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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
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  • Finally!
    I'm saying "finally" because we've finally received a version of the Road Warrior that looks outstanding! The picture looks the best I've ever seen and while the sound isn't as great in terms of bass reproduction, it still sounds very clear, just a tiny bit lackluster. Several of the scenes have a bit of softness to them probably due to age but I'd say about 95% of the film looks crystal clear. There aren't many extras other than an introduction by film critic Leonard Maltin and a filmmaker commentary. A bit lacking in the extras department but the commentary is informative enough for film enthusiasts and fans of the film. It'd be nice to get a retrospective documentary one day on this classic.

    At the end of the day, the movie is delivered in an above average presentation and definitely worth a peek in HD....more info
  • Post-apocalyptic action
    This movie is an all around good time. The action is fantastic and Mel Gibson is great as usual (despite almost no dialogue). The photography is beautiful as well, although not as good as 'Mad Max' in my opinion. The story is probably the weak point in this movie (compared to the original's powerful revenge story), but you don't always need a story when the action's good. Although there is an interesting twist towards the end that you may not see coming.

    If you are a fan of the genre, this is one of the better ones and worth seeing (more than once), but check out 'Mad Max' first if you haven't already. I recommend the entire trilogy....more info
  • Turn It Up to the Max
    Following the success of MAD MAX, director and writer George Miller re-teamed with Mel Gibson to make this follow-up to one of most successful and profitable independent movies in history. Originally titled MAD MAX 2, the movie was retitled ROAD WARRIOR for the American release because though MAD MAX had been a huge success overseas, it hadn't made it beyond art house theatres in the U.S.

    For those who have seen MAD MAX, ROAD WARRIOR offers some subtle nods to the past film, such as certain designs in Max's outfit and the famous Interceptor that he drives. Yet, ROAD WARRIOR isn't the type of sequel that requires the viewer to have seen the previous picture.

    The vicious and gritty world of Max Rockatansky has taken a turn for the worse in ROAD WARRIOR. The world is even more chaotic and petrol has become more precious than food or water. Max has become a lone wanderer, traveling from place to place, fighting just to survive. He believes that his past days as a man of law and order and who fights to do the right thing has been put behind him. After an interchange with some new bandits, Max finds himself in the midst of small group of good and honest people who run a small oil refinery. Appealing to his sense of law, goodness, and justice they convince him to help them in making their escape from a cut-throat gang of bike terrorists with their entire fuel supply.

    ROAD WARRIOR was the movie that basically introduced Mel Gibson to U.S. movie audiences and it was the film that made him a star. It was the most successful of the Mad Max films and for good reason. MAD MAX was a very good post-apocalyptic movie, but the movie had its limits. For instance almost 2/3rds of the planned chase and action scenes were cut from MAD MAX for budget restrictions. In ROAD WARRIOR the filmmakers were able to do many of the things they weren't able to in MAD MAX. Almost a third of the movie involves a massive chase sequence with a giant tanker, motorcycles, dune buggies, and sundry other vehicles. The action sequences are intense and full of adrenaline. The script is a more concise than in MAD MAX as well as less complex. Max's character is established early on and because this is just one incident in the legend of the "Road Warrior" very little other characterization is needed. The acting in the film isn't anything extraordinary, but it's not as cheesy as it could have been (see the MAD MAX BEYOND THE THUNDERDOME for that).

    Overall an exciting post-apocalyptic movie that is full of action and a massive car chase in the desert. Recommended for fans of sci-fi and action movies as well as people interested in Mel Gibson and films that have a side note in movie history....more info
  • What's up with the Volume Levels?!?
    OK, now first off, I think this is a GREAT FILM! Don't get me wrong, if it wasn't for the audio, I'd probably give it Five Stars! And if it were a review on the audio alone, I'd have to give it one star, maybe two, Max (Pun Intended?!?)

    The audio levels are too high for the music and certain "effects" (explosions and car revs) as compared to the dialogue. When you turn it down so the music is at a tolerable level, then you can't hear anyone saying anything! And once you turn it up enough to hear the dialogue, WHAM! The music, or an expolosion is Exageratingly Loud!

