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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 08/15/2006

Though it bears little resemblance to the original 1969 thriller starring Michael Caine, the 2003 remake of The Italian Job stands on its own as a caper comedy that's well above average. The title's a misnomer--this time it's actually a Los Angeles job--but the action's just as exciting as it propels a breezy tale of honor and dishonor among competing thieves. Inheriting Caine's role as ace heist-planner Charlie Croker, Mark Wahlberg plays straight-man to a well-cast team of accomplices, including Mos Def, Jason Statham, and scene-stealer Seth Green in a variation of the role originally played by Noel Coward. As the daughter of Croker's ill-fated mentor (Donald Sutherland), Charlize Theron is recruited to double-cross a double-crosser (Edward Norton in oily villain mode), and once again, speedily versatile Mini Coopers play a pivotal role in director F. Gary Gray's exhilarating car-chase climax. It's perhaps the greatest product placement in movie history, and just as fun the second time around. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Slick panoramic crime caper
    "The Italian Job" is a fast paced crime thriller is actioned packed with a excellent ensemble, a terrific musical score and some awesome cinematography especially when filmed in Venice and the Italian Alps. It suffers however from mostly pedestrian acting performances and often uneven plot.

    Mark Wahlberg plays Charlie Croker, the mastermind of a elaborate heist in Venice of $35 million of gold bullion. His team is bolstered by his mentor and father figure John Bridger, a career thief played by Donald Sutherland. The brilliantly conceived plan goes off without a hitch however team member Steve played by Edward Norton decides to double cross Wahlberg. He kills Sutherland absconding with the gold and is convinced that he's also terminated the remainder of Wahlberg's crew.

    The film then turns into a tale of retribution as Wahlberg who does little more than flex and smile recruits Charlize Theron, Sutherland's daughter Stella who is a high tech security expert and safecracker, to join his crew. Even the talented Norton fails to deliver a notworthy acting performance and computer geek Lyle played by Seth Green steals the show with his performance.

    The action including an excellent car chase scene featuring a trio of Mini Coopers roaring through gridlocked Los Angeles streets is unrelenting. The plot suffers from a lack of imagination when the scheme to recover the loot from the villainous Norton utilizes the same mechanism used in the original theft....more info
  • High-Octane Heist
    THE ITALIAN JOB is billed as a remake of a popular Michael Caine movie from 1969, but it is so highly inventive in most aspects that it's really more of an original. The movies still occupies itself with a daring robbery of gold bricks involving managing traffic and the use of mini-Coopers, and some of the characters even have the same names as the first movie. However, the remake is a definite thriller that is guaranteed to stoke the adrenaline levels of watchers everywhere.

    Mark Wahlberg stars as Charlie Croker. Donald Sutherland plays John Bridger, his criminal mastermind mentor. It's this relationship, along with Charlize Theron as his estranged daughter Stella, that really drives the movies. Edward Norton plays the bad guy, while Jason Statham, Seth Green, Mos Def, and Franky G round out the crew.

    The movie opens with a fantastic bit that establishes the relationship between Croker and Bridger, then moves smoothly into an action riff that eats up screen footage and shows off Venice and the canals. After a double-cross in the Swiss Alps, the movie skips ahead a year and introduces us to Stella Bridger. Stella makes her living as a professional safecracker who uses her powers for good. Charlie talks to her, telling her they've finally tracked down the man who killed her father, and he offers her a place on the team to get revenge.

    From that point on, the movie sprints forward into a rapid-fire game of cat and mouse between our heroes and the bad guy. It plays out like a chess battle, but accelerated to tire-screeching hairpin twists and turns.

    The Blu-ray edition of the movies is awesome. The video content is so clear in Venice that you'll swear you're on the canals yourself. Director F. Gary Gray's pacing and shots are designed to thrill, and they do. The picture is absolutely stunning. The audio quality is pretty amazing as well, but the studio opted for the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound effect instead of going all out for uncompressed sound.

