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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Preferred [OLD VERSION]
List Price: $199.99

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Product Description

Dragon products have won over 175 major awards for accuracy and ease of use, and are used by more people around the world than any other speech recognition software. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9 gives small business users and PC enthusiasts the power to create documents, reports, e-mails and more?all by speaking! Fast, easy and amazingly accurate, it's over three times faster than typing. Just use your voice to dictate and edit in Microsoft Word and Excel, Corel WordPerfect, and virtually all Windows-based applications. You can even dictate into a handheld device when you're away from your PC, or use a Bluetooth microphone! It's never been easier to use?no script reading required, so you can get started right away! Dragon products have won over 175 major awards for accuracy and ease of use, and are used by more people around the world than any other speech recognition software Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Nuance-approved Bluetooth headsets Dictate into any Nuance-certified handheld device for automatic transcription when you synch with your PC Supports Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird New indicator that lets you know when you have Select-And-Say functionality available New supported edit controls include Borland's TMemo, TEdit & TRichEdit controls as well as TE Edit from SubSystems and TX Text from TX Text Control Also supports handheld digital recorders and other PDAs that record in. wma and. mp3 format for deferred transcription

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 (Preferred Edition) gives small business users and PC user the power to create documents, reports, e-mails and more -- all by speaking! Over three times faster than typing, and amazingly accurate, NaturallySpeaking 9 translates your voice dictations into Microsoft Word and Excel, Corel WordPerfect, and virtually all Windows-based applications. You can even dictate into a handheld device when you're away from your PC, or use a Bluetooth microphone. It's never been easier to use -- no script reading required, so you can get started right away!

NaturallySpeaking 9 translates your voice dictations into Microsoft Word and Excel, Corel WordPerfect, and virtually all Windows-based applications. View larger.
Three Times Faster than Typing
A C/NET Editor's Choice for February 2006, and a PC World 100 Best Products choice of 2006, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 is up to 99 percent accurate, and often more accurate than typing. Dragon NaturallySpeaking never makes a spelling mistake, and it's actually programmed to get "smarter" the more your use it. And because most people speak over 120 words per minute, but type less than 40 words a minute, NaturallySpeaking effectively lets you create letters and e-mails about three times faster than typing by hand.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 is extremely easy to use and require no training. A full set of on-screen tutorials, and an included approved free noise-canceling microphone, helps you get started immediately. And you can use your voice to dictate, edit and control just about any Windows-based application, which gives you unprecedented flexibility as you work. It even supports Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. Just talk, and you can surf the web, open and close applications, even control your mouse and the entire desktop. You can also dictate, edit, and navigate more easily in Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, and Corel WordPerfect than in previous versions. For Web browsing, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 lets you search the Web, access information, and navigate web pages by speaking URLs and links.

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone and PDA Support
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 now supports certain Bluetooth wireless microphones as an input device, empowering you to dictate without being tethered to your PC. And you can also use the software with Nuance-approved Bluetooth headsets. You can even dictate into any Nuance-certified handheld device for automatic transcription when you synch with your PC. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 supports handheld digital recorders and other PDAs that record in .wma and .mp3 format for deferred transcription.

Seamless Editing, Formatting, and Punctuation
With the program's "smart formatting" functionality, you can specify exactly how you want to format dates, measurements, acronyms or any word to meet your requirements. By simply scanning your documents, contact names and sent e-mails, you can add contact names to the program's vocabulary, thereby assuring that you'll never have to spell a name again. And when you select and correct an unrecognized word -- using voice, mouse, or keyboard -- the software will learn from your correction, and you'll never have to worry about another mis-spelling.

The DragonBar includes a "Select and Say" indicator that turns green when you are in an application or window where all of NaturallySpeaking's functionality is supported.
We all add unnecessary "ums" and "ahs" when we speak, and the last thing you want is to spend your time editing all those extraneous insertions from your documents. Thanks to its built-in Nothing But Speech (NBS) technology, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 filters out inadvertent fillers and sounds between words, keeping your document clean. In addition, the program's "natural punctuation" feature means that when you dictate casual writing styles, you no longer have to say "period" and "comma."