    I hate it when they say that this has been "Digitally Remastered" and yet the remastering sucks! In this case, it's the sound. I don't know if there's an older release, or maybe a new one in the future that fixes this. I purchased a brand new copy of the DVD in August of 2006, and the DVD case says Copyright 1997, so I guess in 1997 is when they transferred this, and haven't bothered with it since. By the way, after a third or half of the movie, the levels seem to be a little more tolerable, but man, having to raise and lower the volume for the first 20 minutes or so is a drag!

    Other than that, Vive le Max!

    ...more info
  • Sorely in need of an upgrade!
    The Road Warrior is one of my all time favorite movies without a doubt. And its story has been told many times in all the reviews below but what I think is sorely needed is some kind of a deluxe edition DVD. There appears to be few, if any, extras here. And its prequel mad Max has already gotten a special edition, why not its sequel? For instance, how about a commentary track from director George Miller? I know that getting Gibson to reminisce about this film is an unlikely proposition. And I'd love to see the original trailer for this film. If I recall it ended with a ghostly voice saying "...The Road better pray he's out there" On the technical side, how about some info on the famous car Gibson drove here? ...more info
  • Not cheesy, not just an action movie.
    You know, just because a film has action in it does not mean it is designed for morons and any other message is secondary. The Road Warrior knows when not to take itself too seriously, but it is a frightening glimpse at what human beings are capable of, and the type of heroics it takes to overcome tyranny. Not light stuff by any stretch...

    For so many of these reviewers I wonder what is really so "light" about seeing a woman savagely beaten and raped. Or the sickening behavior that leads to the killing of an innocent dog. The truth of the matter is that The Road Warrior is one hell of a movie that uses action and violence thrillingly -- but in the end winds up saying something about its nature -- a far stretch from what you will see from Jerry Bruckheimer.

    The debate that goes on inside the camp is exactly the debate all societies face when dealing with barbarians. For my money, this film is better than Seven Samurai. And yes -- the action is AMAZING. It just feels pure, visceral in a way that most American films do not....more info
  • A post-apocalyptic standard...
    If "Raiders of the Lost Ark" set the standard for serial cliffhangers in the modern sense, then "The Road Warrior" sets the standard for post-apocalyptic storytelling...

    Set in a bleak future with no formal laws and a need for gas, bands of humanity scramble for everything we take for granted. Even though $3+ bucks at the pump is wrong, having to literally fight and kill for it is something I hope we will never have to face ...

    "The Road Warrior" is a timeless story of rebellious nobility and the true goodness of humanity despite its struggle between greed and survival......more info
  • One of the greatest Road Movies ever
    The Road warrior, or to call it by its other name - Mad Max 2 is one of those very rare animals, a sequel that manages to be better than the original. Mad Max was a good film but its budgetary constraints showed. The Road Warrior takes the strengths of Mad Max and integrates them with higher production values. The result is an even better looking film than the original, packed with even more scintillating and jaw dropping stunt sequences.

    In the plot of this film, civilisation has collapsed completely. Survivors scavenge for food and fuel, ruthlessly eliminating any competition by any means that they can. Mel Gibson plays Max, a former Highway Cop, now eking out an existence in his former pursuit car - a V8 Interceptor. Cruising the blighted countryside, he searches for fuel and food, so as to survive.
    His only companion is his dog and following the events depicted in the previous film, he has become a cold, untrusting, and withdrawn loner.
    He encounters a character called the Gyro Captain (amusingly played by Bruce Spence) who pilots a mini helicopter. The Gyro Captain shows Max an oil refinery under siege by an army of thugs, sporting Mohican hair cuts. This pack is led by a psychopath called Humungous who wants the refinery and its fuel for himself. Defending the refinery are a group of ordinary people who want to flee the waste lands and set up a new life in a quiet part of the country.
    Max falls in with this group and helps them in their battle against Humungous and his cronies.

    The road sequences are stupendous and are a real white knuckle ride to sit through, especially if you have not seen the film before. There are no CGI effects in this film and what you see is all stunt work and it is brilliant. These car chases are peppered throughout the film, culminating in a massive chase involving a huge and amoured fuel tanker, pursued by scores of marauders in souped up vehicles.
    Great to watch in the cinema, this film is equally superb on a home cinema set up. Picture is bright, clear, and pin sharp. Sound is 5.1 and it is superb. Congatulations to Warner Brothers for a superb digital transfer from the Dolby Stereo of the original print to a superbly realised 5.1 dvd soundtrack. Just watch that incredible audio/visual opening sequence of the film itself to see what I mean.