    The bottom line is that you do get a much better picture with the high-def version on a high-def monitor, but the sound could have been better. You won't be upgrading your sound, but purchasing the disc will definitely upgrade your video presentation. The special features included on the disc have already been packaged, so they don't add anything new....more info
  • Widescreen
    I am very happy to have found this movie in good condition and in widescreen....more info
  • Not a masterpiece, but a great movie overall, WELL RECCOMENDED
    I am an amateur film critic, and like to review movies of all kinds. The Italian Job grabbed my attention with superb characters, excellent effects, and a fantastic script. And of course, there is the favorite Mini Cooper scene. I do not reccomend it for children under around 10, because of moderate language and violence, as well as minor sensuality. But if you think your kids can watch, go ahead. FUN FACT- Although there were only 3 Mni Coopers in the movie, 32 were used because they crashed so many, and because some of the white Mini's needed to be tuned for ramps, others needed to be able to be shot up. Anyway, it is overall a great film, and I can't wait to watch again....more info
  • Great Movie
    The story, acting and character development is good enough to watch again and again. I highly recommend this movie....more info
  • Bad Quality BluRay!
    I see I'm not alone! I just purchased this movie when it was on sale here a few weeks back. I'm sorry I didn't read any of the reviews! The grain was awful! For a moment I thought my children played with the remote and changed some settings! It's bad! The movie is a fun action movie, but to call this HD is a joke! I had to adjust the filters to the high setting to reduce the grain and snow in the dark areas, and you can see the pixel squares in the bright segments. What were they thinking?? I loaded my old dvd copy to upconvert and compare the quality, I must say, I think the dvd won! They need to rework this movie and make a special offer to the BluRay copy owners, because I think we've been ripped off! ...more info
  • Well made remake
    With the thought that most remakes are terrible peices of trash that shouldn't of been made in the first place. I was pleasantly surprised with this remake of "The Italian Job". You get time to know a little about the character but doesn't hesitate to give the action and comedy quickly. Good acting all around. This movie is a good rental for the occasional watching. ...more info
  • The Italian Job
    I saw part of the movie on televison and did not know when I would be able to see the ending. Good movie....more info
  • Everything you want in an action thriller
    I love a movie that you have to watch from beginning to end to fully understand. The Italian Job is that kind of engaging, but action-packed thriller. The cast has an exciting chemistry that keeps things interesting throughout the movie. And, of course, there are the Mini Coopers. Well worth the watch, lovers of an exciting, but intellectually stimulating action thriller will love this one....more info
  • HD-DVD Superior at the moment - Italian Job a descent transfer
    This is in direct response to the guy that is saying that HD-DVD is inferior. You need to learn what your talking about before you come on here yapping BLU RAY BLU RAY BLU RAY.

    As of right now it is very common knowledge that the combination of Microsofts VC-1 with HD-DVD is putting out a noticably better picture than the Blu Ray MPEG2 combination. The Toshiba is simply getting better bitrates and lets face it when talking HD, bitrate is everything.

    As for the storage argument, even Sony has backed off of using that argument in its promotion of Blu Ray. The fact is that right now Sony only has single layer Blu Ray discs available with 2 layer coming very soon making the 25 Gig disc a 50 Gig disc. HD-DVD is currently capable of dual layer at the moment for 30 Gigs with a 3 Layer disc on the way soon making it a 45 gig disc. So to sum that up for you HD-DVD will max out at 45 Gigs and Blu Ray will max at 50 Gigs. If you thing that a measly 5 Gigs is something so big as to sway your decision on which format to support than your crazy. 45 Gigs is absolutly plenty of room for 1080p movies. Sony has conned you once again into thinking you need something you dont.

    So to sum up this argument, at the current time, HD-DVD is by far looking like the much better choiuce of the two formats. Better picture quality, cheaper player and a very descent selection of movies on the way. Ihave made my choice and its HD-DVD.

    As for the movie The Italian Job, Its not the best of the Paramount releases but it is a nice crisp image. I actually think the reason its not as sharp as some of the others like Sahara is the original film stock. Its still a very nice upgrade from the original DVD release and being its one of my favorite con movies to come out in recent years, it was a no brainer. Overall I would give it a 8/10 for the picture quality with another 8/10 for the sound.

    GMOC!...more info
  • Good action movie
    High action movie keeps you at the end of the seat. Its one of the best collection in my library....more info
  • Overly cheerful caper film lacks wit, but looks great and has a great car chase
    F. Gary Gray's "The Italian Job" (2003) is a glossy, pretty update of an earlier movie. If "Ocean's Eleven" hadn't been exquisitely remade in 2001 by Steven Soderbergh, George Clooney, and assorted other stars, "The Italian Job" might have been able to stand on its own two feet. Unfortunately, it looks like a poor knock-off job where Mark Wahlberg unsuccessfully tries to be another Danny Ocean, but lacks the gravitas of either Clooney or the original Ocean, Frank Sinatra.