When you have to make edits to your work, you can simply choose the "Select-and-Say" feature to make text changes by voice in many dialogues and applications. Dictation Playback makes editing even easier by playing back what you said so that you can quickly correct your work. To hear any text spoken aloud, such as incoming e-mail, you can use the "Text-to-Speech" functionality and simply sit back and listen to your e-mail.

  • The new Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 speech engine is up to 20% more accurate than version 8
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 is up to 99% accurate, and often more accurate than typing. Dragon NaturallySpeaking never makes a spelling mistake, and it actually gets smarter the more you use it
  • Most people speak over 120 words per minute, but type less than 40 words a minute. Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets you create letters and e-mails about three times faster than typing by hand.
  • You'll be dictating letters, e-mails and surfing the web by voice right away! No script reading required to get started. Includes a full set of on-screen tutorials, and a Nuance approved free noise-canceling microphone.
  • Use your voice to dictate, edit and control applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Corel WordPerfect. Mac users take note: Dragon Naturally Speaking is now fully compatible with VMware Fusion.

Customer Reviews:

  • Product = Ten; Customer Service/Tech Aid = One
    The product seems to be fine, but I inquired before I purshased about creating macros, and was told it was explained in the instruction manual. Well, it isn't, or at least I can't find it. You get one phone call for free, but thereafter calls are $6.99, and on line help, I think, is $16.99. I contacted tech aid two or three times on line, and never got a response (this was before I knew about the fee) and finally had to go back to the sales rep to explain my situation. He responded and explained the system to me, but should it be this difficult?...more info
  • they should pay me for training the product
    This product reminds me that purchase price is not always important. The time I spent on that product cost me 100 times the purchase price.......more info
  • DNS is awesome!
    The product works great. I installed the same license on both my laptop and my desktop. Right now I'm using DNS 9 to write this review.

    Key things to know:
    1. Two installs will work with the same license (laptop and desktop).
    2. You must let the software be trained with your voice!
    3. You must go through the training so that you know how to use the software properly. Then consider re-training from time to time.
    4. This is not a replacement for typing - It is a compliment to typing. In other words this will make your typing go faster because you can "say" most of what you intend to write and type some of it. As you understand how to use the software properly, you will decide whether making small edits is faster using DNS or using your your own typing. I use both.
    5. it works with Firefox, Microsoft Office 2003, Office 2007, Notepad, etc.
    6. The more you use it the more accurate it becomes.
    7. Special words such as those used at work or in your industry must be trained individually, but I'M surprised at how much it knows already,
    8. Get a good mic. I use a $30 Logitech USB headset microphone from RadioShack works awesome. I use this mic with Skype is well.
    9. background noise such as air conditioners or airplanes did not affect performance.

    I install it twice on a windows XP workstation and both instances did not have a problem at all with the installation. I don't know what everyone is complaining about....more info
  • Great!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This product has been a life saver. I did the install and tutorials and used it right away. I am at 90% and getting better with every use. Thank You Dragon!!!!...more info
  • WARNING to 64 bit Vista Owners
    It is not mentioned in the requirements on the Naunce website and it is only mentioned on the update page for Vista Users. The program prevents instalation and there is not an overide function on the internet to install it. I love version 8 of the program on my home PC, but I bought this version for my brand new laptop because i is the only ersion that works with Vista (32 bit). ...more info
  • very good product overall! But does have some bugs.
    this is by far the most accurate Dragon NaturallySpeaking version so far. However, if you are using a Bluetooth microphone sometimes the program can be a little sluggish. I'm not sure if that is due to limitations from the program or Bluetooth devices themselves. However it can be a little frustrating at times. Also, the program sometimes doesn't like to integrate easily at first with Microsoft Office 2007 or at least I had trouble with it so be careful at first. I have been a user of the series for almost 15 years and this is definitely worth the investment....more info
  • speaking straight
    I bought Dragon Naturally speaking for my husband who does not type. It is wonderful. He really likes it. Thanx BC...more info
  • This thing is awesome!
    I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my wrists and I wouldn't be able to work if it weren't for this thing! The dragon is easy to train and learns quickly. I especially like that the dragon has the capability to read your sent e-mail to become familiar with names and phrases that you use often. I typed this review with the dragon. What do you think?...more info
  • POOR support
    The product has some glitches and is difficult to get up and running. Support is all but nonexistant even if you are willing to pay them what is demanded to correct problem in their software. I have however nothing but praise for the support I recieved from Amazon with my issues....more info
  • Outstanding value
    The Dragon Naturally Speaking version 9 is saving me a lot of time in generating reports. I summarize data as I review it, saving 40 to 60 percent of the time I was spending on this task. I no longer have to worry about carpal tunnel problems coming back, and I am catching up on a backlog of work. Needless to say, I really like this software.

