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Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse (Black)
List Price: $69.95

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Product Description

Microsoft Hardware has joined forces with gaming innovator Razer to bring you the ultimate high-performance wired mouse. Combining the best of both worlds, Habu unites legendary Microsoft comfort with the latest in Razer Precision. PC gaming will never be the same.

What happens when Microsoft Hardware joins forces with gaming peripherals innovator Razer? They give birth to an incredible advancement in gaming control: The Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse. This mouse is jam-packed with features that will give gamers a performance edge.

Habu blends high performance with a snappy design.
View it from all angles.
Every hand is different, as is every gamers' button preference. The Habu is built for just about anyone with interchangeable side button panels that provide gamers with two options for different hand sizes or comfort preferences. The mouse delivers super-fast response time with a huge 2,000 DPI laser engine that is powered by Razer Precision, and a 16-bit data path with enhanced bandwidth to support high resolution tracking performance. With the Habu, your control will be snappier and more precise, so you'll have a leg-up on the competition when playing online first-person shooters and other fast-paced games. This mouse is also designed with on-the-fly DPI that lets players adjust DPI for control sensitivity. Set the mouse from 400, 800, 1600, to 2000 DPI with toggle buttons and take your customization to another level.

Always-On mode was pioneered by Razer, and this advanced technology is built into the Habu. This mode gives gamers virtually no latency. And with high-speed motion detection, this mouse lets gamers get their speed-on with movement of up to 45 inches per second and 20G acceleration. The Habu features seven programmable buttons with Hyperesponse that allows gamers to program their button functions and caters to their favorite button layout from game-to-game.

A mouse this advanced wouldn't be complete without a snappy design. The custom-looking Habu features GlowPipe side rails and large, ultra-slick Teflon buttons that provide smooth and quiet gliding. The mouse also features an ergonomic design that is built for right-handed comfort with a slip-resistant grip, and rubber-coated buttons for improved comfort during those long hours of arduous gaming. Lastly, the mouse features a thin, flexible wire that provides gamers with the speed of a wired mouse, but the feel of a wireless device.

  • Gaming mouse delivers a performance edge and a comfortable shape
  • Offers different looks with interchangeable side button panels
  • Huge 2,000 DPI laser engine delivers super-fast response time
  • 16-bit data path with enhanced bandwidth supports high resolution tracking performance
  • Created by Microsoft Hardware and gaming peripherals innovator Razer

Customer Reviews:

  • Absolutely disappointed
    My mouse had always been logitech, now I bough this for a change and I am very disappointed.
    First the software have a lot of problems detecting the mouse etc, when I turn off the computer and I turn it on again, I have to unplug it and plug it again, if not, I cant use the mouse.
    So stay with logitech, I have this mouse since 5 days and I want a g5 already.
    ...more info
  • Best mouse I have ever used
    Recently bought the Habu gaming mouse and i must say I am not dissapointed. The tracking is the smoothest I have ever experienced and the sensitivity is adjustable, so you can be pin point accurate on your game. I highly recommend picking this up. ...more info
  • Best Gaming Mouse I've Used
    This is without a doubt the best gaming mouse I've used. I purchased this mouse awhile back and just bought another one this week. This is one of the only mice I've used that fit my hand. I've used the Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 and 7000 but there is always lag with wireless mice. This mouse is insanely sharp and has instant response. I turn up the DPI to MAX and then have the sensitivity around half in the mouse settings. = Perfect gaming mouse for Call of Duty, Age of Empires, and other games I play.

    As a long time user of Microsoft keyboards/mice the first rule of thumb: never ever install the software...

    Four stars because the scroll wheel, after bout half a year of daily use, goes bad. When you scroll down it goes up and down. The new one I just bought doesn't do this but will eventually I assume. (Yes, you can use the scroll wheel as a click/drag to scroll down/up webpages).

    Definitely recommend this mouse - it works and has worked for me for 6+ months....more info
  • Solid Product
    First, the retailer offering this mouse through Amazon was VERY prompt. Free shipping and the mouse was here within three days which included a weekend! Props to Amazon and their network of retailers.