    One of Mel Gibson's best performances in a film that has become a cult in its own right. See it....more info
  • better than the original
    If you wanna see a high energy movie, buy road warrior. Though no special features, hopefully you buy dvds for the movie. Hadn't seen this in a while, but it somehow topped itself from what I remember. Great car chases graet explosions, and GREAT ACTION. You WILL be a Mel Gibson fan if you weren't before after watching this.

    FRAKING AWESOME...more info
  • Fun movie, good transfer with caveat
    Road Warrior is the sequel to Mad Max, though you don't need any knowledge of the first to enjoy the second as they fill you in at the beginning of the movie and honestly, the back story doesn't matter.

    Mel Gibson is Mad Max. He's a warrior in a post apocalyptic Australia, fighting for gasoline. He winds up being roped into helping a village of people that have gasoline get away from some of the nastiest guys alive.

    Not much more to say about the movie itself. Plenty of action and stuff blowing up.

    Now for the transfer to Blu Ray.

    The video is using VC-1 in 1080p as should be expected on a Blu-Ray film.

    Now for the caveats. There are some issues, mostly minor, with the video. The source material is likely at issue and not the compression used. First up is grain. There are some instances with excessive grain. There are instances of dust/dirt/scratches on the film. And in the single night scene, where Max is leaving the village to get the truck, the video quality is EXTREMELY poor. Overly grainy and lacking in detail. It's blurry and sticks out like a sore thumb for lack of a better comparison. Acceptable, but annoying as you'd hope remastering would fix this type of issue as it is so clearly a problem with the source film. Perhaps nothing better is available? I don't know.

    Next is the audio. You can watch the movie in Dolby Digital 5.1 at 640kbps or French/Spanish in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 kbps.

    The issue here is that there are instances where dialog is difficult to understand. Of note is when Mel is getting the gyro copter/ultra light. His "partner" is darn near indistinguishable from the background noise.

    Music, orchestral, is almost nonstop in this film. This is expected in a way, given the lack of much dialog, but it can be overpowering and it's only marginally good.

    Over all I'm happy with the transfer to BD and the movie itself. I was hoping for a near perfect transfer, but instead I receive what I'd call an 80% perfect transfer. Worth the money if you like the movie....more info
  • The Best, the original!
    Ok, ok, i know this wasn't the first film in the series, but as far as I'm concerned its the best and the original that all other post-apoc movies were based on. later!...more info
  • Question re the language
    Could anyone advise me whether the audio soundtrack is in the original Australian version or the dubbed American (as was my NTSC Laserdisc version of the Road Warrior). I am from SA, Australia and have entered the world of Blu-ray. Without doubt Mad Max 2 (the Road Warrior) is my all time favourite movie. I hope not to be disappointed with the BD copy. I will purchase it either way.
    Thnx in advance....more info
  • The Road to Nowhere
    In a world that has been destroyed by War Max(Mel Gibson) is on his own. The sequel to Max Max starts off when a small intro for those who are unfamiliar with the story. The setting is Post Apocalyptic Australia. The dry, barren landscape makes the perfect home for this world of destruction.

    The story begins with action and the pace doesn't let up from there. Max is being chased by a group of violent road pirates. Out to steal the most valuable resource in this new world, fuel. Fuel becomes scarce as people still use vehicles in this barren landscape. Max has been toughened by the War and then losing his wife and child. This toughness makes him able to take on these bandits.

    On Max's journey he meets a comrade who at the threat of dying is more willing to show him the way to a fuel refinery. The refinery is the most valuable commodity in this world. It then becomes Max's toughness that gains the trust of the people who live in the refinery as they are threatened by the large group of road pirates. Most of the story continues in this direction and the action is never lacking.

    The Blu-ray version of this movie is beautiful. The picture is excellent and the sound has been greatly improved which make this movie even more enjoyable. The extras that are included are rather limited. You get an intro, the theatrical trailer, and commentary. Thankfully the movie looks great so that is more than worth it.

