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Quicken 2007 Home & Business
List Price: $89.95

Our Price: $22.20

You Save: $67.75 (75%)


Product Description

Quicken Home & Business 2007 delivers more than 100 feature improvements. Manage and monitor your personal and business finances, and see your complete investment picture -- stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, 401(k) -- all in one place. Download your credit card, banking and brokerage transactions. Quicken Personal Finance Software works with over 3,500 financial institutions. Plus, run business reports, manage payables and receivables, and customize estimates and invoices with your own logo and graphics! Simplify your taxes: Schedule A, B, C and D tax reports help you find personal and business deductions, and save time on tax preparation. Manage your investment holdings without having to enter every historical transaction Stay on top of your portfolio - get up-to-the-minute information from your brokerage, 401(k) provider and more Monitor your net worth over time. View your net worth breakdown by cash, property, or stocks Plan for college tuition, buying a new home, retirement and more

  • See where your business stands at a glance
  • Generate business reports and graphs
  • Track accounts receivable and payable
  • Track vehicle mileage, jobs and projects
  • Get instant answers on how your investments are performing

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good for it's propourse
    The product is very friendly and has provided me with almost all needs that make me buy it.
    I'm very pleased with the product....more info
  • Very Helpful
    This product is very helpful, I haven't had any problems thus far and would recommend it to anyone who wants to stay up on finances....more info
  • Not too much different than 2006
    I have the same product for 2006. I haven't really noticed too much different than that version. The interface is prettier, but the functionality seems almost exactly the same. You may want to wait until the price come down a little for the upgrade....more info
  • May Not Work With Your Financial Institution!
    Remember what they say about the word "assume?" I bought Quicken, assuming that it would work with my banks and mutual fund companies. I learned too late that at least two of them offer data downloads only for Microsoft Money, not for Quicken. This incompatibility renders this product useless to me.
    Lesson learned: check before buying!...more info
  • Satisfied customer
    Finally updated an old DOS Quicken version to Quicken 2007 for Windows. With a little tech support help, I was able to convert many years of old data to the new format. Very easy to use - was able to train a newcomer to Quicken on how to handle accounts payable in a matter of minutes....more info