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Solitaire Antics Ultimate Plus (Win/Mac)
List Price: $9.99

Our Price: $7.89

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Product Description


  • This Solitaireic is jam packed with even more game varieties. Master theics you've loved before and discover new ones. Over 760 Solitaire games. System Requirements: Windows -95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP, 64 MB RAM, 32 MB Hard Disk Space. Pentium 133 or better recommended. Macintosh - OS X Native Universal Binary, System 8.1 or higher, 32 MB RAM, 32 MB Hard Disk Space

Customer Reviews:

  • retired
    Excellent game. I love Solitare and this disk lets you program the game to your own specs.***** all the way.

    HJM...more info
  • Where's the solitaire
    When I lost my solitare game and then got a new computer, I was not very happy. I did some research and found that there weren't many available. I did find this one and it has filled the gap left by the missing one. ...more info
  • Great Card Game!
    I recently bought this game and I enjoy playing it. I read other reviews where reviewers complained about the installation and the animations, but I am not having problems in these areas (nor any other issues). It installed smoothly on my Win XP OS. If the animations are not desired, it is customizable. For example, the sound can be turned off, or the sound and animations both can be turned off. Or maybe you want the winning animations to play, but not the in-game animations - anything is possible. If you have bad eyesight or you just like bigger cards, even the cards can be enlarged. You can also put your own backgrounds in (although I don't believe you can change the cards' graphics). If you don't like the rules of the game or you wish the rules were similar to what you played on another program, those are even customizable. Or maybe you want to build your own personally created game...go for can be done. There's a lot more positive things I could say about this game, but I'll let you discover the other stuff and spare you from reading my book-long review. :o)...more info
  • Beware if you are installing on a Mac Laptop
    This software works fine on a Mac. However, when installed on a Mac laptop, the Mac dock, along the bottom of your display, covers up the games features (ability to choose different games, set preferences, etc.) This is not a problem on a iMac 20" or higher but on a laptop you'll need to click on the Apple logo at the top left of your monitor, then click on Dock and move the dock to the right or left side of your monitor. Once you do that, all's well.

    I do not play this game. My mother has been playing solitaire on a Windows laptop for years and years. She bought a new MacBook and she complains that the spider solitaire (her favorite) is much harder to beat than the one that comes pre-installed with Windows. Keep in mind, she's in her mid 80's so I think it's fantastic that she's even willing to change computer platforms at her age. Based upon other reviews though, this software gets good marks and it's relatively inexpensive! I can tell you it is far superior to the Hoyle software which sells for much more money....more info
  • Easy to use solitaire application
    I brought this game just to have a solitaire game on my computer! It is very easy to use and a lot of fun! Solitaire Antics Ultimate Plus (Win/Mac)...more info