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Get precise, long-lasting colors with HP Vivera pigment inks and HP scaleable printing technology. The latter is ideal for professional photographers, graphic artists and others whose livelihood and interests depend on superior color management and control, as well as durable and consistent quality. Produce waterproof, gallery-quality color and black-and-white photos that resist fading for over 200 years, plus fine art prints on an impressive range of photo and fine art media up to B+ size prints.The HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer delivers exceptional image quality and the best photo permanence on the market. HP Vivera pigment ink technology, combined with the printer's professional colors, enables accurate and consistent color reproduction. HP's third-generation gray ink is more neutral than ever before, allowing for exceptionally smooth transitions and detail. Eight individual high-capacity ink cartridges enable high-volume printing with efficient printing speeds - producing 4 x 6- inch photos in as fast as 10 seconds and 13 x 19-inch photos as fast as 1.5 minutes - ideal for professional photographers and advanced amateurs. Users can print exceptional photos on digital fine art media including canvas, photo rag, watercolor, stiff pre-matte and film up to 1.5-mm thick, as well as improved HP Advanced Photo Paper.

The HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer is an ideal solution for the amateur or professional who demands exceptional image quality. Utilizing HP Vivera pigment ink technology, combined with the printer's professional color selection, the printer provides for accurate and consistent color reproduction. HP's third-generation gray ink is more neutral than ever before, allowing for exceptionally smooth transitions and detail. Eight individual high-capacity ink cartridges enable high-volume printing with efficient printing speeds producing 4-x-6-inch photos in as fast as 10 seconds and 13-x-19-inch photos as fast as 1.5 minutes. Users can print exceptional photos on digital fine art media including canvas, photo rag, watercolor, stiff pre-matte, and film up to 1.5-mm thick, as well as improved HP Advanced Photo Paper. Compatible with Windows 2000 Professional and later and Mac OS X v. 10.2 and later operating systems, the printer features a speedy USB 2.0 data connection and is backed by a 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty. Measuring 26.6 x 16.9 x 9.2 inches, the printer weighs only 37.7 pounds.

What's in the Box
HP Photosmart Pro B9180 printer, HP 38 ink cartridges (including black, matte black, gray, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, and light magenta), HP Photosmart Premier software CD, quick start booklet, user's guide, and power cord

  • Professional-grade photo printer
  • Enjoy up to 4,800 optimized dpi color (up to 4,800x1,200 dpi) when printing from computer
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Ethernet network compatible
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • A path of problems....
    This is my second B9180 and even though I bought the extended warranty it'll be my last. When I resolve one issue (printerhead cleaning, printerhead replacement, new ink, updated driver) another problem comes up (paper jam, paper not recognized, endless cycling). Because I am not retired, or wealthy, I do not have the time to babysit this machine. Nice prints though....more info
  • Please do not buy this printer.
    I printed about 50 photos and then got the dreaded 'service stall' error which in my case meant a carriage problem. It was under warranty and I received a new replacement machine. Now, I'm having two problems - the alignment is off, and the printheads are bad. Note that when you get a new replacement machine, you must transfer the printheads from your old machine to the new one. In my case, this seemed to be no problem given my 'old' machine is practically new. But I've now gone through two internal cleanings which the machine does upon command. Didn't work. So the printheads must be manually cleaned (meaning take them to a service center). I googled the problem and there are scads of reports about various problems users are having with this printer including the ones that I've had.

