Video Door Phone Intercom Security Surveillance System with Color LCD Monitor & Camera
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Product Description

Do you feel uncomfortable having your kids answer the door for strangers? This system allows you to see who is at the door before opening it. You can even speak to the person directly and unlock the door for them by pressing the door unlock button (optional). The VISS7000 has a 5.6 inch color LCD screen that will provide you with an accurate motion image of the person at the door. Ideal for either home or office use, this video door phone will insure safety and protection where it is needed. This system is also equipped with a unique alarm/panic feature which will sound using the alarm button. Use this feature if your visitor is unwelcome to scare them off. The best part of this system is the ease of installation . . . it is a simple plug-&-play device with a simple connection that anyone can set up within minutes. It's that simple! Benefits: increase the overall security of your home or business, keep annoying solicitors away, children won't have to open the door to strangers while you are away, decrease vandalism, deter potential crime, you don't have to get up to answer the door, open the door remotely (optional). Calling: Visitors press the CALL button on camera unit, the visual image of the visitor appears on the monitor inside with a electrical chime bell. Conversation: After identifying the visitor visually, talk to the visitor shown on the screen by pressing the MONITOR button and have a conversation just as you would on a normal speaker phone (hands free operation). Monitoring: Simply press the MONITOR button to identify visitors at the door without them being aware that they are being watched or to monitor the immediate area around the doorway. This allows you to monitor the visitors at your door, even though they may not have pressed the call button. This can help to avoid the risk of opening the door to strangers or to observe the area if you suspect foul play.

  • Visually identify or screen visitors at the door
  • Full duplex 2-way audio communication intercom (speaker phone hands free operation)
  • Simple and easy plug-&-play installation
  • 5.6" Casio color LCD TFT monitor screen & high resolution camera for accurate display
  • Light weight wall mountable weatherproof camera with built-in microphone & speaker