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Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 v2 (69A-00001)
List Price: $99.95

Our Price: $25.00

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Product Description

The Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 v2 is a sleek, ultra-thin, curved keyboard for natural hand and wrist positioning -- giving you unprecedented comfort and productivity. The included high-definition laser mouse adds greater performance, precision, and accuracy. Get a closer look - zoom in quickly and accurately with the intuitive Zoom feature. Just press the Windows Live call button to access your Windows Live Messenger buddy list, then select an Online Contact and start a video conversation. Special Hot Keys provide one-touch access to your most used functions and programs Package Includes - Wireless Keyboard / Wireless Laser Mouse / USB RF Receiver / Software CD-ROM / 4 x AAA Batteries

  • Zoom Slider gives you one-touch access to the photo tools you use most
  • Special My Favorites keys let you instantly bring up the photos, folders, files and Web pages you use most
  • Rest your hands in comfort on the cushioned palm rest
  • Media Center controls your media activities by touching a key
  • Enhanced function keys perform common commands from your keyboard

Customer Reviews:

  • real review of this - owned 1 year now buying 2nd

    This keyboard shines when it comes to comfort. I'm a computer programmer and I type 8 hours a day 5 days a week. The key touch is by far the best I've every felt. Easy on the hands and wrists. With that said, I can easily overlook any negatives. I'm buying a second for another PC.

    Ok, so this keyboard does drop a typed character or two, but this only happens every 2 or 3 days. You get a pop-up that says the signal is low, you click ok and continue. Peoples reviews seem to make a big deal out of this. Read the top paragraph again!

    ...more info
  • OK for typing, terrible for gaming.
    If you are a gamer, do not get this keyboard. It's sticky and sluggish for AWSD movement.

    I have to go back to my wired keyboard when I play games....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 v2
    I love this keyboard and mouse combo! The curved keyboard is easy on my wrists and the mouse is super responsive....more info
  • Great features, poor quality
    The features and ergonomics of this keyboard are excellent, but I frequently have to re-type letters. Question marks and Ctrl-C or Ctrl-V combinations give me the most problems. I'll type these and hear the key clicks, but nothing happens on screen. This is really frustrating.

    Also, the programmable shortcut keys are terrific, but I could use about 8 or 10 of them instead of 5....more info
  • Great Keyboard - Poorly Executed!! Do not buy!
    Alright alright - so it is truly not very often that I write a review on Amazon but thought I really need to in this case. Here is the deal - keyboard feels great and fits naturally in the hands - thus the 1 star rating. I would like to give this keyboard combo a -5 star rating if I could.

    The wireless connection on this item is truly terrible. The response is extremely slow and drops letters frequently - so if you are a slow typer - not a big deal but this is really not acceptable for a newer product. The mouse is really a poor excuse for a mouse. You will find that this mouse will not click on items on the screen - you can click the mouse from here to eternity - but nothing will every happen. I have tried everything to get better performance - but back to the fishing pond for a new keyboard seems to be the only option.

    Sure - you can reboot the computer --- and start all over again --- and if you buy this keyboard you will. Keyboard does feel great but it just does not function well. Really a bummer since it is great to the touch. This has been such a poor user experience that I will probably go back to purchasing Logitech products for keyboards again since this was such a poor performer.

    ...more info
  • Great desktop keyboard combo
    This keyboard is great! I ordered one thru my work and use it 8+ hours a day. I liked it so much I purchased another one thru amazon for my personal use at home. The Keyboard is QUIET, comfortable, great quick key features for opening internet, email, etc with a push of a button. The built in wrist/palm rest is an added bonus and feels great. The keyboard itself does lay a little flat, even with the legs down. I prefer an upward incline. The laser mouse is so fast and accurate, not much movement required at all. Very happy with everything it has to offer. I have had NO connection problems with either one of mine as some others have said. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a quality, quiet, option packed wireless keyboard and mouse combo....more info
  • Doesn't really work
    I have had this combo for a while and tried to like it, but really can't. The main problem is the radio signal. Constantly dropped letters while typing and the mouse just plain drops out with no rhyme or reason. I have found with the mouse that if you bash it on the desk (and I mean really smack it), it comes back to life (so I guess you can say its durable since I bang on it all the time). The keyboard feels nice to me and the shape is good, but it really is just too unreliable...I spend more time correcting than typing! This one is going on the junk pile soon and getting replaced by something from Logitech who at least never seem to have issues with radio signal.