    Save yourself a great deal of time, trouble, and ultimately $$$. Don't buy this printer....more info
  • Fantastic Printer
    I usally don't write reviews but I couldn't help myself after using this printer. This printer takes a while to automatically setup in the beginning (line up print heads, charge ink wells, etc.)but when its done you will have an outstanding printer, HP includes everything you need including the test photo paper. The only negative I have is the printer does not come with a USB cable where a lot of less expensive printers do. I have printed on card stock, 13x19 glossy and matte photo paper with outstanding results. I have printed brochures, photo collages, posters, 6x9 postcards, wallet pictures, 8x10's, 5x7's. After all this printing the ink cartridges are still more than half way full. I am highly impressed with this printer. I should have bought this a long time ago. Best ink jet I have ever had. Comes with photoshop plug in and allows you to contol printer colors through photoshop....more info
  • In 25 years this is the worst printer I've ever used
    If you like spending 3 hours ever couple of days clearing phantom errors this is the printer for you. I would have rate it zero stars but Amazon requires at least one star to post a review....more info
  • Great, but unfixable problems after one year.
    I do like this printer - really great inks. Did a lot of research on printers before getting this one about 2 years ago. However, after having problems with ink splotches on the sides of my prints, and after realizing that it started guzzling enormous amounts of ink during its routine cycling, I did a little more research. I read online at Duncan Davidson's site that he's been having the same problems. http://duncandavidson.com/2008/08/two-big-hp-b9180-problems.html, which leads me to believe my problem wasn't a one-off. After a few weeks of replacing inks, and without printing, I'm finding that the printer has been using up all the ink doing its maintenance cycles. HP recommends leaving this printer on all the time, and turning it off doesn't solve the blotches on the edges of prints due to the printheads hitting the edges of paper. I'm hoping they fix this problem because initially i loved the printer....more info
  • I can't believe I printed it at home.....
    WOW! That is the only description I had as my first 13 X 19 print rolled off this printer. I printed on HP soft gloss premium plus paper, and the prints are perfect, better than the ones I have purchased. And they print quickly. They are rated for over 100 years without fading, and the ink is water resistant (waterproof on some papers.) I am driving my spouse nuts as I bring print after print to her with the same "WOW! Look at this one!"

    It is a BIG printer. Heavy and solidly built. Takes a lot of room, but if you want quality archival prints up to 13 X 19, clearly this is the printer for you.

    Set up was easy, unlike several previous HP printers. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, but they do have to be followed exactly. The set up "manual" is 24 pages long (in English, French and Spanish)and is clearly written. Included in the box is enough quality paper to calibrate the printer (I believe this is either the only one in this price range to do this, or at least one of the few,) a process that takes about a half hour as a number of pages are printed in the process. And you do have a few sheets of HP Premium Plus paper left over. But when finished, you are set...you should not have to ever repeat this process...

    There are 8 ink cartridges...they seem to have a good capacity, rated for close to 800 4 X 6 prints... and it is a good thing, as the best price I have found is $28.99 EACH from Amazon, including shipping. The unit comes with a set of fully filled ink cartridges, unlike many printers that include only partially filled cartridges.

    The printer can print without much input from you, and it also can be fine tuned to your specific item. It works with Photoshop plug-ins as well, and the list of print sizes is fantastic...most every size you could want from 2 X 3 to 13 X 19, plus as many custom sizes as you wish, each of which can be saved with specific paper and quality settings for future reference.