    I read a number of reviews that suggested that version 10 wasn't an improvement; I wanted the preferred version. The professional edition seems too expensive. This program isn't too large for my older laptop, is easy to train, and even checks my writing style by reviewing other files in my computer. I don't need to surf the web through my headset. I was looking for a good voice activated typing program, and I got it. Four stars because it still types some nonsense language at times, even for phrases I've already trained. I have to spend more time cleaning up my reports than I like. The net result is that I'm saving considerable time and my hands don't go numb after a day of typing anymore. This is a great program for a great price....more info
  • Better than expected
    I am very pleased with Dragon Naturallyspeaking 9. From reading other reviews, I expected to have much more trouble with the product, though I needed it for my work. However, I am greatly pleased that it works very well. Yes, they are some gaffs that are disconcerting and troublesome, but the very large part it is amazing software. It often types difficult personal names and scientific concepts that amaze me. And some of the mistakes it makes are actually humorous. The "spell that" feature is phenomenal and very much appreciated. All in all, I like Dragon Naturallyspeaking 9 Preferred very much and wish I had bought the product years ago....more info
  • So far worth the investment
    I just bought this product today from target for $30. And I learned how to use it within about 15-20 minutes. It was easy to install and set up. I read through the negative reviews and if people don't know how to set this program up then they must be computer illiterate. It types a lot faster than I can, and I type almost 90 words per minute. By the time I finish my statement, 1-2 seconds later, the sentence is typed. I am using it right now to write this review. I have only had to make one correction. It is very accurate. And will make my life a lot easier, since I have to have so many typed reports. As stated, it's worth it!
    (and it's pretty cool)...more info
  • Dragon is helpful but. . .
    Dragon Naturally speaking is a helpful but less than perfect product for speech to text purposes. (The supplied headphone microphone is too small for most heads.) When Dragon does get the translation correct it is very useful in preserving a thought without getting bogged down in the logistics of typing. However, after several weeks of use it continues to make repeated errors which lead to frustration....more info
  • hardware sensitive?
    Please add to your reviews, the amount of memory (RAM) your system has, processor speed, and operating system. If unsure then include the year of purchase. There is usually a correlation between quality and hardware when using software of this type (resource hog). Will write/ dictate a review in a few days. Ignore the rating...more info
  • Sadly behind the times
    I own Natually Speaking 9.0, and with a 32-bit system it works wonderfully. I probably get 98% accuracy after doing the advanced training readings. It's sad that a company with such a good start is so poor at keeping up with the market trending. In what way, you ask? Naturally Speaking does not load or work on a 64-bit system. It's not as if 64-bit is new, but rather it seems that Nuance is "asleep at the wheel" when it comes to keeping up. This prevents the owner from staying at the top of the curve regarding processing speed, and thus, accuracy. Incidently, I had no problem installing a ten year old version of Corel Word Perfect 8.0 on the 64-bit system, as well as other older programs. It was only the Nuance program that failed the test. The only soluttion may be to create a "virtual" 32-bit world within the 64-bit system to fool Nuance's program into thinking it is on the more advanced system....more info
  • Why a rate it a 3
    While the product works sufficiently, the rebate is not applicable to this version. Very irritating to be told you bought a full product with an upgrade serial number.
    It does work fine with Vista and the box made no mention of being an older version.
    Who is at fault? I do not know.
    I do know I am out $50.00
    Be prepared to have your rebate denied....more info
  • slow and inaccurate
    Although I have only tried the software a few times, I was disappointed with the accuracy and speed which it translated my speech....more info
    Bought this and actually ended up exchanging for Version 10 neither of which works any better than the earlier versions. These guys keep saying they are making it better, but keep selling the same old product just to make money as far as I can tell. Get a new life or product, dragon people!...more info
    I PAID TOO DARN MUCH!!!!!...more info
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 9 Preferred
    The seller supplied the product as defined, with as promised delivery.

