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History may prove Beyonc¨¦'s B'Day to be a rare double-whammy of an achievement. Not only is it destined to hold up as one of the thumpingest, most polished-sounding discs of 2006, it's also bound to loose a new phrase into the popular lexicon: a "freekum dress" (n.), as described on a same-named track halfway through this excellent CD, is a "right-fittin'" garment owned by every woman; "when they act wrong, that's when you put it on." Linguistic hijinks aside, here is Beyonc¨¦ as the public rarely sees her: fully liberated and artistically fearless. "Ring the Alarm," a big-banging, fire-alarm-clanging wake-up call to a cheating man, finds her seething; "Kitty Kat," a feline-like size-up of a stale relationship helped along by the still innovative Neptunes, shows her spurned; the womanly, fire-in-the-belly come-on "Suga Mama" gets her way, way worked up; and the crackling, vocally volcanic "Resentment" steeps her in Aretha-caliber soul. For all the disc's solo trailblazing, though, where it really soars is on one of two duets with Jay-Z: While "Up Grade U" chugs along entertainingly enough about the good life ("I'm talkin' spa bags and fly pads and rooms at the Bloomberg"), opener "Deja Vu" blasts out a bomp-bomp beat nobody with a head to nod could resist. Cake, candles, and Cristal or no, B'Days rarely get this good. --Tammy La Gorce

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Japanese pressing of 2006 album features 15 tracks including bonus international versions, 2 hidden tracks and the Japan only track 'Creole'. Sony.

2006 Edition of the Former Destiny's Child Frontwoman's Sophomore Album, Produced by her Beau Jay-z. Includes the Bonus Track "Creole", Available Only on this Edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • It's O.K.
    Upgrade U is my favorite song from this album, simply because I do my cardio workouts listening to this song. Wasn't really feeling any of the other tracks they are o.k. in my opinion but I wouldn't say that they sting....more info
  • ~Fantastic As Always~
    I love B's new album and all of her videos!!! I think she's a very beautiful and talented young woman...A lot of people have given bad reviews about this particular album and about her as a performer...But, my opinion on that is there will always be haters!...It takes a lot to get up there and do what she does...I will be a fan of hers forever!...more info
  • meh, its okay i suppose
    B'Day by Beyonce is one of those albums that sounds like it was produced and released in a hurry...sad thing is, it really shows. Irreplacable is pretty much the only reason to buy this album, but spend ten dollars or so for just one song? I know Beyonce can put out better stuff than this, she just needs a little break i think....more info
  • B'Day Review (2 1/2, baby)
    Upon it's release, this album was shot down and yet it was blasting from every which way but loose. Gay boys and f@g-hags (like myself) were just glad to have something new to dance to. I had heard myself that B'Day was a rushed album, somewhat thrown out there to keep it's singer in the spotlight. But what happened was a Beyonce overload. Between all the airplay, TV and magazine appearances, Dreamgirls press and wins, touring, interviews, videos, photo shoots, paparrazi photos cranking out with the speed of light and then a re-release of the album - I was Beyonce'd out. Then she made a video for every ear-bursting song on the album and tried to sing in Spanish. The term "excess" would be an understatement. And this is why I only now have come to write a review for this album.

    I never understood why Deja Vu was the first single. It was pretty bad in my opinion, with its frighteningly loud shrieking and bass. Actually, this whole album was computerized and a hazard to the eardrum. But see, that's what we like about dance music. It sounds wonderful when blasted, but can scare the shiz out of you if suddenly heard following silence or just regular noise levels. It seemed to me that DJV was trying to be Crazy In Love Part 2, but missed the mark completely. However, it was just as annoying as it's predecessor after a few weeks. Hearing DJV first when putting in the CD did not get me excited, but the following song did get me bodied. Get Me Bodied was the song I couldn't wait to see Bey perform live. Predictably though, when I finally saw her on the BET awards doing this song, she chose to do the "butterfly" as the "old school dance".