    There are a lot of printers out there, and most are far less expensive than this one, but if you want to sell your photography, or if you want to print quality presentations or even photos for framing, I believe this is the printer for you....more info
  • But is it good for 3d rendered images
    Well, I bought this print because of all of the glowing reviews. So now let me tell you what I needed it for and how it has performed. I teach 3d animation, so I wanted my students to be able to print their 3D models in a very high resolution. So I thought a photo print at 4800 x 1200 dpi would handle it. Well my first print was of a .jpg at about 2100 pixel wide of an image at 8x10 with my son behind one of the painted/printed signs where just his head is sticking out. Well his face printed great but the printed sign that has solid colors had fine streaks where the ink didn't print. And this didn't just happen in one color (Red). It was in the Greens as well. I had the same problem with my HP officejet 9130 but it was much worse, that is why I bought the B9180. I thought maybe It was because it was the first print. So I have printed regular high resolution photo prints which by the way look great. So I tried again printing a 3D rendered .jpg image created with 3ds Max. that was 1600 x 1200 and looked grayscale. I saw they very fine print lines when you get really close. That is disappointing. Maybe it is just that the technology is just not that good yet? I don't know. So I have spent $700 again looking for a printer that will print solid colors that don't have print lines in it. Also you will need a sturdy table, this print will really shacks the table when the print heads return. Prints good for photos not solid colors. PS it is pretty big too....more info
  • Very Impressive
    I have been a loyal Epson user for many years having used both Stylist 3000 and 5000. I had been anticipating the replacement of the 5000 since ink technology had advanced significantly in recent times and, quite frankly, I begain to loathe using or creating profiles for the different papers, etal. I researched as much as I could once the HP B9180 was announced especially taking note of its pigment inks and placed my pre-order and endured the delay of its market release. By coincidence, the Epson 5000 died a month ago and left me high and dry for several weeks until I received notice that the HP was shipping and I would receive mine in 10 days. It finally arrived and decided to dedicate the day to setting it up. Setting up and getting it to print was straight foward and patience is necessary enabling the printer to go through its setup initialization. Since I use a series of MAC's it took some time to get three machines connected by both wireless and hardwire, but managed to successfully wade through it all being a non-techy. I printed a few random prints (letter and A3+ borderless) using both the OSX print dialogue and HP print utility via the 'automate' file menu in Photoshop. The B9180 is an impressive printer at under $699 compared to the Epson 5000 printer costing $3000 when new. The color and detail is exceptional and I was using a mixed collection of papers from semi-gloss, gloss, matte and uncoated to compare results and how much correction might be needed. Having read a previous post about print speed, I also tried this as well comparing 300 dpi, 600dpi, and 1200 dpi printing... for my use, 600 dpi is more than adequate to produce acceptble prints and even 300dpi was reasonable. I only mention this because of the spooling time for higher dpi prints. One note of interest, the Epson 5000 used 120ml carts (6- ~$360) while the HP uses smallish ones (8 of them- `$280), I also read somewhere, OEM HP ink carts are their highest margin product so HP is rigorously protecting their cart patents, so don't expect to see any aftermarket non-OEM carts anytime soon. Besides the pigment inks are HP and are themselves problematic to produce consistently compared to dye-based inks. Afterall, HP rates their pigment inks at about 200 years of permanence, one of the highest in the industry. In short, I am pleased with my decision to buy the HP B9180, resigned to the price of inks, and reccomend it. To hedge my bet, I also purchased an extended warranty which is something I've never done before.

    (December Update) Light Cyan and Light Magenta cartridges ran out first with the remaining cartridges having 50% or better remaining. The color has been consisent across different applications (InDesign, Photoshop, and Freehand) and the HP Print Dialogue Menu is a great tool under the 'automate' in Photoshop. Resetting the printer is time consuming and turning it 'off' requires the printer to go through its 'startup' sequence which, in itself, is time consuming. I now just leave it 'on' all the time as this partiular printer goes through a 'auto' self-maintenace cycle periodically. I had 2 paper jams using 13X19 Ilford semi-gloss paper using the 'single sheet' feeder that required me to turn the printer off and clear the jam. Paper fed from it's paper tray doesn't always go through the printer striaght about 50% of the time all be it slightly crooked, but still annoying and wasteful. Like other printers I've owned in the past, the HP B9180 is no exception to adjusting to its quirks as well as paying attention where needed. If anyone has spent time in the darkroom printing color prints knows the adjustments with any inkjet printer is small potatos. I've yet to use any HP branded papers and still use the various papers I have on hand....more info
  • Time to Upgrade to a B9180
    I just got my printer today, so maybe it's a little premature to write a review, but I already know some of the key things I'd look for in a review.

    Background: I have an Epson R800 which doesn't get much use. Before that I had an Epson 2000p. The R800 only accepted small (8 ?") paper, and always seemed to require a lot of effort and fiddling to get a good print. The 2000p was a great printer, but preceded the days of separate color cartridges, so was rather expensive to use. For its time, it was a terrific printer.

    On to the B9180. It takes paper up to 13" wide, so we're back to a larger format. In fact this printer is a tank. This is my first HP photo printer and I think I picked the right time to switch brands. The HP now uses archival quality inks, which is one of the reasons I had always stuck with Epson in the past. If you're any kind of photographer, you don't want prints that are going to fade over time.