    One thing about this movie is undeniable, and that is that it looks great. From the opening scenes of a clever heist in Venice to a double-cross on a chilly Alpine dam to a car chase through L.A. to the glorious lines of Charlize Theron's face, "The Italian Job" is one of the best-looking crime movies you'll ever see. Unfortunately, beauty carries a movie only so far - "Under the Tuscan Sun" is another movie that looks uber-gorgeous, but nobody's going to eagerly await the 10th-anniversary edition of that DVD, are they?

    Mark Wahlberg plays Charlie Croker, who starts the film as the heir apparent to the role of leader of a gang of lovable thieves, now that former leader John Bridger (Donald Sutherland) is stepping down. Croker leads his team through the successful "Italian job," which is a clever heist involving swiping a huge safe from a Venetian mansion using explosives, scuba gear, and a very fast boat.

    But in a plot twist that the promotional ads gave away, the Italian Job goes bad when Steve (Ed Norton) double-crosses the team and leaves them for dead, swiping $35 million in gold ingots. (As an aside, is "Steve" really the name you want for your villain? If the filmmakers were trying to make a comic point here, perhaps using the blandness of Steve to point out the over-the-top names of many movie villains, they were a bit too subtle. Instead, "Steve" comes off like a first-draft name that they simply forgot to revisit.)

    Some time later, Croker and team track down Steve in L.A. and plan for a caper that would both bring back the millions they lost to Steve as well as a certain measure of vengeance. To do this, they need a safe-cracker, and wouldn't you know it, the late Mr. Bridger left a lovely daughter Stella (the aforementioned Ms. Theron), who is a safe-cracker who works for the police when she isn't racking up speeding tickets. But where dear old dad "worked by instinct," Stella uses the best in modern technology to get the job done. With that set-up, would you be surprised if there is a scene where Stella has to abandon her hi-tech gadgetry and crack a safe using nothing but her "instincts"? If you would be surprised by such a plot development, "The Italian Job" is probably going to be one of your favorite movies.

    And this is ultimately where "Ocean's Eleven" sinks "The Italian Job." Both movies cover essentially the same ground (planning an incredibly complex and witty heist), but "Ocean's Eleven" does this so much better. Both films involve teams of lovable criminals, but while you can't criticize Jason Statham, Mos Def, and Seth Greene of "Italian Job," this ensemble can't hold a candle to "Ocean's Eleven's" "supporting cast" of Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Bernie Mack, Carl Reiner, and others. I enjoy Ms. Theron's performance much more than Julia Roberts' turn in "Ocean's Eleven," but it must be said that as far as the female leads are concerned, there are no losers here.

    Both films also spend a lot of time focusing on the intricate planning that goes into a major caper, but again "Ocean's Eleven" has a caper that is rich with surprise, wit, and humor. The climactic heist in "The Italian Job" builds to, of all things, a car chase. Sure, it's an amazing car chase, but if your movie is focusing on wit and humor, relying on a car chase to pull off the climax is a signal that the writers have given up.

    And finally, as much as I enjoy Ed Norton as an actor, you have to admit that his villain, Steve, can't hold a candle to the ominous refinement brought to the screen by Andy Garcia as Terry Benedict in "Ocean's Eleven." Garcia injects such slick venom into his scenes that otherwise throwaway lines like his "Terry" - "Danny" exchange with Clooney take on a whole new life. Ed Norton is a wonderful actor, but Steve just ain't that much of a bad guy -- he's so unoriginal that he spends his ill-gotten gains on the prizes that his other fellow criminals planned to purchase. Translation -- Steve is an empty box, and empty boxes do not great villains make.

    Perhaps I'm getting long-winded for a three-star review. I must confess I had high expectations for "The Italian Job." But at the end of the day, all Wahlberg and crew (with the exception of Charlize Theron) did was make me want to go watch a better crime movie. ...more info
  • great movie
    this had to be one of the smartest movies ever made...simply amazing..enough said...more info
  • Good movie, decent HD transfer
    This is one of those movies I like while watching it, but soon after forget the plot. It has a great cast, lots of action, but leaves me feeling a bit empty afterward. So for me this is a rental and will not be added to my collection. The picture quality is decent, but I'm not sure I would replace the SD DVD with the HD version (if I owned it.)

    The whole Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD argument is getting a bit tedious, but I'll weigh in. I've owned my Toshiba HD DVD player since launch day and I've enjoyed it. I was originally going to wait until a format "won", but the release of Serenity pushed me off the fence. If HD DVD dies, I'll still have a collection of dozens or hundreds of movies to watch-much like I did with laserdisc after DVD killed it.

    Right now, Blu-Ray only has single layer 25 GB discs and Sony is using the inefficient MPEG-2 codec (compared to Microsoft's VC1 used in nearly all HD DVD titles). This has resulted in a poorer picture and fewer extras. Dual layer discs are on the way, but studios may not use them (they may be too expensive in the near term.) Also, the studios could switch to VC1, but again that is up to them. While the picture quality on even the best HD DVDs is excellent, most will not notice the improvement over standard DVD unless they view both side-by-side. This makes an HD DVD player purchase difficult to justify. The lower picture quality of Blu-Ray, combined with the much higher player price is even harder to justify and will keep me from getting Blu-Ray until it can at least match HD DVD's quality. ...more info
  • Great
    Never saw the original but this remake is great. Love the car scenes and all the planning and underhandedness. ...more info
  • The Italian Job
    This is a real "thriller". The plot moves right along and the acting is excellent. We watch this movie frequently....more info
  • The Italian Job in HD
    Although HD DVD lost the HD war, I still love it. The Italian Job looks great on a 1080p TV....more info
  • 'Italian' Hottie
    In this movie we get to see more of Marks great driving skills!!!! *check out some of the special features...theres an interview where he talks about his driving....Mark fans....its worth every penny!!!!*
    I can't wait for the next movie....its coming!!!!!...more info
  • Good Actors Great action and good plot
    This was a pretty good movie. So much so that I will buy it again in Blue Ray. Just seeing Charlize, with Mark Walburg, Norton and Sutherland in one movie should say it all but also having Jason Statham was a great bonus. Very good story plot and surprise ending was great. ...more info
  • GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is one of my favorite movies right after the thief lord,so try that one please out,too,it's even better.I've watched The Italian Job about 14 times and I think I'll never get tired of this movie!The actors are great and the story as well.Be sure to try out this movie!I hope you'll like it as much as I do and I hope my review helped you!...more info
  • Blu-ray review
    This is in regard to the Blu-ray version of this movie. The film itself is quite enjoyable and worth watching. I bought the BR edition of this a few days ago, the menus and all look good, no problems there. The problem came in when I started watching the film the very first shot I could tell that something wasn't right. The picture quality was grainy and awful, it was annoying. I took it out and put in one of my other Blu-ray movies(thinking maybe my player was acting up) but it looked great. I bought it new so I don't know why it would look like that. Some parts (very few) looked the way they should, but mostly the picture was worse than most standard DVDs I've seen. So, I give the Blu-ray version one star, the movie itself I give four stars....more info
  • :0)
    Again for this movie great cast, plot, movie and i love when movies entertain me and this did it for me i can't get enough of it..I understand they were suppose to be doing a sequel to this not sure if they are...BUT man i hope so........more info
  • steadily satisfying entertainment
    As a veteran action-flick fan, I found this film very satisfying on all fronts: the plot was believable and coherent, the bad guy was compellingly evil and arrogant; the technology was current and appropriate, the settings - specially Venice - were interesting, the female lead (Theron) was sexy and a nice mix of feminine, seductive, vengeful, and hard-nosed; the main and suppoorting characters were clearly-drawn, human, and interesting, the violence/action scenes were well spaced and paced, And the (classic) ending was predictable and still satisfying. I commend the writers, producer, and director for maintaining a steady level of "What's going to happen next?" suspense throughout the flick. Worth investing in, if you're an action fan! ...more info
  • Lots of surprises, good and bad.
    Lots of surprises, good and bad. Acting is superb from all. Just a few slow spots that upset the pace a bit, but I really enjoyed this film four stars worth....more info
  • Blu-Ray will fail just like Beta-Max (Note: Both Sony products)
    HD-DVD is the best all around product. Do not listen to whatever idiot wrote the piece about Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray is only good for playing PS3 games. It will not give you full interactivity with PCs and other equipment. People will try to get you to support Blu-Ray only so their PS3 is not obsolete....more info
    BRENDA MORAJKA...more info
  • One of my favorites from Summer 2003
    The Italian Job was the thrid best movie I saw back in summer 2003. After the below par A Man Apart, F. Gary Gray redeems himself with this slick hesit film. The problem with Gray's last film was the script and given the right material Gray shows his talent as a director , hence his work in his previous films The Negotiator and Set It Off. The Italian Job sharp and witty written by Donna & Wayne Powers is a huge improvement over the previous film Valentine, the Powers duo get great performances out of everyone in the cast from the star Mark Wahlberg to Franky G. Walhberg and his team which consit of Mos Def, Seth Green and Jason Statham decide to reccuit Charlize Theron to bring the evil Ed Norton. The trailer pretty much gives away the plot of the film so I won't ruin it here but the film is a lot of fun and considering the lack of gun battle violence that's really suprising. Seth Green and Mos Def are real scene stealers as always and Wahlberg has great chemistry with everyone in the cast. My advice go see this movie and just have a good time. ...more info
  • Italian Job (Blu Ray)
    First of all, the film is terrific for its plot, acting and beautiful scenes but when you see it in Blu Ray you feel as though you can reach out and touch it. Crystal clarity and natural colors elevate the movie experience causing me to want to see it over and over again. Enjoy...more info
  • Love Those Minis
    Great action flick with entertaining story line. I bought the movie because of the fantastic driving scenes and special features with the Mini Coopers - and to accompany my wife's new Mini Cooper. Would highly recommend to both Mini and non Mimi auto owners. Just watched the "Original" version of The Italian Job (About 1969 with Michael Caine)last night and enjoyed the new "Mark Wahlberg in Los Angeles" version much more.
    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    This DVD was purchased as a Christmas present. I just found out that it is defective. Now it's too late to exchange it. ...more info
  • Movie is great... Blu-Ray is terrible
    We have a top of the line Sony 52" XBR TV and Sony Blu-Ray player we purchased for Christmas and I purchased the Blu-ray version of this movie because we enjoy the movie so much. It wasn't worth it! It has trouble rewriting quickly during the action scenes. We actually compared it to the regular DVD that we own and to be honest... it isn't worth the additional expense to purchase the Blu-ray. Overall, we have noticed that with all of the older movies that have been converted to Blu-ray... they tend to be a disappointment in the blu-ray version for the same rewriting problems. However, animations are incredible and all of the new movies that have recently been released in the theaters that are just coming out on Blu-Ray are great... like Ironman... that one was incredible on Blu-ray....more info
  • Great Movie, Not a Great Blu-Ray
    The Blu-Ray version of this movie is disappointing, while the movie itself is incredible. The story, acting, etc. are all very good, and keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. However, having just recently picked up the Blu-Ray release, I would advise to stay clear until it is re-released.