    But Bey's predictability is nothing new. Jay-Z's appearance on the album was also predictable as well as tired. Upgrade U was long enough, afterall, without the rap. And the materialistic shallowness of the song is something only socialites, drug dealer's girlfriends and celebrities can relate to - and the only ones who would care to relate to this kind of mindlessness, I hope. And was she talking about THE Martin Luther King Jr. when she compared herself to a man named "Martin"?? Girrrllllll STOP! But before that dumbazz single came along, Ring the Alarm and Irreplaceable were released first and I actually enjoyed these songs from the jump. Kitty Kat and Green Light are nearly tolerable, but Freakum Dress was just way too much. Beyonce just screamed her way through that song, seriously. Nearly every song has some hoe-ish-ness to it, to be honest, but of all the hoeish songs, Suga Mama is the one that's the most decent, IMO. Again, this is a loud album. Even the only real ballad on the disc, Resentment, is far too loud, but it's possibly the best of the ten songs (possibly because Bey didn't write it herself).

    The best thing about the CD is getting to the last song, and I don't say that to be funny. Resentment, again, is the best song and is where the additional tracks begin - Check On It, Listen and the extended version of Get Me Bodied (the one you dance to with all your friends). As far as music goes these days (which is pretty damn horrible), this album was what you should have expected. Not worse than anything else and sure as hell not not up to par with real music.
    ...more info
  • open your mind
    i disagree with people saying that they dont like the cd,it was her best work to date,i was quite impressed,i really didnt care for her really until i heard this album it's awesome.

    She is a real hard working girl,i'm glad that she did her thang on this cd,beyounce keep them guessing gal
    ...more info
  • not bad
    i didn't think this cd was all that bad, i like it. i'm not a big fan, but i like listening to it. ...more info
  • Outstanding, Beyonce has done it!
    I love this entire CD. Every song is different from each other and the Cd keeps you moving. This is a must have to your collection. It's also great for a long car ride. If you have seen any of the videos that accompany these songs you could appreciate this Cd even more!...more info
  • not feeling it
    i like beyonce, but this album aint really do it for me, only song i like was green light, besides that the ablum was basically not worth the buy...more info
  • This girl has no substance
    Beyonce has no substance. Yes. She's a talented singer but she has no substance. None of her songs have any meaning. She even said she never had a boyfriend or a lover or been heartbroken because she was always focusing on her music career. Her first boyfriend is Jay Z. But most her songs were about love, heartbreak, deadbeat boyfriends. She is so fake. Obviously this girl doesn't have much experience at all as what she claims to have in her songs. The only thing that does suit her is being an Independent Woman and being a survivor. Also, she's no actor. She only stars in big commercial highly produced movies which can hide any actor's limiting acting range. She was singing about NO NO NO and bills bills bills about bad boyfriends back in 1998-99 but she only met her first boyfriend Jay Z in 2003. She is so fake. And she's the reason why the original two members and than the 3 member Farrah Franklin left. She was also the reason why Destiny's Child broke up because she wanted to go solo and make more money for herself. Beyond every success there is corruption. And Beyonce's a perfect example. ...more info
  • Only one good song
    I absolutely loved Beyonce's debut album "Dangerously In Love" which had some great songs on it! In 2006 after a few years I anxiously waited for a comeback of miss Beyonce. I loved the then-new single "Deja Vu" featuring her now husband Jay-Z. That song aside, there are no good songs on this album besides the opening single "Deja Vu." Even "Deja Vu" sounds like a revamped version of her earlier hit "Crazt In Love." This album is just plain unoriginal. I like Beyonce and have been a fan of hers since the 90's but this is NOT my favorite album of her. I am hoping if she releases another album it will be much better. Sorry but I only give this one star....more info
  • Damb That Was So Good!!!
    B Comes Back With It Yall. Im Mean This CD Has Everything Vocals, Beats, Everything!

