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Pinzon 400-Thread-Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Hemstitch Sheet Set
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Product Description

Rest easy in this 400-Thread-Count 100% Egyptian cotton 2 pick sheet set. Set features a 6-Inch hem with hemstitch on flat sheet and pillowcases.

Customer Reviews:

  • Just shy of great
    I found the sheets to be well made. The sheets are soft, and comfortable.

    The ONLY downside I found when compared to sheets of comparable comfort, but much higher price was the "wrinkle factor". These sheets dont come out of the dryer wrinkle free as much higher priced sheets do.

    However for 1/4 the price, I can live with a few wrinkles.

    I would definately buy again....more info
  • Stay on bed...but SCRATCHY!
    I have a pillow top on both sides of my mattress, so it has been difficult to find sheets that fit well. These fit my mattress beautifully, so I ordered a second set. While the first set is not the softest, it is okay, and I use them regularly. However, the second set is unbelievably scratchy, even after many washings with fabric softner. I finally threw them out. ...more info
  • large matresses
    I got these sheets because most reviews said they fit deep/large matresses very well. I have Cal-King Mattress with a memory foam pillow top. The fitted sheet has elastic all the way around the bottom sheet so they fit well and stay on. I'm a larger size person who tosses and turns a lot at night...and these stay put! As for softness...I'm not too impressed. I've only washed them once so I am hoping they get softer with time. They are ok...I dont hate them, I dont love them. Most likely would not buy again unless they were on sale....more info
  • great sheets, great price
    The sheets are very satiny and thick. Good value. I like them very much!...more info
  • wonderful sheets
    I've had these sheets for a month now and just love them. Yes, they do wrinkle, but that isn't an issue with me. I'm using them on my king size waterbed and they fit beautifully. It only took me 10 years, to realize that I could use cal king sheets on the waterbed. But now that I have, I love having lots of options. I bought the plum color and just love it. Very true to the color swatch. ...more info
  • Not very soft and color off
    These sheets aren't very soft, and I wouldn't call the color mint. It is more like sage....more info
  • Terrific sheets
    These sheets are really great - much better than ones I bought at BB&B and at L&T around the same time at more than three times the price. They have a nice luxurious and substantial feel, with no annoying "sateen" sheen. The fact that Amazon offers excellent quality products like this at reasonable prices is why I like them better than the ubiquitous mall and big box stores. No tax and free shipping...what's not to like?...more info
  • Wonderful Sheets
    These sheets are wonderful! Straight from the package they were very soft, and had a nice sheen which made them look like they cost a lot more than what I paid for them. They are very durable and were a great purchase. I got them in sand which goes very well with the rest of the bedding in the room. Great Buy! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Sheets
    I like these sheets they are comfortable and don't bunch up. They hold the fit....more info
  • Not so soft
    These sheets to be 400 thread count isnt soft at all, I washed them a couple times and still feel about the same as when I took them out of the box, thats bad. Maybe after a few more washing's they will get softer, if not then the next time will go for more of a thread count....more info
  • Scratchy not soft
    I purchased the sheets based on the reviews of others. Mine must have been duds. They are stiff and scratchy even after repeated washings and the color faded unevenly for no apparent reason. Total ripoff. ...more info
  • Feel Great, Look Phenomenal
    These sheets are soft and smooth and look phenomenal. I got the color Plum, which is a rich, medium purple (not dark, not too bright); this color would look great with white, blue, and brown bedding. I would absolutely buy again....more info
  • "MINT" color is really "sage"
    They arrived quickly enough but I am Very disappointed because the "MINT" color is really a "sage" color. Sending them back instantly. Was really looking forward to beautiful color described....more info
  • Not soft
    These sheets are not soft. I have washed and dried them numerous times and they are still stiff and very wrinkled. I'm not very happy with these sheets. ...more info
  • Nearly perfect
    I purchased a set of queen sheets a few months ago. When I first took them out of the packaged, I was entertained at how much like polished silk they were. But they are not silk. They are, instead, a very strong and smooth cotton sheet. This alone would normally make me happy about my purchase.

    What pulls these sheets closer to perfect than a sheet has a right to be is the size of the top/flat sheet. Yup. The bottom/fitted sheet fits a very deep mattress which is a good thing since it advertises as such. The top sheet also fits a very deep mattress. It frustrates me no end to purchase sheets that are advertised for deep mattresses but then have a top sheet that covers little more than the top of the mattress. These sheets provide the amount of coverage that I want and deserve.

    Yes, I will be buying more....more info
  • Quality sheets
    When I first took these sheets out of the packaging, I initially thought it felt a bit stiff. But I was proven wrong quickly. Either toss it in the wash or just sleep in it for a day, and they become soft and supple.