    At many points in the movie, there is a lot of visible grain, a result of over-sharpening of the picture in the transfer. Furthermore, the audio quality is only lossy Dolby Digital, instead of the DTS promised on the exterior of the box. If you aren't a videophile or audiophile this disk may prove just fine, and an enjoyable Blu-Ray experience. However, if picture and audio quality are extremely important to you, I'd advise you to wait until a re-release....more info
  • Great vehicle (pardon the pun) for Mark Wahlberg
    This is a jam packed film with lots of chases going on and lots of action. Mark Wahlberg handles the lead role with confidence and a great performance. This was the only movie so far that I've seen Charlize theron in, but I think she did a pretty good job as a sometimes jittery daughter of a renowned thief. The plot was imaginative (especially since it didn't follow the story of the 60's original) and the crime that takes place is well thought out....more info
  • Good Movie
    The acting is very good in this movie as the actors are very good in their parts. Edward Norton does a great job as he plays a sleazy traitor who kills several people. Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron do equally great jobs in their roles as they are very emotional and do a very convincing job. The rest of the supporting actors do a great job as thieves who all have their own personality. The short performance by Donald Sutherland was very good and believable.
    ...more info
  • Great Caper Film
    This is a good cast and a fun story, and what I really like about it is not everything they do works for them the first time, so it seems more realistic that way. There's suspense and action and great characters. Theron and Wahlberg play off each other well and are both great actors as is most of the cast. I highly recommend this if you are into the "root for the theif" type of movie. It's one of those movies where everyone's a bad guy and you get to root for the anti-hero. Oh and Edward Norton plays a great bad guy. You really love to hate this jerk.