    I own 2x Razer Copperhead mice, 1x Razer Diamondback, 1x Logitech G5, 1x Microsoft Intelli Explorer 3.0... and a few others. Of all these mice, IMO the Intelli Explorer 3.0 is THE MOST comfortable. I haven't been using it for the past 2 years because of the low DPI. In a dual screen work config, the high dpi laser mice allow for fast mouse movement with little hand movement.

    Enter the Habu. The Habu is close to the Intelli Explorer 3.0 with the speed of the copperhead. Although it's not quite as comfortable, it's much much much better than the G5, and a little better than the copperhead.

    The Habu offers fast mouse speeds and good comfort while not requiring a wrist pad. Solid mouse at a very attractive price.

    BTW. Over a 2 year period I've had 1x Razer and the G5 die. Both companies offered a replacement HOWEVER both required I return the mouse to them for replacement. The one Microsoft item that failed, a sidewinder joystick, was replaced WITHOUT me sending it back to Microsoft. Microsoft's customer care, in my experience, is second to absolutely no one. If you purchase Microsoft's retail products you can expect a level of customer service usually only found in fairy tales. This truth is not said often enough....more info
  • The Microsoft Magic
    As I walked out of the store with the Habu, I joked with a friend of mine (who works for Microsoft), that, knowing Microsoft, they have taken a decent mouse and applied their Microsoft magic to it to make it crash.

    I laugh now at my woeful naivete. Oh, it got Microsofted all right.

    Consider. You open your box. Inside there is a staid instruction manual, and an even staider troubleshooting insert, which says things like "Make sure you plug in your mouse, if it needs to be plugged in" and "Make sure you put batteries into your mouse, if it needs batteries", and et cetera, which tells you right off the bat they didn't really customize it for the product, since the Habu neither has an AC adaptor nor need of a battery or plurals thereof. BUT, as you shake the box to make all the last components fall out, a bright green inserts falls into your lap warning you quite explicitly that you need to install the drivers on the CD before you attach the mouse. Covering the USB plug on the mouse is a label softly glued to the connector, warning you with the same warning, making sure that the ignorant mouse-attacher cannot possibly miss the important fact that the drivers must be installed before the mouse is attached.

    Now, see, that's funny because if you do, in fact, install the drivers first, the Habu will never work on that computer. Ever. It will only detect as a normal USB mouse, and you cannot make use of the sundry utilities to, for example, change the sensitivity of the mouse, or the sampling rate, or option any of the other options. The Habu software will indeed load, dangling these tantalizing features before your eyes, but it steadfastly refuses to acknowledge you do, actually, have a Habu connected. In fact, as I found out online, the only way to make sure that your system does not become, to coin a phrase, "Habu-proof", you must install the drivers only after the mouse is already attached. Once the drivers are on your system, no amount of effort short of a line by line audit of the registry will allow your Habu to work as anything other than a plain USB mouse. You can choose to add/remove the drivers, you can try the updated software on the website, you can try updating firmware, et cetera and et cetera -- it will not work. The only method some person online found that worked is this: flash the firmware of the mouse with the firmware for another Razer product, uninstall and reinstall the drivers, and then reflash it to be a Habu. He said that he got occasional bluescreens of death now and again, and the mouse would occasionally lurch in an epileptic seizure, but that, for the most part, he indeed had a Habu working on his computer.

    In my opinion, he had an undead Habu, but I safely kept that opinion to myself.

    And, naturally, to make the Microsofting of the product complete, Microsoft forbade Razer from supporting the product, making their tech support people direct all calls to Microsoft's, where they can very unhelpfully fix nothing, as true to form. Microsoft's technical support webpages and wizards are always along the lines of twenty different ways of making sure all of your cables are attached. Keeping in their milieu perfectly, the Habu tech support page has nothing helpful, only suggesting that you might perhaps want to replace your mouse pad. And, under general support, it recommends installing the latest version of Microsoft's Intellipoint software, which, of course, does not support the Habu.

    As a fitting postscript, the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the Habu software several times killed my video card. Fortunately, modern medicine does work on Nvidia's products, and so my machine was not permanently blinded.