    If you love action and good fast paced movies The Road Warrior is excellent. This movie set the pace for the action genre. There is little dialogue and all the stunts are real. In the age of digital effects this movie is a breath of fresh air. Mel Gibson shows the world why he is such a great action star and this movie shows why it doesn't take an incredible budget to make a great movie....more info
  • Mad Max 2, in HD-DVD ROCKS!!
    This is the BEST version of the movie I have seen ( I bought it on VHS and DVD) and by-far this version beats them ALL hands down!! Too bad HD-DVD is no more, I guess I will buy it on Blu-Ray next!!...more info
  • A movie without wires...
    CG, models, and no emotard actors. No pretty boys -correct that- on the good guy side. And Explosions!!! Gibson, that Jew hating drunk was at his start and it shows in spades, but playing a gruff tired man worked fine for him here.

    The director used a lame excuse for the settings, but the action and VIOLENCE more then compensates!

    Blu-ray sadly shows the poor print unfortunately....more info
  • Ridiculous Movie
    The only reason I could imagine someone giving this movie a decent rating is for Nostalga. I read all of the amazing reviews and purchased this movie. It was a waste of money and it will sit on my shelf collecting dust. You would think the world would be thinking of more important things than "GAS!" Utterly Ridiculous and Boring....more info
  • Looks like it was shot yesterday in HD!
    Man o Man. I guess its not important to comment on the actual significance of the story, characters, locations, and stunts as everyone already knows how sweet this film is. I will make a quick comment however on the transfer of the Road Warrior.

    I couldn't believe my eyes. If you have a HDTV you will be visually stunned. It looks like it was shot yesterday in HD format. Seriously though, this is a prime example of what blu ray can do for older films if the proper care and attention is taken during the digital transfer. That said, when i bought this blu ray, I also bought the Patriot shot roughly 20 years later, and it looked like a regular DVD. Good movie, but why didn't it look as sharp as the Road Warrior?

    I highly recommend this version of the film to anyone with a taste for quality....more info
  • A true post apocalyptic classic, now in High-def
    I just finished watching The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) on Blu-ray which I ordered from Amazon. It's one of my favorite films and still holds up today, largely thanks to its wonderful direction and quality attention to realistic detail. Likened to westerns and samurai films, it should be at the top of anyones list that is a fan of action, cars, post apocalyptic futures and stories about a lone wolf type hero. The quality of the picture is great and the sound is good too thanks to being on Blu-ray. And if you are worried about getting this because you haven't seen the first Mad Max, fear not, the film is done in such a way you don't really need to. There is a short recap at the start of the film which will help tie things together. Also a new feature exclusive to the high-def version not found on regular DVD is a new audio commentary with the director. I haven't listened to it yet so I'm hoping it sheds insight onto the production of this wonderful film.
    See Mel Gibson at his best as... The Road Warrior....more info
  • "you want to get out of here,you talk to me" max to the people livung in the oil dump
    this is THE ONE,the movie that made mel gibson a world star and forever changed the action movie landscape forever. it also started the post-apocolyptic movie craze in the 80's with its tale of former cop,now wandering nomad named max. in the first movie of this three movie cycle max lost his family to thugs as the world tore it's self apart. max savagely hunted down and killed all of the thugs and rode off into the wasteland,which is were we find him as the movie opens. this max is cold and very much a lone wolf who has almost no human feelings left in him.what he and everyone else wants is fuel,which is getting harder to find.after a funny bit with a gyro-chopter pilot max finds a group of people hold up at a oil dump and after some intresting fights helps the people leave the dump with the gas as a horde of outlaws lay siege to the camp!
    the final chase one of the greatest car chases in movie history and takesthis movie into the area of legend! many movies have tried but none have matched the energy of this one of a kind action adventure. the stunts are beyond anything you have ever seen. check this one out!!!!!!!
    ...more info
  • Best movie ever made
    It started with Mad Max, then Road Warrior, and finaly Beyond the Thunderdome. All three movies are great, but Road warrior is by the best. Max drives a car around stealing gas when he finds it until he has to help a group of people escape from their gas stronghold. A group of banidits makes this much harder than it sounds, because they to want gas. Watch the movie to fall in love with it....more info
  • A great film ignored its greatness
    This concerns just the DVD itself, which is FULL SCREEN, not widescreen. In other words, the widescreen version is the full screen shrunk down--both sides of the original frame are lopped off. And with such a film as this?