    Initial setup went smoothly. Pulling some of the protective caps required a little force so was a bit scary (you really don't want to screw up a $700 printer before it prints something). The quick start guide and LCD panel directed you what to do. Basically you put in the ink, the printheads, and it takes about half an hour calibrating itself. I know the initial setup will use up some ink, but according to the printer, the matte black cartridge was only 68% full after setup completed. Other cartridges were left with between 70% - 85% according to the printers sensors. This printer is supposed to be very efficient in maintaining itself, so it will be interesting to see how much it ends up costing to run.

    One thing that does use up ink is printing pictures that don't look like they did on your computer screen. The first print I made (that was particularly difficult to print on the Epson) came out perfectly, and rather quickly, it seemed.

    The printer comes with a plug-in for Photoshop that makes printing a snap. If you don't happen to use Photoshop, it's not a big deal, but if you do, the plug-in is a very nice convenience.

    So, I give this printer top marks for output quality, ease of use, and speed. How well it performs with only intermittent use, and costs to use over time remains to be seen. But where the Epson R800 falls in the category of "I really wasted my money", the HP B9180 is falling into the "Money well spent" slot. There's also a theory that companies make cheap printers to sell expensive cartridges. When they profit from the printer, they are not as greedy selling the ink. Who knows?

    This printer is a great tool to have to compliment the current quality of the 6-12 megapixel dSLRs now available. I use a Nikon D200 currently, and the HP B9180 should show off its output quite nicely.
    ...more info
  • HP B9180-Fast and beautiful large prints that will outlive you!
    I just got the brand new HP B9180 13x19 pigmented ink printer. I had been waiting for it to hit the market since Feb. Well, it was worth the wait. This printer replaced my Epson 2200, which i thought produced beautiful prints.
    These prints out of the 9180 are even nicer. So far, in just 2 days of printing, i found that using HP's print management system produces different results from printing from Photoshops print with preview. The colors with HP management are more vibrant and brighter than either the Epson or PS's printing. I used Ilfords pearl and got beautiful results. And it prints fast. Then i printed on a Legion matte paper and got even better results. A night time skyline panorama looked more detailed and brighter on the matte than the pearl paper.
    The advanced photo paper -glossy from HP seems to scratch easily. That's my initial impression. I think i will be buying more matte paper for my photos. So far, i like my new printer. The idea of photos lasting 1-2 hundred years is appealing.
    The HP software is also more detailed and clearer to use and offers more choices than Epson's. I was able to add ICC profiles of the Ilford paper easily.
    One thing not all in place yet is HP's support for this printer. There is no Mac driver for the 9180 on HP's web site-just 3 Windows versions.
    Also their email support was not too on the mark. However, when i called a support person, he did try to be as helpful as he could and even called me back the next day to say he would be mailing out a scarce replpacement CD to me. Very nice.
    I did get a message from the printer today that i was running out of light magenta ink after not too many prints (maybe 8-11x14's). When checked, it says i have 35% remaining. a bit premature on the warning, but i will get some more ink befor i run out.
    Based on my preliminary prints, i recommend this printer to people who want the latest, fastest printer making beautiful archival prints. If this printer is like my other 3 HP printers, it should provide years of service. My Epson 2200 died after 2 months use, and i don't like having to baby Epson printers, i want them to do the work, not me. The HP has replaceable heads, a sophisticated ink system that is an ink miser (so they say), and is built like a tank for long life....more info
  • First prints a keeper!
    Because the printer didn't come with a USB cable I wasn't able to set the printer up right away. I bought a 15 foot cable and while my Mac Pro could identfy the printer the printer wouldn't work. Finally, after going back and buying a 10 foot cable the printer is up and running. Using photoshop and the HP "automate" plug-in the results were very good right from the start. Only problem is most paper companies do not have printer profiles for this printer (yet). Even though I'm using Moab Kokopelli I selected the HP Advanced profile and it seems to work fine. ...more info
  • HP B9180
    I had an issue with the first printer that I shipped, but I was completely satisfied with how Amazon handled it. Within about 3 days, I had a new printer.