    Love: Suga Mama, Freakum Dress, Irreplaceable, Get Me Boided!

    Amazing Album!

    Love You B!...more info
  • Great Album!
    Im a little late on my review (2008) LOL! But its all good. I usually dont listen to many Female R&B artists that much but this album is straight fire...Im reading some of these negative reviews on here and i seriously don't know what the hell you guys were listening to when you popped in this cd, cause when i pop it in, i hear straight HEAT. ALL the tracks are blazing, the vocals are on point (strongest ive heard), the lyrics are fun, and the ENGINEERING is crazy...man that engineering is tight! Whoever mixed and mastered this CD needs an award...seriously. I think the problem that everyone was having is they are used to hearing slow boring love songs over and over and over on an album and not used to this uptempo blend of hip hop, R&B, and Funk. What she did on this album is classic. Haters get over it! If you want slow sleepy R&B listen to Nat King Cole or something...(no disrespect to the Great KING)...more info
  • favorite B'album
    Most of the songs on it are great to listen to. I especially like the font and the theme on the album cover. I think it's her most fun album to date. I love Kitty Kat, Green Light, Freakum Dress, Uprade U, and Get Me Bodied. Flaws and All is a very beautiful song with touching lyrics. I enjoy this album alot..especially the beyonce experience dvd. I love how the album have funk-inspired hooks. don't know why people hate on this album and beyonce so much. she beautiful, amazing, and talented. ...more info
  • B'day
    It only took me a year, but I finally got a chance to listen to this CD and I found it quite good. I actually like all the tracks except Green Light and Kitty Kat. Beyonce shines with Irreplaceable and the hidden track from Dreamgirls - Listen. I am not a huge Beyonce fan, but I must say that for my taste, she did her thing on this one. Gotta go get me a Freakum Dress!...more info
  • 2-1/2 stars -- "B" is for "berserk"
    Beyonc¨¦ undoubtedly has unquestionable talent, and even though all of Destiny's Child's albums (and B's own Dangerously In Love) fell victim to mixed reviews, Beyonc¨¦ was still able to triumph, vocally and on the charts. Well, it's not the same story with her latest offering, B'day.

    Actually, maybe the chart comparison isn't valid any more because ever since she released "Irreplaceable" and the Shakira duet "Beautiful Liar", sales soared to double platinum certification and now she's made videos for just about every song on here. But as everyone knows by now, this album was made in only a few weeks and contains very few songs, and the songs aren't very exciting. I mean, Beyonc¨¦ can still sing, but she doesn't have to SCREAM. As I said in my review title, she goes a little overboard, especially in the obligatory song-with-my-partner, "D¨¦j¨¤ Vu". And "Ring the Alarm" has to be one of the most annoying songs I ever heard.

    The rest of the songs aren't that great either. Jay-Z shows up again to kick a dry verse on an already trite "Upgrade U". "Green Light" and both versions of "Get Me Bodied" are club tracks that are so disposable that they could have been done by ANYone. And am I the only one that thinks "Freakum Dress" and "Kitty Kat" are stupid?

    As everyone else said, the only real saving graces to this album are "Resentment", "Listen" (from Dreamgirls) and the aforementioned "Irreplaceable". The rest of the album should be left alone, and it's too bad because we all know that Beyonc¨¦ has much more talent than this. B'day will make you wish that nightfall will come soon.

    Anthony Rupert...more info
  • Beyonce CD
    Just perfect. This is exactly what my niece wanted & I was able to send it right to her house without leaving mine....more info
  • Very Good
    The club in Mobile, AL was bumping "Irreplaceable" and all the women were singing along. A security guard was saying all the women singing didn't have men but the women were drowning out his tirade. I had to have the CD. I regret she didn't place the hits near each other. I only play the CD when I am available to change the song selection....more info
  • The Suga Mama Of Rn'B!
    What to say about Beyonce? First she releases an album heavy on filler and obsessive with star signs ("Dangerously In Love"), then she gives us an album named after a toilet appliance (this, "B'Day"). One would think that she really was trying to make a joke of herself. Even though the title has a whole different literal meaning (though still a really bad title), one would think she was trying to drive away customers. The fact that she even told everyone she completed the album in two weeks gives off the impression of someone trying to create a career suicide. The actual content of the album, however, is a completely different thing altogether. This, one of the few great comtemporary albums out this year, is truly a great achievement by Ms. Knowles and it's astonishing she could make this in a mere two weeks.

