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Oster 6058 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven
List Price: $89.99

Our Price: $64.95

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Product Description

Manufacturer: Oster
Model #: 6058
Condition: Brand New In Retail Box
List Price: $119.99

Attractively housed in durable stainless steel, this ultra-convenient toaster oven features convection technology for faster, more thorough cooking. The unit's spacious interior can hold up to six slices of bread at a time or a 12-inch pizza, while its digital display makes it simple to set the temperature from 150 to 450 degrees F. Choose from a variety of cooking functions including bake, broil, toast, pizza, and dehydrate. A 60-minute timer with automatic shut-off and a bell signal provides added convenience, while an auto-advance rack allows for safely removing cooked foods. Other highlights include an interior light, cool-touch handles, and double-wall construction for enhanced cooking performance and heat retention. Accessories include a durable baking pan and broiler insert, two removable/reversible chrome-plated cooking racks, a removable crumb tray, and a recipe book. The toaster oven measures 14 by 22 by 16 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.


  • Variable Broil for Versatility
  • 7 Toast Shade Settings
  • Removable Crumb Tray
  • 150-450 Degree Temperature Range
  • Durable Baking Pan and Broiler Insert Included
  • 90 Minute Timer with Auto Shut-Off and Bell Signal
  • Non-Stick Easy Clean Interior
  • Double Wall Construction for Better Heat Retention
  • Removable Chrome Plated Cooking Rack
  • Auto-Advance Rack for Easy and Safe Removal of Cooked Foods
  • 3 Rack Positions to Accommodate a Wide Variety of Foods
  • Co
  • 6-slice convection toaster oven with digital display
  • Adjustable temperature; bake, broil, toast, pizza, and dehydrate functions
  • Stainless-steel housing; interior light; 60-minute timer with auto shut-off
  • Includes baking pan, 2 cooking racks, crumb tray, and recipe book
  • Measures 14 by 22 by 16 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Not Impressed
    While I found this toaster oven to be more convenient than using the oven, its controls are not particularly intuitive, and it feels cheaply made. I tried baking a pie in it, and one side was much darker brown than the other.

    Then, after a few weeks, it stopped working. The clock stayed on, but the buttons stopped responding most of the time, and when the buttons did work, the oven would reset after the heating element had been on for a few seconds. If you look around here on Amazon, you'll see this exact same toaster sold under a few different brand names. (VillaWare is one example)

    This oven also used too much counter space for the amount of cooking space it offered. The roundness wastes space.

    In short, I would recommend going with something else. ...more info
  • Slow, beeping toaster
    I've had this toaster for a while now, and dislike it. While it is very flexible, I need my toaster to be a good toaster first and foremost. And by that benchmark, it falls short. It's slow!

    The other thing I dislike is that the toaster beeps loudly when you press most of the buttons on the control panel. This sqawk is quite annoying and when you're staggering in half-asleep in the morning to get your toast going, it's harsh. ...more info
  • Fire hazard
    We were actually quite happy with this unit, until it caught fire one day. It had been set on convection for about a fifteen minute 350 degree attempt to bake some cookies, and about ten minutes in, something within the wiring compartment burst into flames. Luckily, I was in the kitchen at the time and saw the flames coming through the grating. It was not an area that would've gotten wet in any way--it wasn't even on a counter near the sink. Furthermore, the wiring area is separated from the baking compartment, so there wasn't any way food could've spattered over there--it was clearly a defect in the product. I unplugged the unit, picked it up with pot holders and put it out on the patio--it burned itself out after about a half hour. At any rate, I thought I should pass this info on. It's one thing to have an appliance bite the dust after six months--it's another to buy one that could set your house on fire. I won't buy another Oster product. ...more info
  • TERRIBLE controls. Otherwise mediocre toaster oven.
    Decent sized toaster with some of the most horrible controls you could possibly think of. There are no knobs for anything. A "correctly" designed toaster oven would have one knob for temperature, and one for a timer. This one defaults to 30 minutes and 300*F temperature. To fan-bake something at 450*F for 10 minutes, I'd have to press the "oven" button twice, then the "Down" button about 20 times to change from 30 minutes to 10, and then the Timer/Temp button to switch to the temp controls, and then press the "Up" button about 5 times to reach 450*F. Then I have to press start. On any decent toaster oven, all of this would involve twisting two knobs.