    The printer itself is gigantic - I measured the size before I purchased it, but that didn't prepare for the space requirements. I've printed a few photos out of the printer, and everything has been superb. The Photoshop plug-in helps as well; what I see on my monitor is replicated on the paper.

    Great prints....more info
  • Appalling wheel marks on glossy paper... not a pro machine.
    HP must be some very powerful company. I've read lots of positive reviews on this printer, so i went a purchased one.
    But i quickly found out that it marks lines on glossy paper (both HP and Tetenal)
    This is unacceptable for a pro range model.

    I do not recommend HP B9180...more info
  • Built like a tank... mostly
    I've had mine for about a year. It's capable of fantastic quality prints, and since having my original printer replaced, it's been reliable. It does use a lot of expensive ink, but that's what it takes, apparently, to get such rich prints. Choose your paper carefully!

    If you're having HP customer support problems (you DID get the extended warranty, right?) then remember this if you need to expedite your warranty repair if regular customer service fails you.

    Note that you need to already have a case number in the system. BE POLITE when you reach someone. The case manager who helped me is now in my will...

    x 79 goes to Desktop case manager
    x 94 goes to Notebooks
    x 95 goes to Printers ...more info
  • Great prints, but a little temperamental
    I love this printer, but that may be because I've never had a printer that will print on a large medium. However, it won't work on just any photo paper. I found that out when I was trying to fix a problem with 5 x 7 inch paper.
    It is dependable only on Advanced HP Photo Paper. You'd think Premium Plus HP Photo Paper would be sufficient, and sometimes it is, but before reporting a problem to HP, a user should make sure the paper is "Advanced." Any other photo paper may cause the rollers to fail picking up the paper and tells me there is no paper in the machine. Before calling HP and finding out about the right paper, I cleaned the rollers. That helped only on the first print.
    Then there is the problem I had with 5 x 7 paper. It didn't matter what photo software I used, and I tried three, the prints had a half-inch wide white stripe across the top of the paper and the same amount was cut off the bottom. After people at HP spent parts of several days trying to solve the problem, the solution was to swap out the printer. Once I got it -- it came in 2 business days -- and swapped out all of the ink cartridges and printheads from the old to the new, it has worked just fine. The printheads and inks don't come with the new printer, so I had to pull them from the old printer and install them in the replacement.
    After all of that, I'd still buy it again. The ink is expensive, but I've found that leaving the printer on limits the number of times it has to go through the start-up process, using ink and printheads.
    The people at HP were helpful and all of them sounded as if English was their native tongue so there was not the built-in problem of not being able to understand them.
    Now if I can get my new photo scanner from Epson installed, everything will be just great, unless the B9180 takes a temperamental turn. HP promises the photos printed with the B9180 will not fade in 200 years. How anyone knows that is a mystery to me....more info
  • Very happy with the HP B9180
    I've had my HP B9180 for about 6 weeks. Having read a lot of reviews, I was kind of nervous about buying it--especially since I'm running Vista. But the printer has been great.

    First, two minor negatives and the dreaded Vista printing 13x19 problem (the rest is positive):
    Negative 1: When I was setting the printer up, the instructions talked about a pre-moistened swab used to clean the print heads before installation. None of the 4 print heads came with the swabs. I installed them without cleaning and the printer has been fine.

    Negative 2: The first I made using 8 1/2 x 11 paper from the main paper tray, there were the dreaded marks on the paper that some people wrote about. I don't think any of my subsequent prints have had the marks. I have had no problems with paper using the single-sheet, manual feed.

    Vista problem (resolved):
    I had read about problems printing anything larger than 8 1/2 x 11 from Vista. I was really nervous about this but figured that at the very worst I had an XP system I could turn into a printer server. I did indeed have the Vista driver problem. It went away after I installed the printer's firmware update that I downloaded from the HP web site. So the printer is now happy with Vista.

    The rest is great.

    I had read that the 9180's ink utilization was pretty good. But I decided to keep track of the ink utilization to confirm this. It's still too early for me to have a good handle on it, but these are my preliminary impressions. Although I haven't printed a ton of pagers, so far, the ink consumption seems pretty good based on the printer utility's ink estimate.

