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Justice League Unlimited - Season One (DC Comics Classic Collection)
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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 10/24/2006

Customer Reviews:

  • Unlimited Was The Best
    I can't believe this cartoon is off the air. I guess the second best thing is owning this set and getting to rewatch all the great episodes from this series....more info
  • An incredible series worth picking up
    I really wish they were still making this show. I enjoy it thoroughly. It's something that just keeps getting better and better. From the beginnings with Batman the animated series, then the fully developed story arches of Superman, to the complex character work on Justice League, it seems like the writers and animators get more adept with each incarnation. I was skeptical of Justice League: Unlimited (JLU), because I know that Cartoon Network had asked them to create concise half hour episodes, rather than the hour long two-parters of the previous season. In my opinion, this actually ended up working in the show's favor. Certain stories didn't drag on too long, and it seems like the this allowed the show to be able to explore a lot more of the new and "minor" characters this season.

    The new characters on the team worked very well. Among them, there is Green Arrow as the "conscience" of the JL. Supergirl as the still young/inexperienced rookie. Also, my personal favorite, The Question. It is a character in the DC universe I really did not know much about (I was more of a Marvel person when I was growing up). At first, I thought it was a riff on Alan Moore's Rorschach character from "Watchmen". Recently I read that Rorschach was actually Alan Moore's extreme version of Steve Ditko's Question character, developed way back in 1967. The Question character on JLU appears to be almost a cross between the two. He is played by the brilliant Jeffrey Combs, who seems to be channeling his paranoid Milton Dammers character from Peter Jackson's "The Frighteners".

    Speaking of "Watchmen", that comic seems to hold the theme for this entire season of JLU. If you have not read "Watchmen", it is a comic by Alan Moore ("V for Vendetta", "From Hell") which delves into the psychological aspects of super heroes. One question the book asks is who would really become a super hero? A noble corn fed alien farm boy (like superman), or an unstable vigilante trying to impose his own law and order on a society that he views as out of control (like batman)? Which is modern society most likely to create? "Watchmen" is one of the most sophisticated analyses of the super hero genre written, and JLU takes a stab at addressing some of these complex issues.

    Another question posed in the opening pages of the "Watchmen" book is "Who watches the Watchmen?". This question seems to be one of the major themes of JLU. In their satellite orbiting the Earth like ancient gods looking down on the mortals, what would keep the Justice League from transforming from protectors into keepers? Are the people worried about this for a good reason? To answer these questions, watch the series. In the process of finding these answers, the series presents us with some the best types of antagonists for our heroes. Antagonists who may not be villains. "Bad guys" who may not be evil. In JLU answers are not put in simple in black-and-white terms. This is something they have touched upon in the Batman Animated series, but they really bring it to the front of the plot in this series.

    I think all the episodes of JLU are very strong. Maybe the only weak point is the very last episode, "Epilogue" which was the third episode of the season that was a cross-over with the "Batman Beyond" series. I wasn't really fond of the tie-in or where it took the characters, and those episodes assume the viewer has knowledge of the Batman Beyond series. That said, it was an interesting way to show that all five of the Timm/Dini/etc. animated series were meant to be part of a somewhat contiguous DC universe: Batman, Superman, Justice League, Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited (and maybe even Teen Titans?). That very minor gripe aside, this is an incredible series that is worth picking up for the complex and involved story, incredible animation, and a generally entertaining time. 4.5/5 stars.
    ...more info
  • Justice League Season Two
    what a great arrived right on time..super condition...great viewing treat...would order from sender again...thanks again..keep up good work...Gary...more info
  • Justice For All
    I love this series. I am a big fan of the Superfriends but they were always agreeing witb each other and it was one big happy family. The Justice League series tends to be more real as they fight crime and deal with everyday problems. Great Stuff!!...more info
  • Should get infinity times infinity to the infinity power stars..........
    Should get infinity times infinity to the infinity power stars.............more info
  • When Titans Collide
    I recently picked up the boxed set of Justice League Unlimited, Season One. The series revolves around the core of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash. However, in this incarnation we get a full sampling of the DC universe. Nearly every superhero from the DC roster, including Booster Gold and Black Canary gets their fifteen minutes of fame. Its funny how you view things when you're a parent. I guess I was hoping for a 21st century update of that old Saturday morning favorite. Unfortunately, that's just not the case.

    So many of the shows were essentially super-powered fist fights. Good guys fight bad guys. Good guys fight other good guys. In one particularly nasty slugfest, Superman goes toe to toe with Doomsday once again. It struck me as extremely ironic when Captain Marvel steps down as a League member because he feels that his fellow League members are acting a bit less than heroic.