    Whoever designed these digital controls should never hold another job.

    Oh, and the outside of the unit gets so hot that you can't touch it. It's not very well heat insulated. ...more info
  • A bit dangerous
    Toasts perfectly but the top is a bit dangerous. I gave myself a little burn. NOT recommended for families with children. The unit is unbelievably like the Villaware Moderna series toaster oven...more info
  • Nice oven - unfriendly controls
    We have owned this oven for about six months now. It gets 5 stars for cooking. In conventional mode the temperatures are even side to side and almost even front to back, with the front being about 15 degrees cooler than the back at a 400 degree setting. Convection mode evens out that small differential. Convection cooking requires some time to get accustomed to the differences. Food cooks faster and the surface dries out more. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not. Toasting works only fair. Dry bread browns quickly and gets quite dark. Very moist bread only gets warm unless you extend the toasting time or toast something twice.

    We have baked with it and are happy. We have toasted with it and are merely satisfied.

    The oven is noisy. While the convection fan makes little noise, the heating elements appear to change length every time they cycle on or off. The unit sits there making fairly loud creaking noises the entire time it is in use. Great for halloween, but not the rest of the year.

    I opened the back and looked around. I could see no discernable sign of insulation. The top, sides and back get quite hot while the oven is in use. There are plenty of vent holes and slots which ventilate the case and prevent unsafe temperatures. Recommend that you do not let anything plastic sit nearby while the oven is in use - but - the oven makes a great plate warmer. The top is wide enough to set two 10 inch dinner plates side by side.

    The oven is a bit difficult to clean inside. One must be very careful not to tear up your cleaning cloth, leaving bits behind and be careful not to cut your hands or fingers on the sharp edges.

    All the members of our family give the user friendliness of the controls Zero points or stars. It seems to us that the controls were designed by a legal team who are very worried that the oven might actually get hot someday. In spite of reading the directions -- but not memorizing every exact step required to turn it on, we find that at least half the times we go to use the oven, we never actually turned it on. One has to program and press start on a microwave, apparently in a specific order. None of our other toaster ovens have ever worked like this. What ever happened to a dial for temp and a twist knob for time. These always seem to work. We will buy a cheaper and simpler oven next time.

    We own many other Oster items and are usually very happy with them. The company seems to make items which work wekk and are durable. We are hoping this oven fails in some way or takes a lightening hit. This oven has turned us off from buying with this brand name ever again or at least for a long time.

    If you like the controls, you will probably like the oven. If, like us, you don't, you will probably hate it.

    ...more info
  • Died in 3 yrs.
    My wife and I really loved our SS unit... just big enough to meet most all of our needs without heating up the big oven... but... it DIED, DEAD, after only 3yrs... the electronics just smoked one day without warning or reason... our last Toaster oven lasted over 15...!!! very disappointed and will be looking to another brand for replacement......more info
  • so far so good
    So far this has been great! It is easy to clean, and works better than all my previous ones. It is larger than the ones I have had before, and does take up a little more counter space, but well worth it to avoid turning on the oven in the summer. The digital key pad is easy to use. It does take a little longer than a regular toaster to make toast, but this one toasts even unlike my previous toaster ovens. I am very happy with this product, just waiting to see how well it stand up to the test of time.....more info
  • Improving the Toast Situation
    I like hearty whole wheat bread (Great Harvest variety) toasted until it is obviously browner. Most of the time the bread I toast is frozen. So, the toast cycle on this oven doesn't work very well for me.