    I had read that some people had problems printing on non-HP papers. I've printed 22 13x19 prints on a variety of papers. Most, but not all, were on HP Hahnemuhle papers or canvas purchased from HP. I also bought some matte paper from Staples for proofing. Except for the light cardboard that I accidentally used the first time, the prints on the Staples paper has been fine. These pages are pretty stiff, so I use the manual load, single-sheet, straight-through paper path.

    I have also printed 9 pictures on some 8 1/2 x 11 glossy Kodak photo paper I had around and loaded into the main tray. I don't have a good ICC profile for that paper yet. Except for some color matching issues and the first page that had some marks from the pin wheels in the paper feed mechanism, it seems like it will ok for proofing.

    Yesterday, I was researching larger sheets of paper (13x38) or rolls (13x very long) so I can print some panoramas. People were writing that there were no issues using non-HP paper with the 9180. So it seems like the "printing on non-HP paper" may be overblown. I'll be trying that soon.

    I give the printer a 4 star rather than 5 star rating because of the minor problems (having to upgrade the firmware for Vista and not knowing in advance that that would fix the issue) and documentation mismatch about cleaning the print heads before installation.

    I hope and expect that this printer will serve me well for a long time to come.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Printer for Art and Photos
    The first B9180 I purchased from an online retailer arrived DOA. HP Customer Service was fantastic and sent me a replacement the next day. The replacement printer was a breeze to set up on my XP system and works perfectly now.

    The print quality is remarkable. Flawless detail, patternless solids, vibrant colors. I'm thrilled with the output.

    Cost of operations: Based on my calculations, you should expect to spend about 6 to 10 dollars per 13 x 19 print (depending on coverage of ink, and the quality of paper). This assumes you get it right on the first print, but I couldn't take all the variables into account. ;)

    Expect to get somewhere between 40 to 50 13 x 19 sheets, or as many as 520 4 x 6 photos out of a set of ink. This is based on an average cartridge cost of $28 and HP's ink output statistics (which I curved down somewhat to compensate for their marketing department's enthusiasm).

    Speaking of cartridge cost, if you're buying your ink at a major office supply dealer, you're a sucker. Retail prices are anywhere between 25 and 35 bucks per cartridge, but they can be had for significantly less if you're willing to shop around. Same goes for paper.

    If you print on matte paper, expect to spend some time dialing in the profiles and settings to get the saturation you're after. It's worth the effort though.