    When using the included headset & microphone , I found the one-ear speaker and head clamp was uncomfortable. The sound was poor. I switched to a dual ear speaker/boom microphone I had, and the playback speech was clearer and the headset more comfortable. Their microphone may be better than a simple desk computer microphone, but is nothing to write home about. I think they do sell a better one with their professional packages, at a much higher price.

    The learning curve is steep, but the program works well when used with Microsoft programs, after you memorize the many "commands" and realize you have to issue a command, before you begin your dictation working inside text documents goes smoothly.

    Their advertising implies that Internet browsing and webpage manipulation is easy. I have not found that to be true. In most instances I get a warning "This is not a Standard Program and your commands may not function" By Standard, they mean written by Microsoft as I decode it. Controlling web pages is still a problem for me. There may be some magic commands I haven't found yet that will solve my problems, and I'm hoping.

    The listing of available commands included in their online manual and the one included in the software package does not include all that are available. Their in-program Help file has a lot more. The problem is that
    flipping back and forth between the help screen, and your document screen while hunting for the proper command is annoying. Trying to print the program Command list doesn't work on my computer.

    Dictation inside of Microsoft Word, works accurately as fast as you can clearly speak using their command set. The playback is with your own voice, which is easy to understand.

    When playing back transcriptions of previously recorded material, their internal program voice is used. There is a range of voices available, and all are between acceptable and good. I think Version 10 has even better quality voices.

    The program's ability to train individual words or phrases is very simple and works extremely well. The program worked remarkably well after the brief training exercises, and even better after reading a few of their long exercises. Except for my slurring words in haste, during dictation, recognition was more than satisfactory.

    ...more info
  • Very Nice
    I love this product. A nice surprise was the text to speech feature. I would recommend this product to anyone. The price on Amazon was the best also....more info
  • testing testing
    The review here reading of Dragon's NaturallySpeaking 9.01 is made using a product I am speaking using my normal voice after having adjusted the program and gone to the training and I'm simply going to post a review on Amazon knocks the correcting errors just so you can get an idea of what the program will do again I'm speaking at my normal speed here

    this program has received a lot of praise but to tell the truth I really don't think that it's ready for prime time as the saying goes if you are reasonably fast type SAE 80 to 90 words per minute you'll you're simply better off typing yourself and forgoing the use of this program I can only imagine that this program be useful for people who only type 10 to 20 words per minute or perhaps not at all

    out also like to say to this program has a lot of bugs related to its interface with Windows even if you have all the latest patches and updates so for example where interfacing with the Internet Explorer or Mozilla or even Microsoft office documents and there is always a some command or something us can go a little funny Wendy on dictating programs on they also say that you need of a great deal of computing power to operate this program and I would agree you have to have a lot of RAM and a very fast processor apparently because otherwise the thing will get held up and the results will be less than ideal

    I think you can tell by reading this is that there is a huge problem you actually have to go back through each paragraph and edit your errors the problem is that this can take them probably longer than simply just writing the paragraphs normally

    the product is certainly promising but as it stands I really don't see any cause for amazement...more info
  • Waste of time and $
    Naturally speaking did not work for me after all the prelims. More like 5% right 95% wrong and the front end is hopelessly complicated. I have been doing computers since 1982 and this is a stinker....more info
  • With patience comes performance
    Just like anything else, you're only going to get out of this software what you are willing to invest in it. After just a few hours of working with Dragon Naturally Speaking (version 9.5), I found it to be extremely easy to work with. Yes, it garbles some words, but it learns quickly from its mistakes once you take the time to teach it how it misinterpreted your words.