    The Road Warrior was rated the ninth best film of the entire decade of the 1980's .... I was surprised too; hidden in an action story is .... [blank]. My screenwriting professor at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts passed around handouts: Number One was Raging Bull ... Nine, This (circa 1991). Which group of critics I cannot say, but it WAS a group. And if one of the best film schools in the country distributes word of such confidence for a film, and enough critics and film buffs over the years too, don't you think film studios would have some pride to restore it and make some non-flakey and non-adulatory documentary features seriously interested in TRW? How many films can boast this kind of following? And last and last? Don't the studios know how many of us WANT to buy a DVD version like Wez would w ... Oh yeah. He's missing fingers.

    Similar congratulations go to the DVD cover. ...more info
  • Iconic sci-fi action. A great movie. Buy it.
    `The Road Warrior', directed by Kennedy - Miller, and starring Mel Gibson, is one of those movies which seemed to appear out of nowhere and become, much to critics' embarrassed admission, an important work of fantasy / science fiction / adventure, thereby making its title actor into an important cinema star.

    The importance of `The Road Warrior' has grown with the years, as it has spawned numerous imitators, most especially Kevin Costner's `Waterworld', none of which are quite as good as the original. Even the sequel, `Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome', with its higher production values, iconic presence of Tina Turner as the primary heavy, and somewhat more interesting story manages to quite match the raw impact of `The Road Warrior'.

    Most of the movie's success may be due to the same effective mix of two or more genres that we see in `Alien' and `Blade Runner'. While both have strong elements of science fiction, where the back story is driven by a fictional scientific premise, which the authors run with to see what may happen, if only .... And yet, these two movies are more the traditional horror movie and the traditional thriller, but elevated to a higher level by the great mix of qualities.

    Of course, `The Road Warrior' is itself a sequel to the original `Mad Max', however the connection is tenuous both in story line and in shared back story. I was never really sure `Mad Max' was really supposed to be happening in some post-apocalyptic Australian world (told by survivors of an `On The Beach'), or just in a run-down corner of Australia, which happens to be experiencing a bit more motorcycle gang outlawry. The mythic road warrior character certainly shares enough in common with Max of the first movie to see a continuity, but unlike movies like `The Matrix' trilogy and the `Lord of the Rings' series, one looses nothing from `The Road Warrior' if you did not see `Mad Max'.

    Just as `The Road Warrior' may be borrowing some cachet from `On The Beach', it also seems to owe something to `Lord of the Flies', another `lets see what happens in a post-nuclear holocaust' movie. One can interpret this as the way things end up if the lost boys of `Lord of the Flies' grew up and got wheels.

    And, unlike `Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome', `The Road Warrior' benefits from a very simple story, exquisitely scripted, if not to excellently acted by the supporting cast.

    Just like `A Hard Days' Night', `The Road Warrior' manages to transcend the conventions of its genre, the say way as an Andy Warhol silk screen of a Campbell's Soup can turns something ordinary into art, thereby becoming a new paradigm of artistic expression, to be imitated by its successors.
    ...more info
  • Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior) Blu-Ray: The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!
    This movie sits next to "Blade Runner" on the top of my list as the best films of ALL time. I've been watching the standard cardboard case DVD for 10 years now, and it looked really BAD on my HD LCD.

    When I fired this baby up and "Mad Max 2," the original Austrailian title came up instead of the U.S. "Road Warrior," I almost fell out of my chair! The clarity and crystal clearness of the picture was everthing I've been dreaming for. I couldn't believe that a film this old could ever look like this. The sound in my 5.1 theater is even better. My wife who hates action flicks even sat through with me and was impressed.

    Sure there isn't much extras on the disk, but who has time for those? The film is what matters most.

