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Product Description

EM-SOITCH is a low-profile, tamper-resistant housing designed to install easily into any type ceiling. An optional rail kit (ITCH1RK - Sold separately.) must be used for installations in dropped T-bar ceilings or plaster ceilings for additional support. The design allows for easy installation and service of the camera. The exposed section of the housing tapers to the rear, almost flush with the ceiling. A slotted bracket at the rear and two 1/4 x 20 tamper-resistant button-head security screws at the front secure the housing cover, requiring a special allen wrench (included) to open the unit. Constructed of heavy gauge steel throughout, this unit conforms with fire code requirements for installation in open plenum ceilings. Use with most low profile chip cameras.

  • 16-guage CRS
  • Easy installation and camera servicing
  • Camera chip format (adjustable cradle mount)
  • Conforms to fire code for open plenum ceilings.
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction