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The Firm Yoga Beginner Kit
List Price: $24.98

Our Price: $18.50

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Product Description

Allie DelRio Pointer's "fitness style" instruction makes it very do-able - she uses easy-to-understand terminology and anticipates potential concerns ("it's okay if your heels don't touch the ground"). The equipment also enhances both form and technique. The mat prevents your feet from slipping. The block improves security and stability. The strap increases flexibility and lets you hold a pose better (as Allie says, "the strap is here to help you"). All the yoga classics are here, from triangle, plank and warrior to child's pose, cat pose and down dog pose. DVD not available without the equipment. Running time is 33 minutes.

The Firm Yoga Kit features everything you need to begin practicing at home: a yoga mat, a stretching strap, a foam yoga brick and a 30-minute instructional DVD. The firm, cushioned mat provides you with a safe, non-slip surface for balances and poses. An easy-to-grasp foam brick supports your posture and stability as you learn different positions and the cotton stretching strap helps you to improve your flexibility simply, safely, and effectively. Included with the mat is a beginner-friendly yoga DVD that takes you through the basic steps. Lightweight and compact, the kit stores easily and is perfect for travel.

  • Includes mat (mat color may vary), stretching strap, yoga brick, and instructional DVD
  • Mat features safe, non-slip surface for balances and poses
  • Easy-to-grasp foam brick supports posture and stability
  • Cotton stretching strap improves flexibility
  • Includes 30-minutes beginner-friendly yoga DVD

Customer Reviews:

  • Good For Beginners
    The DVD is good for beginners, especially for those who may not be as flexible. The instructor does a good job of being slow & how to do the poses alternately. As far as the equipment, I don't think you'll find one better for the price. It has made me like doing yoga....more info
  • Wonderful!
    Exactly what it says it is, for a beginner, and a kit. It's perfect for someone who is not enlightened/fancy/rich person who can afford Yoga classes/etc. The mat works, the DVD is ideal, and all around a great bang for you buck!...more info
  • Nice Product!
    I have never worked out to a Yoga DVD but have always loved stretching! This DVD was excellent for beginners and the mat is good enough for me because I even use it with other workout DVD's that I own. As I get used to this DVD, I will probably buy another Yoga DVD that's a little more advanced. Overall, it's definitely worth the price! ...more info
    I like this pad. It doesn't move on carpet and feels good beneath the feet. I would recommend the Firm....more info
  • Great dvd, great value
    this dvd set comes with the mat, the brick and the strap, so considering what you would pay if you bought all that by itself, it's already a great deal in itself. The quality is very good and the yoga routine is great, too. I am a beginner, and I found it easy to follow, so if you are just starting to do yoga, buy this set instead of just a dvd, because you get all you need in one set for a very reasonable price....more info
  • The Best Beginners Kit Ever!!
    This is the best beginners yoga kit ever made!! It is very simple and relaxing. The poses are not hard and are just right to get anyone addicted to yoga. I started off with this program and moved on to learn more advanced yoga poses. I highly recommend this kit for anyone interested in learning about yoga for the first time because it does not involve difficult poses. Some "beginners" yoga videos are a little difficult and often turn people away. But, this is the perfect beginners kit to boost anyone's interest in yoga!!!...more info
  • My Favorite Firm DVD
    A love the Firm workouts but this is my favorite. It is a great way to relax and to introduce Yoga into your workout routine. I have tried other beginner yoga DVDs but get frustrated easily, but with the brick and strap it makes difficult moves easier. I would highly recommend....more info
  • A wonderfull way to start the day
    I purchaced this kit hopping it would help alleviate tension and stiffness all over my body which had increased due to my physical job and a recently renewed workout routine. It works like a charm! The first time I tried it I felt wonderfully relaxed and warm all over. I have tried yoga practice before but I was never comfortable paying larg fees for weekly classes in crowded classrooms. This was the perfect solution. The tape is easy to follow and is the perfect way to start the day even if you have a busy schedule since it only takes 30 min. I suppose that yoga enthuisists would find things to nitpick on the tape, but I didn't find them to be distracting from the whole experience.
    The mat is perfect for what it was ment for, an easy, relaxing 30 minutes infront of your television. If you plan on using it for challenging postures on hard wood floors then this probably isn't the mat for you.
    If you are looking for a kit to help start or enhance your home yoga experience then this is perfect. If you are looking for a kit to take to classes with you then you'll probably want to spend a little more money for a thicker mat with a carrying case....more info
  • Definitely recommend
    This is a great workout from The FIRM. Yoga adds a nice variety to their other DVDs- it's relaxing but you still feel like you worked at it. You'll notice the yoga mat is useful for several other FIRM work outs.

    The instructor, Allie Del Rio, is encouraging and makes sure to mention ways to make the poses earier or harder. She also tells you what's ahead, which is always nice.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend it!
    ...more info
  • An OK yoga mat, however...
    it is not as thick & wide as I anticipated. I thought it'd be 1/4 inch thick & wider, but it is not. My husband needs a longer one since he is tall. Therefore, it works ok for him but it'd nice if it is as thick & wide as my own mat. ...more info
  • PERFECT For Beginners
    This is a very good yoga program to start off with if you have never tried yoga a day in your life. Its 30 minutes of calming and relaxing stretching. The instructor(Allie) is motivating and I like her style. I tried to do a different "beginner yoga dvd" and couldnt get pass the 1st move. This was easy to do and the included strap and brick help to take it to another level. Some say the mat is thin and cheap, but I have no problem with it, it is fine with me. This dvd offers really good stretches and helps me to relax and relieve stress after a long day or a really good workout. Intermediate and Advanced people should not buy this, it is too easy. Overall I liked it and use it weekly!...more info
  • Easy enough for beginners
    This is a useful product for entry-level yoga. I had never taken a yoga class before using this video, yet it was easy to follow and simple enough for me to perform all the movements while still being challenging. The instructor gives ways of making each move easier or more difficult, depending on your ability level, and explains the advantages and uses of each pose....more info