    The story is about the ultimate anti-hero, a broken man who wanders into a post-apocalytic wasteland battling scavengers for gasoline. This film has the most amazing stuntwork and car chases. It has been cloned, copied and is pretty much an important model for all science fiction post apocalytic action films. I just can't believe director George Miller went on to make "The Witches of Eastwick" and "Babe." This is a must buy for Blu-Ray sci-fi fans!...more info
  • I'm sure it was a great movie in 1982...
    There no question this movie was a good one during the '80's period, but sadly its not during are present time of 2006. As I was watching it, it seem to be to simplely made as a movie, and I guess at this time CG graphics were not widely used. That can be a good thing and bad thing. Some of the stunts in the movie were ok. I'm sure if they remade this movie again, it would be a well rounded movie. If you like these kinds of movie, go ahead and add this one to your collection, if not, I suggest renting this one...
    ...more info
  • A Must Own HD DVD!!!!
    This Special Edition of The Road Warrior is Awesome!

    The Hi-Def Transfer is outstanding, After watching it I can't believe Warner Brothers ever sold the Original Standard Dvd Cut.
    This print is Crisp, Clear close to Flawless! The Dolby Digital Plus rates AAA+++
    This is one of those HD Films that should be used as the Demo to help push HD DVD Players.

    The Extras include: Audio Commentary (Exclusive to HD)
    Introduction by Film Critic Leonard Maltin, & Theatrical Trailer

    Hopefully WB has the sense 2 Re-Master give the HD Treatment to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
    If you have a HD Player You have got to pick up this Great Cut 10/10
    ...more info
  • A Grade 'B Movie'
    When I was 12, I saw this thing so many times I can't even remember. It was my favorite movie for a long time. Prior to getting this disc for Xmas, I would say it has been 10 years since I had last watched it. And I was impressed, still. While I don't feel the same about this now as I did when I was younger, I was def. very entertained. But the look on blu ray totally blew me away!! It really does look as though it was made last year picture-wise; There were still a few cheesy things here and there(the sped-up chase footage in one part was a little obvious; the over-use of school athletic gear was amusing; one of the girls in the good guy's camp looks like Baby Spice from the Spicegirls...), but this movie was way ahead of it's time back then...One of the greatest chase scenes comes at the end! A great action movie, even after 25+ years....more info
  • Oh, What a Classic it is...
    This is not a bad movie, but it is addictive, anyway.

    It's hard to define why this film, the flaws of which are many, is a classic, but that is what it is. Mel Gibson returns to play Max in the (sort-of) sequel to Mad Max. Plot then gets cheesey, characters are cheesy, the villains (led by the Humungous) is double the cheese, and so on.

    But if it is cheesy, it more than makes up for it in atmosphere. In a remote part of Australia, the filmmakers create a world entirely their own, and it is generously shared with the audience: a place of simplistic good vs. evil stuff, but a world, nonetheless, and one is drawn into it while viewing the flick. It is that atmosphere, a sense of "somewhere-else" that draws a person in... and keeps us there.

    Plenty of violence and stunts involving cars, trucks, and the occasional helicopter, too.

    There is no character development in this movie but, quite simply, there doesn't need to be: every role is perfected from the start, and most of the actors live up to the parts they ae given....more info
  • Top Australian movie!
    This movie is THE reason I went HD. It is perfect for demonstrating what HD DVD is capable of doing. For a movie that was produced in 1981 the picture and sound are both stunning. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Can't beat the visual quallity
    I am not going to bore you with saying I know everything about quality and imperfections. Enjoy the movie. It doesn't get any better then this....more info
  • Best movie ever!
    I have always been a fan of the Mad Max series and I was very excited to hear of The Road Warrior on Blu-Ray. Excellent movie and you really see the difference on BR, it only lacked more extra features. But, overall a must buy!...more info
  • Absolutely brilliant
    This is one of the best post-apocalyptic action classics ever. Not to mention one of Mel Gibsons best roles. It was a favorite when I first saw this science fiction great and was one of the reasons I wanted to see Mad Max and Mad Max and the Return to Thunderdome. Furthermore it is one of the reasons I am anxiously awaiting another film of the same type i.e. a Road Warrior 2. All in all a great action flick that is a must have for all action adventure fans....more info
  • Incredible. Absolutely incredible.
    First rate transfer. Video quality is outstanding. Sound quality is adequate. I'm a huge fan of Mad Max flicks and I only wish the first one would've been released on HD DVD....more info
  • The Road Warrior
    This is a great addition to the first in the saga of the Mad Max movies. This film is a non stop roller coaster trill ride with great stunts and vehicles, as well as good characters and acting over all. A definite must own for a fan of this series....more info
  • You Wanna Get Out Of Here? You Talk To Me...
    Later to be known as a man of dignity, honesty, and fragility, Mel Gibson is known to most ignorant men as a pansy. However, for the select few who can actually bare the man, we always come to our senses to watch this film whenever time is on our side. Once Mel was known for his survival instincts, keen street smarts, and his signature everyman-for-himself attitude. This movie proves that in all aspects...

