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Techko S184 Portable Door Knob Guard with Vibration Sensor
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $14.99

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Product Description

Sold as each. Vibration sensor to detect entry. Option alarm or door chime. Adjustable alarm time of 5-15 seconds. 9 volt battery operation. Battery low indicator. 3 year warranty. Clamshell (peghook). Manufacturer number: S184. Buy Hardware Supplies SKU #: 5039961. Country of origin: China. Distributed by .

  • Techko Portable Door Knob Guard with Vibration Sensor
  • Protect your home from unauthorized entry by detecting vibration to a door
  • Wireless with 9-volt battery operation
  • Features low battery LED indicator and adjustable alarm time of 5-15 seconds
  • Backed by 3-year warranty; weighs 8-ounces

Customer Reviews:

  • Door Alarm
    We bought two of these alarms. They fit nicely over the knob and the sound is not obnoxious (we use the chime setting.) Its quick to respond to vibrations from the door being opened. These are inexpensive by comparison to other products on the market. I bought three different kinds of intruder protection items, and these served our purpose perfectly....more info
  • Techko S184 Portable Door Knob Guard with Vibration Sensor
    Bought two of these alarms only one worked. The 9 volt battery was dead after using the alarm for one week....more info
  • effective
    works well for our condo...the only thing would be nice is a way to shut off the unit without setting it a remote. it is nice and loud for a little unit....more info
  • Very sensitive
    This is a great product, very sensitive. Unfortunately it is too sensitive for me, since i live in an appartment complex, and even my my neighbour slams their door, this thing goes off. But other than that, I think its the bext product out there for someone who is not in an appartment building. Oh yeah, its VERY louod too....more info
  • Don't Buy This
    I bought this same product from Home Depot for $9.99 and it never worked correctly from the start. I followed the instructions, set it on my door knob, but the alarm never went off when I opened or slammed the door. It only went off when I manually picked it up. The only thing going for it is its loud alarm sound. But it's extremely unreliable and it's very flimsy. I ended up throwing it away....more info