    Nothing unique, but loads of fun....more info
  • Fun movie
    A clever movie that is action packed. A definite must see. Mark Walhberg does a job in pulling off a heist in all sorts of creative ways....more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Wooden performances by the protagonist Wahlberg and antagonist Norton (who by his own admission had no interest in doing the film) overcome a sometimes clever updating of 1969's The Italian Job; it's a fun enough watch but not a memorable film....more info
  • One of my favorite movies now.
    Forget the old Italian Job, that has little to do with it. This movie is all about the action and mini coupes. Mark Walhberg, Edward Norton, and many others as master theives. Charlize Theron is the eye candy of the movie so there's someone for the guys to stare at, lol. It's just so thrilling to see them in action pulling off very complicated heists. The mini coupes are used a lot in this movie and are quite cool cars that seem to get the job done in the Italian job. It has drama, comedy, suspense and romance. Everything you'd like to have in a flick. So I give this movie a full 5 stars because I love to watch it over and over. I can't think of one bad thing to say about it. It's even at a bit of a bargain price! So grab a copy and you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Poor Video Port
    The video quality is sub par compared to other titles. The DVD port is much better with no digital artifacts. I guess they were in too big a hurry to release this great action flick. The digital artifacts at low light level are terrible. I borrowed a friends copy and they were both the same. Movie is as good as ever despite the poor video quality. Motion artifact on the DVD are eliminated on the Blu-Ray version....more info
  • Italian A+ Job
    The cast perform well together, the action is top-notch and the storyline keeps you interested. A worthy remake of an old film....more info
  • It's a so so job. No suspense. Action scenes are average. The tiny cars look cute.
    It's a so so job. There's no suspense. The action scenes are average. The tiny cars look cute. I would not want to watch it twice....more info
  • Action flick must have
    I love any movie with Jason Statham. This movie is action packed and fast paced. This is a great movie to add to your collection....more info
  • Great Movie, Great Price
    Editorial Reviews
    Though it bears little resemblance to the original 1969 thriller starring Michael Caine, the 2003 remake of The Italian Job stands on its own as a caper comedy that's well above average. The title's a misnomer--this time it's actually a Los Angeles job--but the action's just as exciting as it propels a breezy tale of honor and dishonor among competing thieves. Inheriting Caine's role as ace heist-planner Charlie Croker, Mark Wahlberg plays straight-man to a well-cast team of accomplices, including Mos Def, Jason Statham, and scene-stealer Seth Green in a variation of the role originally played by Noel Coward. As the daughter of Croker's ill-fated mentor (Donald Sutherland), Charlize Theron is recruited to double-cross a double-crosser (Edward Norton in oily villain mode), and once again, speedily versatile Mini Coopers play a pivotal role in director F. Gary Gray's exhilarating car-chase climax. It's perhaps the greatest product placement in movie history, and just as fun the second time around. --Jeff Shannon
    ...more info
  • Great music!
    I loved this movie - especially that song they played while driving around in their little Mini Cars. Can anyone tell me what the name of that song is? its not on the CD soundtrack. :( Oh well - I hightly recomend this movie - the original movie was also good but this one was so much fun to watch - have seen it about 8 times now....(hint trying to find out about that song!)

    ...more info
  • A F.I.N.E. Movie
    The Italian Job was fun to watch. It was a good double-cross/revenge story that kept me thoroughly entertained all the way through.

    Kudos to Director F. Gary Gray for making such a good feature film when his directorial resume mostly consists of rapper videos. Gray's other most recent notable feature films were 2005's flop sequel to the classic Get Shorty (1995) and 2003's A Man Apart (which I have not seen).

    Storywise, The Italian Job really worked well. It had a good flow that kept you interested. There were way too many of the typical over the top Hollywood action film sequences that are just plain old unbelievable: cars driving down busy sidewalks at high speed; driving through a busy subway; people surviving sure-death situations; absolutely zero police response to what would realistically summon a cavalry of cops...these kinds of surreal action take a bit away from the movie.

    The cast is pretty good, and the acting is very good. The story is familiar enough as it is popular throughout the history of film: A heist is made by a group of thieves/one of the crooks goes rogue/the group seeks revenge.

    So if the genre is up your alley, then by all means The Italian Job should work for an evening of entertainment. And if you like it, you're in luck....A sequel has been announced for 2008 called The Brazilian Job with (mostly) the same cast and director (the most important aspects in a recipe for a successful sequel).

    Let's hope in the sequel that Gray keeps a better handle on reality. I'm sure that it'll be F.I.N.E.

    ...more info