    However, the pizza cycle is 400 degrees and the time can be changed between 0 and 20 minutes. So I use the pizza cycle at 10 minutes for toast the way I like it. I realize this isn't a perfect solution for everyone, but it is a way to get around the frustration of not getting dark enough toast on the toast cycle....more info
  • Great Toaster Oven!
    I have to admit, after reading some of the reviews here, I was a little skeptical using digital controls on a toaster oven. But, in my opinion, you get used to it. It took me about a week, but its like second nature now operating the controls. I like the digital controls better than the knobs now! I also LOVE that this has a light in it. Many don't, and my old one didn't. That was the selling point for me to buy this toaster oven. You can see you're food cooking! I don't recommend leaving the light on full time, however, as it might burn out more quickly....more info
  • Excellent Product, no complaints at all
    This unit also comes in all-Stainless color as newer model 6059 at Costco for $[...]. They even had $[...] off, so I paid $[...] and I claim it's better in features than Cuisinart models at 2X the price.

    So keeping it plain & simple, here is why I am 200% satisfied:

    1) Has an oven light which the more expensive models don't have.
    2) Has approx. 15% larger oven capacity than Cuisinart CTO-350PC.
    3) Crumb tray slides out from the FRONT vs. the back.
    4) The oven timer turns OFF the oven !
    Gee what a nice invention. Maybe Oster should file a patent on that!

    Problem is the other similar brands like Cuisinart will only sound
    an alarm when the oven timer goes off, and the oven will keep going
    until the 4-hour safety limit is up.
    (However the toaster timer does shut off the oven in all

    I complained to Cuisinart and they said it's like in the old days
    when you had a small timer that goes ding-dong to remind you to shut
    off the oven.

    But I totally disagree since we are not in the 1950's ding dong any
    more. We have simple technology to turn off the oven at the end of
    the timer, which I like as you get more heating after burner
    is off... like like with electric stove top.

    Furthermore, if timer goes off while I'm sitting on the toilet, I can
    rest assured knowing that my oven has turned off and take my time to
    walk over to the oven.

    So consider all you get for $[...] at Costco for the newer model 6059,
    although it's identical in all respects to this 6058 model except for
    keypad color being stainless vs. black....more info
  • Decent as an oven, worthless as a toaster.
    I hate giving negative reviews, but this is one thing I have to rant about. I've had this "toaster" oven for seven months now, and I've finally give up and am now searching for something more akin to the old "fire hazard" model I had a decade ago. The quartz bar technology in this model takes forever to heat up, and in the case of toasting, never truly toasts-- it just warms the item up, never making it truly crispy or golden brown (unless you put it in for multiple cycles, in which case, it dehydrates your item completely and *still* doesn't make it any browner). As a mini-oven, it does work, and the convection is nice, but be prepared for insanely long preheat times....more info
  • Went through two of these before I gave up...
    I purchased our first Oster Convection Toaster at Costco as a Christmas gift to myself. I was very happy with its performance, using it to toast or bake a few times a week. However, in May, only five months after purchasing it, I started to smell a terrible burning electrical smell when I turned it on. It got worse, and I kept thinking I should return it. After a week of the burning smell, it just stopped working completely. No display, no nothing. So, figuring it was just a fluke, I returned it to Costco and got another, identical one. I had that one two weeks when all of the sudden, an E-2 message showed up on the display. It wouldn't let me do anything - every time I tried to press any button, it just displayed E-2. I looked in the manual for some kind of a code, but couldn't find anything, so I returned it again to Costco. I figure I've learned my lesson and won't buy a third....more info
  • Dead in 6 months (made in China)
    It made good toast, but was slow (over five minutes for medium). After six months of light use, the bottom burners completely stopped working. The model 6058 felt solid and looked nice. It's a real shame the electronics are shoddy.