    I realize that a show like this is going to essentially revolve around the struggle of good versus evil. But all of the animated fist fights were not only just a bit unsettling for me as a parent. Quite frankly, they got to be a bit repetitive. I chose Justice League Unlimited over its predecessor because of the wider variety of heroes. I guess what I'm wondering is have all of the shows basically devolved into 22 minutes of battling ?

    I don't see why more of the episodes could have been about overcoming an obstacle. Saving the earth from a meteor or a natural disaster. Using their powers for more than just pummeling the other guy/gal/alien into a puddle of goo. Am I being overly sensitive as a parental unit ? The show is clearly well done. There was character development at times, and you can certainly follow the ongoing arc where tensions abound and superheroes are just as human as you and I, beneath the cowl. I just think it would have been more palatable, and more interesting, if every episode didn't turn into an animated outing of the WWE....more info
  • A lot of fun to watch
    It seems like TV and movies get worse and worse every year. I think just about everyone has had that sharp pain in the wallet after they realize that they have just lost $17 to the movie theater on a movie with a plot that seemed like it was written on the back of a cocktail napkin. And I'm convinced that reality shows are just confirming the fact that script writing has also gone downhill on television (since they don't really need one). There are a lot of lessons that would be learned from the scriptwriting of these animated masterpieces. My wife doesn't even like cartoons, but says Justice League is addicting to watch. Seriously, the seasons of Justice League keep getting better and better; I'm so there for the release of season 2 in March. I wish they would make a feature length justice league unlimited film......more info
  • A great collection for fans and newcomers alike
    Not only a good collection of individual shows, but a well-done story arc that pulls in hooks from the Batman, Superman, and Batman Beyond animated series. As a comics buff married to someone who never read comics at all, it's important to say that my wife and I both enjoyed the stories. There are details and cameos that will delight people who know the characters collected in these stories, but plenty of development and characterization to allow anyone to follow along. A fantastic buy on sale, still worth it at full price....more info
  • Justice League Unlimited
    I got the product on time, the box was really really nice. I have no complaints, only flattering and congratulations. This service is excellent. Thank you!...more info
  • Season one of Justice Leage Unlimited
    Out of all of the Justice League episodes I've seen, the episodes in Justice League Unlimited season 1 are the best! You'll see action and comedy. My favorite episodes are called: "The Once and Future Thing" Parts 1 & 2 (If you've seen the Batman Beyond Movie you might see a few "funny"(hint)faces) and "Divided We Fall". You"ll get to see new heroes such as Green Arrow, Supergirl, The Atom, and much more. ...more info
  • Great Superhero Cartoons!
    Justice League Unlimited is by far one of the best American animated shows ever produced. More than a simple continuation of the Justice League series, JLU throws in almost every hero from the DC comics universe while upping the production quality, storytelling, and complexity immensely.

    Unlike Seasons 1 & 2 of Justice League, Justice League Unlimited are 26 single episodes (with the exception of the 2-part The Once And Future Thing)...but all the episodes tie together nicely, and indeed they pick up right where Justice League Seasons 1 & 2 left off. It is not necessary to have viewed Justice League Seasons 1 & 2 to fully comprehend and enjoy Justice League Unlimited....But I highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Great Finish to the Series
    This set completed my set of all 4 seasons. If you liked the 1st two then you have to get this one as well. Great animated series.