    Opener "Deja Vu" is an overwhelming show stopper with Beyonce putting her whole vocal range on the table. The base and brass section create a great sense of liveliness and Beyonce's charm and technique works well. This song, almost worth the cd on its own, sets a high standard for the rest of the album. Although "Get Me Bodied" and "Upgrade U" don't completely live up to this stunning opener, they are still solid songs that fit well into the album. "Suga Mama" stands out purely on Beyonce's excellent technique and the catchy chorus. The second part of the album starts with "Ring The Alarm", where Beyonce starts to become experimental to success. This song has been compared to "Caught Out There" by Kelis, although this is purely because of the stomper chorus. This is the reincarnation of Beyonce's whole woman power moments, which have been missing from her past few efforts. The two Neptunes produced tracks "Kitty Kat" and "Green Light" are catchy, though a little out of character. "kitty Kat" works better than "Green Light" as it is a lot catchier and "Green Light" sounds very like something from Amerie. "Freakum Dress" is a catchy number that is possibly Beyonce's most impressive lyrically since "Bootylicious". The two numbers at the end "Irreplaceable" and "Resentment" feel a little oddly placed since they are quite acoustic and are suddenly introduced. "Irreplaceable" is a fantastic display of the beauty in Beyonce's voice and "Resentment", a cover of a Victoria Beckham song sounds incredibly soulful and although it ends the album well, it creates a sudden stop in the album. Beyonce's voice does sound a lot more capeable for this song than Beckham's, whose voice is thin and emotionless (check her version out on YouTube to see the unbelievable difference).

    The album ends after ten shortish songs, which is actually a good thing since Beyonce's voice is too loud for a sixteen or seventeen track album (as shown in the overly long "Dangerously In Love"). There is a lack of ballads, the only true ballad being "Resentment", although on "B'Day" this works to Beyonce's strengths. She doesn't cover too much territory to make this album feel completely disjointed (though the last two tracks are quite disjointed from the rest of the album). It does, however, feel quite experimental and Beyonce is finally growing as an artist. The use of singing over hip-hop beats works well for Beyonce due to her powerhouse voice. If you are a fan of "Dangerously In Love", this may not appeal to you because it is a very different album. Hopefully Beyonce will continue to grow artistically and one day release a classic, which she well could do.

    (Though there is a deluxe edition of this album, I think this is the better version. The placing of the tracks on the deluxe version is completely different, and in my opinion inferior. The new tracks are inferior to the set on this album and drag the album down rather than helping it. Of course, feel free to pick up the other version if they are the same price but I would suggest this version if it was available for cheaper.)

    Download: "Deja Vu", "Suga Mama", "Freakum Dress"....more info
  • It's not what you think
    This cd is a huge disappointment. If you're thinking about buying it, think again. i bought this cd and was disappointed to find many of the songs missing. For example, Listen and Lost Yo Mind and Got Me Bodied are not even on this cd. The only song that was actually on the cd was Irreplaceable, which I don't even like to listen to now because it reminds me of the other songs I wish were on this cd. Once again, this cd was disappointing. Save your money and think about purchasing the extended edition if you really want Beyonce....more info
  • Pretty Good
    I have to say this is my first Beyonce CD. I knew a song or two, so I bought it. I found a few songs right away that I liked, and made it worth the price. After listening to is a few times more though, it really is a variety of sounds and I'm glad I made the purchase....more info
  • Deja Vu, Indeed.
    "B'Day," the second long player from Miss Knowles, gives you everything you could expect from a Beyonce record and positively nothing more. That's not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. As CDs of this sort go, "B'Day" does what it aims to do admirably: deliver a solid package of trendy hip hop-flavored r&b that the kids will gobble up with ease. On a few tracks, lyrically and musically, Beyonce's second CD pulsates with an aggression that we didn't find in her 2003 CD "Dangerously in Love." (This can be evidenced in tracks like "Ring the Alarm" and "Freakum Dress") Beyond that, however, "B'Day" breaks little ground and often repeats itself, as shown on the kickoff track "Deja Vu," which sounds like a not-too-distant cousin of "Krazy in Luv." When Miss Knowles finds the courage to take bold risks and rock her comfort zone, she'll then be capable of delivering the knockout CD we expect from her. Until then, the multiplatinum discs continue....more info
  • Great CD and Fast Shipping
    This is a really Great CD! Shipping was very fast also!...more info
  • love it
    I love B'day Beyouce rocks if you like her you'll like this cd love it...more info
  • I appreciate the first one more than ever, really
    Wait, is this same Beyonce??? I can't believe this album only had 11 tracks! I was excepting her second album to be way better than the first, I guess I was wrong. This is another rushed album from another mainstream '06 artist. You would think with Beyonce's experience in the music industry she would had pushed for more tracks. Then she added, "Check on It" to another album, which was on Destiny's Child last album. The album wasn't too bad, it was just a bit of a disappointment.

    Tracks I liked:
    Deja Vu
    Upgrade U
    Ring the Alarm
    Kitty Kat
    ...more info
  • It Depends On How You Look At It
    Beyonce is funny because she's actually one of the few popular singers out right now that can actually sing. She has a strong beautiful voice but chooses to sing songs with production, lyrics, and hooks that a rapper would maybe use. Every song could be a hit, which is probably the reason why she's releasing a video for every song. She's like the best female rap artist right now because she has some of the craziest lyrics I've ever heard that basically say she's the woman in charge. The production is hot, the song arrangement is perfect but it's sometimes hard to see if she's making the song or if the beat is making the song. I think that people are looking at Beyonce and her life too much and not really listening to the music.