    Conclusion: Microsoft can indeed take their lessons learned in software design and apply them to their hardware process as well....more info
  • big disappointment
    Wasn't what I expected... Within a week I just gave it to my friend. Now I come over his house, he leave it off to the side too. I brought a Death Adder after I gave the Habu away... love my DA!...more info
  • Nice mouse, but inconsistent
    Our company purchased 5 of these mice last year. The new mice worked great, and had everything that I (as a moderate gamer) would want: 7 buttons, on-the-fly dpi adjustment, good surface responsiveness, and smooth motion. However, after about 6 months, two of the mice started having issues with the buttons:

    -the first mouse occasionally issues two clicks when the left button is depressed once; this doesn't sound bad, but this is a big problem both when gaming and when doing simple things like attempting to rename files (the files launch instead).
    -the second mouse's wheel doesn't work correctly when scrolling, as it will often throw in an opposite-direction scroll at random times. In addition, after 12 months' time this mouse's right-click now has erratic behavior.

    The other three mice aren't used as much, so I'm not sure if they are having issues or not.

    In short, the working mice function well, but a failure rate of 40% (2 out of 5) is unacceptable, and as a result we will not be purchasing any more of these mice....more info
  • Habu Gaming Mouse
    One of the best designs to date. Recommended. I am an MMORPG gamer and love this Microsoft mouse....more info
  • Solid mouse, but not 'quite' there
    I bought the Microsoft Habu mouse to replace a malfunctioning Logitech G5 which decided to spontaneously turn itself off at random moments. Ergonomically, it's a solid, comfortable mouse to rest your hand on and particularly visually striking with a neon-blue light pipe running around the edge and also the wheel (this can be disabled if needed). The mouse comes with an alternate set of side buttons, but after playing around with both I found it more of a gimmick then honestly finding an real need to change them out from the original. The mouse sensor appears to be on-par with Logitech's, though it's located low on the mouse body and tends to cause lower sensitivity with certain wrist movements.

    As with the G5, it has two buttons located below the wheel to adjust sensitivity on the fly. Unfortunately, it's missing the indicator LEDs of the G5, so switching is rather hit-and-miss (it certainly took me more then one tap on the button to change between settings) until you see a noticeable change in cursor performance on-screen.

    It's also rather light. Without the additional weight to counterbalance, it's harder to fine tune control for twitch heavy applications, particularly FPS's. Rather then adjusting the mouse quickly, I found myself fiddling with programs mouse sensitivity options instead.

    Having used both, I'd recommend the G5 over the Habu....more info
  • Good Mouse - Long Term Review
    The Habu mouse is a very slick looking, and comfortable feeling mouse to use. I bought it as part of a set, along with the Reclusa Keyboard and the two looked well together.

    I didn't have any of the firmware issues mentioned by other reviewers, thanks to research I made on the product before I bought it. Overall, I would've given the Habu 5 stars since I was very happy with it, however after a little over a year it died unexpectedly. One day without reason, in the middle of use its lights flashed on and off, and I would get the sound of a USB device unplugging then replugging. Over the course of 3 days I tried different USB ports, reinstalling the software and firmware but none was successful in getting the mouse back to normal.

    All in all a good mouse, I could use it for long periods of time without discomfort, and the response time and handling characteristics were great. The suddenness of it failing on me without warning is somewhat disconcerting, but I don't think that's enough to really give it a bad score.

    -Adjustable dpi on the fly.
    -Teflon pads allow quick smooth movements.
    -Decorative lighting can be turned on/off.

    -Clicking of LMB and RMB kind of loud.
    -Possible firmware installation issues.
    -Possible durability issues....more info
  • Only 1 minor flaw
    About this mouuse, only 1 minor flaw. the one I got has one of the top bottons to change DPI getting stuck inside thhe mouse. It doesnt happen all the time annd also if it fails the normal "click" to perform the action, still perform the action when pressed.

    It is really a minor annoyannce and probably is just the model i got. I don't even care to send it back for this, i can live with.

    Regarding the 5 profiles, it wouuld be nice to have the software recognizing a game and load the right profile when launnching game. It is my understanding you have to pre-set the profile and then run the game.