    BTW, I mentioned to a friend at Microsoft who works in their hardware group how much I disliked this keyboard. When I told hm the model number he just rolled his eyes, so I guess this is not exactly a surprise to him....more info
  • Great Keyboard, Horrible Mouse
    The mouse quality is horrible.The mouse precision is horrible. Almost everytime click is missed, on the other hand The keyboard is really comfotable. It's very quiet when typing. But since it's wireless it misses keys when typing for a long time. Don't waste your money on this product it's not worth. The mouse is horrible always has signal problems and always misses clicks....more info
  • Keyboard -- nice, Mouse -- yuck!
    I've had this keyboard/mouse pair for some time now, and I've always thought I was just killing the batteries, or I just couldn't click to save my life. Turns out I'm not the only one that can't make the mouse click half the time! The keyboard is nice enough, but the mouse stinks. Left-clicks (the normal click) are lost quite often, as if the hardware just isn't registering the mouse. I'd say I have a defective unit, but google it a little and you'll see I'm not the only one. Many people have problems getting this mouse to register left-mouse clicks. And a mouse that doesn't click is as useful as ... um... might be the most useless thing I can think of.

    Don't waste your time with the unit, buy something else.

    Grrr... just had to click on "Edit" 7 times to get mouse to register my attempt to edit my own post! ...more info
  • Great keyboard
    This Keyboard is great, lots of neat features, re: open lots of prgrams with quick keys, magnify text with the touch of a button, open webcam, open internet home page, open mail, cut copy paste buttons, full media player controls. Too many features to list, buy it You will like it!
    Great Price Too....more info
  • Good,but some issues
    I got this to upgrade from a previous Microsoft wireless desktop. It is very comfortable, looks nice, and overall works well. I do have some problems with the keyboard missing letters and the mouse not clicking occasionally, but overall it is a very nice set....more info
  • Consider yourself warned
    When my original HP mouse died, I went to Office Depot and spotted this combo. It looked nice, and since it was Microsoft, I assumed it worked as it should. I came home and read some of the dismal reviews posted here but decided to take a chance. It is by far one of the worst products I have ever purchased. Why? The mouse works fine. I have no problem with connectivity (as I test, I pointed the keyboard in the opposite direction of the receiver and it still worked). The problem is MISSED KEYSTROKES! It is impossible to type much of anything without having to backspace to try a character or space again. I e-mailed Microsoft and got a useless response from Habib. Again, consider yourself warned....more info
  • I hate it.
    This item sucks. The mouse especially. It will randomly quit responding to mouse clicks. I can move the mouse, and hover over an item, I can click it. But nothing happens. But, leaving the pointer in place, I can click on the touch pad on my laptop and it will work. The keyboard (just like now while I'm writing this review) will randomly "drop letters" so even though I hit the key, the letter won't show up on the screen as I'm typing. So, I'll have to back up, retype what I'm typing and then go forward. Sometimes, even that doesn't work. Sometimes, I'll keep hitting the key and it just doesn't make any difference. Then, I'll have to hit the sync button on the receiver and hit the little connect button on the bottom of my keyboard, and it'll start working again. I've read online where I'm not the only person having this problem. But, there seems to be no solution to it.