    Trust me when I say I'm also tired of the boyfriend girlfriend duets especially the ones with Kelis and Nas. Putting Jay z on any of these songs was probably not a good move, she really didn't need him and the song is better without him. To be honest the only way this album could get a terrible rating is if a hater reviewed it or someone ticked off because she's not using her voice enough. There's no way that this album is bad. Let me put it this way, its very entertaining, has catchy clever lyrics and has enough bass to blow your speakers to bits. It really depends on how you look at this album because if this were Beyonce's first album period then this would have been better accepted. If there was no "Destiny's Child" or "Dreamgirls" and she was a brand new artist releasing her first album everybody would be raving about how hot this album is. My problem with this album is that there isn't an even blend of music. She needed maybe a couple more slow songs to really show that great voice off. Out of the 12 tracks there are only 3 slow songs but this is still a good album and worth more than 3 stars....more info
  • Oh Hell No!
    I'm sick of this girl!
    Take a break, B, take a damn break.
    Get married, go have kids with Jay-Z or something!
    How many freakin' singles/videos is she going to release?
    And NOW she's re-releasing B'Day?!
    She's overdoing it and needs to go away for at least two years.
    BTW, 'Ring The Alarm' is one of the ugliest songs I've ever heard in my life....more info
  • Dont B'dumb and buy this album!
    Saying Beyatche' is overrated is an on the money statement. Her voice is about as painful to the ear as a police or an ambulance siren. Deja Vu, the first single is about as dead as the dancing in that bland video. Jay-z's verse was dull and forgettable like this single. Ring the Alarm is just as bad with Beyatche' doing her worst Kelis impression on the hook. Upgrade U is hot garbage plus another bad beat Swizz Beatz is too much. Also Jay-z's verse on this song is just as butt as his verse on Deja Vu/You call shots/ I call audibles/SIGH! Irreplaceable is the cheesy hoodrat anthem of the year and if I see another dude sing or bumping this song in his ride I am going to pull out all my dreads one by one! Kitty Kat is probably the only song on here that is somewhat decent but thats it. The rest of this album is trash. Call me a hater but it is what it is. This album is bootyhole! F*** this high class hoodrat!...more info
  • good
    i think beyonce did a pretty good job on this. she matured on this. it is funky and jazzy. and she looks so beautiful on the album pics; very Brigitte Bardot and Saint Tropez (always did thought she looked like a black Bardot). i like Get me bodied. it sounds a bit like soul in the '50's mixed with the music of today. it's nostalgic. she does sound angry on some songs though. my fave is Upgrade You. thats a great song! it's funky and catchy. although i don't know why Irreplaceable became such a big hit. i am annoyed of it! people have that as their cell phone ring everywhere i go!...more info
  • What happened?
    What a disappointment I loved her first solo cd her sophomore effort is inferior to say the least. I only liked two songs on the whole disc Deja Vu and Irreplaceable. The bottom line I hope her third cd number will be better than this one and more like the first...more info
  • What a WASTE!!
    Too few songs, too few good songs at that. Just not up to par with what one would think Ms. Knowles can bring to the table, given previous releases. I'm sure it was rushed and hastily put together and if that's the case why bother push back the release date....more info
    Like the reviewer said, how many videos is she going to release? Now she's re-releasing the same album??? This woman is just average and she's only getting all attention because the way she looks and dress. She oversings, she can't dance,her voice is average. This album is a hot mess. The lyrics are lacking, the music is awful. She tries so hard to be sexy and dress half naked on stage so you will forget about her awful music. I'm a guy and i consider this woman not classy but trashy. If you have talent, you don't have to act this way. When you don't have talent, you have to dress like a [...], scream and dance on stage like you're doing something and people will buy your music. American music is just sad, and it's not getting any better. I wish Jennifer from dreamgirls come out with an album and vanish this annoying screamer. At least Jennifer has class and true talent. Go Away beyonce!! ...more info
    Like the reviewer said, how many videos is she going to release? Now she's re-releasing the same album??? This woman is just average and she's only getting all attention because the way she looks and dress. She oversings, she can't dance,her voice is average. This album is a hot mess. The lyrics are lacking, the music is awful. She tries so hard to be sexy and dress half naked on stage so you will forget about her awful music. I'm a guy and i consider this woman not classy but trashy. If you have talent, you don't have to act this way. When you don't have talent, you have to dress like a slut, scream and dance on stage like you're doing something and people will buy your music. American music is just sad, and it's not getting any better. I wish Jennifer from dreamgirls come out with an album and vanish this annoying screamer. At least Jennifer has class and true talent. Go Away beyonce!! ...more info
  • Irreplaceable Indeed!
    What hasn't been said already about this album? The fact that it was finished in two weeks is quite remarkable. What's even more remarkable is how GOOD were the results. I must admit...I was a little skeptical about buying it. I thought it would be terrible. But, then I thought...why should I expect garbage? This is Beyonce we are talking about. The Janet Jackson of today. She could sing about apples and it'll still sound good. So, when the record was released, I knew folks (including myself) would get it. And we did, eventually making the album go triple-platinum on the strength of FIVE hits. But enough about commercialism. Let's get to the review...

