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DarkStar One (DVD-Rom)
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Product Description

DarkStar One takes you into the far future, when a fragile peace is on the verge of collapsing. A reclusive new alien race called the "Thul" has started violating the terms of the peace, and a new war seems inevitable. In these difficult times, a young escort pilot named Kayron Jarvis begins uncovering a dark secret and an unknown technology. An unforeseen twist changes the course of events dramatically, and Kayron will become an unlikely hero. Take advantage of political disputes to be the good or bad guy Elaborate story, with more than fifty minutes of video sequences

  • A vast universe of over 300 solar systems with numerous races, spaceships and battle tactics
  • Over 200 different weapons, shields and equipment items
  • Tactical weapons such as rockets, torpedoes and mines which fire at approaching missiles
  • Upgradeable Darkstar One
  • Distinctive weapon types

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Space Game
    Its not a Wing Commander, but it sure was a lot of fun to play and see my ship grow into a bigger one. The cutscenes and story were well done and space looks really good too. Yes some of the missions are repetative and some of the space chatter too, but I still enjoyed the game. What I liked too is that all my money was made on missions and pirate killing. Trading is not required in this game.

    The mouse controls worked really well and the game only crashed about 4 times during my long campaign. ...more info
  • Unsupported by developers, buggy, and non-returnable
    I bought this game for my husband for Christmas and we can't get it to work. The support forums show 13 pages of people getting the same error we are getting, with NO support. There has not been a patch for this game since November of 2006. The developers suggest removing software from your computer prior to installing... software that shouldn't have to be removed to install a game (Sonic My DVD, Nero in CD, etc.)

    How about fixing the game!

    And, of course, opened software is non-returnable... complete waste of money!

    It doesn't deserve the 1 star I had to give it to get this review posted.......more info
  • Fantastic
    The missions are great, and the upgrading of the vehicle is incredible. The curve of leaning is simple. This is one of the best space games Iv'e played in a while. i really like the game play!

    Lonnie...more info
  • Great Space Game!!!!
    I read through alot of reviews. Alot of them bad with comments on software issues. They ranged from wont run on Vista to widescreen monitors cause the game to constantly crash. I almost didn't buy it but I did. Figured I waste money on worse things and all I have to say is I am glad I did give it a try. The version I recieved was already the newer patched 1.3 version. I run it on Vista 32bit on a 28 inch widescreen. All settings maxed, set resolution for my widescreen and it runs just fine. I have played roughly through half the game with no bugs, glitches or crashes.

    I love the simplistic UI and controlls. If you like flying sims, though this is more an arcade type game then sim you will like flying around and just blowing up the bad guys, or blow up the good guys if you want to be one of the bad guys. Decent story line and voice over acting is pretty top notch in my opinion.

    There is alot of Star Trek feel in it as I am sure the developers are Trek fans. Alot of the races in the game have you saying..."they are just like that race on Star Trek" But this is by far one of the better space, sci fi games I have played in a long time. There are tons of bad sci fi games, and this is not one of them.

    So if you thinking of getting this game, but have read all the bad reviews I would say toss them aside. This game plays fine on my rig and I enjoy it very much....more info
  • fun when it works - do not buy if you have widescreen monitor
    When Darkstar One works, it is a lot of fun. However, as others have said, it is buggy.

    By far the single most annoying bug I've encountered is that every single time I start the game with 1680x1050 (guessing any widescreen resolution), the game crashes immediately with a cryptic error message. The next time I try to start it, it works but *all* options are reset to default (which requires adjusting video options *except* resolution, exiting the game, restarting the game, and then setting the resolution). Of course, if it crashes or if I forget to change the resolution before exiting, I have to go through it again the next time....more info
  • Why Space Sims died as a genre
    It feels like a fanboy-made amalgam of other Space-Sim games.

    -Great graphics (if you have good NVidia card)
    -Mouse/Joystick controls are both equally playable
    -Good community help

    -Inconsistent storyline
    -Almost no replay value after completion of main story
    -Rewards lack of skill (In-game tech-tree)
    -Frustrating side missions with no option for skipping
    -Bugs galore (Examples: framerate problem, frequent crashes, etc.)