    I have a pretty pronounced "twang" accent, so maybe I'm a little more patient with this software than other reviewers have been. All I know is that whenever I sit down and demonstrate for others just how effective this program is (I use a Plantronic 3-in-1 headset when dictating), people tend to be pretty blown away by it.

    I have no idea how effective DNS version 10 is because I decided to buy version 9 after spending a lot of time researching the two products and reading the reviews. This purchase has worked very well for me and I anticipate using DNS for the rest of my career. By the way, I type 70 words per minute and still find this software has dramatically increased my productivity.

    Good luck....more info
  • Avoid it like the Plague -- spyware that is unremovable
    I was an early adopter of Dragon Naturally Speaking (Ver. 3). Over the years, their product improved -- even while owned by Scansoft. Once acquired by Nuance, it is, or should be, dead in the water until sold to a reputable company.

    My rejection of version 9 of this product is the installation of a THIRD PARTY product called "Install Shield" "Update Manager" by Macrovision. Supposedly it is for updates, but it is installed without consent of the user and is UNREMOVABLE even if DNS is uninstalled.

    I am a reasonably savvy computer user for the last 30 years, but this "update" gets embedded in your drive and no remover to date has worked. Try removing isuspm.exe -- with msconfig or other utilities. It will keep coming back -- even with Zonealarm and WinPatrol (both excellent products). Try to remove it and if you can, please post the solution here. At this point, I do not even care about a refund. I just want to get it off of my PC and will probably have to reformat my hard drive to do so. Is it worth $200 -- no. Is it worth $0 -- no -- you will spend more than that trying to disinfect your machine.

    Nuance is out for the quick buck. Phone tech support will cost you $19.95 "per incident" after your first call. E-mail support costs $9.95 per incident.

    Nuance seems to be capitalizing on "buying up the competition" after their own products fail. They have also acquired Paperport and Omnisoft (both of which used to be good products).

    Back when this was Dragonsoft and even Scansoft, it was a descent product. No longer. I hope they sell it to an ethical company in the near future.

    This is one SERIOUS situation for Buyer Beware!

    ...more info
  • Not even remotely Vista compatible not even rev 9.5
    In less than two months I have gone from working to quadriplegic. I am reeling and struggling to adapt. One of my doctors recommended this software, to make it easier for me to still be productive. I bought the software from Amazon. The $50.00 rebate on this software is bogus. And when I tried to install this software on my computer it complained my microprocessor was too slow. The box says the software is Vista compatible and requires a 1 GHz or higher microprocessor and 1 GB or more ram. My computer has a dual core 1.8 GHz microprocessor and 2 GB ram and 2 GB high-speed flash boost. With assistance I went to the Nuance web site and learned they admit there's a problem with their software's compatibility with Vista. They invited me to a leave my e-mail address and serial number of my software saying they would send me a link were I could download version 9.5 which would solve the compatibility problems. A week later with more assistance and made multiple calls and was told if I gave them an additional $9.95 they would send me a disk with version 9.5... I told them they had sold me a box that said the software contained was compatible with Vista and I should not have to pay additional money to get what they sold me. Version 9.5 came and it too complained my microprocessor was too slow. I no longer have the ability nor do I have sufficient assistance to deal with these people appropriately. From my experience this company is too unresponsive, misleading and deceitful. They have wronged me and left me using a pitiful Microsoft voice recognition software package that came installed on my computer. This review has taken me over two hours to complete using the Microsoft product with considerable assistance, don't buy Microsoft, but buy Nuance first from the pirates to see if you can even get it to run on your computer....more info
  • Speech recognition amazing, though not perfect
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Preferred
    I ordered this product because of a cervical spine nerve compression that was believed to have been caused by too much time at the computer. I think that the software is amazing and frustrating at the same time -- but in fairness need to say that I am a relative newcomer and have not mastered all of the techniques, most notably those that help the software recognize frequently used proper names or terms. It's important to go through the learning process and to speak naturally. But one big caution: PROOFREAD everything you write. Spell check is not enough! And if you don't re-read what you wrote, you can end up with some pretty embarrassing errors. One last tip: you must have Dragon open before you open the program in which you plan to use it; otherwise it won't work. And, although I like the program, I did not use it to write this review....more info