    The hits ("Deja Vu", "Get Me Bodied", "Upgrade U", "Ring the Alarm", and "Irreplaceable") are undoubtedly catchy and inescapable (thanks to radio and TV). But if you are into the REST of a record (like me), here's where you pay attention. I strongly recommend "Suga Mama" as a constant spin. Its '70s resonance coupled with Beyonce's powerful voice makes for an exciting and dynamic listen. "Kitty Kat" is another one worth repeating. It doesn't grab you like "Suga Mama", but its calm and smooth persona is a break from the energy-grabbers on previous tracks. Beyonce tones it down and the production is fluent, setting up another inviting listen. "Freakum Dress" is the most vibrant track on the set. I agree with another reviewer in that the lyrics are a little quirky, but that's forgivable because of its energetic and addictive beat. I HAD to repeat this one just to hear those whistles and cymbals go to work. "Resentment" is the only ballad on the set (shocking huh?). It's not as brilliant as "Me, Myself, and I", but it gets the job done. Beyonce creates a nice balance between control and conviction. Repeated play also.

    So, there you have it. Beyonce delivers another album where substance dominates over style. And that's saying a lot, given most of the other artists in her genre are just the OPPOSITE. So, do Ms. Knowles a big favor and cop the album. You won't be disappointed.

    Grade: A

    *Footnote: Because of the re-release some months later, I am basing my review STRICTLY ON the 10-track set released on September 5, 2006. (The only one I actually bought!)...more info
  • [sorry for being late] Happy B'Day B!
    Well, at first I was totally agreed with the three stars rating. This album didn't grow on me for the first couple of weeks since I boght it, so I thought it was a dissapointment, and this album only contained 10 songs. Now, I love Beyonce and I realized how talented is her. I enjoy every single song from this album now. ..and this album is one of the best comeback album in 2006 for sure.

    1. Deja Vu -- I was hooked up with this song for its addicting chorus since the first time I heard it from the radio, but its addiction didn;t stay long on me. Great song! 5/5
    2. Get Me Bodied -- Sounds similar to DC's song, but it still enjoyable and is another great RnB/HipHop song. 4.5/5
    3. Suga Mama -- Sounded so weird at first, but this song is actually damn so hot and has a unique different beat.. 5/5
    4. Upgrade U -- Fabolous collabo from Beyonce & JayZ. This song is even better than Deja Vu. Check this out! 5/5
    5. Ring the Alarm -- Kruakaka.. she is angry, but the alarm scares me! It sounds very similar to "Silent Hill" alarm when the demon is coming out [in the movie] haha.. not personal favorite. 3.5/5
    6. Kitty Kat -- This song didn't grow on me until about 2 months! I thought this was the worst song from this album, but now this song can be a personal highlight. Very nice! 5/5
    7. Freakum Dress -- Very loud! Should out as a single! I really like this one and I think every body will like it a lot too! 5/5
    8. Green Light -- Interesting lyrics and another very good song! 5/5
    9. Irreplaceable -- Waw.. guys, I believe 99% of you has heard this song. and what is your impression? I give it A+++
    10. Resentment -- I cant like this! Always skip it. 2/5
    These are the bonus tracks from other shops/countries:
    11. Check on It -- You know this song! Has out since a long time ago! Brilliant song 5/5
    12. Listen -- Very emotional and powerful ballad, her voice is trully amazing and everyone can relate to the lyrics and emotion it brings. 5/5
    13. Get Me Bodied Remix -- No different, only you get a longer duration of "Get ME Bodied" with some plus plus extras. Too long though, easily get bored! 3/5
    14. Back Up -- Hm.. so so. Not as great as the 10 main songs. 3.5/5
    15. Lost Yo Mind -- U can only get it if you pre-order the album from iTunes. Great song, but nothing special. 4/5
    16. Creole -- Heh? Why this song is not included in this album, but just a binus track in some countries. This song is really awesome! The beat is WoW! 5/5 [if u like the album, u shouldnt miss this song]
    17. Beautiful Liar -- This is kinda illegal, because I got the leaked version of this song. Great but sounds similar to "Baby Boy". Shakira & Beyonce = undescribeable. 5/5

    Well done B! Thx, this album offers a really great RnB songs in a different way! A must have.....more info
  • All hype.
    Sorry but she isn't as great as everybody claims.
    Maybe it is the song selection. I know she can sing but she needs to choose better songs.

    ...more info