    So, would I recommend this product? No, I have to go buy a new keyboard and mouse because this is just getting so frustrating....more info
  • Range Not As Advertised
    I have my PC connected to my HDTV and I bought this keyboard so that I could sit on my sofa 10 feet away and use my HDTV like a PC monitor. The wireless laser keyboard 6000 v2.0 is advertised to work up to 30 feet away from its receiver but it barely works at 6 feet. Sometimes it will work from 10 feet away but it misses half of what is typed. The range of the mouse that came with it is even less. The keyboard works fine within 3 feet of the receiver but the mouse is sluggish and sometimes unresponsive at any range....more info
  • Piece of Crud
    I got this keyboard for free and at first i liked it.of course i would ive been using annoying wired mouse and keyboard.But then the keyboard started typing on its own, i got home one day and found it chatting with my girlfriend.this keyboard was trying to steal my woman and ill have none of that.Whoever buys this is in for a surprise because its a piece of #$@%!.To bad i cant return it cause i got it for free....more info
  • Laser mouse and keyboard
    Both have worked flawlessly since I purchased them. I'm glad I decided to use them instead of going with the standard wired mouse and keyboard. I thought at first I would miss the "trackball" that I'm use to using, but I haven't at all....more info
  • Good except skips keys
    I like the ergnomics of this keyboard and the the quiet typng, but as you can prbably see, there is a serious problem with skipped letters. I can hardly write a single sentence without an issue. I think it's gotten to the point where I need to retur the item and maybe try a different brand....more info
  • Great keyboard but bad wireless interference
    This is a great keyboard, a lot of customizable keys and very comfortable. The thing that makes it a bad keyboard is the wireless interference. im using it from 4 feet away and the mouse will lose signal. i use it on my bed and my bed is higher than the receiver so i have to get on the very edge of my bed. it frustrates me every time i use it. I have a bluetooth keyboard (MS 8000) and it has no loss of signal. that's why i gave it a 2 star. if you want to use on your bed, couch or anywhere far from your pc, buy a bluetooth keyboard....more info
  • Good if you Type slow
    I consider all of the keys that I hit to be important. I had to slow down in order to have all of my key strokes register. They mouse was great. Comfortable and responsive. I am trying to find this specific mouse so that I can purchase it separately ...more info
  • Keyboard connectivity unreliable
    Five stars for the design and comfort but I'm finding the keyboard connectivity hopelessly unreliable, even on an empty desk with the keyboard just a few inches from the receiver. The keyboard regularly drops characters and often packs up altogether....more info
  • Don't install the drivers!
    I'd really like to write a great review for this keyboard/mouse combo, but I can't. Sure, the mouse is a little big, but you get used to that easy enough. The keyboard feel is great, the reduced keyboard travel means I can type faster and easier, and the extra keyboard buttons are pretty cool.

    At the end of the day, though, how can you recommend a product you can't rely on, especially if you need it to do your job? The reviews that mentioned problems with the wireless connection spooked me, but I bought this setup anyway, because I've always liked Microsoft peripherals.

    What I've got now is a setup I really like, except for the fact that the keyboard and mouse connectivity cuts out intermittently for no apparent reason. I've tried distances for the transmitter / keyboard / mouse from 6 inches to 2 feet, with no apparent effect. Sometimes the setup works flawlessly, and sometimes it just craps out. I'm assuming it's interference of some sort - I work in a small office, so you'd think I'd be able to isolate a cause, but no luck so far.

    A wired version of this keyboard and mouse would have been perfect. If I can find a solution to the problems I've been having, I'm going to either have to bring this unit home (and hope it works there), or toss it.

    Three weeks later:

    I spoke to our IT specialist, who recommended that I uninstall the drivers that came with the keyboard and mouse. He told me that he recommends that people avoid installing such drivers unless absolutely necessary. I searched the Microsoft support site and found a newer version of one of the drivers but decided against installing it.

    I had been having strange problems with my video drivers (temporarily blanking out at random times, even when I using my laptop standalone without the wireless keyboard and mouse). I uninstalled the Intellipoint and Intellimouse drivers and voila! ... my problems went away. I've been running the system for two weeks now and performance has been flawless ... no weird video behavior, no missed keystrokes, and no mouse dropouts. I don't have some of the "extra" functionality the drivers offered, and don't miss it either.

    I'm pleased with this peripheral now ... and as concerned as ever about Microsoft's "bloatware" problem.
    ...more info
  • Better than Logitech
    This is the best feeling keyboard and mouse I've ever used. The keys are quiet and smooth. The mouse fits like a glove and has smooth scrolling (no clicks and no nonstop spin like Logitech's hyper speed wheel.) I traded in my Logitech Wave Pro for this and am extremely happy with my decision....more info