    The price is low enough that having it repaired feels silly, but high enough I feel robbed by the short life. I decided it must be an oddball lemon, and bought another Oster (different model) and it was a complete pile of junk (I'll review the model 6078 separately). I had mistakenly thought Oster was made in the USA or Canada, but printed on the back: "MADE IN CHINA". This explains a lot.

    One last complaint: We burned ourselves repeatedly on this thing. There are design clues that lead a body to incorrectly think "cool to the touch", but instead bring blisters.
    ...more info
  • Great oven for about 7 months....
    We bought this oven at Costco after researching many toaster/convection ovens and liking the good reviews we had read. It was bought to replace its Cuisinart counterpart that started falling apart and never quite fit the 5 pound chickens I like to roast. Right out of the box, the convection fan never came on. I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong so I called the manufacturer. They immediately sent out a replacement at no cost and never even asked me to return the old one. I gave the old one away to someone who didn't care about the convection feature. The replacement worked great until the lower heating elements stopped working 7 months later. Here are the pros and cons during our experience:

    1. Fast, even roasting of 5-6 pound chickens, which fit very easily in the oven.
    2. Frozen waffles came out great.
    3. Meatloaves and roasted vegetables cook quickly and evenly.
    4. Easy to clean and we especially like the crumb tray that pulls out from the front.
    5. Superfast, no-hassle exchange by manufacturer right after purchase. We haven't called them about the latest problem because we've decided to get something else, so we don't know if they would be equally responsive 7 months later.
    6. Great price for the size and features.

    1. Poor durability, at least with the ones we got.
    2. Toast takes forever and the countdown feature of the toasting timer doesn't kick in until the final minute of toasting.
    3. Toast usually comes out pretty dry all the way through, even when we use the supposed optimal rack position per the instructions.
    4. No indication when oven is properly pre-heated, you just have to guess more or less.
    5. Very large and takes up a lot of space on the counter (but hey, we did want something big enough to hold a fairly large chicken.

    Bottom line, since we rarely make toast, and mainly bought it for it's roasting and convection features, we were very happy with it until the bottom heating elements died. But we don't plan to buy another one because we just don't trust their durability. If it had least at least one year I might've given it 3 stars, but since it barely lasted more than 6 months, I couldn't give it more than 2 stars.

    ...more info
  • The best
    After doing much research, we purchased this toaster oven at Walmart. We've spent the entire weekend cooking and baking with it and have been surprised and thrilled by it. It does not heat up your house, it heats up faster than the huge kitchen oven therefore using less electricity, and it cooks faster and at a lower temp than usually called for.

    Important things to keep in mind if you are considering buying a toaster oven: 1) If you buy one, READ THE DIRECTIONS entirely - if you don't, do not complain because it didn't cook something perfectly. 2) After reading the directions, try out all the functions so you understand how to use them. And in my opinion these directions are just fine, btw. 3) For the first few times you use the oven, keep an eye on things! It's only common sense to do this so you get a feel for how the appliance operates differently from your old kitchen oven that you grew up with! and lastly 4) I highly recommend getting a toaster oven with the convection feature. It makes the heat cook more evenly, and though I have a microwave oven with a convection element that I've never used, I have used the one in my toaster oven and it works great.

    I think that you get what you pay for; that's why we did not purchase the cheapest one at the store - they feel flimsy and have no insulation - so no wonder there are so many bad reviews. This one is SOLID and even at 450 degrees I could touch the outside - but to be safe I do pull mine 6" away from the wall when using it (like it says in THE DIRECTIONS)! I also liked the digital display - especially after reading all the reviews where the knobs broke on other brands!!!

    I may never use my big kitchen oven again - except maybe for a big Thanksgiving turkey! ...more info
    For those of you who said it takes too long to toast, I believe you are doing it wrong. Mine does a nice even dark toasting in around 2 minutes or less. You need to place toaster rack on the upper part of toaster and set the toaster level to darker toast.
    I use this small oven for lots of baking and it does a great job! Great price too for the quality and size of this product....more info