    ...more info
  • By fans, for fans
    Justice League Unlimited Season One is a great animated series. Fans of comics will be glad to see characters in the show that have never appeareared in animation before. One can tell when watching the show that the creators of the series know the DC Universe very well. Although I would have rather seen Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, Hawkman instead of Hawkgirl, and more appearances of the Flash, this is still very good. Hopefully, there will be future episodes of this now cancelled series, even if they are of the direct to DVD variety....more info
  • one of the greatest superhero animated series ever
    although the second volume is better this is still one of the greatest superhero animated series ever!...more info
  • Hours of Great Entertainment!
    I've only watched about half the episodes but so far I've been very impressed with most of the stories. I particularly enjoy the episodes that feature lesser knowns like Green Arrow and Dr. Fate....more info
    You'll love that line when you hear it. I picked this one up by mistake. After completing my SUPERMAN and BATMAN animated series, it was my intention to get JUSTICE LEAGUE SEASON ONE to continue the story lines. So in my haste I didn't notice the small print that said (unlimited). I thought I wouldn't want this set because I was afraid it was going to concentrate on a plethora of lesser heroes and ignore the heavyweights, going more for quantity instead of quality. I was wrong. I don't regret the purchase at all. This is one awesome TV show. With spectacular animation, riveting story lines (for most episodes), and dedicated voice acting, this set is definately a must-have. Presented in widescreen. Although there are no subtitles, it's still worth owning. Thank you Green Lantern. ...more info
  • fan justice
    This is the best(so far)represention of DC Comics heroes in drama and action short of a live sction movie.Well acted and nicely drawn,I can't
    wait for the rest!...more info
  • One of the greatest
    The new anime and dc shows can't compare to this show, but its not as good as the orginal JL....more info
  • Came quickly...
    And .. my son was so excited to receive it for his birthday!...more info
  • Justice league unlimited- Fantastic!
    JLU-season one was exciting and help put closer on many of the stories from the Justice league Series. My husband and I began viewing the justice League with the grandsons and found ourselves enjoying them just as much as the kids. JLU "ROCKS"
    Nunufatima...more info
  • freaking amazing
    i have to admit after watching the first two seasons of justice league unlimited i'm disapointed the show didn't get alot more seasons. this a great show for anyone who enjoys comics, cartoons, or just plain great stories. the "cadmus arc" really hits where hero's are most interesting. at what point does being a "pro-active" hero cross the line into vigilantism and why don't heroes kill people. it's a great watch and this being seasons one and two despite the label it's a great value. you should buy this, now!...more info
  • JLA dvd
    Throughly enjoyed these dvd's, brought back fond memories of comics that I read as a young boy growing up....more info
  • Possibly the best animated Superhero story arc yet!
    An incredible cast of characters, subplots and conspiracies,plot twists
    equal to any, excellent characterization and plotting...As a comic collecter since 1964 I recommend Justice League Unlimited Season One Wholeheartedly!...more info
  • Justice League Unlimited - Season One (DC Comics Classic Collection)
    As with all Warner Bros. DC Comics Classic animation the Justice league Unlimited is a superior product. The animation creativity and the reproduction of this DVD is unsurpassed. I highly recommend it. ...more info
    When Bruce and his team decided to re-format the show it was a huge step in evolution. After the successfull second season we got almost every heroe that we loved when we were kids and some other who deserved the chance of coming up in TV. There are hundreds of highlights but specially with 'Initiation'' you get Supergirl(thank you Bruce, I love ya for that) Green Arrow, GL and Captain Atom. But for the not faint of heart: Doomsday beating hard Superman, Captain Marvel getting beat by Superman, AMAZO getting back to Earth and defeating all the heroes, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl in Hades and many more! Overall a SUPER COOL DVD SET TO get without regret! The animation just gets better and better, the SUPER STORY ARC of Cadmus lab is AWESOME!!! There is not much left to say that Excellent plot and sub plots, tons of Super heroes, tons of action, tons of fun and enjoyment to get for a really low price!!!...more info
  • The best season of all
    I can't say enough about this third season of this great animated series, Justice League. It just expanded what we have already saw in the first two seasons (that I didn't bought in DVD, yet!!!!). It shows us more of some of my favorites heroes, like Solomon Grundy, green arrow and others and my contains my two favorites episodes: "Epilogue" and "Wake the Dead". I will buy the first two seasons and the Superman Animated series as soon as I can. Until them, I will see this DVDS (Both seasons of Justice League Unlimited and the Batman Animated Series) over and over again....more info
  • Unlimited fun
    Funny how we bought this for our kids to enjoy only to find that my wife and I are enjoying watching the episodes just as much. There are so many members of the Justice League to keep track of but it's fun learning who's who. I have to say that my wife and I are a bit surprised by some of the sexual tension between the male and female JLU members (don't worry parents - it doesn't cross the lines of indecency). JLU offers a little bit of everything for both parents and kids.