    Overall, I love this printer and am very pleased with my choice. I now own three HP printers; The D7260 (amazing for the price), a large format 130NR, and my new B9180. I used to be a Canon devotee, but HP has converted me....more info
  • Large Format Photo Printer HPB9180
    Prints large prints (13x19) and smaller using a wide variety of papers with variable thickness. ...more info
  • Totally Awesome!
    This is my 3rd high end photo printer. My other two were Epsons and they were great but for the nozzle clogging issues. If it sat more than a week, it would take at least a half hour and a lot of ink to unclog. Not so with the B9180. This machine stays on all the time and actually does automatic nozzle checks and shakes the ink cartridges every 6 hours. The colors blow the Epsons away and whats even better is most of the the papers I use work great with the default icc profiles that come with the machine. It's fast, its quiet and the colors are totally amazing. I have never been an HP fan until this printer......more info
  • Solid printer, excellent print quality
    It seems you either love this printer or loathe it. The reviews seem to be either 5-star or 1-star. My experience puts the B9180 in the 5-star category. Just the same, I can understand why it has gotten some bad reviews. Let me share my experience.
    I purchased this printer in November of 2006. The first printer I received had the problems the 1-star reviews describe: a maddening out-of-paper error which prevented the printer from doing its initial setup. I called HP and was pleasantly surprised by my experience with technical support. I had come to expect a barely understandable, by-the-book automoton on the other end of the line. Instead I got someone who spoke English as a native language and was extremely helpful. I never felt rushed or that I was being "jacked around". Technical support was patient and pleasant even though I was pretty irritable by the time I called. After going through an over the phone diagnosis, they sent me a replacement printer. I got it and, this time, the setup went just fine. My guess is that there was some bad firmware that was getting out in early shipments. Unfortunately, there may still be some printers in the pipeline that have this problem. Be patient. HP will help you and it is worth the wait.
    So, how do I like the printer after a year? I think it is wonderful. It is solid. It has had its hiccups, but I have had many printers and they all have their hiccups. At times, you have to resort to turning it off and letting it power back up to solve the problem. But, so far, that has worked. Otherwise, leave this printer on ALL THE TIME. It goes through a daily cleaning so you never have clogged nozzles.
    It prints wonderful color. Its color is the truest I have seen off any inkjet or laser printer. It is not as hyper-vibrant as many consumer inkjets. Instead, the colors come out true and believable. Don't use HP's Premium Plus Photo papers on this one. If you are going to use a photo paper, use HP's Advanced Photo Paper. Interestingly, I found generic "photo paper" worked just as well. The Premium Plus papers are coated to interact with the HP dyes in the printers that use them. The result is the hypervivid colors that come out of those printers. Great for the consumer market, but not really true to life.
    One reviewer remarked on what a nice job the B9180 did on legal size spreadsheets. An interesting comment, but I would confirm it. I bought this printer as a photo printer but have used it for text and spreadsheets. Its text print quality is just as astounding as its photo color quality. The print is clean and crisp, just beautiful, frankly better than any laser or inkjet printer I have used.
    So, all in all, I recommend this printer highly. Some reviews complain that its paper handling is finicky. It is, but it has to be since it prints borderless at all sizes. Be patient. Follow the directions and you will be fine....more info
  • It costs too much to run the machine.
    I have this printer for just over a year. The print quality is general good. However,it costs so much to run the machine. The cost of ink cartridges by HP are very expensive. They are almost double the cost of those by Canon ($1.1 vs. 0.57 per ml). Even I consider myself a light user, but I probably spent over $500 on ink just over one summer, because the machine used a lot of ink even when I were not printing anything. Recently I cleaned the printheads. The process took a long time and used up almost 40% of all brand new ink cartridges(or over $100). Unfortunately, the cleaning didn't solve the problme (even the machine indicated they were fine)so I had to replace one printhead at the cost of $60 after only using it for one year. I don't beleive that I can afford to keep the machine any more. It is just way too expensive! So for those who are interested in buying this machine, please check around before you make your final decision. The low inital cost of the machine might lure you to buy it, but don't be fooled by it. It will cost you dearly. ...more info
  • A Wonderful Printer
    This is a wonderful printer! If you decide on purchasing this printer here's what to look forward to:

    By far the best feature is the tiny holes it punches across the photos. To accomplish this task HP engineers added tiny (2 mm) star shaped wheels on rollers under the platen that I guess help advance the paper. Every single photo even using HP advanced photo paper has many rows of these dotted hole lines. Isn't that wonderful! I just love the punched holes across every photo, and no other printer I have ever used has had this feature. For this reason alone you should buy this product.

    You don't need to leave it powered on 24/7, because doing this gives you the opportunity replace print heads early after they are ruined with ink clogs. There are four of these heads, (these are not the tanks!), and they are $50 cheap. Of course you could leave it on 24/7 if you wish. If left on, the printer cleans itself (using HP's ink) every 24 hours. So even not using it to print photos, or anything else and the B9180 printer will use the ink for you.. how's that for automation! Yea! After 3 months, 20% of the ink is gone with only printing five 4x6, and two 5x7 photos, nice ehh? Most of it went to the cleaning cycle I figure, but this is good thing, 'cause you saved the life of the heads. I admire HP for trying to save the planet and getting "Energy Star" on the B9180, even though it needs 9 Watts when powered on 24 hours a day.. I guess the Energy Star is effective when the printer is powered off.

    You will love the way printing from the special media tray almost always pulls the photo in crooked. It's hard to get this special angled effect on photos with other printers!

    If you decide to use the borderless printing feature you will have a very nice quarter inch over print, so this helps crop off all those awful hands, hair, and feet even though they were visible on the driver's print preview. What a great feature!