    This game probably marks the official end of the Space-Sim genre....more info
  • Not worth it
    I got the "$[...] and under" bargain bin version. This is supposed to be the fully patched and completely up-to-date version. Even though my PC is well above the minimum and recommended requirements, this game does not work. I went on-line to the game's site, and tried all the fixes suggested in the forums by other owners of the game, none worked. The game still freezes my computer with the Windows 'Blue Screen of Death' requiring me to manually power down my PC. I can't even get more than halfway through the first training mission without the game crashing. I now have an expensive coaster, and another jewel case to use for some other disc that deserves to be protected.

    This review may only legally be shown directly on info
  • Does not live up to the hype
    Originally i bought this game as it was hyped as 'the next freelancer' - um, no. Comparing this game to freelancer is like comparing childrens books to war and peace. This game got uninstalled a week after i got it. Yes, i gave it a fair try, and no, the game isnt anything of what it said it would be. If you want a superficial shooter, and have never played freelancer, you might enjoy this game. I would just suggest buying freelancer though, as freelancer is ten times the game for a quarter of the price. DSO simply has no depth to it. They should have never compared this game to freelancer, it doesnt hold a candle to freelancer. (edit) - If you want a game that was REALLY freelancer done right get X3 the reunion. ...more info
  • not worth the money
    It is easy and intuitive. There are plenty of pirates to shoot and missions to choose from. jumping to different sectors is good. You don't have to rely on trading to make money.

    It feels kinda empty and there not much fun in playing a second time.
    Having to tug a your shipments behind you is not fun.

    ...more info
  • A serviceable, if uninspired, Han Solo space shooter
    In Darkstar One, you play a Han Solo-like character, traversing star systems in search of the man who killed your father, but the game spends so little time developing the main story that I often forgot that I was supposed to be angry about some character I hadn't yet met. The generic plot is told via poorly voice-acted cut scenes and largely irrelevant side stories, which is a clear attempt to disguise that the makers of the game forgot to nail down a main storyline.

    And so, I admit having a difficult time describing why the game is so addictive since most of my review is negative. I think what I like about the game subjectively is what I find intolerable about the game objectively. It feels weird to admit that mediocre games are sometimes more fun than well-crafted games. Before I cut this game down to shreds, I should relate the best aspect of the game, which is upgrading your ship and experimenting with new weapons. This sustained me: Ok, I saw what that upgrade did and what those new weapons can do, now let's upgrade again. That is essentially all I did for hours on end.

    I tried becoming a trader, but I found it so incredibly boring and repetitive that I began shooting ships at random to spice things up a bit. There's simply no reason to become a trader. You are never short for cash if you never buy weapons. What? That sounds crazy, you might say. The truth is that nearly all of the game's best weapons are in the hands of pirate bosses. Visit every pirate hideout you can find and you'll have to buy only a few weapons throughout the game.

    The game attempts to keep track of the kind of player you are, but to this day, I have no idea what it means to be a bounty hunter as opposed to a mercenary. All violent encounters with "enemy" ships are the same. Towards the end of the game, some ships can "jump" across the screen, but they are still easy to track down again and destroy.

    The game sidetracks you often, and you get dragged into a politics and war games that you have no interest in. Almost every "mission" is a side mission or a target the needs protected and/or destroyed. The repetition of game play is mind numbing: Every dog fight, every trading transaction, and every encounter with allies are no different than the previous one. The alien races may look different and have their own speech affectations, but they react the exact same way to you.