    We look forward to purchasing the next installment due out March 20....more info
  • Not as groundbreaking as it seems
    I do love the idea and the characters, but, unfortunately this season delivers predictable stories with mediocre animation. Action scenes are tiresome and VERY repetitive instead of more character development, but not enough which is so unfortunate. The producers struggled to keep the audience interested and alas failed time and time again. I am pleased this series eventually came to an end, but really recommend that if you needed to choose ONE Justice League DVD then pick the previous Justice League first season DVD set which far surpass this mindless season. It appears that in JLU, most episodes are designed to showcase the many DC Universe stars and sacrifice GOOD story telling in the process. Justice League Unlimited does have its limits after all....more info
  • Justilce League Unlimited DVD is Unlimited In Awesome
    There is not a whole lot to say. The production, the stories, the characters, the action, you name is ALL HERE!!! The stories here are told better than most theatrical productions you pay $15 and sit for 2.5 to 3 hours...and told in 30 minutes. If you are considering this as a purchase....PLEASE DO SO. A REALLY solid production and DVD value....more info
  • for boys and men of all ages
    As a 45 year old True Believer Marvelite with a 4 year old son whose first cuddly toy was Hulk, has a wardrobe of Spiderman gear, could name the X-Men before he had even heard of the Telly Tubbies, and for a toddler knew an incredible range of secret identities, I have tried my hardest to steer him clear of anything DC because of my own predjudices. How wrong I was. Cracked by the publicity and burger toys that came with Superman Returns, and bored with watching Fantastic Four - animated series, I bought this box set. Where have I been going wrong this past 35 years??? This is absolutely knockout, every story a winner, filled with wit and humor, extreme comic book violence without the gore, and the best possible voice acting. Apart from the obvious oldies I'm only just learning the names of many of the characters, but each is carved in perfection, with the flaws that made Marvel my choice still there, but none of the soap opera dramatics that plagued and ruined FF and some of the Spiderman animated movies. We watch it regularly and will do so until season 2 comes out as a set. Can't wait. Any idea on whether Teen Titans 'part 4' will be released separately or has the 'complete second season' gazumped that, leaving those that purchased parts 1, 2 and 3 stuck having to purchase 3 again in order to get 4?...more info
  • It got me and my girls back into Superhero animations
    My daughter got an old Superfriends DVD from her uncle, and I thought it just was so poor that there had to be something better, so we tried the JLU season one and is great!!! Interesting stories, my kids have seriously seen the "kid's stuff" episode over a dozen times - it is hilarious. The plots are great with story arcs continuing over many episodes, this continuity is what captured my imagination and attention and added to the complexity of the overall experience. The animation is also top-notch with plenty of romance in Green Lantern/Hawk Woman and Batman/Wonder Woman and some rather "twilight zone" types of episodes that help include many aspects and characters of the DC universe....more info
    A lot of the episode I have never watch but now I have a chance to watch it more then one time and own it has a collector item in my collector's box. I even purchase Xbox game Justice League. That can tell you how much I like the show.
    I hope collector should own it....more info
  • Dramatic, powerful and most importantly, huge fun.
    The thing that I have always loved about the DCAU is that though the characters are fantastic and iconic they are very human and the plots are very layered in nature. The series as a whole explores the role of superheroes in the modern security conscious world. It also seems to reflect the industry of comics itself. The episode "clash" is both an excuse to have old rival's captain marvel and superman fight and also could be interpreted as a Meta fictional fight between the more innocent era of comics and the more modern, socially reflective, grittier comics (a kind I personally prefer.) Justice league unlimited also makes reference to the DCAU's past, using plot points and character relationships established years ago, showing the dedication of the creators to make something for the fans. i love the way the series uses all its heros in some form and really make the storyline immersive

    A great many of the Justice League appear in the series, including my personal favorites, hourman, and the creeper in small cameos. The question, another of my most loved heroes is shown in a much bigger role. He bears a much stronger resemblance to his earlier appearances but is more of a conspiracy theorist than anything else bringing his character into the modern day at the same time. I did spy some martial arts in tiny doses (He is beaten by green arrow at one point but as a fan of his Richard dragon trained incarnation I choose to think he allowed himself to be beaten...heh). With real human relationships between characters and the feeling of adult drama that the writers bring to the series and voice talent from many Whedonverse actors and other high profile stars (like ben browder of farscape fame) it takes on a level that seems more like primetime drama than kid's animation, something that the creators aimed for.

    My one dissapointment with the series is nothing to do with content or quality. its more of a wish. As a fan of Superman's clone Kon-el and his clone Match I saw parallels in supergirl and her clone. I just wish they would (or could? i'm thinking of the superboy court case.) have used Kon-el. particularly since they used the idea of superman being cloned in superman TAS and they had set up cadmus in the same way as the comics. This series is fantastic and I urge you to buy it, what ever your age or your comics knowledge. Oh and look out for Jonah hex in a brilliant showing.
    ...more info
  • Justice League Unlimited Season 1 (great buy)
    I'm glad I picked up this set, not being able to watch the shows on Cartoon Network was a bummer. The best part of the set is the price, it is unbeatable. I enjoyed this 4 disc set, once I popped them in the DVD player I couldn't stop watching them at roughly 22 minutes an episode it took me less than a week to complete. I really enjoyed the widescreen presentation, very nice feature. I purchased Season 2 as soon as I finished this set and already rewatched most of the episodes....more info
  • Kudos!
    Thanks for a great product. I appreciated how quickly we received it and the good condition it was in....more info
  • The Best of The Best
    I have always liked the newest Justice League show, but Justice League Unlimited blows everything else out of the water. The animation is top notch, the character design is flawless, and the voice overs are brilliant. If you are a DC fan and are ready to see some of your favorite heroes that don't get a lot of limelight in pop culture, you need this collection....more info
  • An Excellent Buy
    Few things are actually worth the price you pay for them. This one is. This set actually includes all of the episodes from the first 2 seasons shown on TV. A seperate DVD set is sold as Season 2, which is actually Season 3 from TV. There are over 20 episodes of Justice League Unlimited in this collection, with some decent behind-the-scenes featurettes. I'm not really into the behind-the-scenes stuff on most DVDs, but I actually liked this. I highly recommend this product. ...more info