SpyGear4U SH-7528A Flood Light Camera
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Set up a security camera in your home or business without having to run wires across the building! With the Wireless Floodlight Camera, installing a surveillance system is as easy as replacing a light bulb! Just screw in this wireless camera into any wall or ceiling light fixture, plug the included decoder into an AC outlet and connect it to any TV or VCR, and you'll be able to watch a live surveillance video feed instantly! The video signals are transmitted over the building's existing electrical wires, so there's no complex wiring required! Installation takes less than a minute! And because the unit requires no additional wires, it's totally portable, allowing you to use it at multiple sites. Bring it from your residence to your vacation home with ease! The camera transmits through a single circuit breaker box. If you're an X10 home automation user, the camera transmission process won't interfere with X10 signals, allowing you to use your powerline automation system just as you normally would. The camera is equipped with infrared emitters, which illuminate the viewing area without being visible to the human eye. This feature allows you to monitor a 15' x 30' area at 0 lux great for capturing images at night! Other features include a high 420-line resolution, an 80? field of view and a focal range of 6 inches to optical infinity in daylight. The system transmits video only, and can only support one camera per home. Please note that this camera does not function as a working light bulb.

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