    As functionality is flawless. Those 2 minor things are the reasoon for my 4 stars....more info
  • Good mouse, terrible software
    This mouse feels very good in my hand. I have slightly smaller than average hands, but it seems like it would fit a bigger hand just as well. I have been trying a lot of different mice, and this is the first mouse ever where I can comfortably press the side buttons with my thumb without shifting my hand. The alternate side buttons are a great idea. This mouse combines the best of both worlds for me. The fast sensor from Razer allows me to have a fast cursor speed without the cursor jumping over pixels. Microsoft gets credit for the great ergonomics. (I am switching from alternating between the Razer PROv1.6 and the Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000.) This mouse has a huge weak spot, however. The software that comes with it is really ugly and unprofessional, and looks like it does not belong on my computer at work. It looks like a videogame, and is also hard to use. But that's not the worst -- I can't even get it to work! I have followed the instructions that came with the mouse, and it failed to detect it. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the software, having to reboot each time. I then followed the online instructions from Razer to try the software for their Copperhead mouse instead -- no luck! Finally, I e-mailed their support department and they tried to walk me through reinstalling the software again, followed by trying to install the Copperhead software instead. It still doesn't work, and I am waiting for another response from them. The mouse works well otherwise, and I am able to set it to the 2000 dpi mode with the two buttons next to the scroll wheel. I am able to adjust the cursor speed with the Windows standard mouse control panel. However, all the "advanced" functionality is dead in the water at the moment. I noticed that the bundled software gives you the option to turn off the glowing edge, and I'd really like to do that. Update: For those of you claming user error, I followed the instructions issued by Razer tech support to the letter, and was still not able to resolve the issue. I removed all traces of my previous mice and all traces of the software. It was indeed a firmware-driver incompatibility issue, because afer I kept trying the new version firmware/driver package every time it was released, the fourth one I tried finally worked. The driver now talks to the mouse. That's the good news. The bad news is that I almost wish I hadn't -- the driver software is absolutely awful and unusable. All of the controls are tiny and unclickable, and the software is confusing. Earlier today, I somehow disabled the middle mouse button, and have not been able to re-enable it since. I have been in the software industry for ten years, so I've seen my share of bad user interfaces. This one is not the worst I've ever seen, but it's close. The drivers ruin this otherwise great mouse. Second Update: I finally got the software to work, but it slowed down my computer and actually caused Windows to blue screen (i.e. total system crash) several times. I have since removed the software and have been happily using the mouse with its limited basic functionality. I am still happy with this mouse, but cannot give it more than 3 stars....more info
  • Great Mouse For The Price
    This mouse is great, the only thing that holds it back is its software which is a bit difficult to install. Once the mouse is installed it performs beautifully. My recomendation is that users install the mouse according to the directions on the razer support site rather then using the directions the mouse is packaged with....more info
  • Do NOT buy this mouse!!!!
    I concur with the reviewer who wrote the "Microsoft Magic" review. Right out of the box you are presented with two different install approaches. Install drivers first...don't install drivers first. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Then lets move onto the frustrating task of flashing the firmware. After that, installing the updated drivers that appear to be the same old drivers. Then the Razor configurator program that will never appear. Ever. After 2 days I gave up and dragged out my old reliable laser mouse. Logitech, here I come. ...more info
  • Top of the line Mouse
    I really like this mouse. The precision control you have is amazing. To switch sensitvity settings on the mouse while you use it is pretty useful. The glowing blue makes it look awesome....more info
  • Great until it breaks
    I've owned this mouse for just over a year, and I've really enjoyed it. After using a wireless mouse for a full day, my wrist would be sore so I wanted a lighter wired mouse. This mouse is light, accurate, and feels great in my hand.

    However, it has recently started to double or triple-click occasionally when I only single-click. I just replaced it with a different mouse. It should not have failed after one year of use.

    As for the firmware update. I tried to install that. Besides being somewhat complicated, it turns out that I can't even install it because there isn't an updater available for Vista 64.

    I was really tempted to order another one of these, but I decided not to due to the early failure....more info