    This sander sanded fine but there were two important things about this tool that disappointed me. First, I have two Shop Vacs and this sander would not attach to either of them. Second, the ability of the sander to collect dust was marginal at best. The boat yard where I was working had to ask me to quit using this sander because it was allowing too much dust to escape. I had higher expectations from Porter Cable....more info
  • Dust Pickup needs Help
    This unit does a very good job of sanding, but its dust pickup lacks. It just does a very minimal job on collecting the dust. Wear a good respirator and/or hookup to a vac. Since writing this review I have purchased a bag and adapter assembly from a 5" Dewalt Orbital sander (model Dewalt). The cloth bag has less restriction then the hard plastic porous filter and it fits tighter to the adapter. I then applied a small amount of silicone to the adapter and slipped it onto the Porter-Cable housing. It still can be removed if you have to really take it off. This setup greatly improves the dust to a minimum....more info
  • Love it.
    This thing is fast and slick. It works beautifully....except for the dust collector. Buy some extra black plastic electrician's tape to keep it from vibrating off every thirty seconds or so.... If you can live with that (or if you use a shop vac) you'll love it, too. ...more info