    Max Rockatansky is the protoganist on the verge of collapse. His wife and child were murdered by a group of bikers, only later to be almost fully exacted on by Max single handedly.. He now runs life on the highway with his faithful canine and the champion Pursuit Special Interceptor. Suffering from disillusionment, society seems all to desperate in his eyes...just as desperate as he is to stay alive in search of pertroleum. What you will find throughout the movie from here will only bring you driving plot sequences and entertaining scenes that will keep you watching the whole way through. All the action never gets old, many instance come up that will make you have that tad laugh you want to let out, and the ending chase will leave you wanting to explore scene selection the next time around.

    The best way to sit through this is with an open mind, so be aware of things that you might not see in a normal action film. Now since this is science fiction, there will be many skeptics upon stupidity and pointless aspects to this film, but hopefully you will understand the true concept about this movie and everything that fills it.

    Anyways, this is a exemplary masterpiece in every way possible for a film. This is Mel the way he wanted to be portrayed in the beginning...raw, tough, and in your face. He makes sure you understand what kind of hell he has been through, and this movie is a veteran example of such reality. I highly recommend adding this to the library which you have forged, as it only reigns as an essential piece in film history. If you already purchased it before, give it another round. Only classics are worthy of so......more info
  • One of the CLASSICS of the Action genre!
    "The Road Warrior" is one of the CLASSICS of the Action genre. I used to LOVE it when the GREAT Joe Bob Briggs used to show this on "Monstervision" on TNT on Saturday nights!

    That is where I learned all these facts about this movie! Joe Bob said that during the climactic chase that makes up the last half hour of the movie that director George Miller mounted cameras on moving vehicles for better camera shots! And NUMEROUS stunt men were nearly killed!

    The plot of the movie could NOT be more timely. The fight for gasoline! Imagine that. A world where gasoline creates a problem! Only in the movies, huh?

    I have one question: WHERE is the Two-Disc "Special Edition"?!

    "He exists now, only in my memory"...more info
  • Best of the post apocaliptic 80's movies.
    High adventure, interesting if not maybe somewhat predictable plot, and Mel's great and humourus acting style made this the best of the post nuclear war motion pictures which was the trend in the '80's. These movies were very relevent at the time because as a recent high school graduate, nuclear war was something we all felt could be our future to face. This story picks up after the "almost tomorrow" storyline of Mad Max. It is not essential to view Mad Max before seeing this feature as I didn't even know of it's exsistence at the time of my first viewing. But you shouldn't cheat yourself because the three mad max films make for a great escapist trilogy. Other than a few outdated 80's hairstyles, this film holds up extremely well. I would prefer they reissue this dvd with a remastered deluxe version as they did with the first film, but from my understanding the American version is owned by a different studio which which makes it a property rights issue. Although this is my favorite of the max movies, I would have to rank them from the first film being the best cinemaphotographly to the last film Beyond Thunderdome as the weakest of the lot. But you should see them all....more info
  • Great director, cast, and script!!!
    This film is great! Its a post apocalyptic story that takes place in the dessert where only the tuff and ruthless survive. People race around on bikes, a little plane, and fast spiked out cars fighting for oil. They take whatever they can and destroy anything that comes in their path.

    Its got a perfect cast and script. It was made by a teriffic director George Miller, who puts heart into his movies. It was a low budget film so all the special effects were real and not computerized. You get to see Mel Gibson in his prime wearing a hot leather outfit before he became famous. The characters really are all perfect, especially the gay biker with the red mohawk and open chaps and the little kid with the mullet. The costumes are great. This film was one of the first of its kind. Many films had immitated it but none were as good.

    Mad Max has everything a film could ask for- its an action packed film with humor, romance, nudity, and horror. It is one of the few films that are actually better than the first. Its got the longest chase scene in a movie that lasts 20 minutes and you never get bored! This film remains one of my favorites and will always be a classic. ...more info