    Durable, quality material that's sure to last for a long time. I'm thoroughly satisfied thus far and would buy another set without hesitation....more info
  • I highly recommend these sheets
    Liked these sheets so much after buying one set for myself,I turned around and bought 4 more sets as gifts for family members....more info
  • Fabulous!
    These sheets are very nice! Very soft, yet they have a material substance that will last. They are not thin or cheap...very nice sheets!...more info
  • Sleep softly!
    Their sheets are to die for comfortable, so soft, you may never want to get out of bed!...more info
  • Ratings for shipping only
    This is a review of my experience with the shipping only. I will amend this review after I have had a chance to use the sheets. I found nothing wrong with the shipping, although I had expected to encounter some delays based on other reviews. I ordered the sheets on November 17, and they were delivered on the 19th, as promised. I suppose others may have encountered problems with shipping but I, as with other items I have ordered from Amazon, found their promises to be totally accurate. (As stated before, I will amend this review after I have had time to use the product.)...more info
  • Wish these sheets were on MY bed!
    Bought these sheets for my guest bed (which really needed help!) They are beautiful sheets, I wish I had them on my bed. The only drawback is that they wrinkle. That's the sacrifice for cotton. They are really nice and fit great. I love the extra length....more info
  • oversize sheets
    It seems I got a king sized top sheet with a full sized bottom one. Also, it would have been nice to have known that the bottom sheet was fitted for 18 inches which turned out to be to much for our mattress. ...more info
  • Soft and generous sizing!
    These sheets are very soft, even after the first washing. The sizing is also very generous. I read some other reviews saying that these sheets were crispy and wrinkled too easily, and I could not disagree more. I bought a king size set, and the fitted sheet is big enough to fit a deep mattress, and the flat sheet is actually long enough to tuck under and hold in place (unlike some more expensive brands). I purchased the purple set as an extra set to go with a duvet cover, shams and bed skirt I bought from Pottery Barn. The sheets match great and have a cool, modern tint (not a pastel hell color). The sheets also cost a fraction of what the Pottery Barn sheets cost and in my opinion are of higher quality. So, if you're looking for good quality sheets at a reasonable price, these are for you....more info
  • No wrinkles
    These sheets are so soft and if you hang them outside on the clothesline there are no wrinkles.And the stiching is very nice....more info
  • very satisfied
    These sheets were a gift and the individual we got them for has been very happy with them. To the point they wanted to know where we got them so they could get another set....more info
  • Some of the most uncomfortable sheets I've ever slept on
    I bought these sheets based on the number of good reviews. It took several months to receive them as others have said, but I'm far more disappointed in the quality. I washed them with fabric softener before using them and after sleeping on them for 2 nights, I'm taking them off the bed. The are extremely scratchy and very uncomfortable. Putting my face on the pillow is like sleeping against cheap wool. They're horrible....more info
  • sheet set
    We love the color and quality of these sheets. But,the top sheet is way too big (even though it's labeled "queen") and dangles off the edge of the bed below our comforter, so we have to "hide" it by folding it up when making the bed. We are about to get a new pillowtop mattress. We're hoping that maybe this was a fortunate accident as those mattresses tend to be a bit deeper. Our old sheets may not fit, but these may be the right size???? Also, they come out really wrinkly from the washer/dryer...tend to flatten out after use though....more info
  • Quality made sheets
    These are made in China of course, but are excellent quality and fit at a very reasonable price. They were even cheaper than comparable sheets for my queen size bed that I'd purchased at my local Sam's Club store. It's rare to beat Sam's on price, but when it does happen it's usually @ Amazon.
    These seem to be made specifically for Amazon, since "[...]" appears on the packaging and labels....more info
  • Very Happy
    We're very happy with these sheets. They are perfect for a thick mattress and the color (we have Smokey Blue) is lovely with a bit of a sheen or a shine in them. Our bed looks like water. The fitted sheet fits perfectly so far (as opposed to being loose) and everything is SO very soft. They were soft when we got them out of the package and washing them has only made them better. They've been washed several times (just married so not a lot of sheet sets yet) and I have had no problems as of November 2008.

    The *only* problem I have is they are extremely wrinkly. Even when I get them out of the dryer when the buzzer goes off, nothing but wrinkles. This is the least of my problems, though, we love them for the softness and being able to have a good night's sleep....more info
  • sheets that fit
    Too often I find myself stretching and pulling on fitted sheets to get all four corners over and under the matress--not with these, the fitted sheet fits perfectly. The flat sheet allows plenty of material all the way around for a wonderful fit. Beyond functionality, they are soft and feel great. ...more info
  • Paparon

    Excellent quality and pricing. If you like to experience that clean fresh crisp feeling when you crawl under the sheets at night, these are for you.

    ...more info
  • Sumptuous Sheets, Incredible Value
    I bought a queen size sheet set in the plum color. First, the color alone is deliciously elegant - it is a gorgeous silvery purple. The sheets washed up nicely and needed a little ironing to smooth them out. They are luxurious against the skin and amply sized for the bed, with enough length to fold the top sheet back over the coverlet. The hemstitch detail is lovely, and this quality feature seems to be harder and harder to find at a good price. I loved them enough to buy a second set in the Smokey Blue to send to my sister in law in Italy! I am a fan of Pinzon products, for the quality and value, I have yet to be disappointed....more info
  • Sleeping In Heaven
    These sheets are AMAZING!! I mean the wrinkles are a little hard to come out after washing, but thats the least of your concerns. Egyptian Cotton is the way to go and 400 thread count is enough to make you feel like your sleeping on a cloud....more info
  • Good fit and quality; nice color
    I ordered a set of these sheets in queen size, color Blush. They wash and dry well, with moderate wrinkling, which to me is expected and OK for 100% cotton. They're very comfortable to sleep on and the color is very nice. The quality seems good after 3 wash/dry cycles; I've found no defects or problems. The deep pockets fit my mattress perfectly. These sheets are a good value for the price and I'd definitely recommend them....more info
  • Good sheets
    Good quality......
    Somewhat noisey......Will be much better after a few more washes....Worth the money....more info
  • Luxury for Less
    These are some of the nicest 100% cotton sheets I've ever owned. Soft & luxurious with that great cotton feel. You can move easily on these linens and with the high thread count won't have to endure the pilling that happens with the cheaper cotton/poly blends. I can't wait to buy another set!...more info
  • Warm, soft sheets
    These are the first sheets I have ever purchased with the "Egyptian cotton" material, and I must say, I was pleased. They are warm and perfect for the winter, but can be a little hot in warmer seasons. Also very durable, and increasingly comfy after each wash. Great sheets for their price....more info