    Windows Vista...?, I assume the new drivers will work with it, but if they didn't, it gives me a great excuse never to upgrade and continue with Windows XP. A major decision in buying a printer these days is if it will work on Vista without resorting to barebones drivers. I have yet to test this, but I am concerned based on other's feedback.

    In addition you'll enjoy making it work on your home network because of windows firewall issues, and dynamic (DHCP) IP. You will get the pleasure of becoming an "IT Geek" just to set it up with a fixed IP and punch a hole in the OS firewall. If you like wasting tons of time like I do, then you should try changing the IP address after the driver is installed, if you didn't specify it at the driver install wizard. The B9180 driver takes like 200MB, so you can get full use out of that empty hard drive and memory your computer has.

    Just genius..

    You will also enjoy as I did (out of the few I printed) having white lines across the photos. Almost like the printer skipped a one pixel line. This give you the pleasure and fun of trying again, or testing the diagnostics to find out the print heads are NOT clogged. I see this even on the printer's test print, which is done with the printer connected to nothing. This leads me to believe the printer is at fault, so I will have some (more) fun on the HP customer service line in India once again.

    You will love buying ink tanks and print heads. Reason is, if you need to buy them all at the same time, you can get another B9180 for extra $100 to go with it! (printers come with free ink and print heads). A new printer comes with ($30x8 tanks)+($50x4 heads)=$440.00 worth of ink and heads, WHAT A DEAL!

    Look, I could go on all day. It makes a great anchor for your boat too! Also its useful for holding doors open. However, I don't have the time. Take my advice, buy this printer so you can be even happier than I am owning it.
    ...more info
  • Good value for your money
    I have had the B9180 for several weeks now and it has worked flawlessly. It produces brilliant color prints and has worked on all the papers that I have tried on it. These include Moab, Red River, Hawk Mountain, Hahnemuhle and Ilford brand papers.

    There are a wide variety of paper profiles available for this printer, many on the Yahoo B9180 group and from the paper manufacturers. You can easily install custom profiles and paper sizes on the printer.

    HP supplies a Photoshop plugin which unfortunately only installs itself on CS2 (and I assume earlier versions). But there are instructions available (via Google) that show you how to copy the two files by hand into CS3 and once you do that the plugin works.

    All reports of tech support issues indicate that HP is very responsive to any problems that develop. All in all I'm very pleased with the printer so far....more info
  • great printer
    I have had this printer a couple of weeks now , It does an amazing job the prints are beautiful ,great color,fast dry(they are dry before dropping in the tray ,with hp advanced photo paper ) ,clear and sharp and fairly fast ,I am using it on my network which I think slows it down some , the setup was fairly automatic it took a while ,and most of the paper suplied with the printer and consumed a good bit of the ink in the process as well
    I had some trouble getting photoshop color managment configured properly (the photoshop plugin does not work with vista) but once done it makes great prints very close to what the monitor displays
    I like the 8 individual inks and they are all ink. the print heads stay in the machine (they will suposedly last the life of the printer ) the inks sell for around $33 each but seem to last a while I have printed over 100 8x10 prints and just changed out 2 of the original inks , the calibration used about half the ink that came with the printer so I think it is going to turn out to be faily easy on the ink supply
    the bottom line is ,so far I'm very pleased with this printer ...more info
  • HP Photosmart B-9180
    I am on my third replacement printer in less that a year. Each time the unit worked for a week and then wouldn't function at all due to a hardware failure. Customer service is friendly and quick to answer but not at all helpful. I replaced all the ink cartridges and the Magenta was "out of ink" after less that 15 letter size prints. I would not recommend this printer....more info
    WARNING: This is NOT a postcript printer -- which means if you use any graphics based program (Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, etc) you wil have to buy separate, VERY EXPENSIVE postscript software. After an eternal quest to find a good quality printer that is postscript compatible, I finally purchased the HP B9180. The print quality and colors are amazing, but this printer sucks up ink like a sponge. HP... please make another printer with built-in postcript for us designers!!!...more info