    So why did I kind of like the game if it is clearly an uninspired mess? The truth is, the game has the solid basics of an open-ended space epic. For the game to be truly successful, however, it needs to be far more dynamic. The game is basically an extended demo of a great game, and perhaps Darkstar Two will be that game.
    ...more info
  • ..Can't wait for Dark Star Two, The bigger model
    Great game superb flight dynamics(those not realistic who cares) very action sexxy flight dinamo with a good fligth stick. The ship's banking ablility is incredible like watching those old space dogfight shows in the 70's like Buck Rogers and Battlestar(when the lasers sounded cool, not now). The game and it's wonderfull cocpit art is better and more fun than Freelancer which has no flight dynamics at all and is static and drab in comparison. The ship and the travel is more a space travel feel and less like your a big truck on the highway(as in Freelancers over-used Jumpgate graphics). Although Freelancer is okay and the ships can be traded this game has a special feature that makes that totally unessesary, the organic nature of the vessle is more like developing a character than a ship in that you can pick between hull, wings, and engines as the foundation for your equipment options(Perks and skillz) and ship's general abilitys(as in attributes). Turrets become increasinly more nessesary no matter what path you chose as pirates and especally Thul attack in large numbers and ruthlessly. Supposedly a rumor spred around that you can give your Co-pilot orders, no you have no K contact with her at all on the ship, she just complains alot about your lousy flying skills but never your good flying skills she's just a plot toy. However, you can automate the turrets making them more useful than other games, say... Freelancer or Privateer where you must man them yourself rendering them unessesary.
    If you like space combat and a good plot this is the game(and the only one as of this date) that will keep you wanting more this is the classic "when will thier be a part two" game as in the good ole days! the overall 4 is because of weird error messages in german and some Access violation "control" nonsens I find resntful on MY computer. This cannot be fixed with the patch and Starforce, though does not seem present is certainly seeming as such....more info
  • Very Good Space Game
    Great game with a good story line. It could have been a little more free flowing instead of so strongly story oriented. It was also a bit short but that seems to be the standard these days....more info
  • A Worthy Successor to Elite - Joystick Support!
    Alot of reviewers have been comparing Darkstar 1 to Freelancer; that is a good idea. Darkstar has good things that is missing from Freelancer. Joystick support is a big one. I would still be playing Freelancer if it supported a joystick, nothing is sillier than a space sim with no joystick support. Darkstar gives you a choice: Joystick/Mouse support or mouse based controls only.

    This game has the same type of space trading system as my first space sim, Elite. Tactical displays in the cockpit is great, my only problem is the missile controls,which does not let you switch missile types easily. Also, the game has a memory leak bug that reboots my PC after 2 or more hours of game play (Even after I applied the patch).

    Even though Darkstar One has bugs, I still enjoy playing this game. ...more info
  • Simple Fun
    DarkStar One is a fairly simple and straightforward game, that although it lacks much depth, still manages to be a lot of fun. You will spend most of your time dogfighting space pirates and upgrading your ship. The biggest downside is the linear plot that you must follow to advance through the game. The game does offer the freedom to engage in piracy and smuggling, but it makes it difficult to advance through the game if you're being chased by the police and bounty hunters in every system in the galaxy. All of the missions are more or less the same, and will seem a bit repetative after a while, so I find this game is best in small doses. It's also nice that you can save your game anywhere at any time. Everything combines to produce a fun experience for a casual gamer who doesn't want to have to play for hours on end in order to advance through a game. I did initially have some performance issues with this game, although after downloading an update, the game runs perfectly....more info
  • Highly addictive
    I played Freelancer a few years ago and it was the best space game I've ever played. I originally downloaded the demo of DS1 a few months ago and couldn't figure out the controls.

    I got the official version and as soon as I figured out how the controls worked, I was hooked.

    This is not Freelancer by any means, but it was a lot of fun, and the story line was pretty decent too....more info
  • It fell just short
    This game has the potential to be great... All of the necessities are there; A lot of systems, Many different weapons, great control interface, the list goes on. The only problem is, It is so buggy that you rarely get to play for more than an hour and a half before the game crashes and you're back you your last save. Even with the patch it still does it, and that's before and after I have reformatted my computer and updated all of my drivers!...more info
  • DarkStar One
    Excellent game with compelling story line that keeps you playing. Lots of fun. Probably want to make sure you have the current patches installed, and check out the excellent forums....more info